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There Will Be Time by gabyvillanew
Chapter 9 : Trick or Treat
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Chapter 9: Trick or Treat

Bless Luna Lovegood she is a saint! Who else would be able to put up with my stupid smiling all dinner long? Sure, our kiss got interrupted, and sure, I was practically called a ho by an elderly woman who happens to like to harass my best friend/potential love of my life just because he is so darn adorable. But for one precious second, for one unforgettable second of absolute bliss, Cedric Diggory’s lips were pressed to mine.

I hardly touched the food on my plate all dinner long. Instead I stared like an idiot at the carrot cake and played with my fork. I occasionally glanced at his place across the room, the place where he should have been but was not. Damn Madam Pince . I was fully aware that I should not have been that utterly happy about our almost kiss, but he was not here that night and I was going to enjoy myself. Even if the next day I had to go back to pretending that all I wanted for us was to be friends. I hate common sense.

And, indeed, I did go back to pretending. We did not speak about our kiss, though I thought about it all the time and I knew that he also did. I can only hope that my face was not that transparent and that he could not see me fantasising about kissing him senseless every single time he was around me. We continued to have breakfast together as two innocent friends ought to. We continued to share long walks like I suppose old friends do. We occasionally stared for too long into the other’s eyes, until one of us, luckily, remembered and broke the contact, like two absolutely best friends with platonic feelings for the other do… they do, don’t they? Of course they don’t, and I don’t really care, because it’s what we did. It made it all harder for me, though something tells me that he actually enjoyed it.

I never minded that he did. It’s what we did.


October was coming to an end and I knew that his nerves were also on end. The First Task was approaching fast and that idiot Harry Potter had not told him yet about the dragons. If he had not told him by November first, then I would have to tell him, and I didn’t want to think of all the consequences that would bring. Couldn’t he just stop arguing with Ron for all our sakes? The Task was going to take place in the first weekend of November and it was really getting to me to see Cedric hour after hour sitting with a pile of books in the library, clutching his hair in frustration. He didn’t even pay that much attention to me anymore. Stupid Harry Potter.

Through all my pain, sadness and ignorance as to how to help Cedric figure out all about the dragons there was something I was looking forward to. October 31st was coming fast and it would be my first Halloween in Hogwarts. I had read all about it, of course, and I had always been marvelled by the prospect of it; getting to experience it though was something I had never really dreamt of, and it would happen. Soon.

Halloween came on a Friday. Perfect, I thought. Late partying with Cedric, waking up really late the next morning. When I went down to breakfast that morning he was already there, completely asleep on top of a book. I smiled at myself and walked as quietly as I could towards him. When I was but a few inches away from his sleeping body I ran a hand through his hair, forcing him to wake up smiling.

“Bonjour,” he said with his eyes still closed.

I smiled and walked over to the other side of the table.

“Bonjour to you too,” I said, reaching for the Prophet lying next to him and taking a sip from his pumpkin juice.

“Why are we so French this morning?” I asked. He slowly incorporated.

“Well we always wanted to go French, didn’t we?” he asked, “Might as well start now.”

Too late I noticed the double meaning of his words. I stared disbelievingly at him through the glass of pumpkin juice, feeling my cheeks begin to colour. Then, too late, he noticed the double meaning of his words.

“Damn it Georgie,” he said, truly ashamed, “I’m so sorry.”

I lowered the glass.

“It’s okay,” I told him in a whisper.

“No, it’s not,” he mumbled with his face between his hands, “I’m such a bastard.”

“No, you’re not,” I said calmly.

He lowered his hands and looked through sleepy eyes at me.

“Why are you so nice to me?” he asked.

I considered my answer for a second. Well, I couldn’t just tell him that I was nice because I had the hots for him, now could I?

“I guess I know what you’re going through,” I told him finally.

He gave me a sleepy smile and I noticed that he had probably not slept at all, let alone showered, yet.

“Ced,” I said slowly, “When was the last time you slept in your bed?”
He opened his eyes, which he had already closed for what seemed an eternity and considered my question.

“What day is today?” he asked.

Oh God

“Friday,” I said, “Today is Halloween.”

His eyes opened widely at this.

“Oh,” he said surprised, “Is that so?”

