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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 7 : Miscellaneous Entries
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     “Happy Halloweeeeen Keri!” Dom yelled into my ear with her sing song voice. I groaned and pulled my pillow over my ears. Dom’s never up before me. I heard her going over to Cait and Halley and repeating what she had said to me. I whimpered as I got out of my warm bed and slipped my feet into my slippers. Dom was dancing around the room humming. “C’mon Kiersten! This morning’s important remember?” With that I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, how could I have forgotten and Dom have remembered? Today was the day we launched operation get back at Rose Weasley. I looked to my clock to see that we had five minutes before we had to meet Molly.

      “Why didn’t you wake me up sooner!” I said to her quickly taking off my pajamas and putting on my uniform. “Now all Molly’ll do is complain for the next hour!”

      “Oh be happy Keri, we can always lock Molly in a broom closet for the day if she gets too annoying.” Dom said brightly pulling her hair into a loose pony tail at the side of her head. I just left mine down not bothering to do anything with it. I looked at myself carefully for a moment before Dom pulled me out of the room. Thank god the bruises that Femalè had given me went away within a couple of days. Bruise concealment charms have never worked for me but Madam Pomfrey gave me a potion to make them go down a lot.

      The sun was just rising when I caught sight of Molly with the twins by the empty fire place. “Your late.” Molly said looking at her wristwatch. I suppressed an eye roll and sat across from them.

      “So you have it?” I asked them.

      “Of course--”

      “We have it!” Said the Sanderson twins. They were Molly’s helpers in her part of the deal. They all share a dorm with Rose and the other sixth year Hannah. I don't think that I’ve ever heard one of them not finish the other one’s sentence. They pulled out the simmering cauldron from behind the chair.

      Julianne and Allison Sanderson are most definitely the oddest people that I have ever met. They’re identical besides their hair color. Julianne’s is red and Allison’s is blonde.

      “Do you have the books?” Molly asked us stirring the bright blue potion that Dom and I had spent so much time brewing. It was ready just on time. I pulled out and pointed my wand towards a closet on the side of the room and out came all of the text books that are being used at this school for years one to seven.

      “And your sure that you followed exactly what we said to do when you put her diary in the potion.” I asked eyeing them suspiciously.

      “Yes!” Allison said.

      “We put it in and then--” Julianne started.

      “Took it out, no harm done to it at all.” Allison finished shaking her head at my cautiousness.

      “Alrighty!” Dom said clapping her hands together. “Lets get this show on the road shall we?” We all nodded and I picked up the first text book. It was DADA year three.

      “Well, here it goes.” I dropped the text book in and it glowed bright gold for a brief second before turning back to normal. All five of our heads were bent into the potion as I took it out with shaky hands I opened it to the first page and started to read aloud.

      “Dear Dairy,

            Today mum and I went shopping for knickers. I got these really fancy ones with red lace and pink hearts around the edges…” I stopped and grinned wickedly.

      “Well ladies, it worked!” I said as Dom squealed and hugged me around my waist. The Sanderson’s and Molly high fived. Julianne picked up the next one.

      “Standard book of spells--”

      “Year five.” Allison finished as Julianne dropped it into the potion. Again it glowed gold and then turned back to normal.

      “We’ll have to move faster if we want to get all of them under the spell.” Said Molly looking again to her watch. I nodded and picked up the next book.

      I told you that this was one of our more brilliant ideas. You see, when any living being in the vicinity of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry opens a textbook that has been put under the spell they wont be reading about haw to change a toad into a butterfly or the best way to grow a carnivorous plant. They’ll be reading Rose Weasley’s diary instead. Oh yes, were geniuses. Better yet mastermindicle wiz kids. Well, at least I am. Dom was all set on just locking her in a six by four closet with Femalè. I convinced her (with much difficulty) that this way we’ll be able to see the look on her face when she finds out. Also, this way all of the poor kids who have ever been under Rose Weasley’s wrath will have justice! Sorry, I’m very passionate about this.

      We worked on transfiguring the text books for almost a half an hour checking each one to make sure that It was still working. I guess that you could call us completely and utterly ruthless people who’s only goal in life is to make this Weasley’s existence miserable, but I really think that It’s impossible to look at our carefully laid out plan and say that we aren’t at least smart incredibly evil people.

