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Another Skywalker by EighthWeasley
Chapter 5 : "That makes Sirius Black Yoda."
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The next day, the four got up early, packed their trunks, and met around the fireplace of Ron’s aunt’s house. She was hesitant to let Heather go, until she realized that Heather was of age and they was nothing she could do to stop her.

Ron went first, then Hermione, followed by Harry and finally Heather. They arrived a little early, so no one was in the den of number 12 Grimmauld. Though when the noise the four were making began to travel, Arthur Weasley, who was passing by, poked his head in.

“Molly! They’re here!” He moved closer to hug Ron and Hermione and to shake Harry’s hand when he noticed Heather.

“Lily!” His breathless whisper stated.

He turned to Ron, expecting an explanation, but received none before Molly had entered the room, followed by Ginny. Ginny and Hermione hugged quickly, and then Molly let out a shriek after she’d let go of Harry and Ron.

“Saints alive!”

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Weasley.” Heather stuck out her hand. “Heather Evans-Marshall.”

“You...Dumbledore said...Ron!”

Heather, sensing that Ron was about to get chewed up, started to explain quickly. “I was sent to live with Muggle cousins of Mum’s, as you must know. My adoptive family moved about three months ago and had not contacted Dumbledore to let him know. Otherwise I’m sure he never would have allowed Harry to stay so close to us for the summer. We all met and became friends and figured out who I was and who Harry was, and how we were connected, and so I decided to come here, owing to the fact that I am of age in America.”

Molly started in all right, all on of them, about not being responsible, for flooing over without alerting someone, for not contacting Dumbledore before bring Heather back, and for allowing her to be so foolish. When she was done, however, Molly Weasley took Heather into a hug and welcomed her into the Weasley family.

Arthur insisted that Heather sit next to him at lunch, so she could tell him all about the life of American Muggles. Heather, happy that they were not being punished more harshly, complied, and by the end of the meal she and Arthur were fast friends.

After dinner, Ron and Harry took their trunks up the stairs to their room, and Hermione and Heather followed with their trunks. Once the boys were safely unpacking, Hermione and Heather collapsed on their beds and began discussing the things that their lives now consisted of.

“Is there something between you and Harry?” Heather asked bluntly.

Hermione turned her attention to the ceiling as she answered. “I’m not sure. We’re most excellent friends, and I would do anything to protect Harry and to help him defeat Voldemort, but....I don’t know.”

“Do you want there to be?”

Hermione smiled to herself. “Yes. Eventually. Not until we’re both ready for more.”

Heather nodded. “What about you? Anything going on between you and Ron?”

It was Heather’s turn to stare up at the ceiling. “We’re friends. He’s my twin’s best friend...”

“Do you want there to be?”

Heather looked at Hermione. “Not until I know if things will work here for me, as Harry’s sister.”

“How do you feel about that, anyway?”

Heather looked at Hermione, a smile in her green eyes (they’d talked her into getting clear contacts for when she was meeting members of the Order, and then returning to the violet ones for going out in public.) “I feel as if all the little pieces of my life which never made sense before are now all fitting together. I knew he was still alive even before Dumbledore’s letter, when they all told me he was dead. I knew that I was meant to be with him, fighting this fight. It’s like I’m Leia and he’s Luke and we’re Skywalkers....”

“That makes Sirius Black Yoda, you know.”

Heather laughed. “I know. Sirius was not my godfather, but I want to meet mine. And my godmother. Harry’s is still alive too, no one brings her up because they are afraid of what Voldemort will do to her.”

“Who is yours?” Hermione asked, breathless. [Harry’s godmother was still alive.]

“Remus Lupin.” Heather stated, and Hermione let go of a breath she’d been holding.

“Why didn’t I think of that?! I’m supposed to be the most clever witch of my year!”

“You know Remus?”

Hermione nodded. “Best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher I’ve ever had.”

Heather smiled. “What’s the Potions master like at Hogwarts?”

Hermione smirked. “Ask Ron and Harry. Better yet, he’ll be around, ask him yourself.”

Before the conversation could continue, Sirius’s mother’s picture went off, and Hermione hoisted herself up and hurried to the door, Heather was hot on her heels, to see who had arrived.

It was Dumbledore, with Remus, Snape, McGonagall, Mad Eye Moody and Tonks. Tonks had knocked over the umbrella stand, which had set off the terrible witch.
“Scum! Filth! Freak! Werewolf, begone! How dare you besmirch the house of my fathers.....the one who caused the Dark Lord’s downfall and his unnatural twin! BEGONE!”

