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The Perfect Wedding by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 1 : The Perfect Wedding
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Disclaimer; I own nothing this is all J.K Rowling's, Thank you for reading.

Sitting in her wedding dress, Fleur Delacour was fitting back the urge to shake violently. Today she was marrying Bill Weasley, the man of her dreams, everything she ever wanted, hidden in the place she least expected, England. It was no secret the Fleur was very proud of her French Heritage; She would never though, in a million years, She'd ever marry an Englishmen.


When she was little, about five years old, she used to plan her dream wedding, She and her beautiful French soon-to-be Husband would marry in the little church by the sea, she would wear the most beautiful wedding dress complete with a veil and her little sister Gabrielle would be her maid of honour. Her real wedding was different to the one she'd imagined so long ago.


Her husband wasn't French, they weren't being married in the little church by the sea, and instead in the backyard of The Burrow, her dress was more beautiful than she had ever imagined but mostly important Gabrielle was there for her through absolutely everything. Her mind quickly flickered back to the TriWizard Cup, the second task when she thought Gabrielle was gone and then to the third task when she thought she was going to die, looking back at it she felt selfish.

She took a deep breath and stared into the mirror in front of her, she could hear the clock behind her ticking slowly as if it was mocking her with the short amount of time she had left before she became Mrs. Fleur Weasley.


She shut her eyes and imagined the scene waiting for her outside, the beautiful tent she had watched as it was put up from her 'bedroom' window, all her friends and family smiling happily and chatting with one another, Bill who was waiting for her. Then the long walk down the aisle, she imagined herself tripping over her dress and then everyone laughing. Her eyes flashed open and she glanced around, relieved she was still in the room she walked over to the window and stared down at the scene forming below her.


 Everyone looked like tiny ants and she could just make out who some of the people were, She could see Fred and George Weasley standing next to each other, laughing about something, probably some prank they had planned. Her heart beat faster as her eyes landed on Bill, he looked nervous as he talked to his father. Fleur checked the clock and caught her breath when she realised she only five minutes left, five minutes until she was married.


She bit down on her bottom lip hard and waited for Gabrielle and Ginny to climb the stairs and tell her it was time. As if on cue the two entered the room quietly and took a seat on the bed. Gabrielle gave her a small nod and a reassuring smile before passing her bouquet, Fleur stared at for a while, Unsure of what to do.


She stared back out the window for a second and caught the eye of Bill who sent her a brave smile before turning back to Arthur. Fleur turned back to Gabrielle and with a grin took her bouquet and started down the stairs and into her brand new life. Nothing could stop her now.

Authors Note; I'm so super excited because I have my muse back and I finished this one shot in a hour, one hour! So yeah, it's short but towards the end I didn't know what else to write and I didn't want to repeat myself. I'm not sure whether I've mentioned this before but I'm planning to write a few fics in the Hogwarts Era for a bit of change, What do you guys think? Please let me and review! Thank you

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The Perfect Wedding: The Perfect Wedding


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