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Playground Nut by WhatAboutRegulus
Chapter 1 : Playground Nut
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Chapter 1

Today was the day, the day me Petunia and Mum go to the playground. We started a tradition a while back that stated that every Saturday we would go to the playground. Mum agreed with this tradition because for one day in the week she could sit and read a book while we played and made new friends even if we only played those "new friends" for that one day and never saw them again.

I got dressed, wearing my favorite jean shorts with a purple sports shirt and sneakers. I walked down the stairs, my mum was packing up our lunches so that we didn't have to come back and get lunch while at the playground. Petunia walked down from the staircase wearing black shorts and a pink tank top with an unreadable expression.

"Alright, are we all set? Remember were not coming home for a while so make sure you have everything you want to play with when you’re at the park," my mum said with a stern voice.

"Yeah mum. I have everything I need…." I said while shifting my gaze to Petunia who looked like she was thinking hard but then replied, "I got everything,"

"Alright girls let’s go!"

We walked to the car, got in, and buckled up while my mom packed up the car. Then we were off for another adventure at the playground. I put my head against the window and used my breath to make the window fog up. When it did I drew a picture of a heart and watched as it faded away. 10 minutes later we arrived at the park. I opened the car door and went straight for the trunk to help my mom unpack the car.

"Awww thanks Lily. My special helper," she said while touching the tip of my nose with her pointer finger. In response I grinned and took the basket over to an empty table.

"Come on Petunia! To the swing set!" I screamed, while placing the basket on the picnic table. She looked at me while giving me a devilish smile. That's when I knew it was on. Race to the Swing Set!

I took off using all my strength, "Ha! I beat you!" I said with a grin

"Just keep telling yourself that, but you know that I always win," she responded while turning her head away from me to over dramatize it.

I stuck my tongue out at her and we laughed. We had a contest on who could jump the farthest from the swing. I may be faster than Petunia, but she is still taller than me so she won… curse he long legs! After that we decided to play a game of hide and seek.

 We played a game of rock paper scissors to see who would be the counter first. At the same time we chanted, "Rock Paper Scissors shoot!” I looked at our hands. My hand was in the shape of a rock while Petunia's was in the shape as scissors.

"Haha I won!" I chanted,

"Yea yea, start hiding,"

I heard her start counting " one, two, three…” I looked around the playground to find the best spot to hide. We had to start getting creative because we already hid in all the "best spots" on the playground which were now known as the most obvious spots. I found a big tire that was surrounded by other tires, I've hid here before but I thought maybe she wouldn't look there today. I placed myself inside it and sat there for a few minutes. I deliberated whether or not I should stay there, but decided that it was too obvious and she would check there. I found a big old tree on the side of the playground. I decided that that was the best place to hide because I had never hid there before. I climbed the tree and shifted my body so that it was facing away from the playground. I made sure that none of me was showing from the other side of the tree, and started grinning evilly, "Petunia would never look for me here,"

As I watched Petunia count, I heard her say "100!" followed by a "Ready or not here I come!” she looked in all the obvious places on the playground. I turned around and waited anxiously for her to give up. I’ve never won a game of hide and seek, I could never stay quiet when she came around, but this time was different this time I would win. All of the sudden I heard a branch snap. My breath caught as I looked around me. A boy with round glasses and black messy hair came from the other side of the tree.

"Hey… I saw someone come up here and thought they got stuck in the tree…,” he said looking confused. “Do you need help?” he asked extending a hand to me.

"No I came up here with a purpose. Now go away your going to give away my hiding spot!" I said annoyed, I wasn't about to let this boy ruin my chances of winning.

"Are you playing hide and seek?"

"Yes, now if you don’t mind I would appreciate it if you could stay quiet so you don’t give away my hi…,”

"Found you!” Petunia screamed sounding satisfied.

"Thanks a bunch," I said annoyed jumping down from the tree, the boy followed.

"The name is…"

"I really don't care what your name is,” I said while holding up a hand. I started walking away, but the boy followed. Man this kid is like a puppy dog, couldn't he see that I am angry with him for giving away my hiding spot.
"So.... How old are you?"