      Getting the diary had been the hard part. That’s where Allison and Julianne had to get involved. You see, Rose Weasley does an amazing job at hiding her diary, in fact, the process is over all very ingenious. First, she turns it invisible, then she puts a password lock charm on it. If you don't get the password right after three times it squirts green puss in ones face, believe me, it took us a lot of squirts to get the damned password right and several scrubs of the face. Then she hides it in the most brilliant spot in the world, under the ledge of her window on the outside. She had a special box made to cling to it there. The box is invisible too. Now I know what your thinking, how in the name of merlins hat were they able to pull this one off? I’m not going to lie, it was difficult and involved breaking about fifty school rules, but It’ll all be worth it.

      First Dom begged Potter to let her borrow the invisibility cloak for a night. Potter finally gave in after getting tired of hearing her voice screeching in his ear. Then we talked to Molly who thought that our idea was brilliant, but she wouldn’t help us unless she was in on it too. She made sure that Rose was out of the dormitory that night for an hour while we searched invisibly but no matter how hard we looked we couldn’t find it anywhere. That’s when Molly told Julianne to go up and help us. Julianne has a special ability to see all things that are invisible with these glasses that she apparently got from an old addition of the Quibbler. After searching for another night we finally found it. We had them break open the box and get the diary while we finished the Taverdent potion that would turn anything into the first thing that you put in it on the inside.

      “That’s it!” Molly whispered excitedly pointing her wand to the books again. They drifted lazily towards the closet that we had been keeping them in. “Well…It was ok working with you.” She held out her hand for me to shake. I shook my head and shook it.

      “Wish I could say the same.” Dom said not bothering to be the polite and charming person that she can be with effort. Well…I guess with a tremendous amount of effort…who am I kidding, I haven't seen Dominique be polite once in my entire life.

      “You don't think that-” Allison started her blue eyes widening while she looked at me.

      “They’ll be able to trace it back to us will they?” Julianne finished. Their faces were identical with a tint of fear mixed with nervousness. Molly stopped scowling for a moment to look at our faces. Sure there was always a chance that we could get caught, but there are plenty of people who would love to ruin Rose Weasley’s life so I highly doubt that McGonagall could logically blame us.

      “Oh my God, you all need to stop worrying!” Dom said opening her purse and putting the cauldron of potion in it. We made it able to hold up to four hundred pounds yesterday. “I mean, is this the first prank that you’ve ever pulled before?”

      “Once we snuck the cheeseballs—” Julianne started.

      “From the downstairs cupboard!” Allison finished. Her look told us that she was being completely serious. I had to snort, cheeseballs, really?

      “You two need to get out more.” Dom said shaking her head as if they had a serious medical condition. “Preferably alone so you can learn to finish a sentence without help. It’s necessary for almost any job that you can dependently talk.”

      “Oh shut up Dom, it’s also required to pass transfiguration in order to graduate, but will that happen in your case? No.” Molly said throwing her frizzy red hair behind her shoulders.

      “C’mon.” I said pulling Dom away before she could fire back at Molly. Once we were out of the portrait hole I allowed her to shrug me off.

      “She’s such a bitch.” Dom spat angrily. I don't know why she had such extreme bipolar disorders, one day I could say what Molly said in all seriousness and she would crack up. The next day she could curse my head off. It must be the Weasley in her. “I cant believe that I’m even related to her, can you Keri?”

      “No, she’s one of your relatives that I would say is nothing like you. I mean, almost every Weasley/Potter are alike enough for you to tell that their family. But not her.” I said trying but failing at finding some comparison, nil.

      “I know! I mean when everyone’s at the burrow for some party drunk their families the one in the corner reading out of their history books!” She threw her hands in the air in defeat. “I mean, their mother makes them have two hours of silent studying every day in the summer! Even Aunt Hermione doesn’t do that!”

      “Rose’s mum?” I asked. She nodded. I had only seen her a few times before, just recently at the train station at the start of term was one of them. She looked a lot like Rose but with bushier hair that wasn’t red. I guess Rose got that from the Weasley side of the family.

      “I like Aunt Hermione though.” Dom said as if she was reasoning out something in her head. “She’s always kind of been like a third mother to me you know? After my own mum and Aunt Ginny I guess she would come next. And Rose is definitely one of my favorite cousins even though right now I would blow her head off without a second of thinking about it.”

      “That’s great Dom.” I said shaking my head. But in some way I guess that I felt the same way about Rose. I mean, sure, I really hate her most of the time, but if I had to choose between her and Molly…I would choose her. “Your not getting cold feet are you?”

      “Hell no! Don't you know me by now Kiersten McCabe?” She said defiantly shoving me a little. I laughed and turned left into the entrance hall. It was still very early and not many people were up yet. I brushed my hair out of my face and took in the smell of baking pumpkin that was wafting through the corridors. I love this place at Halloween. “Oooh look Keri! Look at the pumpkins!” She’s easily amused, we’ve only had the same pumpkins for the past six years, but I smiled and nodded anyways.

