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One Thousand Sleepless Nights by Black_n_Wright
Chapter 1 : Prolog
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Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER, some genius called J.K.Rowling made it up, I only play in the world she created.

A/N: please review and tell me how I'm doing, I'll always respond to your reviews XDD. This fic actually started out as a regular story, buuut I'm changing a few things around and hoping a fanfic will turn out better than what it did otherwise. haha

PROLOG Charles J. Peterson closed his eyes as he read the letter, clutched desperately in his large, oddly pale and shaky hands. Tears threatened to overflow as he opened his oddly blue violet eyes and adjusted his thick and slightly crooked glasses better onto his large, hawk-like nose. He reread the letter two more times-taking no more in than the last times he had-and let the letter fall from his now still fingers.

Charles, the letter read
It is our regret to inform you, that on the night of September 14 your brother and sister-in-law Gregory and Stephanie Peterson were found murdered in their home. Currently no suspects have been named or released and you are to be put into protected custody for we fear that they will attack the rest of your family.
However left in their will, they named you godfather for their young daughter. Because of the circumstances it is your own choice if you would like custody of the girl. If you choose not to accept custody she will be given to the late Stephanie’s sisters who have already accepted the offer. If you are to accept the offer, please be at 390 Patin Street at noon on September 20 to pick up the girl.
Once again you have our deepest consoles and I am terribly sorry to be the messenger to such horrible news. 

Peter S. Gretchem 

Charles blanched and fell to the ground feeling his mind spinning. Stephanie didn’t have a daughter, she couldn’t have one. It was impossible, she would have told Charles if she did, because the child wouldn’t be-Charles groaned and beat his hand into the hard wood ground.

“NO!” he screamed and pounded it again and again until there was a large dent and the wood from the floor was beginning to pull apart. This was his fault, if he would have contained himself, stopped himself and had just taken it like a man, like his brother had done for him. Gregory was protecting his family because he knew Charles couldn’t do it himself, and yet, Charles still betrays them. He had sold out his family to save his own life. His sobs racketed through his body as he fell to the ground shaking. His glasses fell from his face and hit the ground leaving the left lens cracked down the middle. But nothing matter, nothing.


At September 20 at exactly noon, Charles rode up to the old Victorian style house with a large picket fence that surrounded the dead looking property. Two women stood on the porch waiting for Charles to reach them. There was almost no recognition in their identical faces as they watched the man that had sold out their sister because of them.

“Good to see you again Charles,” the sister on the left said, a cruel smile on her beautiful lips.

“Eliza,” Charles nodded at the woman who had spoken, “Jazmin,” he nodded to the other twin. “She is alive?” he asked anxiously.

“Alive and thriving,” Eliza said, that sick smile still on her lips. “We would not allow this child to be taken, she has amazing…talent, to say the least.” Jazmin giggled at her sisters’ words. “Do you really think us that low?”

“So you allow-no, force-your own sister to die for your own gain?” Charles asked disgusted. “Have you no values? Do you-”

“We all make sacrifices,” Eliza said cutting in sharply with her beautiful, honey-like voice. “Surely you understand that. We allowed you to live, did we not?”

“You kidnapped me,” Charles growled. “Drugged me, and forced me to tell you everything.”

“The drug had worn off by then, Charles,” Eliza growled her voice no longer beautiful. “You know that full well. You sold out your brother and the woman you loved to save your own ass, and you would do it again. Now what makes us so different?” Charles was silent staring at the twin, shaking with the suppressed anger. A minute passed, and then another and another, before Charles had enough control to ask through gritted teeth, “Well, where is she then?” meaning the girl.


“She is not harmed?” Jazmin snorted.

“There is not much that can harm her now,” she said speaking for the first time.

“Give her to me, you disgust me. Charles growled and the twins smiled the same, identical smile that sent shivers down his spine, for a moment neither moved and for a wild moment Charles imagined them refusing. But then Jazmin turned around and disappeared inside the house.

“She will be hard to control,” Eliza warned. “You won’t be able to understand her, she will be like nothing you have ever seen before. When she turns, she could kill you in an instant. You are not making the right choice for her. Let her stay with us, with people who can teach her, show her how to bend and change her power to suit her will-” Charles felt himself staring into her violet eyes, getting lost in them and seeing the reason in her voice.

“No,” Charles said shaking himself and looking away, remembering Eliza’s manipulative powers. “You would teach her to be like them.” He spat out the word as though it was a disgusting swear.

“She is one of them. The moment she scared, she became one of them, one of us.”

“I will not allow her to become a disgusting, dirty leech-” he was cut off as a growling broke through Eliza’s serene face.

“You forget who you speak to,” the honey voice was gone again, replaced by a snarling darkness that made Charles step back and freeze. “We are all one Charles. You will not be able to stop it for long, and we will always be there when you lesson your grip just a small droplet. Once she begins to show you will lose all control, she will hate you, and we will be there, ready with open eyes to show her how to Control. You may have won this round, but I guarantee you, you will not survive the next.” her purple eyes flashed dangerously.

“There will not be a next time Eliza, I will not allow it.”

The door opened and Jazmin walked into the bright sunlight followed by a little girl who looked no older than five, though the letter had told him six, and very tiny. She glanced up at the bright sun with her pure, wide purple eyes and shuddered as the light reflected off of their pale skin, which was dramatically offset by her waist long black hair. Charles froze as he stared at the girl, he could feel the power radiating off her almost as strong as he was already.

“Hello Uncle,” the girl said in a clear loud voice that sounded almost like a song. Charles gulped.

“Uncle?” Charles asked surprised and glanced up at the twins. “So is this the game we play? A spider web full of lies and deceit while the spider waits in the center to finish us off. Come along child.”

“Indeed it is,” Eliza said no longer smiling.

Charles picked up the girls’ sack, then the girl herself and walked away, looking back once to see the twins’ beautiful faces turned hideous. He continued to walk after that and didn’t look back again, only holding the little girl tighter in his arms.

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One Thousand Sleepless Nights: Prolog


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