"I'm 7," I replied hoping he would go away

"Me too! And I thought I was the only 7 year old on this playground," he said with a, would-you-look-at-that look.

“Yea it’s great,” I said with fake enthusiasm.

I watched as my sister tapped her foot impatiently, she was waiting for me to start counting.

"Well, I should get back to hide and seek with my sister..." I started walking away

"Can I play!" absolutely not I thought, but my nicer side said let him play. Curse my niceness.

"I guess so… Hey Petunia he is playing hide and seek with us!" I yelled to her.

She looked at the boy and then nodded her head while running off to find a hiding spot. Why couldn’t she be moody today, then she would have said no.

"Ok I'm going to count to 100 and then start looking, ok?"

He nodded and then ran off to find a hiding spot. I started counting in my head, One Two Three…

A few minutes later I screamed "100! Ready or not here I come!" I took a quick scope of the playground, and then made a round trip all around the playground to see if they were in any of the obvious places on the playground. When I didn't see anything I went out in search for them in more detail. I used my keen eyesight to see anything that looked out of the ordinary. I looked under the slide and under the tower. I looked under the bridge and behind the rocks. I was just about to look behind a line of green bushes when I heard a little giggle, and before I could react Petunia popped out from behind a bush and screamed "Time out for me!” she walked by me and whispered in my ear "Vernon's here." she giggled and then went over to greet him. I made a slight gagging noise. I didn't get why Petunia even liked Vernon, he had a big nose, and was so stuck up with his children work clothes on, and she could do way better. But I didn't focus on that; I still had to find the boy.

"Petunia called time out, but don't move we are still going to play!" I yelled making sure he could hear me from across the playground. When I didn’t get a reply I decided that even if he didn’t hear me he would still be hiding.

I started on my search again…"Man this is going to be so easy." I thought getting an evil grin on my face. I would find him so easily and then when it was his turn to count I would make a run for it. I kind of felt bad for him; I knew where all the spots were on the playground shouldn’t take too long.

~10 irritable minutes later~

I looked everywhere!! I looked up in every tree; I looked under the bridge, behind the fence, under the benches, tables, and towers! I even put my head on the ground and checked if there was a body hiding in the wood chips! I sighed in frustration and screamed "I give up! I can't find you! Where are you?"

Out of nowhere the boy came up behind me and said with a smug smile “I win!”

"Where were you! I looked everywhere!" I said angrily.

"I guess I'm a good hider,” he said smugly, "or I used an invisibility cloak…” he thought to himself.

"I guess so…” Lily thought frustrated.

"You know...” he said.

"Yea?" I asked not really paying attention.

"Your red hair and green eyes are really pretty,” he said while looking at the ground and blushing.

I caught a piece of my red hair and held it in my hand for a second. I then flicked it over my shoulder. I always thought my hair sort of resembled a demon. My sister had always told me that I was adopted; of course my parents said that I was not and there for punished Petunia. That got me the nickname demons child from Petunia.

The boy was looking redder than ever and still looking at the ground until I realized I didn't respond to his compliment.

"Thanks…" I said while also looking at the ground and blushing without permission. He smiled and started pulling on my arm.

"What are you doing?” I asked him while trying to keep up with him while he held my arm.

"I cheated during the hide and seek, so we are going to have a competition to see who can go through the obstacle course first."

"How did you cheat?" I asked curious, I didn’t think you could cheat in hide and seek.

"I used an invisibility cl…. never mind just come on!" he said now excited

"What were you going to say!", I asked wanting to know how he cheated so maybe I could hide their next time me and Petunia played hide and seek.

"Nothing just drop it."

Was he going to say invisibility cloak? Wow this kid is what me and my mom refer to as a Playground Nut… Maybe I should try and ditch him during the obstacle… He drew a line in the dirt that marked the starting line, and then went and drew a line where we would finish. We lined up at the starting line and got in the running position.

"On your mark…" he said, a small grin stretching across my face. No I would stay and beat him, crumble him in the dirt.

"Get set." I said.

"Go!" we screamed together.

