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No Window High Enough by readerwriter4ever
Chapter 1 : No Window High Enough
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Ron!!!!!!”, yelled Ginny up the stairs “Your even worse than me!!! I understand that you want to impress her, but her parents are going to hate you even more if you show up late!!!”

“I’ll be down in a minute!”, he yelled back

“I swear! He’s a girl! Been in the bathroom for almost two hours!”, Ginny muttered to herself

“Ron!”, she yelled again

Just as she said this Ron came into view at the top of the stairs. Ginny held her breath. He ran down and asked how he looked. Ginny gasped. After a couple of seconds she was unable to suppress her laughter any longer. She exploded in a fit of giggles. Ron looked baffled.


“No”, she gasped “No….pants!!!!”

Ginny doubled over in a fit of laughter. Ron reluctantly looked down and saw not the black trousers he meant to put on, but a pare of light pink boxer shorts, the result of a red scarf in his white cloths. His face turned about as red as a tomato. He took a deep breath and trudged back up the stairs, Ginny’s laughter ringing in his ears.

After about a minute he started down the stairs again. He looked nice, she had to admit, black trousers, red dress shirt, black dress shoes. His hair was combed back neatly. She thought that he had finally gotten it right until he reached the bottom of the stairs. His face was still a tomato and was covered in a shiny and sticky sweat. The pants incident had caused his courage to falter and now he was nervous. Ron sweat something terrible when he was nervous, Ginny had never seen someone sweat as much as a nervous Ron.

“Ron are you a little nervous?” she asked quietly trying not to crush the little but of dignity he had left

“Crap! Is it that obvious!”, he spoke desperately

Ginny frond.

“Help”, Ron begged

Ginny spun swiftly, jogged to the kitchen and grabbed the dish towel off the counter. She came back to Ron and began dabbing his face. After about three dabs she gagged and pushed the towel into Ron’s hands.

“I cant”, she coughed “You do it”

He dabbed at his face for a few minutes but the attempt was hopeless. It seemed like the more times he put the towel to his face the more sweaty he became. Ron had a look of pure desperation on his face now.

“Ok I have one more idea”, Ginny said nervously “But you wont do it”

“I’ll try anything!”, he pleaded

“Follow me”

They walked back to the stairs and into Ginny’s room. She pointed at the stool near her vanity.


Ginny dug through a box and took out a round case and a thin hairy brush. She walked toward Ron. It took him a second to realize what she was going to do.

“Oh no! Get a way from me with that thing!”, He yelled urgently “Guys DON’T wear makeup!”

“Do you want to look like a sweaty tomato?!”

“No”, he said sadly

“close your eyes”

Meticulously she brushed the makeup on to his sweaty face. At first all it did was make the sweat more noticeable but after a while it began to work. When she was finished she took a step back and admired her handiwork. His face looked normal! It didn’t even look like he had makeup on.

“Ok open your eyes”

Ron looked into the mirror, smiled and thanked Ginny. He had to admit that it looked good. Ron got up walked out of the room, turned and poked his head back in.

“We never tell anyone about this”, he said sternly

Ginny smiled and nodded her head. Ron disappeared out of the doorway again.

Ron was not a fan of apparating. Whenever he tried it for even the shortest distance something always went wrong. For this reason, Harry and Ron had decided, (during there long conversation the previous day) Ron would use the Flu Network. The plan was to come from his own fireplace to a abandoned house’s fireplace on Hermione’s street.

Ron walked into his fireplace grabbing a handful of flu powder and spinning on his heels. He took a deep breath, the address had to be said exactly right, 241 Colinship Court.


Ron panicked, threw the flu powder down and yelled, “214 Colionship Court!”

The green smoke enveloped him and he coughed. He stepped out of the haze into a nicely furnished living room he wouldn’t have even noticed the three people sitting there if the little girl hadn’t screamed. Ron cringed at the high pitched noise. The man on the couch stared at Ron dumbfounded, with wide eyes and a dropped jaw. Suddenly there was a disturbing sound that came from the woman and Ron was hit in the forehead with a high healed shoe.

“Ouch!”, he grimaced “Ouch”

The woman was coming at him now screaming like a banshee, yelling something he couldn’t make since of . Ron ran, jumped over the couch the woman close behind him, and sprinted down a hall. The hall had two doors. Ron picked one at random, a bedroom with a large window. To his luck the window was open. Without hesitation he dove through the window.

