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Harry Potter and Making Friends in Cupcake Land by Adrielne
Chapter 1 : Harry Potter in Cupcake Land
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Harry was running down a long hallway through the Department of Mysteries, trying to get away from the Death Eaters that were chasing him, trying to get to the Prophecy before Voldemort did, trying to save his godfather.

The Death Eaters were catching up, but the hallway did not have any doors except for the big, stunningly white one at the very end. It appeared to be moving further and further away from him as he ran, nearing exhaustion.

“I have to get to the door,” he thought to himself as he inhaled ragged breaths. “I will get to this door. I will get to this door and it will not let the Death Eaters pass through,” he thought and an image of himself, happily closing the door in the Death Eaters’ faces and feeling safe crossed his mind. Suddenly, the door seemed much closer and no more than a few seconds later he was at it, the Death Eaters oddly far behind him.

He went inside quickly, closing the door and magically sealing it behind him. The room was pitch-black.

“Lu-,” Harry began to say under his breath, but before he finished one of the walls began to give off what seemed like an odd, greenish light. It looked like that from a movie projector in a cheap theatre. Soon Harry saw images forming on the wall and approached it, holding his wand in front, carefully moving away from the door... And all went black.

Harry was standing in a vibrantly grassy meadow, feeling completely lost and very bewildered. He saw an animal, running towards him from a distance. It was a unicorn, but not a regular one - this one had a pink body with blue stars on its behind and blue streaks in its wavy, bubble-gum pink hair, complimenting its yellow horn and hooves. It looked like the toy horse in Muggle commercials for little girls.

“Hello, Harry Potter,” the unicorn said after cantering up to him. “My name is Horny and I am a unicorn. Would you like to be my friend?”

“Uhh... Sure,” Harry replied, not wanting to upset the creature. His time in the Magical world had taught him that one should not trust things that are not human or don’t have a very visible brain and obvious workings. He felt an odd sensation of what could only be called fluffiness and he felt the urge to run through a meadow, especially one as beautiful as the one he could see. He felt like a unicorn! And he had some pretty kicking hooves, too! With glitter on them!

“Yay! Would you like to frolic with me, Harry Potter?” asked the unicorn.

“Of course I would, Horny!” Harry replied and galloped ahead. The two spotted a tree in the distance and someone standing by it. They ran his way.

“This is Sparkles and he is a vampire bat,” Horny introduced his friend once they reached him. “He has colorful eyes and he sparkles like pretty glitter in the sunlight, just like our hooves!”

While a small part of his mind shouted “You’re going crazy!”, the rest of Harry felt extremely happy to be making so many new friends.

“Come on, let’s go up the rainbow path and sing happy songs!” Sparkles said and they set off further down the meadow to a place filled with brilliant pink light. Suddenly they were surrounded by red hearts made of licorice. Harry saw Horny and Sparkles running ahead, licking the hearts as they cantered by. He decided to do the same and - as soon as he felt the heavenly sweet taste in his mouth - he felt the surroundings change.

He was now running up a rainbow. He vaguely remembered something like this from one of Dudley’s video games, but in that game he wasn’t following a skipping pink unicorn and a happily singing and very sparkly vampire bat. Looking around himself he saw many more rainbow pathways, each leading in circles to a different direction. He squinted and saw his former Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Gilderoy Lockhart - or someone very much like him - hopping down another rainbow and singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” with a small crowd of sheep.

Increasing his pace to catch up with his new friends, Harry nearly ran into a purple bear, who was standing below a street sign with a red purse in hand.

“Hello, who are you?” Harry asked.

“Hello, Harry Potter, my name is Tubbie and I am Sparkles’ bestest best friend,” he said, nodding towards the vampire bat, who was hovering close to his left shoulder. “Right, Sparkles?”

“Of course! We are all bestest best friends here in Cupcake Land!” Sparkles shouted happily.

Their group formed a line with Harry in front of Tubbie and Horny and following Sparkles, who was leading the way. They skipped along the rainbow happily, singing a very happy tune. Everything was very happy and Harry loved it!

‘Cause this fluffy, jolly twelve-minus land
Is so much fun
‘Cause this fluffy, jolly twelve-minus land
Is the best one!
‘Cause this fluffy, jolly twelve-minus land
Is cupcake-full
And this fluffy, jolly twelve-minus land
Is cool and it rules!

In this fluffy, jolly twelve-minus land
We’re all happy
In this fluffy, jolly twelve-minus land
We’re friends, you and me!
In this fluffy, jolly twelve-minus land
We can run up a hill
In this fluffy, jolly twelve-minus land
With our friend, Bill!

“But I don’t know any Bills!” Harry said sadly when the song ended.

“Bill! Bill!” his friends shouted.

“Hello, my name is Bill and I am a Billy goat,” said a voice from behind a bush. “Can I be your friend?”

“Sure! Can I be yours?” Harry and his friends answered in unison.

“Yay! Of course you can! Can I join you?” Bill the Billy goat asked, skipping up to them from behind the bush, the bell on the collar around his neck jingling happily.

“Yay! Of course you can!” Bill’s newly-met bestest best friends replied together again and the five skipped off further down the rainbow.

Harry was now leading the way and he could see a very bright light ahead. He felt his bestest best friends slowing down behind him.

“Come on, let’s go, this light looks like a new friend!” Harry shouted to them, not slowing down.

“We can’t go there, Harry Potter! This is the end of Cupcake Land and that is the exit to Real Life. You have to go alone!” they all replied. Harry stopped, halfway submerged in the light.

“Should I stay, then?” he asked them.

“No! No! You have to return! But it was great to meet you, Harry Potter! And remember us and Cupcake Land, but don’t tell anyone about us! We stay real only as long as everyone keeps us a secret! Only Albie the Albino Armadillo knows about us in the Real World,” they shouted and Harry felt himself be plunged into darkness once more.

Harry could hear someone shouting his name, but he did not want to open his eyes. It was so much fun to be in Cupcake Land and the Real World was so much sadder...

“If only I could have brought one of my new bestest best friends back with me when I returned,” Harry said and opened his eyes reluctantly.

“Oh Harry! You’re back!” Hermione yelled and threw herself at him, hugging him tightly. Ron was sitting at the foot of his bed, smiling widely and tossing Harry a Chocolate Frog. Albus Dumbledore was there, too...

“Professor? Professor Dumbledore?” Harry asked, but did not know how to continue.

“You are at St. Mungo’s Hospital and it is July the thirteenth. No one was hurt that day you... Got lost in the Ministry. No one was caught, either...” Dumbledore paused darkly. “But of course, you probably want to know what my favorite animal is, if I am not mistaken,” the old man said with a smile, looking at Harry brightly from behind his half-moon spectacles.

“Yes... Yes, I do,” Harry replied, putting his glasses on his nose.

“It’s an armadillo, but don’t tell anyone in the Real World about that... And I sure hope you said hello to Sparkles from me. I find his allegory to a certain Muggle work of literature quite enthralling...” the man said and left the room, tugging on the end of his beard.

“Huh,” Ron said. “I’ve always told you that old man was off his rocker!”

As the room fell quiet, Harry could swear he could hear Dumbledore humming a very familiar tune in the hallway...

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Harry Potter and Making Friends in Cupcake Land: Harry Potter in Cupcake Land


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