“Yeah,” I told him, slightly annoyed. So much for my plans with him for that night, “Seriously Ced, when was the last time you slept in your bed?”

“I want to say Tuesday,” he said softly, “But I really don’t know.”

I saw him reach deep into his pocket for a crumbled piece of paper and a quill. He wrote a few things on the paper, folded it in half and set it aside on the table.

“You know, Ced,” I began, “Maybe we shouldn’t take our walk today.”

“Why not?” he asked surprised. Obviously he didn’t want to seem weak; otherwise he would never have come to breakfast at five thirty in the morning.

“I’m just so tired,” I lied to him, “I might just finish your juice and go back to bed.”

He frowned at me.

“And if I must be honest, I think you should do the same thing,” I told him finally.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“I’ve had breakfast alone before, you know?” I said as an answer.
He winked at me weakly and began to get up.

“What would I do without you, babe?” he asked in his sleepy, yet sexy, voice.

“I really can’t tell,” I told him, though of course I knew. He would be romancing that cow Cho Chang.

He stood up, taking the pumpkin juice glass from my hand and took a large gulp. Then he picked up all of his books and smiling at me one last time began to walk away. A single piece of paper was left behind on the table.

“Ced,” I called after him, “You forgot something.”

“No, I didn’t,” came his voice more awake then ever.

I reached for the piece of paper the moment he was gone and had to smile to myself.

Trick or treat, Georgie? Tonight, midnight, where we met.

I folded the note and tucked it into my pocket, getting ready to stand up and go back to bed. Being awake at five thirty in the morning made no sense without Cedric by my side. As I was walking to the entrance of the Hall I noticed the bunch of Drumstrang boys coming in.

“Hello Georgiana,” came the voice of one of them who I knew was called Olaf.

“Hey Olaf,” I answered, practically dancing towards the door.

“Excited about Halloween?” he asked in his thick accent.

“Very much so, Ollie,” I told him, “Very much so.”

Olaf smiled at my answer and took a step closer to me.

“So,” he said in what I supposed was meant to be his seductive voice, “Do you vant to do something vith me tonight?”

I didn’t stop my feet from waltzing towards the door even while I answered.

“I’m sorry Ollie,” I said, “I have a date tonight.”

And I did.


Dinner was much better than I had expected. For more than half of it I listened to Luna telling me all about Halloween. The rest of it I stared at Cedric, who was always staring at me with a mischievous grin. I shook my head disapprovingly at him once or twice making him laugh. Even through the exploding noises of the Hall I swore I could hear him. When it was close to ten in the afternoon Dumbledore commanded that we all should go to bed. I saw Cedric fake a yawn and walk with some of his Hufflepuff friends to their House. Luna and I walked arm in arm to the Ravenclaw Tower, I couldn’t stop giggling and smiling. I was in heaven.

Back in the Tower I stayed in our common room until all the other girls went to bed. Only Cho and I were still in the room.

“Well,” I said when I saw her yawn, “I’m off to bed, Cho.”

“Yeah,” she said distractedly, staring at the fire.

“See you tomorrow,” I called over my shoulder.

The second I was in our dorm I started to change. I put on my favourite jeans and a blue shirt I knew he loved. Then, because of the October weather I wrapped a grey sweater around me. I looked at myself in the mirror and grinned.

“Well, well,” I said, “I look like such a Ravenclaw.”

I put some gloss on my lips just to make him suffer and finally sprayed some perfume on my hair and neck. I took one last good look at my reflection and decided I could not look better if I tried. I left the room as quietly as possible, confident that I must be the only person awake in the entire Tower.

“Where are you off to?” a voice called from the darkness. I turned around and saw Cho staring at me.

“I thought you had gone to bed,” I told her. Really, needed we go through this?

“Where are you off to?” she repeated.

“I’m meeting someone, Cho,” I told her.

“Cedric?” she asked.

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business,” I told her.

I didn’t even let her answer. Before she could say one more thing to me I was climbing out the door. The halls were almost empty at that time. The teachers were more permissible on Halloween than any other day, so I did ran into some people I usually saw during dinner or in class. One of them was Draco Malfoy.

“Well, hello,” he howled at me as I passed near him.

