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Losing Innocence by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 4 : Mother's Pain
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    Hermione held Hugo close to her chest as she ran out of the house, as soon as she hit the cold night air she fell to her need, coughing, Hugo was screaming at the top of his tiny lungs.


  “Mione!” Hermione looked up, her neighbor Mae was running over to her.  Mae knelt down by her.


  “Ron is still in there,” Hermione gasped, choking, “Him and Rosie are still inside.”  She tried to get up but Mae stopped her.


  “Hermione, no,” Mae said, “Go to my house, use the Floo network to get to Harry and Ginny’s, send for help, but you and Hugo need to get out of here, I’ll do my best to stop the fire until help shows up.” Hermione wanted to argue but didn’t have the strength. She nodded and ran to the next house over; Mae had left the door unlocked so Hermione barged right in, going straight to the fireplace. She took about twice the amount of Floo powder she probably needed and threw it in the low cinders. “502 Whisperer Road, Godric Hollows!” she yelled. It took her mere seconds before she was in the Potter’s familiar living room.


  “HELP!” she yelled, racing up the stairs to Ginny and Harry’s room. “Help!” A light turned on as Hermione burst into the bedroom. Harry jumped out of bed, grabbing his wand, ready to attack; he lowered it when he saw Hermione.


  “Oh, my God, Hermione,” Ginny said, getting out of bed and rushing to her friend’s side, “What happened?”


  “Our house…fire…” Hermione cried, taking a few breaths to steady herself she said, “Men…I don’t know who they were, not Death Eaters…attacked our house, it’s completely on fire, Ron and Rose are still in there…”


  Ginny shushed Hermione as Harry pulled on a robe, “I’ll be right back.” He told them, putting his wand in the robe pocket.


  “Harry,” said Ginny, “Remember, the Flame-Freezing Charm.” Harry nodded before disappearing.

  With him gone, Hermione could see three little faces in the doorway, all looking confused.


  “Mama,” James said, tilting his head to the side, “Why is Auntie Mione here? Where’d daddy go.”


  “Never, you three, mind.” Ginny told them, “Go back to bed, I’ll explain in the morning,”


  James nodded and left, Albus took Lily’s hand and pulled her away, she didn’t seem to want to leave, her tiny face very puzzled.


  “It’s going to be okay, Hermione.” Ginny whispered, “They’re going to be alright.”


  Hermione nodded, unable to speak. It seemed like months, but was only hours that they waited in silence until finally Harry Apparated back into the room. His face was very ashy but he otherwise was unharmed.


  “Ron’s at St. Mungo’s, he’s pretty beaten up, but he’s going to be just fine.” He said, wiping sweat off his forehead, “I looked all over for Rose, but I couldn’t find her, she wasn’t in the house; I’m sorry, I couldn’t looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find her, I had to get out, the house was collapsing. When it gets lighter I’ll search the woods.” Hermione stood up to leave, she wanted to find her daughter, but Ginny grabbed her arms.


  “Mione, no,” Ginny said, “It’s not safe, you have to stay here, for Hugo.”


  “I promise, Hermione,” Harry said, “I’ll go back as soon as it’s light enough.”


  Hermione buried her face in her hands and started to cry. Ginny wrapped her arms around her, and whispered, “We’ll find her, it’ll be okay, we’re going to find her.”

Author's Note, Okay, so let me start by saying, this is not the original...the original verson of this chapter was way better, but because my computer hates me it decided to be a poop butt and eat the original, resulting in a very angry Lily :( so I re-wrote it, cutting out a lot because I wanted to hurry up and get it published so I can finish working on Rose's POV, I hope you like it and review, any questions, comments or concerns feel free to ask


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