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On My Mind by Bookworm045
Chapter 1 : Remember The Simple Things
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Lily Evans stepped into her flat after another horrid date. She sighed and shrugged out of her coat before sprawling onto the couch, waiting for the moment when two of the four Marauders would come to visit, ask about the date, and when she finally admitted it was horrible- which she always did in the end- they would give her knowing looks.

She dreaded that moment.

She sighed when the fire in her fire place doubled in size and turned green, closing her eyes and pretending to be asleep.

She heard Remus step in first, and knew that he would asses her still body and, even though he would know she’s faking, he would leave and come back the next night. But, alas, Sirius came out as well, his steps much louder, and she knew that she wouldn’t get that free grace night that she so wanted.

“Awww… Look at her Remus! So cute how she’s pretending to be asleep!” Sirius cooed, coming up to her and pinching her cheeks.

She mentally rolled her eyes but kept the real ones closed, hoping that Sirius would be nice for once.

Alas, again, Sirius just kept poking her until she snapped.

“Would you cut it out?!”She demanded, not even caring that she lost.

Sirius smirked as Remus ran a hand though his hair before the both of them sat down opposite from each other in her two arm chairs.

“So how have you been?” Remus started.

“The date sucked,” She cut to the point, not in the mood to beat around the bush.

“Duh.” Sirius muttered.

“And what is that supposed to mean?!” She nearly yelled, turning on the black haired boy who looked mildly frightened.

“Erm… Nothing… Your majesty…” He said, trying not to set off her temper.

Lily snorted, rolled her eyes and turned back to Remus.

“I couldn’t even sit through the whole thing. I had to pretend that I had to go to a funeral. He was so boring and the worst kisser in the universe,” She explained, wiping her lips again at the thought of Brandon’s kissing.

Remus sighed but said nothing, and she looked back at Sirius to see if he had to comment.

He did.

“D’you have any more of those little biscuits from before?”


Lily woke up when her alarm clock rang loudly and she fell off her bed, hitting her head on the nightstand. She groaned and tried not to remember how James always seemed to be doing that, giving him a large bump on his forehead nearly every morning.

She made her way into the bathroom to shower and change into her work clothes quickly, seeing that she was a bit behind schedule.

She quickly ran a towel through her wet hair and smoothed down her dark green blouse. It had been James’s favorite when they were dating.

She groaned, not appreciating these thoughts as she made her way to the kitchen, fully expecting to see Remus and Sirius seated there, waiting to take her to work. She hated flooing and had never passed her Apparation test having dropped out of school early. So that meant that one of the boys usually took her to work.

“Good morning Lils,” Sirius greeted, mouth full of her biscuits that she always had to cook because he ate them all.

“Morning Sirius, Remus,” She replied, turning on her oven and cracking an egg in there, “Do you want breakfast?”

“I already ate,” Remus supplied.

“I didn’t,” Sirius whined, fully offended that his fellow Marauder ate without him.

“That’s because you didn’t get up when I told you that it was time for breakfast,” Remus shot at him.

“Yeah, well, I had a late night with the Order,” Sirius retorted, gesturing to the dark circles under his eyes.

“But still yo-” Remus started.

“Remy, it’s cool, I’ll make Pads breakfast, stop bickering,” Lily interrupted, getting another pan out as well as two more eggs. She cracked them into the pan and mixed it up until it looked like scrambled egg mix before letting it fry as she got out the ingredients for an omelet, ignoring Sirius’s smug face. She flipped her sunny side up egg as she placed the cheese, ham, tomatoes, green peppers, and salsa on the counter.

Sliding her breakfast onto a plate, she placed the cut up ingredients on one side of the giant round egg before folding it up and flipping it, letting the cheese melt as she poured two cups of Orange Juice.

Right before she put the omelet on the plate, she put two tomatoes on top of it and sprinkled the extra cheese on those.

Just like James liked it.