Ron hit the ground with a splash…he was sitting in a puddle of water, but he didn’t have time to worry about that now because the woman was now climbing out the window. Ron ran for the back fence and in one fluid motion was over the top of it and falling threw the air, arms flailing, to the other side.


He had landed face first in the biggest pile of dog poop he had ever seen. The worst part, he had had his mouth open. Ron lifted his face and instantly vomited onto the grass beside him.

“Gross! This is so nasty!”, he wined

Then he suddenly herd a low growl behind him. He reluctantly looked over his shoulder to see the biggest and meanest looking dog he had ever seen.

“Nice doggy, n…nice doggy,” Ron whimpered “Please don’t eat me”

Ron got to his feet slowly with his eyes still locked on the dog. He took two steeps back turned his back to the dog and ran. The dog barked and began to chase him, biting the bottom of his pants. After a few steps the dog got a hold of his pant leg and stopped, causing him to fall yet again face first into a pile of dog poop. The dog pounced on him and began to bite his arm.

“Ahhhhh!”, Ron screamed but it wasn’t herd over the barking of the dog

In desperation he grabbed is wand from where it had fallen beside him and yelled “Stupefy!”

The dog flew back and hit the opposite fence and Ron bolted to the closest fence to him and hopped over landing on his knees in soft grass. He took a deep breath.

“Ron?!?!”, came a confused voice that he knew all to well

He looked up to see Hermione sitting up on a hammock and her parents sitting at a table with a chess board in between them, all staring at him. So he stood there unable to move with a bleeding cut in his forehead, a bloody wound on his arm, wet and torn pants, covered in dog poop.

Hermione was the first one to move.

“Ron, what happened, are you okay!”, She ran toward him

When she was next to him she took a step back. Apparently torn by her desire to help him and the desire to keep her pretty white sundress pretty and white. Her parents still stared at him dumbfounded.

“Is this the boy you are supposed to go out with today?”, asked Hermione’s mother, her face looked like she had tasted something sour

“Yes mother”, Hermione answered “And I’m sure he has an excellent reason for showing up like this”

She gave Ron a desperate look that said in Ron’s mind something along the lines of, I don’t know exactly what’s going and my parents already hate you so please don’t mess things up even more! Ron looked at Hermione.

“Could you help me get cleaned up first”

“Sure,” she said and led him around the corner and out of the site of her parents. Ron had no doubt they were disappointed in there daughters choice of a date.

Without saying anything to each other they used a variety of spells and charms to clean him up, dry him off , heal his wounds, and mend his cloths. When they were finished Ron thoroughly thanked and apologized to Hermione and the two of them came back over to where her parents sat.

Ron had never been good at public speaking and even though this was hardly in front of a crowd he was still very nervous. He could feel the sticky wet mask of sweat on his face.

“Errrrrr…Hi I’m Ron and yah. I cant apparate very well so yah…and apparation is like moving from place to place with magic. So I was planning on using the flu network…but err my mum yelled at me for using it so I didn’t say the right address so err I ended up in some muggle home and and and a crazy lady threw her shoe at me and yah…err then she was chasing me so I jumped out a window and over a fence and landed in dog poop and where there is dog poop there has to be a dog it was the biggest and meanest dog I have ever seen and it err attacked me but I got away and hopped over the err err err fence and ended up here so I’m very sorry!” Ron said but it was slurred and confusing. He had said it all in one breath and was now panting.

Hermione’s parents looked utterly repulsed. They all stood there staring at each other for what seemed like an eternity.

“Mother, Father, Ron and I are going to leave for our date now,” Hermione said cautiously

Hermione’s parents continued to stare at Ron with disgust. They seemed unable to move.

Hermione used this to her advantage. She grabbed Ron’s hand and began to walk him toward the house. They would have got away unscathed if it wasn’t for Ron’s clumsiness. Just as they were about to walk through the back door Ron tripped over nothing and fell to the ground with a thump.

Hermione’s father took this as his queue to come out of his shock and speak up.

“Ronald, before you take out my daughter I need to have a word with you.”

Hermione looked at him with a look of pity and went back to her place in the hammock.

Mr. Granger lead Ron into the house to a small study. There was a magnificent desk where Mr. Granger sat behind and motioned for Ron to take a seat in the small metal chair in front. The chair seemed to protest as he sat down. Mr. Granger towered over him, Ron felt like a house elf looking up at a giant. Mr. Granger began a long speech…something about his daughter deserving the best? Ron didn’t know he wasn’t listening. He would occasionally nod his head but only about three of every twenty words registered in Ron’s head.