      We walked over to the Gryffindor table where few people were sitting. There was this weird girl named Beta Greene who posts pictures of herself all over the common room, there was Noah Geyser who  likes to pick his nose with his feet, and then just a couple of second years who were arguing about dragons. Dom and I sat alone in the middle of the table. “Wow, Hogwarts is really different in the mornings huh?” I said taking in the pinkish sky overhead and the emptiness of the great hall. We usually have no time to eat breakfast because waking up Dom is like trying to wake an angry bull.

      “I guess.” She said picking up a piece of toast and buttering it. I did the same taking a bite. “Look Kiersten look!” She shout whispered pointing to a Ravenclaw who was staring at her book in horror. I snorted taking a book out of my bag and opening it. Dom peered over my shoulder.

      “Dear Diary,

            I did it! I made love with Scorpius last night! It was amazing and breathtaking all at the same time. I cant believe that I wanted to wait to be married before doing it! My mother was out with my father at a awards ceremony inducting new Aurors into the ministry and Hugo was over at the Potter’s with Lily and Scorpy showed up. It was a complete surprise. I cant wait to experience it again!


      “Aaaah! I’m scarred for life!” Dom said slamming the book shut. “I cant believe her! She did it with a Malfoy! Even I would never to it with a Malfoy! Oh my God! She didn’t tell me!” Dom stopped her mouth agape. “I told her when I lost my virginity and she didn’t tell me? Oh, now I’m gonna kill her.”

      “Well, you can because now you have an excuse for knowing.” I said opening the book again to see what else was in there but Dom slammed it shut looking above us. I looked up, was it Rose? Or her friend Hannah? No, it was just professor Goode. I sighed with relief taking another bite of my toast and looking up to him.

      “What?” I said with my mouth full.

      “Manners McCabe.” He said passing by us. “What a strange sight, I didn’t think that you two knew how to get up early.”

      “Stalker!” Dom said pointing to him. He rolled his eyes at her.

      “You are always late for my class Miss. Weasley, why else would I care?”

      “I dunno, you’re a creeper I guess.” She shrugged going back to the food in front of her. He looked as if he was about to retort but thought better of it and went up to the staff table taking a seat next to short professor Deerey.

      I opened the book again reading to myself. “Did you know that Rose had an imaginary friend named Larry?” I quizzed Dom. “Or that she was the one that accidentally broke your grandmothers great Aunt Muriel’s china plates?”

      “What?! I was blamed for that!” Dom said grabbing the book and reading for herself. “Eff her!”

      “Hahaha!” I laughed looking at a few of the little Gryffindors who were pointing at a text book and shrieking with laughter. Dom held up her hand and I high fived it enthusiastically.

      “That’s our head prefects name! Rose Weasley see?” One boy said pointing to his book and jumping up and down.

      “We outdid ourselves.” Dom said sighing dramatically.

      “Can you believe that this is the first real prank that we’ve actually pulled this year?” I asked her sitting up. I had just realized this myself. That was really weird, and I’ve even gone a whole week and a half without a detention. I hope that I’m not loosing my touch…

      “Last year we pulled like three more already didn’t we?” She asked me taking a sip of her coffee. I nodded. “Ah, the good old days.”

      “I miss them.” I said suddenly smiling. “Do you remember when Halley had braces? And when Potter’s brother Albus tried to wear contacts? Do you remember that year?”

      “Oh my god! He looked like such a babe that year. Then it all went to shit when he ditched the lenses for the specs.” Dom said.

      “No, he looked to much like Potter to look hot.” I commented grabbing her coffee and taking a sip myself. She rolled her eyes at me and took it back.

      “Hey, I haven't seen Dom before eight o’clock in…never.” Fred said sliding next to us. “Who died?”

      “No one died Freddy.” She said thinking that he was serious. “Why are you always so dramatic?”

      “Coming from the queen of all drama queens…” He dodged her fist.

      “I am not a drama queen!” She said drastically. “God! Why do you accuse me of everything?! Everyone’s always on my freaking back!”

      “Someone’s in the middle of her time of the month…” Fred whispered to me while Dom continued to rant. I smiled.

      “You should try living in the same room as her.” I whispered back. He snorted and then waved someone over. I noticed that it was Potter and Jocelyn. My back stiffened and I turned the other way to Dom.