When they finally got to St Mungos, she bid the boys goodbye and walked to her locker. Upon opening it, Lily saw the old crinkled up picture that she had hung there when she first started here. The red head stared at it for a moment, smiling softly as she watched the picture James and picture her snuggle up together under that oak tree by the Black Lake. It had been the first time he had told her he loved her.

Bastard.’ She thought viciously.

She slammed the locker after putting her purse in it and squashed the memories that were slowly awakening in her mind.

I can honestly say you've been on my mind
Since I woke up today, up today
I look at your photograph all the time
These memories come back to life
And I don't mind

Lily quickly made her way up and down the pediatrics section, where the little kids were kept, and smiled at them all, causing them to smile back.

“LILY!!” came a familiar voice.

Turning her head, Lily was quick enough to see a flash of pink before a small little girl attached herself to her leg.

“Dora, are you honestly back so soon?” She asked her, picking her up.

Nyphadora Tonks was six years old right now and very troublesome. Lily grinned at her when she nodded innocently. She was going to give the Marauders a run for their money.

“NYPHADORA!” Andromeda’s worried and stern cry rang out from the ward and Dora wrinkled her nose in distaste. The red head giggled as Dro walked up to me, seeing the pink hair and sighed in relief.

“Thank you Lily,” She said, taking her daughter.

“What was she in for this time?” Lily asked, crossing her arms and giving a giggling Dora a stern look.

“She got a hold of Ted’s wand and accidently transfigured herself into a cat,” Dro said, sighing as she tickled the trouble maker herself.

She laughed , kissed Dora on the forehead and bid them goodbye, Dora calling out ‘Bye-bye!’ behind her.

She moved down the hall and saw a couple kissing, reminding her of when James and she used to just stop suddenly and kiss or when he would insist on dancing even when there was no music, no matter how much she protested. She had always loved it.

I remember when we kissed
I still feel it on my lips
The time that you danced with me
With no music playing

Suddenly, Lily felt an overwhelming urge to cry, and she quickly ran to the fireplace nearest her and flooed back to her flat, despite her hatred of flooing. She was the head of the Hospital, they wouldn’t mind if she missed one day anyway.

She collapsed on her bed, sobbing hysterically as her public breakup with him flashed through her mind over and over again, the voices in her memory growing louder with each replay, causing her to cry harder.

“Of all the stupid memories I want to forget,” She muttered bitterly to herself as she sat up, wiping her nose as the tears continued to fall without end, “The one I want to forget most of all is the one that’s clearest in my mind.”

But I remember those simple things
I remember 'til I cry
But the one thing I wish I'd forget
The memory I wanna forget
Is goodbye

She turned on the radio, hoping fervently that a good, violent song would play to help her recompose herself.

But luck just wasn’t on her side today, as the song that she and James had christened as ‘Their Song’ played loudly throughout the whole flat.

The tears continued to pour from her eyes, but still she smiled and sang along, remembering the good times.

She glanced at her owl, Grey Lady, but looked away quickly, knowing that she was wasting her time. They hadn’t spoken since that stupid dance where the little alcohol she had consumed went to her head. And before that, it had been the last time she turned him down.

She glanced at Lady again, not minding the stupid fantasies that were beginning to dominate her mind.

I woke up this morning and played are song
And through my tears, I sang along
I picked up the phone and then put it down
'Cause I know I'm wasting my time
And I don't mind

Their first kiss flashed through her mind, and she wiped her eyes again, not bothering to try and block it out anymore.

She pressed her fingers to her lips, feeling his on hers again, and smiled once more.

The song on the radio changed and one that they had danced to at the Yule Ball came on next.

He had been such a good dancer.

I remember when we kissed
I still feel it on my lips
The time that you danced with me
With no music playing

She remembered all the tiny details about their relationship, like how he hated potatoes and loved this one teal shirt that she only wore for special occasions. Like how he didn’t like when she talked to her other guy friends, hating when she hugged them, but he loved when she spent the whole day sitting on the couch in her tattered sweats, talking to him for hours on end.

Or so she thought.

The goodbye ran through her head again, and fresh tears came out.