Arthur, Harry and Ron managed to get the drapes closed. Dumbledore and Moody looked up, and spotted the girls, who looked back down.

“Ah....Miss Evans, I was wondering when I would be meeting you.” Dumbledore smiled, and the girls, sensing that their presence was required, hurried downstairs. Snape was surveying Harry with a mixture of loathing and sympathy.

“Nice to meet you, Professor Dumbledore.” Heather stated, shaking hands. She smiled at Snape, Remus, McGonagall, Moody and Tonks, who all smiled back, save for Snape, who turned his attention from Harry to Heather.

“Is this...?” Snape asked, sounding, for the first time, slightly amazed and shocked.

“This, Professor Snape, is Harry’s twin sister Heather.”
Snape looked almost ready to faint. “She is in America, is she not?”

Heather bit back the desire to say something cheeky, but instead smiled. “I am of age and came over.”

“So exceedingly..”

“Like my father?” Harry asked coldly. Snape rounded on him slowly.

“Professor?” Heather asked, sensing that Snape was about to tell Harry off.

“Yes?” He asked greasily, reluctantly turning from Harry to Heather. [I cannot believe how like Lily she looks..]

“I understand you are Potions master at Hogwarts?”


“I was just wondering what your requirements are for students in their sixth year?”

Snape eyes her up. “If you are anything like your brother, you will not be acceptable.”

“Severus..” Dumbledore cautioned.

“Well, Sir, I received an ‘Outstanding’ O.W.L. in potions last term and was top of my year for the last five in the subject.”

Snape, despite himself, seemed mildly
impressed. “You will have to pass a set test for me before I can allow you in.”

“That’s fair.” Heather stated, reaching out to shake hands. Perhaps Snape saw more of Lily in her than he did James, for he shook her hand.

Harry’s jaw had almost hit the floor, but, as Snape turned to speak to Dumbledore, Heather winked at him. He winked back. She would explain later.

“Shall we eat?” Dumbledore asked, nodding slightly to Lupin. “If you all would please go in and help Molly, I would like a word with Heather.”

Ron, Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Lupin, Tonks, Snape and McGonagall retreated to the kitchen to help Molly, and Heather looked up at Dumbledore.

“I cannot impress upon you enough the danger you have put yourself in by coming here. But, as you are of age in America, I must respect your wish to stand beside Harry’s side. There is one thing I must ask of you.”

Heather nodded, waiting.

“You must not tell people who you are. Lord Voldemort will figure out soon enough that we managed to keep Harry’s twin a secret from him, by opening admitting who you are only leaves his followers an opening to harm you. Do you understand me?”

“Of course.” She nodded. “Professor Dumbledore?”


“After dinner, do you think it possible that I speak with Remus? He is my Godfather, and I would like very much to speak with him.”

“It is most certainly possible, but as to earlier, his connection to you must remain a secret.”

“Of course Professor.”

Dinner was most excellent, and, as Dumbledore had properly introduced Heather to everyone, she did not have to explain her presence, though throughout the course of the meal she felt Ron’s leg lean on hers, a way of signaling to her that he was there for support, should she need him. She was grateful for this, as it is very difficult to attempt to get to know an entire family unit which you are supposed to become part of in just one meal.

At the end of the meal, she offered to help Molly clean up, and everyone else, sensing that Molly wanted to speak with Heather, found excuses of other things to do.

“Harry is very dear to all of us.” Molly started as they were clearing the table.

“I know. It’s very nice to see that he has family who care about him so much.”

“You are Harry’s twin, and I want you to feel as comfortable in our family as I hope Harry does.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Heather responded.

“Now, tell me a little about yourself.”

“Well, I will be a sixth year and will be attending Hogwarts in the fall with Harry and Ron and Hermione. I lived in Michigan for the last 15 years, where I am of age at 15. I turned 16 yesterday along with Harry. My favorite school subject is potions, I enjoy Muggle forms of entertainment and I would dearly love to be allowed to stay here where I really belong.”

Molly nodded and hugged the miniature version of Lily Potter. “You may dear, at least for now.”
Heather beamed.

“Oh, and just one more thing, dear.”


“Do be gentle on Ron’s heart...”

Heather stood, gaping mouthed, looking at Molly Weasley. “All right.”

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