      “And then my brother blamed me for killing it but I did not! It was Victoire! My mum was all like ‘Ah Dominique, ou need to stop overacting about eeverythining.’ Sometimes I just hate my life!” She appeared to have stopped. Good, if she gets too worked up she’s in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

      I heard Jocelyn’s girly laugh on the left side of me. “Look at her hair!” She whispered in a voice that I knew that she knew traveled over to me. “It looks horrible! And that color! You can totally tell that she dies it!” I swiveled around angrily to her. My green eyes caught her dark brown ones.

      “Jocelyn, you look great today!” I said with false sweetness reaching over Potter and Fred to ruffle her hair. She looked to me cautiously for a second before looking down to her food. “And I know that you think that lowering your school shirt will make up for your plain face, but sweetheart, you need to have boobs for that to work.” Dom started to crack up with Fred. Potter looked torn between amusement and annoyance. Jocelyn turned an ugly shade of red and glared at me angrily. “And by the way, I don't put that dye crap in my hair. I like to keep it natural. Just because you could never pull it off like I can doesn’t mean that you have to be all jealous of me.”

      “Stop Kiersten.” Potter said in a low voice.

      “Shut up Potter.” I said turning my gaze to him. “You know that it’s true.”

      “McCabe, just stop okay?” He said now in a voice that only I could hear. I put my hands in the air and got up from the table. Dom joined me still snickering.

      “Toodles.” I said to them looking directly at Jocelyn.

      “That was great Kiersten!” Dom said shaking my shoulders. “I don't think I’ve seen you be that harsh since Brianna Marsh was flirting with Jared like a year ago.” I kind of winced at the mention of Jared’s name. He had been my first real boyfriend. The first guy that I had actually considered having sex with. Too bad that I didn’t see the ugly side of him until I loved him. You could say that I’m an emotional wreck when things don't work out.

      “Yah, I guess not.” I said hoping Dom wouldn’t press the subject, but she’s Dom. Shrewd and oblivious Dom.

      “Have you heard from him? Jared I mean?”

      “Uh—no not since he graduated last year.” I said. I had never told anyone what had happened that day. He had come to me and asked to start things up again. I freaked out calling him a bunch of things that I regret now. I often wonder how my life would be different right now if I had said yes. Would we still be together? Probably not, it was Jared and I after all. While we did go out all we did was make out and fight and then make out again.

      “He was a dirt ball anyways.” She shrugged not noticing that I wasn’t in the present. “Ew, you want to skip.” We had come to the doorway for Potions.

      “What?” I said snapping back into it.

      “Do. You. Want. To. Skip. Potions.” She said really slow as if I was mentally challenged.

      “Oh! No, I want to see the look on Deerey’s face when he reads about Rose Weasley’s knickers.” I smiled remembering our devious prank.

      “Point.” She said opening the door. We were one of the first people in there except for Laurel Davidson, Farrah Govani, and surprisingly Drew. “Why is Drew in here this early?” Dom tilted her head sideways to see him.

      “Hey Drew.” I said cautiously to him. “Why are you here?”

      “I made a bet with Aaron Doyle that I could stay up all night and all day today.” He said still looking at the wall with a dazed expression. “I cant loose this. If I do I have to buy him a new broomstick, if I don't he has to turn professor Goode into a pig.”

      “I really hope that you win!” I said. Dom nodded frantically over my shoulder.

      “What I would pay to see Goode as a pig…” Dom drifted off staring at the same wall that Drew was. I sat down as both of them were still off in their own little lala dream land. There was notes on the board that Deerey put up before every class. He’s all into giving out detentions to the people who don't have it copied by the time that class starts. I’ve gotten quite a few detentions for this…and back talking him when he yells at me for not having it done.

      “Ahh!” Farrah yelled. I swiveled around with Drew and Dom to see what she was yelling about. When I saw that her text book was on the floor open I beamed with glee. “I didn’t want to know that Rose Weasley likes Scorpius Malfoy to call her a nickname while they have sex!” She shouted closing the book quickly.

      “What did you just say Govani?” Vivacia said coming into the room with her boyfriend Rosier.

      “I’m not repeating it! Look for yourself!” Farrah said shuddering towards the book. Vivacia bent down and picked it up slowly. Her face got paler than it already was.

      “Holy shit! Where did you get this!” She said her eyes traveling across the room to each face in there. She quickly caught Dom’s and my happy faces.
”How the hell did you pull this one off McCabe?” She asked me.

      “What are you talking about?” I said with mock innocence. “I didn’t do anything.”

