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A First Kiss by crazy_isthenew_normal
Chapter 1 : A First Kiss
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Victoire glanced around the small, yet warm and homely, living room of The Burrow, searching for him. Her eyes glazed across a beautiful woman, her blonde, almost silver, Veela trademark hair flowing down her back. She was holding a struggling eight year old on her lap, who also had the same, Trademark hair. Sitting down on either side of the woman was a man, with ginger hair, and a face of battle scars – and a girl, just slightly younger than Victoire, the same blonde hair gently caressing her face, as the cold, Winter wind blew through into the room from under the door.

Her family. Her mother, brother, father, and sister. The one’s she held closest to her heart, and loved the most...apart from this boy, whom she was searching for.

Her eyes swept the room once more. He was not in here. She had figured that out ages ago – but she decided to double check, just in case.

She picked up her woollen hat, gloves, and scarf, and grabbed her coat that was slung over the arm of a patched-up chair.

“Where are you going, Vickie?” asked her younger sister, Dom, who had appeared at her side. Curiosity was in her eyes.

“Outside.” She answered simply, as she did up the buttons on her coat. She looked at her sister.

“You know I like some fresh air after I’ve had Christmas dinner.” Only because he liked it, She thought to herself, as she wrapped the scarf around her neck, pulled the hat onto her head, and slid on her gloves. She then turned around, and headed out of the living room door.

“He’s down by the river.” Dom called after her. Victoire turned around, and glanced at her younger sister. Dom smiled gently, before she turned around, and walked over to a crowd of ginger-haired people, who were all still stuffing their faces with Christmas pudding. Victoire grinned at her four younger cousins – Fred, James, Albus, and Hugo. She then turned back around, and headed out through the front door.


The first thing she felt as she stepped outside was the cold. It bit at any piece of skin that was slightly exposed, and nibbled away at her nose and ears, of which she knew – from previous experience- would now be glowing a bright red. She yanked her hat down over her ears, and started for the path that wound its way around the house, and through the gap in the hedge, all the way towards the river that passed around the outskirts of St. Ottery Catchpole, where The Burrow was situated, though out of Muggle view.

The path was slippery from the ice, and Victoire found herself on more than one occasion sprawled across the pathway on her bum.

There will be bruises in the morning, She thought to herself, as the river finally came into view. She walked down onto the smaller path that ran along by the river. It, too, was covered with ice, and Victoire tried her best not to slip over – though her valiant attempts were poor.

Finally, she saw a mop of jet black hair in the distance. As she approached, she gradually saw more of the boy. First, a pale white neck; next, a bright blue hoodie; and after that two long legs, that were in a pair of black skinny jeans.

The boy was skipping stones out across the lake. Victoire stood still, and watched, as he skipped a pebble. It seemed to bounce against the surface of the water; first bouncing once, then twice, then three times, and then a fourth time, before it sunk under the blanket of the blue, icy water.

“I once tried skipping stones,” she called out. The boy jumped in fright, falling backwards onto his back. But once he saw Victoire, he sat back up, his cheeks flushing pink.

“I was never any good.” She said, as she slowly approached him, making sure not to fall over; it wasn’t lady-like to fall over, her mother had often told her.

“It’s all about the wrist movement.” The boy spoke up, as Victoire settled herself down next to him, looking out across the riverbed.

“You’ll have to teach me sometime.” She said quietly. The boy smiled slightly, the corners of his mouth raising.

“I’m sure that can be arranged.” He said in a soft voice, his chocolate brown eyes fixing with her startling blue ones.

“You should be inside, Victoire.” He said, brushing some of her silver-blonde hair from out of her face, and tucked it gently behind her ear. His fingers then lingered on her face, gently brushing against her cheek, before his palm flattened out, cupping her face. She closed her eyes, and smiled, leaning her head into his slightly rough, but warm, hand.

“So should you.” She replied, reopening her eyes, as his hand dropped back into his lap. He shook his head, and stared out at the river.

“I’m just thinking.” He stated quietly, his fingers playing with the slightly frayed hem of his jeans. Victoire gently slid her fingers into his hand. A smile played on his lips, as his fingers intertwined themselves with her own.

“About your mother and father.” She said. It wasn’t a question. It was a statement. And she knew it was true – this happened every year. The Weasley/Potter family would eat Christmas dinner, have Christmas pudding, and then, he would push back his chair, thank Nana Molly for the lovely meal, before he grabbed his coat, and set off outside. And every year, Victoire would follow after him half an hour later. And each year, she would find him sitting in this exact spot, skipping pebbles across the river. And each year, they had this very same conversation. She knew what was coming next. And even though she knew it was coming, it still hurt, as he drew his hand out of hers, and stood up, brushing the dirt of his jeans.

“Well, you have your mother and father, don’t you?” he said. Even though his voice was even, Victoire winced. It was like a stab in the heart.

“You have your brother and sister. But I don’t! I only have my grandma, and Uncle Harry! They are the only people I have!”

“You’ve got me.” She whispered quietly, her voice breaking towards the end. He shook his head angrily, his eyes flashing, as he started walking backwards along the path, back towards the house.

“You’re just a girl, Victoire! Just a stupid, little girl, who doesn’t understand anything! ‘You’ve got me’ – yes, I know! But you’re not my mum or dad, are you?!” he shook his head, tears spilling from her chocolate brown eyes. “You don’t know what it’s like, sitting through that! Everyone’s all happy families! Everyone in that house has someone – but me? I have no one, Victoire! One day, Nana Andromeda won’t be there for me! And Uncle Harry? He has three kids, and a wife! So, really, I have no one.”