“Malfoy,” I greeted him with a slight movement of my head.

“Looking for someone?” he said in what I assumed was his sexy voice.

“Not you, certainly,” I told him smiling broadly and continued on my way.

The hallways turned more deserted as I got closer to the Hall. When I was finally descending the stairs I noticed Cedric leaning on the doors as he so often did.

“I didn’t see you in class today,” I told him, leaning forward to kiss him, a friendly kiss, mind you, on the cheek.

“Mental health day,” he said, handing me a grey coat I had often seen him wear, “Plus, I wasn’t going to give you the chance to ask me what this was all about, now was I?”

I figured that made sense.

“Put it on,” he said, nodding at the coat.

It looked huge on me, not to mention that it weighed a ton.

“This is too heavy,” I told him, attempting to take it off. He stopped my hands and wrapped his right arm around me. I loved it when he did that.

“I’ll help you, then,” he said.

“Why do I need a coat anyway?” I asked.

He winked at me and nodded toward the door.

“Oh,” I said, understanding.

“Come on,” he said.

Within seconds we were walking through the cold, dark night. I let him guide me to the tree where we had buried the spider and watched as he took off his jacket and left it on the wet grass for me to sit.

“Won’t you be cold?” I asked him.

“No,” he said. I noticed that he was only wearing the grey, short-sleeved shirt in which he usually slept, “Besides, I like to be able to move my arms.”

He shot me a mischievous smile once again and for a brief second I figured I knew what we were doing there. I soon forgot, though.

“What will it be, Georgie?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked him back, staring like an idiot at his chest.

“Trick or treat?” he asked me again, leaning forward. He was so much taller than me, and it didn’t help that I was sitting and he was standing. I felt like a small child being entertained by a circus magician.

“Trick,” I answered after thinking about it for a while.

He seemed slightly disappointed in my answer but he complied. He took out his wand from his back pocket and thought for a while about what to do with it.

“Fine,” he said once he made up his mind, “Girls love this one.”

“Oh,” I said surprised, “You mean I’m not the first girl you’ve done this with?”

“Voluntarily you are,” he said furrowing his brow, “I can’t help to have stalkers.”

I laughed at his answer and he stared at me a little confused.

“Poor little handsome boy,” I said grinning.

He sat down in front of me and looked seriously into my eyes.

“It’s not like I enjoy it, Georgie,” he said and I knew he was telling the truth, “Would you enjoy being followed around by a bunch of stupid boys that know your looks but not the real you?”

I wouldn’t mind if it was you following me, I thought, but I did not say it out loud.

“No,” I answered softly, “I suppose you’re right.”

“Thank you,” he said, and then sliced his finger open with the tip of his wand.

What the hell are you doing?” I shrieked at him.

“Well, it’s part of the trick, Georgie,” he said smiling at me as if I was an ignorant little girl, “Now, stand up and pick a leaf from the tree.”

I stood up slowly because of the weigh of his coat. I found one leaf that was practically dry and gave it to him. He ran his bleeding finger through the leaf and put it softly on the ground.

Vulnera Sanectum,” he whispered and the cut in his finger cured itself.

“Are you ready?” he asked me, taking the bloodstained leaf back in his palm.

“I am,” I told him, looking in his eyes.

He didn’t have to say the words but just tapped the leaf with his wand. The transformation was instantaneous and soon, standing in Cedric’s palm, I saw a little robin, his red-feathered chest shining in the moonlight.

“Oh God,” I shrieked like a little girl.

Cedric laughed at my astonishment and conjured a small cage out of thin air. He put the small bird into it and handed the cage over to me.

“I usually let them free,” he told me as I caressed the robin’s chest with my finger, “But this one is a special occasion, now isn’t it?”

I looked up from the robin at him.

“Is it?” I asked.

“Sure,” he said, “Now you own a part of me until the day I die.”

I didn’t quite know how to respond. I ran my fingers across his jaw and he smiled sweetly at me.

“I thought I already did,” I told him tentatively.

“You always have,” he said caressing my hand with his without removing it from his cheek.

“Now,” he said, standing up again, “Don’t I get my turn?”

“Oh,” I said surprised. I hadn’t anything prepared, “Sure. Um, trick or treat?”

