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Invisible by TallestTower
Chapter 1 : Invisible
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Dominique digs her bare toes into the coarse sand. The ground is cool and damp beneath her and she can feel the cold seeping through her clothes. The grey clouds are pregnant with the promise of rain, swelling moodily in the egg shell sky above her. The harsh wind smells of seaweed and her mother’s cooking. It kicks sand into her eyes and blows locks of her crimson hair across her freckled face.

Her pale blue eyes stare bitterly at the sea shore. The water crashes courageously against the waiting sand, but slips back helplessly, unable to stay with its lover. In the midst of this battle, two figures walk barefoot across the sand.

Their hands are interlaced as they gaze at each other adoringly. He laughs at something she says. The sound sends sharp shooting pains to Dominique’s chest. They sting like the salt on her lips. Her light cardigan falls off her shoulders, but she ignores it, entranced in watching the lovers stroll innocently across the beach. She embraces the cold, the chill numbs her. The pain cannot get any worse.

From her position on the sand dunes she watches their smiling lips move yet their words are lost as the wind howls mournfully. They are so happy, so oblivious.

The couple lean forwards, letting their heads touch. Dominique feels sick. She can’t help wondering what it would feel like if it was her forehead pressing against his. She relishes the idea of his soft breath against her neck. She imagines his deep, oceanic eyes gazing directly into hers. She tips her head towards the moody sky in an attempt to blink back the burning tears of self pity which threaten to fall.

Why can’t you see me?

It would have hurt if he had ignored her, but it hurt more because he didn’t know her at all. He didn’t care. He didn’t think of her, even in passing, whereas he consumed her every thought and desire.

Dominique rakes her fingers through the wet sand, moulding the grains together before letting them drift to the ground again. Her fingernails are dirty and her windswept hair is coated in a film of sand. The Marram grass reeds whisper critically in the breeze, shaking their olive green heads. She is flawed.

She wants to run her hands through his soft blonde hair, to press his warm body close to hers. She wants to taste his lips. She imagines they would taste of citrus fruits and champagne. She wants to look him in the eye and tell him she loves him. She wants to scream his name to the world.

“Scorpius,” she whispers, letting the wind catch her secret as it falls from her mouth.

She is tired of feeling inadequate. Nobody knows how she feels. Secretly, she is drowning in agony. Dominique would often lay awake at night and wonder why her family didn’t notice her misery. The answer was simple: they didn’t want to notice.

Everything seemed perfect in the Weasley household. Aunt Gabrielle had just given birth, Victoire was engaged to Teddy, Louis was flourishing at Beauxbatons and Rose had her first serious boyfriend. Dominique couldn’t justify disrupting their happiness, even if her heart begged her to.

She was suprised that Scorpius hadn’t noticed her feelings for him. Though she rarely saw him at school, each time he entered a room a fervent blush would creep up her neck. His nervous smile had captured her heart. She was afraid of being scorned for liking him. Dominique couldn’t believe that Scorpius Malfoy would ever love someone as insignificant as herself. She didn’t appreciate her own beauty.

She watches her cousin embrace Scorpius. Dominique longs for those arms to protect her body, for those words to be whispered in her ear. Rose was happy, why would she ever attempt to destroy that? The jealousy rises within her like bile in her throat, contorting her and twisting her mind. She feels like a monster.

Scorpius and Rose lean forward. The water rises and surrounds their pale feet. They kiss slowly and tenderly. The waves crash mockingly in Dominique’s ears.

Claws are ripping at her chest. She wants someone else to feel this pain. She needs his kiss more than ever. Her heart aches unbearably. She wishes that Scorpius would run and take her in his arms, stroke her dirty hair and tell her it’s alright. Her soul has been torn to shreds; all she is left with is an infinite, black chasm. She is so empty.

The rain is falling now. The icy droplets leave dark grey imprints on the sand. They kiss her exposed skin pitifully. Dominique shivers in the cold.

She doesn’t want to return to the house, where the rest of the family are laughing and playing games. She doesn’t want to witness Rose and Scorpius return from their walk, their hair plastered to their foreheads from the rain. She cannot bear to suffer through an introduction with him, where he will gaze through her ignorantly.

“I love you,” she mouths softly, naively hoping those three words would change everything.

What was she thinking? Silent or not, she is invisible.

This was a first for me in many ways. My first attempt at a Next Gen fic, my first challenge entry and my first story involving romance (even if it was angsty)! Bearing that in mind, your feeback is greatly appreciated, especially CC. If you have time please leave a review, I always reply and they make my day. I really hope you enjoyed reading this! - H <3

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Invisible: Invisible


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