“I understand. Really, I do-“

“No!” he held up his hand. “No. You really don’t. You will never understand.” Victoire closed her eyes, letting the tears flow down her cheeks. Every year this had happened. And now, he would walk away, tears streaming down his pale face. He wouldn’t talk to her till New Year’s Eve, where he’d give her a kiss on the cheek at midnight, and they’d climb up onto The Burrow’s roof, watching fireworks be set off from the villagers of St. Ottery Catchpole.

But this year, it was going to be different.

Victoire stood up, and ran after him, slipping and stumbling on the icy path as she went. But she didn’t stop following him, not even when she slipped over, and cut the knee of her new pair of jeans open, a bloody cut just visible through the hole.

She carried on running, and, finally, when he was just passing the old oak tree, which was around the corner from the Burrow, her hand caught his arm.

He turned around, tear-tracks still visible down his cheeks. He blinked, and ran a hand across his eyes quickly, getting rid of the tears that had been hovering in the corners.

“What do you want?” he asked, as he pulled his arm out of her grasp. This action stung her slightly, but she ignored it, taking a deep breath of the cool air.

“Every year, you walk away from me. And every year, I let you go.” She sighed. She had to do this. If there was a right moment and place for this, it would be now.

“I’m fed up of letting you walk away, Teddy.” She whispered, her voice breaking as she said his name. His deep, chocolate eyes softened, searching her face.

“I’m sorry, Vickie.” He whispered, turning around, and stepping towards her, so that his face was inches from hers. She looked up into his eyes, and continued her speech.

“I know I don’t understand what’s it’s like for you – and I’m not pretending I do. I’re not alone, Teddy. Sure, maybe all of us-“ She pointed to herself, and then waved her hand in the direction of The Burrow “- aren’t really related to you. But is that such a big crime? You’re like family to us, Teddy – and that is enough. We all love you.” Her eyes searched his, and she laughed softly, as his hair turned bright pink to match his cheeks.

“I love you all too.” He said quietly, smiling slightly. “It’s just...hard, sometimes. And at times like this, when everyone is together...I just wish my mum and dad were here too.” Victoire nodded, and opened her arms. Teddy gratefully stepped forward, and the two hugged. Victoire closed her eyes, and breathed in his sweet scent; Butterbeer, and Honeyduke’s finest chocolate – the best smell in the world.


A few minutes later, the two pulled back, and Victoire looked down at the ground, feeling slightly awkward.

“Teddy?” she asked quietly.

“Yes?” he replied. She could feel his eyes on her.

“Do you love me?” she asked, looking up at him. A frown was upon his face, and he looked like he didn’t know what to answer.


“No- don’t. I don’t care if the answer is no,” she lied, biting down on her bottom lip. “I just need to know.” Teddy frowned at her, his eyes locked with her own.

“You are my godfather’s niece-“

“And?” she asked, folding her arms across her chest, looking up at him stubbornly. “You’re my uncle’s godchild.”

“You’re thirteen!”

“You’re fifteen.”

“Two years-“

“A year and a half, actually.” Teddy stared back at her, a frown still creasing his pale forehead. Finally, his posture relaxed, and he took a step towards her, so that the ends of their shoes were lightly touching the other’s. He then leant down, his eyes closing, and his lips parting. Victoire closed her eyes, just in time, as his soft, full lips crashed down onto her own.

The taste of Butterbeer and chocolate swirled inside her mouth, as their lips moved together in sync. She felt a pair of warm hands slide onto either side of her waist, pulling her towards him, as her tongue trailed along his bottom lip, asking for entrance. His lips parted for her, granting her request, as she placed her hands on his shoulders, standing on her tiptoes, as her tongue danced around his mouth, brushing along his teeth, his gums, and his tongue.

For a few blissful seconds, they stood like this, just their lips moving in sync, their bodies not two, but one. Victoire could have stayed there forever in Teddy’s embrace. But, unfortunately, the few minutes of pure bliss ended, and he pulled away.

Slowly, Victoire opened her eyes, and looked up at him. His lips were red, and slightly raw, very much like her own. But his chocolate eyes were dancing with excitement, a cute, cheeky grin on his face. Victoire’s cheeks blushed a pale pink, as his fingers brushed against her face, very much like earlier...except, now, the action felt different – like it had a different meaning behind it.

“We’d better get back to The Burrow – I bet you that they are starting up a game of Quidditch.” Victoire laughed, as Teddy slid an arm around her waist, pulling her against his side, as he looped his thumb into one of her jean loopholes. Victoire smiled, and slid her arm around his waist, too, as the pair set off towards The Burrow.


“You know, you never did answer my question.” Victoire said, as Teddy pulled open the back gate. He turned back around to face her, frowning.

“What question?” he asked. Victoire shook her head, smiling slightly.

“It doesn’t matter.” She replied quietly. Teddy chuckled softly, and leant down, cupping her face between his two palms. He spoke slowly, and clearly, his brown eyes locked with hers:

“Yes. I love you.”

A/N: Hey everyone (: I hope you enjoyed this Teddy/Victoire one-shot. Please rate and review – it really makes my day, reading your comments and thoughts – and don’t be afraid to criticize me! It always helps me improve my writing (:

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A First Kiss: A First Kiss


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