And we were off, I ran, wind blowing through my red hair. I reached the first obstacle, the monkey bars. I quickly looked to my left to see the boy reach for his side of the monkey bars. I quickly jumped and grabbed the monkey bars and started moving forward swiftly. I reached the end of the monkey bars. I jumped off and landed on the platform, I then had to go on the zigzag walk. I put my right foot on the blue zigzag metal bar, and grabbed onto the top zigzag metal bar for support. I started across, I saw the boy in the corner of my eye, and he was right behind me. I moved a little faster. I refused to lose; I reached the end of the zigzag walk and sprinted across the bridge. Next there was a wall we had to climb over. There was a tiny rope at the top of the wall that would help you climb onto the other side of the wall. I quickly climbed; I got stuck at the top of the wall because I was too short to reach the rope. If only I was just a little bit taller I thought. Think tall Lily think tall! I could hear the boy laughing somewhere next to me, he said "You’re never going to win your too short to make it over the wall!” his words made me angry. Just a few more inches I thought, and I would show him! Suddenly I felt the rope in my hands. I saw his mouth drop while saying “You cheated!” I stuck my tongue out quickly and proceeded over the wall while giving myself a pep talk. Good job Lily! You can do it, keep going! I quickly jumped down from the wall and climbed the latter that would take me to the final obstacle on the obstacle course. The big, swirly, closed in, guaranteed to scream, blue slide. I felt my face rise in horror as I heard him right behind me. I jumped onto the slide and screamed all the way down the slide.

I ran as fast as I could neck and neck with the boy, with all my might I past the finish line before him "Yes I won!" I chanted with a huge grin spread out across my face.

"That's not fair you cheated!" He whined

"Not true! I won fair and square and you know it! You’re just upset that you were beat by a girl!"

"No, you cheated you used magic!"

"Magic! Is that the best excuse you can come up with! I won fair and square, besides there is no such thing as magic." he ran his hand through his hair, and then used his shirt to wipe off the sweat on his face.

"Aren't you magic?" he asked confused.

"No, and if I was I would have found you in hide and seek!” I yelled now angry. Why couldn't he just accept that he lost and I won!

"Not true! Magic can't find me!” he yelled. "Hey where are you going?"

"I'm going to go get myself a juice box" I said annoyed, this kid just wouldn't give up would he. I walked over to my picnic basket and got myself a juice box. I realized that he was still following me.

"May I help you?" I asked.

"No," he responded.

I was about to say something but my mom cut in, "Whose this?" she asked curious to who I met today.

I was about to respond but then another woman with long black hair cut in. What is it with all these people cutting me off today!

"What are you doing over here," the women asked, "I was just calling your name,"

"You must be this young boy’s mum, you two look so much alike!" my mum said and went out to shake her hand.

That was the end of that conversation for me and the boy with the black messy hair. Once my mom started talking she never stopped!

I started walking away towards the swing; I didn't want to be there while my mom shared stories about me falling down stairs, or me and Petunia and our breakfast talks. The boy followed me to the swings.

I sat on the swing and swung back and forth. I started thinking about why this boy was following me. Before I realized it I blurted out, "Why are you following me?"

"I don't really have anything else to do and I… I kinda like you," he said sounding embarrassed.

“Oh…” I rolled my eyes. This boy was really getting on my nerves; if he really liked me then maybe he should leave me alone!

"Do you know what Quidditch is?"

"Quidditch?" I asked skeptically.

"Yea you know the game were they fly around on broom sticks..?"

"That isn't possible,” I said while picking up the speed in my swinging.

"Is too! And it is the best sport ever! My favorite team is the Chudley Cannons they are so good!”

"I really have no idea what you’re talking about,"

"But you must, you used magic during the obstacle course!"

"No I didn’t because magic isn’t real," I said annoyed.

“It’s ok I’m a wizard too you can tell me,” He said trying to be reassuring.

“I’m not a wizard,”

He rolled his eye, “Of course not! You’re a witch,” he said this like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“I’m not a witch either; witches are evil and gross”

“Are not!”