But I remember the simple things
I remember 'til I cry
But the one thing I wish I'd forget
The memory I wanna forget

Lily heard her muggle phone ring loudly and she ignored it, wiping off the tears from her pale cheeks. It stopped ringing briefly but started up again, telling her that it was another call.

She slowly got up and glanced at it, her hand hovering over the phone as she stared, trying her best not to get her hopes up.

She pressed the receiver against her ear and spoke clearly, “Hello?”

“Lily.” The voice on the other end breathed, sounding relieved and immensely alone.

“James?” the red head asked, her voice inching towards hysterical hope as more tears flooded down her cheeks.

“Can I come over?” He asked, surprising her.

Suddenly my cell phone's blowing up
With your ringtone
I hesitate but answer it anyway
You sound so alone
And I'm surprised to hear you say

Lily was silent for a long time. She closed her eyes tight and ran through the memories in her head again.

“Lily?” James asked, worried.

“Yes,” She breathed, opening her eyes and hearing him hang up, a faint ‘pop!’ sounding from outside her front door.

She unlocked it, and, ushering James inside to her ridiculously neat apartment, she had him sit in the arm chair while she perched, tense on the couch.

Both of them were silent.

“Lily,” James finally said, his voice filled with sadness, regret, and acceptance, “I know that you don’t believe me, but I really am sorry. I just wanted to let you know that.”

He shook his head, smiling at her sadly, as he got up and slowly trudged to the door.

“Do you remember when we first kissed?” She whispered, knowing that he would hear. It had always annoyed Lily that all three of the Marauders had exceptional hearing.

James stopped, his shoulders tense, as he heard her whisper.

“I still feel it when I relive that,” He said, not turning around, his hand going subconsciously to his lips.

“Do you remember that time when you insisted on dancing in the middle of the corridor even when there was absolutely no music playing?” She asked, her voice still a whisper, as she stood up silently.

“Of course,” He murmured back, slowly turning.

You remember when we kissed
You still feel it on your lips
The time that you danced with me
With no music playing

Lily was shocked to see his eyes glisten with tears, the sight promoting more to fall out of her own eyes, as James spoke again.

“If I could change one thing,” He said, moving towards her slowly, “It would be what I did that ended in a goodbye.”

More tears poured down her face and he raised his hand to gently wipe them from her cheeks, his fingers lingering for a moment on her smooth skin.

“I hated the goodbye,” Lily murmured back, leaning in and kissing him slowly, softly, sweetly.

You remember the simple things
We talked 'til we cried
You said that your biggest regret
The one thing you wish I'd forget
Is saying goodbye, saying goodbye
Ooh, goodbye

The kiss slowly grew heated until they broke apart, both thinking the same thing.

I hated the goodbye.

So, this is the third in my Trilogy-Plus-One series (will someone just tell me whether not it is called just a 'Series' after three, or if there's some strange term that means four with a few extra letters?). Did you like it?

I'll be happy to tell you, that the fourth one is on it's way to being written, would you like it soon?

PLEASE review!

AND, Thanks a bunch to everyone who reviewed on my second story,
A Standing Ovation.They all deserve imaginary cookies. 

Thank you, again to:
thebigspoon     (aka, Ben)   YES! He was my very first reviewer on that story! Kudos to him.
saffy22100    She (??) writes awsome stories, you should go and check one out. :Dsummerluv12
crestwood     They review on all of my stories. Love them. :)Arna Hex
fairegirl22    Went hunting for my story. Now that's amazing. :)amy    Breanna

So, thank you, again, for reviewing on that story, and, everyone else! The final one, called Finally will come out soon enough. It's actually not based on solely on a song, it's more like a one-shot, finishing the series off nicely. Tying the bow, as my Language Arts teacher says.

Well, bye, all.

EDIT 5/23: I was wondering... Should I post the last one, Finally, or should I just leave it as it is?

Spelling check, btw, if I missed anything, tell me!

Review. Please. :D

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On My Mind: Remember The Simple Things


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