He kneeled in front of me and put his face dangerously close to mine.

“Treat,” he said.

“I haven’t anything to give you,” I told him in a shaky whisper.

“That’s alright,” he said, whispering too, “I have something prepared.”

He stood up and stretched his arm so that I would take his hand.

“Come on,” he said when I hesitated.

I took his hand and found myself really close in front of him. He helped me take off his coat and ran his hands up my arms until they were attached to my shoulders. He pushed me softly towards the tree until my back collided with the trunk.

“What are you doing?” I asked him, smiling broadly though slightly worried about what he was planning to do.

“You agreed to ‘treat’,” he said with a charming smile, “didn’t you?”

“I did,” I said shaking a little.

He smiled broadly at me and leaned forward until his lips were close to my ear. He whispered an enchantment and I suddenly found the palms of my hands involuntarily attached to the tree trunk.

“Did you just immobilize me?” I asked him surprised.

“Partially,” he said smiling, “Your face seems to be working just fine.”

I smiled at him and tried unsuccessfully to shake my head.

“You bastard,” I said.

“Besides,” he said stepping closer to me and putting both hands to either end of my hips, “I’m not planning on letting you run away this time.”

Before I could answer his lips were already attached to mine. He kissed my upper lip softly and smiled after he broke apart. He opened his eyes to examine my reaction and leaned forward to kiss me again. He was slightly more aggressive this time, kissing me several times and biting my lower lip before definitely pulling away. He didn’t attempt to kiss me anymore; he didn’t try to make his tongue touch mine though I wanted him to so much.

“I just had to know,” he said leaning into my ear and kissing the lobe softly.

“And do you?” I asked shaking softly under his hands.

“Here’s what I know,” he said leaning on the tree and taking my hair away from my face, “I know that we are friends.”

My face turned into one of disappointment. What the hell?

“Wh-what?” I stammered.

And,” he said, “Now I also know that you have the hots for me.”

I smiled broadly at him, blissfully understanding that he was joking.

“Moron,” I said grinning.

He leaned into my ear once again and whispered another enchantment. Soon I found myself free.

“Come on,” he said, “I’ll take you home.”

He helped me put the coat back on, handed me the cage that contained the robin and put his arm around my shoulders. Neither of us said a word until we got to the Ravenclaw Tower where I handed him his coat back.

“We’re still just friends, you know?” I told him.

He smiled at me.

“I know.”

I whispered the password to the painting hanging in front of the door and was about to climb in when a thought struck me. He was still looking dreamily at me when I turned around to face him.

“Trick or treat Ced?” I asked him.

“Trick,” he said.

I put the cage with the robin down and walked towards where he was.

“You need to close your eyes for this one,” I said.

He closed his eyes and I grabbed his shirt pulling him closer to me. I kissed him passionately, making him lose control a little bit. I reached for his neck and he wrapped me tightly in his strong arms, pressing me against his chest. He pressed his tongue to my lower lip and I knew what he wanted to do next. I stepped away from him.

“That was hardly a trick,” he said trying to pull me closer to his body once again, his arms still wrapped tightly around my waist.

“Sure it was,” I said frowning a little, “Do you want to know why?”

“Of course,” he said still trying to pull me closer.

“Well,” I said, pulling closer to his body, “My little trick just told me…”

“What?” he asked bringing his lips closer to mine.

“That you,” I said slowly, enticing him, “also have the hots for me.”

I freed myself from his arms and in one swift move reached down to get the robin’s cage. He was smiling at me enticingly when I incorporated as if he expected me to throw myself back into his arms.

“Good night, Ced,” I said in a singsong voice climbing into the room.

He smiled broadly at me leaning his head to the side.

“You tease,” he said.

“Good night,” I singsung once again and stared at him until the portrait recovered its place and he was out of my sight.

Once in my room I put the robin’s cage in the bed-stand next to my canopy bed. I changed into my pyjamas and stared at the sleeping bird until sleep won me over.

“Good night Ced,” I whispered at the little bird and fell asleep, dreaming for the rest of the night about the warmth that irradiated from Cedric Diggory’s arms.

Hey there everyone! Hope you enjoyed it :) I'll be posting the next one as soon as I can. I love you all :D Keep reading! And comment!

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