“Are too! You must be watching too much television, witches are gross mean people. Haven’t you ever read the Wizard of Oz,”

“Television? Wizard of Oz? And ew, who likes reading. It’s so boring,” he said with a disgusted look on his face.

I gave him an angry look, “I like reading!”

“I was just kidding! I love to read,” He said obviously trying to impress me. Not working

“Liar,” I said while getting up and going to the slide.

"Wow you are a strange muggle?"

“Muggle?" I said confused.

"Yes a muggle,"

"What the heck is a muggle?"

"Muggle's are…”

Suddenly the boy’s mother yelled over too us and said, “It’s time to go, if we don’t go now we are going to miss the match,”

“Oh how I love Quidditch! Bye… hey you never told me your name,”

“I’d like to keep it that way,”

“Come on, at least give me the first letter,” he said with a puppy dogface. Ugh how did he know, I can never say no to a puppy dogface, I always feel bad after if I say no. 

“Ugh, fine, it starts with an L,”

“hmmm…” he thought about it for a minute, “is your name Lizzy?”

“Nope,” he would never get this.





“Come on just tell me your name!”

“Come on!” I heard his mother call from the side walk.

“It’s going to eat at you,” I said in a voice that made me sound crazy.

“Lily, we have to go,” I heard my mum call.

“Is your name Lily?” he asked with a got-you-now look.

“Absolutely not,” I said a little too quickly.

“Lily come one!” I heard my mom yell.

“Yes it is,” he said with an evil smile.

“Fine ok yes my name is Lily,” I said angrily, “Ok since you know my name tell me yours,” I said. It only seemed fair.

“Nope sorry,”

This is the karma I get, I guess I deserve it but I need to know his name now since he knows mine, “Please will you tell me your name,” I said while putting on my cutest face.

“You’re really cute but that isn’t going to make me spill the beans,”

I stomped my foot in frustration.

“Let’s go!” his mother yelled,

“Please tell me!”

“It’s going to eat at you,” and with that note he ran off to his mother. I felt my mouth fall into a little “o”, I quickly snapped it shut. I’d have to remember that face, black hair, hazel eyes and round dorky glasses. Oh and he is the same age as me, definitely important to know. Next time I see that kid I’m going to attack him until he gives in and tells me his name, I mean no one, even my mom can’t say no to my cute face!

"Lily we’re leaving," my mother said. I walked over and helped my mom pack the car, while trying to figure out the boy’s name. Josh, Jack, Matt, Paul? What could it be! Petunia and me climbed into the back of the car and drove away.

On the car ride home my mum said, “I think Lily has a little crush,”

“No!” I said or maybe I yelled it, either way it put a smirk on my mum’s face. I didn’t want my mum to know that I maybe had a crush. I mean I kind of liked how the boy followed me around. Although it was annoying at the time, deep down I knew I liked the attention.

“You may say no, but I can see it plainly on your face,” She said with another smile.

I made a humph sound and gave her the silent treatment. Alright I had a crush but I would never see the kid again, but that didn’t stop me from looking for him at the playground. Every Saturday from then on I went to the playground always looking for the black haired kid wearing round glasses that had hazel eyes behind the lenses. I never saw him. I smiled to myself and thought how ridiculous I was. Why was I looking for this kid and hoping he was here even if I had a crush on him. He was completely mental I mean Chudley Cannons… Quidditch…. Muggle’s!!? He was probably placed in a mental hospital by now. I mean the kid believed in magic and said I was a witch. Yes this kid really did need help, I hoped his mother new that. Just another Playground nut that I happen to stumble upon. I always find and make friends the weird ones.

Pshh yea right, like I will ever believe in magic!

~ 4 years later ~

I never found the kid with black messy hair and round glasses, but one day when I was 11 years old I got a letter that read…

Ms. Evans, I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts school of Witch craft and Wizardry.

Maybe he wasn’t a playground nut after all…
A/N: I had this idea in my head for so long and I just had to try and write it. I hope you all like it, if you have any criticism please send me a review. I was thinking of making this into a story, but for now it is just a one-shot. If you think I should turn it into a story please review!

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