      “Oh shut up. You and Potter are the only ones that would do this. And maybe you too Weasley.” She turned to Dom.

      “Check your book.” I said to her. She quickly pulled out her copy of potions and opened it eagerly. She read for a minute before looking up.

      “I don't know how you freaking did it, but this is actually amazing! I’ve waited my whole life for someone to get back at Rose Weasley!”

      “Don't thank me, I didn’t do it.” I said trying to keep a strait face. It proved to be difficult while Dom was snorting next to me.

      “Whatever.” She said going back over to Rosier and some other Slytherins’ making them take out their text books too.

      “Did we just get a compliment from Vivacia Parkinson?” Dom asked me.

      “I think so.” I said just as surprised as she was. Just then Potter and Fred came in the room. Vivacia and Zabini instantly went up to him pointing to their textbooks.

      “McCabe!” He said pointing to me and then the book. “What the fuck is this?”

      “Are you blaming me Potter?” I asked him mockingly. 

      “I am.” He said plainly.

      “Be seated!” Deerey yelled shutting the door to his private office. Most people ran to their seats but I took my time. It’s funny when his face gets all red and blotchy like it does when he’s angry. “McCabe! Are your notes copied?” He rounded on me first as usual. I rolled my eyes handing him my parchment. “Alright, but you wrote it in blue ink! Five points from Gryffindor!”

      “What?” I said sitting up a little angry now. That was a bullshit rule. “You just made that up!” 

      “Do you not remember my first class in first year when I specifically told everyone that I only allow black ink in my class?” He said satisfaction dripping from his voice. Oh what I would give to break his glasses right about now…

      “Because I remember what you said about ink six years ago.” I said crossing my arms over my chest and glaring at him.

      “Everyone open to page 257 in your books and get the ingredients from the front table!” He yelled over my last statement. It was my turn to smile now.

      “Um, professor Deerey?” Fred said cautiously scratching his nose.

      “What is it Mr. Weasley?” Deerey sighed turning around to face him.

      “What potion are we doing exactly?” He asked looking down at his book again and then back up to Deerey who looked annoyed.

      “Look at the title Weasley!” He said mumbling a few incoherent words and walking a little bit farther away.

      “I would you see, but right now that doesn’t seem to be possible.”

      “Why isn’t it possible?!”

      “Because it’s—well—look for yourself.” Fred held out the book for him. Deerey grabbed it in an annoyed fashion.

      “You all are in your last year of magical education here and you still cant find the title, what smart young—” He stopped mid-sentence and turned that weird looking blotchy red that I love. His mouth was still agape as he flipped through all of the pages. He thrust the book back to Freddy and ran over to Dom’s. He flipped through hers a little and then checked Halley’s. His face was getting redder and redder.

      “Everyone shut your textbooks immediately!” Deerey yelled over all of the talk of Rose Weasley. “I said shut them!” Most people did as they were told.

      “This. Is . Amazing.” Dom whispered to me squeezing my hand excitedly.

      “Kiersten McCabe and James Potter!” Deerey yelled. “What have you done?!”

      “Why? Why do you automatically blame me?” I said shaking my head.

      “Yah, why is it always McCabe and I, huh?” Potter added in.

      “I don't know why it’s always you! I would love for it to be someone else for a change but you two apparently refuse to grow up!” He yelled. Most people had opened their textbooks again and were reading. “Both of you detention tonight!”

      “That’s not fair!” Potter and I yelled at the same time.

      “It wasn’t me!” Potter said indignantly.

      “It wasn’t me either! And according to rule educational degree number 63 you cant give a student any type of punishment without stable evidence! Look it up!” I said angrily. He looked taken aback. “Yes, I know my school rules! That doesn’t mean that I have to follow them now!”

      “So we don't have detention!” Potter yelled triumphantly.

      “I might not have proof right now Miss. McCabe, but I’ll find it. Everyone go to the cabinet and borrow a book!” The rest of the class was rather fun in my opinion. Deerey had another spaz attack when he realized that all of the books had the same charm on it as the ones that we all had. In the end he just had us put all of the ingredients back for him as he talked to himself at his desk. It was nearing the end of the period when the knock came at the door.

      “Headmistress McGonagall wants to see James Potter, Kiersten McCabe and Dominique Weasley.” A trembling first year said.

      Oh dear.


   A sort of kind of cliffie! This is really part one of what I wanted to write because together the two halves were way too long. I hope that you liked the prank that they pulled and Kiersten's ownage of Jocelyn. I should update soon! Please Review! Please!

          --And if you want check out my new story There's Something About Charlie feel free to do so!!!


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