After what seemed like days, but really it had been 45 minutes, Mr. Granger said “Did you get all that?”

Ron blinked his eyes and nodded casually.

“I sure hope so”, Mr. Granger smiled “But just to make sure…”

He slid a few papers toward Ron. Ron picked them up and looked at them.

Hermione Worthiness Test
Ron swallowed hard.

 Please think carefully as this test will determine weather or not you will be dating my daughter. I hope you were listening to my lecture…good luck.


There are 50 questions.

To go out with my daughter today you must receive at least a- 45/50

To go out with my daughter within the next week you must receive at least a- 40/50

To go out with my daughter within the next month you must receive at least a- 35/50

To go out with my daughter within the next year you must receive at least a- 30/50

To even have me even consider letting you go out with my daughter you must receive at least a- 25/50

To continue to stay friends with my daughter you must receive at least a- 20/50

To ever speak to my daughter again you must receive at least a- 15/50

These scorings are FINAL and will not be changed!


Mr. Granger graded the test with a red pen. Ron looked at the ground and every scrape of the pen marking the paper rung in his ears. He would never be able to talk to Hermione again…ever! The sounds of the pen stopped and Ron looked up and Mr. Granger slid the paper across the desk. Ron snatched it up like a starving bear snatching some unlucky campers dinner.

Ron stared at the paper. He bit his lip trying to hold back tears. On the top right hand corner written in red pen was…


Please leave

With shaky legs Ron stood up and stumbled out of the room. He went out the front door and sat down hard on the porch steps. He buried his face in his hands.

After about fifteen minutes he walked to the nearby park and slumped down on a bench. He just sat there in silence.

It was dark now and he hadn’t moved since he had sat down. Just sitting on some random park bench feeling sorry for himself. He had finally gotten the courage to ask Hermione out after almost 9 years and her dad had to go ruin it…he had to go and make him take a stupid test and now he could never talk to her again…NO! He wasn’t just going to take this laying down! He had waited nine years!

Ron stood up and spontaneously yelled “I have waited nine years…NINE YEARS…to go out with Hermione and tonight that is just what is going to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

That caused a few stares from random people taking evening walks. Ron broke out into a run and didn’t stop until he reached Hermione’s house. How to reach her…how to reach her? He couldn’t just knock Hermione’s dad, wouldn’t let him in, and there was no way he was going to apperate. Then it came to him…he had herd somewhere of someone climbing to a girls window. There were two problems with that though…one, Hermione lived in a two story house…and two, he had no idea which window she was near.

Then by some miracle he herd the sound of wizard rock music coming from an upstairs window. It had to be her. He needed to get up there….a spell…rise…but how do you say it again?

“Orior oriri ortus”, he guessed and rose about two feet off the ground

“Orior oriri ortus,” he repeated and rose a few more feet

“Orior oriri ortus, orior oriri ortus, orior oriri ortus”

He could see her through her window now. She was beautiful, just reading a book on her bed, music still playing in the background. Totally memorized he lost focus on the spell. Ron fell and let out a yelp of terror grabbing frantically at the windowsill. He looked down desperately at his wand witch was now hitting the ground. The window above him opened.

“Ron!” Hermione shouted in surprise then switched to a whisper “Ron. Are you ok? What are you doing here? Hold on!”

She disappeared from sight and returned with her wand.

“Wingardium Leviosa”

Ron floated up and Hermione maneuvered him into her room. She set him gently on the floor and locked the door.

“If my dad finds out that your in here he will kill both of us,” she said

“Your dad is positively mad,” Ron laughed

And with that they slipped into a long conversation about nothing…about everything. They laughed, they held back tears form past memories of the terrible times they lived through together…times they couldn’t have gotten through without each other. The music still played in the background. It was bliss.

They lost track of time and before they knew it the sun was rising. The sky was like a painting. Bright purples yellows and oranges exploded through it.

The question that was bugging Hermione finally slipped out.

“Why did you go through so much trouble to spend time with me? Why did you put up with all the bad things that happened?”

Ron took a deep breath “Because I love you”

He looked up sheepishly and she averted her eyes. For a second he thought she wasn’t going to say anything. She cleared her throat and again there eyes met.

“I love you too, Ron. I always have”




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No Window High Enough: No Window High Enough


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