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Living a Lie. by Miss Haggan
Chapter 12 : Chapter 11: The Death Eaters
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The Potter's lives had became crazy, they were always on the go and most days were noisy. Today however They were all in the garden having a rare quiet moment. James and Lily were cooking on the barbecue, Harry was sitting with Celeste on his lap, reading her a pop up book. Hermione was walking around the ground with Riley, who had colic and was very difficult to calm down, and Isobella was playing in the playground with James. Today the Potters were having a relatively calm day, which wasn't to last. Dumbledore's owl had just flown down to Harry and dropped a huge letter on Harry's lap. He opened it up to find Twenty pages all entitled Death Eaters.

“Mum, can you look after Celeste for me, Dumbledore has just sent me over a lot of work?” Harry asked, already handing his ten week old daughter over to his mother.

“Sure thing, but I thought you had taken a year off, to help Hermione with the twins and James?” She asked.

“I did, but it's very important work, that doesn't require me to leave the house, so I may as well do it” He explained, he walked into the house with out another word. He needed to be completely alone so he decided that the basement was the best place to go, besides if Hermione needed him she could use the new buzzer system that he had installed.

After an hour and a half Harry resurfaced, he had read through the letter twice over, and now had to make a decision. He floo'd Sirius, Remus, Ron to get them over on important Death Eater business, and asked Molly if she and Arthur could look after, Isobella, Riley Celeste and James, which of course was no problem for them.

Harry then went out the back to look for Hermione, he searched for five minutes before finding her sitting beside the pond, with Riley sleeping in her arms.

“Hermione, I received an owl from Dumbledore today, about the Death Eater activity. I think it's time Hermione, time for me to bring them down.” He explained.

“No Harry, it's too soon, what if I lose you, who's going to help me with the babies?” Hermione asked panicked. Which surprised Harry because she knew this was coming.

“Hermione I'm going to survive this, I did last time, and this time I'm much stronger, and have more training in me” Harry explained trying to console his wife. “I have to do this, for our kids” He added.

“I know Harry, I was prepared for this, I just didn't think it would be happening this soon” She cried. Harry sat hugging her for five minutes, before they got up and walked back to the house. When they arrived, Harry had just enough time to explain what was going on, before Molly, Arthur, Ron, Sirius and Remus arrived.

Ten minutes later and Harry and Hermione, said goodbye to their children, and Isobella. They had all gathered in the living room to talk.

“Right, Dumbledore owled me. He says that all the minor and weak members of the Death Eaters have been targeted, most of them have been placed in Azkaban but some of them were killed. Which leaves us with about fifty of the strongest Death Eaters we will ever face” Harry began, he looked around the room at all the tense faces and felt himself tense up.

“What good is Azkaban? Sure Draco was there and he escaped.” Sirius asked.

“Dumbledore explained that, he said Bella and about ten Death Easters swarmed the place, easily fought off the Dementors and then proceeded to blast open the cell in which Draco was residing.” Harry explained.

“I hate that woman. I swear I'm going to kill her” Sirius Seethed.

“No!” Harry shouted, everyone looked at him stunned. “ We capture them, none of us has to kill them unless it is absolutely necessary, we must not use an Unforgivable unless it is absolutely necessary, and Bellatrix is mine”

“If that's what you want” Sirius sighed.

“It is” Harry replied shortly.

“Well when does it start?” Remus asked Harry.

“Dumbledore said all I have to do is say when, and we do it” He explained. At this point Hermione had heard enough, and ran out of the living room. Harry sighed but followed his wife.

“I can't do this Harry, I just can't be that strong” She wailed when he had caught up with her. All he could do was hold her tight until she had calmed down.

“I understand how you're feeling Hermione, but I have to do this. It's for our children's future” He protested.

“But what if you die, what will happen to our children's future then?” She screamed.

“If the worst comes to the worst, my parents are here to help, but I must do this. I will not put our children through what we went through.” He said stubbornly.

“But what if I lose you” She whispered. Harry could see the pain in her eyes, and felt it too.

“You won't because I have so much more too live for this time round. I am going to survive to see my children have children” He soothed. Once again Hermione broke down, this time Harry held her closer then he had ever done before.

Ginny POV

Ginny arrived at her destination, five hours after her confrontation with Harry. She had really thought that she could have a talk with him too apologise properly but it ended up hurting her more.

So for now Ginny decided to leave her wizard life behind and live as a muggle, she had moved to a small town called Kilkenny in Ireland, it was quiet and 100% muggle. She was renting a small flat on the outskirts of the town, it had one bedroom a tiny bathroom and a kitchenette, she wasn't planning on living there long, just until she got over he love loss and had her baby, she would then go back to being a chaser and travelling the world, she just had to figure out what to do with the baby.


Harry was running through the streets of London, his heart pounded in his chest as he looked at the destruction that surrounded him. The death eaters had done it again, they had blew up half of London with a single spell. Harry was now looking around wildly for his family, who had all gone missing. Harry could not believe this was happening to him. Everyone including Sirius and Remus were missing, and presumably dead. He came do a destroyed building, and spotted a blood drenched hand sticking out of the rubble, he looked further up and seen the familiar curls of his wife's hair. Just as he was about to move the rubble, someone called his name and he felt himself being pulled out of this nightmare.

“Harry, Harry wake up” Hermione said shaking her husband awake. Harry woke up with a jolt and looked around the room wildly for a second, before realizing that he had just had another nightmare. He calmed down enough to turn to his wife, who was looking at him with a very worried expression.

“Another one of those dreams, this was the worst one so far” He explained, she nodded knowingly, this had been his fifth one this week, he had been having them for the past month, and each time they were getting worse. “ Promise me you'll never leave me” He asked her, almost pleadingly. Of course I won't she said, understanding what the dream had been about, she pulled her husbands sweaty body toward her and hugged him tightly.

After ten minutes, Harry gave Hermione a kiss, and went for a walk. He put on jogging bottoms and a tee. He quietly crept down the stairs and out to the back garden, the sun was just breaking through the darkness, making it about 4:30 am. He breathed in the fresh morning air, and sighed. He was growing very tired of these nightmares. They started off with a few bloody scenes after a fight, then came the images of mass destruction, building burning, and crumpling left, right and centre. Then came the images of him finding the dead bodies of his loved ones. First came his dad James, then Lily, then Sirius, Remus and Isobella. Tonight's one was the worst one though, he knew it was the image of his wife, dead in the destruction.

He shuddered at the image. He didn't know what he would do is he lost Hermione, she was the love of his life, the feelings for her were so strong, that he thought if she ever died, he would too....only with a broken heart.

As Harry was thinking about his wife, he also thought about his kids. He had three now James, Riley and Celeste, he loved them so much and wouldn't dream of putting them through what he went through.

No, they were the reason he was doing this fight. For his and everybody else's who had children, for their freedom. Tomorrow Harry and his team were going into fight with the latest group of death eaters... he just hoped he was ready for it.

A.N Yet another short chapter, sorry, but these are just the filler chapters. The next one will be bigger, and will probably not be updated as quick. Please Review.

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