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Dancing on the Edge of Madness by Wanted Free7
Chapter 1 : Released
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I paced my cell nervously. I had noticed just recently that the Dementors had been acting strange lately. Something important was going to happen.

I heard footsteps walking down the corridor. I continued to pace. The door to my cell opened . I looked up, two men and a Patronus stood there. I paced on.

"Evangelina," a voice said. I ignored him. He didn't mean anything to me anymore, not after he betrayed me.

"Evangelina!" Maybe it was a trick of the mind. After all, I had been here for almost a year. Hadn't someone once told me you can go mad after being here for awhile?

Hands yanked me out of my thoughts. The man before me shook me. I slowly focused my eyes on him.

"Severus," I whispered. He let me go and ignored me. I started to pace again. He just sighed and let me pace. The other man in the room cleared his throat.

"Evangelina May Riddle, the Ministry of Magic has declared that you are innocent and shall be released today. You are free to go," he said in an official, boring tone. I stopped pacing and jerked my head sharply in his direction.

"What?" I whispered, unbelieving. After a year, I could go?

"All questions should be submitted to the Department of Azkaban. The answers will be given to you soon after," he replied, looking bored.

"Come on," Severus said. He grabbed my arm impatiently and jerked me roughly down the corridor. I stumbled after him.

"But-- my things. . ." I said, trailing off. A man screamed something in Latin off to our right as we walked past his cell. Poor Lucius Malfoy, I always knew he would reach a bad end.

"You can get new things," he replied.

Everything after that was sort of a blur. The next thing I know, I was sitting in Molly Weasley's kitchen, glaring at Severus over a steaming bowl of soup. Mrs. Weasley bustled around the kitchen, cleaning up from dinner.

"I'm not staying here," I hissed, quietly so Molly wouldn't hear.

"You are," he replied. He promptly stood up, storming outside. Shortly after, I heard a loud pop.

I sighed and went to Bill Weasley's room. This is where I would be staying, until I found a new place to live. But until now, it would have to do. Finding a new home was top on my list, because I wouldn't be able to stand more that a few days at the Weasley home. I'm not sure if they could stand me either.


The next morning, I stumbled downstairs after a sleepless nights. The nightmares still didn't go away, even after I was out of Azkaban. I found everyone up and eating. When I walked in, everyone stopped talking and stared at me. Harry was the first one to break the silence that had settled over the kitchen. Even Mrs. Weasley had stopped moving around, waiting to see what would happen.

"Why the hell is she here?" he asked, looking at Mrs. Weasley. I could see the barely concealed rage, grief, and fury in his eyes.

She didn't answer. She just sighed and tossed a newspaper in front of me. I ignored it. I had bigger things to worry about.

"I'm not staying here if she is," he said furiously. Hermione put a hand on his arm, trying to cool his temper, but he just shook off her hand.

"No, Hermione. I'm not going to stay in the same house with an ex-Death Eater and a murderer! How can you possibly sit here at the same table, no, with the same family when you killed their youngest son and only daughter?" Harry said, his voice filled with rage. He stormed out and Hermione followed him.

There was silence. Everyone resumed eating, trying their best to ignore Harry's words after a lengthy glare from Mrs. Weasley. I looked at the newspaper that had been tossed in front of me.

The headline read:


Ex-Death Eater Released from Azkaban!

Evangelina May Riddle was released yesterday evening from Azkaban. She is the daughter of Tom Marvolo Riddle, once known as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or Lord Voldemort.

Many people have voiced their opinions over Riddle being released. "Personally, I don't think she should be let out, considering what she did to the poor Weasley family. What a tragedy," one said. Another one commented, "I hope she gets sent back. My son said she's mad. I'm worried about the Wizarding World because of her. I mean, what if she snaps and kills a lot of people?"

Riddle was apprehended last May shortly after the Battle of Hogwarts. She was given a trial and sentenced to five consecutive life sentences in the maximum security level at Azkaban prison. Some of her crimes included the murders of Ronald and Ginevra Weasley, many other murders, arson, thievery, and Death Eater activities.

A jury was selected in January, at the request of Severus Snape. He claimed to have proof of Riddle's innocence. The jury announced that she is clear of any wrong-doing, as of now, as she wasn't in control of what she did at the command of her father, Tom Riddle.

Much of the Wizarding World is angered by her released. Will we be safe sleeping at night? What if she's organizing a Death Eater revolt? Many are concerned for the welfare of their children. That is all we have to report for now.

The Daily Prophet
Carson Daniels


I tossed the newspaper onto the table and went up to my room. I flopped onto my bed and sighed. I started thinking, which I had tried to do my hardest, but failed, while in prison.

During my time at Azkaban, I had to go through all these terrible, horrifying, even gruesome, memories. I had served my "father" for eight long years. I was under the Imperius Curse many times, until I learned to fight it off. I witnessed many things that I can't even describe. I hadn't wanted to do it, but he forced me. I mostly did it out of fear.

At Azkaban, all those memories were intensified. All I felt was fear, depression, anger, sadness, and many other negative emotions. I was always afraid of what would flash in front of my eyes. Rape, torture, murder, and many other things the Death Eaters did. Sometimes, I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to die, but the Dementors always stopped me.

Maybe you'll understand this if I explain it to you. Maybe you won't hate me. Maybe, just maybe, you'll understand why I'm so afraid.

My name is Evangelina May Riddle. I am the daughter of Tom Marvolo Riddle and Violet Hall. I was born on August 23. I have pale skin, black hair, and violet colored eyes. My mom got her name, Violet, from her eyes, which I inherited. I'm thankful i didn't get my father's red eyes. . . Everyone knows my father, but barely anyone knows my mother.

You see, she's not human. She's beautiful, kind, and I love her. I can't understand why should would have a child with a man that people call my father.

She's a Dracamortian, from the planet Dracamortia. Dracamortians do magic, but are different than "aliens". They are human in appearance, but don't age the same as humans. They grow as any human child does, until the age of eighteen. After that, they usually stop growing (like me) or they keep aging to a certain age. We're immortal, technically. We can get sick and feel pain, but it would take extreme, irreparable damage to kill us.

That, however, doesn't matter. My father branded me with the Dark Mark at the age of ten. My mother didn't want that, but she was too afraid to say no to Father. From then on, I was a Death Eater. I'm nineteen now.

Severus was assigned to train me, with help from Lucius. Severus was harsh and maybe even a little cruel, but I now understand that he did all that to make sure I would survive past my sixteenth birthday. I admire him a lot for that.

I'm very afraid that one day, I'm going to snap and be like him. What I did sickens me. I had spent many nights on the Severus's bathroom floor, throwing up because of what I had gone through. I never want to be like my father, but his influences linger in the back of my mind, waiting to tear me apart. . .


A.N. I'm really sorry, but I'm debating whether to discontinue My Life as A Snape. I don't have any ideas for it. . .I thought of this a while back, and finally decided to write it. I hope you enjoyed it, even though it is dark.

Please leave a review, as they help me improve as a writer. Thanks so much!

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