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Untouchable by maskedmuggle
Chapter 1 : His Cry of Lament
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Disclaimer: Lyrics belong to the song Untouchable by Taylor Swift. (Go listen to this song, it's absolutely beautiful!)
One quote used at the end is credited to J. K. Rowling, and of course the characters, and everything you recognise is rightly owned by J. K. Rowling.


Untouchable like
A distant diamond sky

Amidst the clatter of dishes and the drifting conversations, a greasy black haired Slytherin stared forlornly across the hall at the woman he loved, laughing at something that stupid Potter had said. He thought about her. She was gorgeous. Intelligent. Caring. Selfless. Compassionate. She was perfect. She was simply divine. But she was untouchable.

Her words echoed in his head. “You’ve chosen your way, I’ve chosen mine.” Did she know how much those words had hurt? Their paths could still entwine, couldn’t they? It was the memory he dwelled upon the most out of their five years of just friendship, and nothing more, he thought bitterly.

Again, his eyes flickered over to her. This time he met her sparkling emerald eyes, but before he could decipher the emotions in them, she turned away and stood up, pulling Potter up along with her.

I'm reaching out
And I just
Can't tell you why

Even if he wanted to, it would be impossible now. He was a Slytherin. She was Gryffindor. His road had already been set out for him five years ago, when he’d watched on dejectedly as Lily Evans had given him a sad smile, walked over and sat next to Potter.

If he so much as tried to talk to her, his fellow Slytherins looked on disapprovingly, and over-protective Potter would smirk at him. Potter had stopped the taunts and jeers, but even when the occasional one would slip out of his mouth, Lily never said anything. That broke him more than seeing her with him.

I'm caught up in you

In Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, no matter what class he was in, he couldn’t concentrate. His mind constantly brooded over what had gone wrong, and he knew his wild fantasies would never, ever come even half true.

I'm caught up in you

He really didn’t know how to explain it. It was just love he figured. But he was a strong man, wasn’t he? Why wasn’t he over it yet?

Untouchable burning
Brighter than the sun

Every time he saw her, those locks of beautiful auburn hair, the green eyes… his heart skipped a beat. In his mind, she was no doubt the prettiest girl of all. To him, she glowed; she had her own shimmering happy aura surrounding her. Everywhere she went, a smile was pasted on her face. She was happy.

It was unbearable. Not even twenty yet, he wished he were dead. It was almost agony to keep on living, while she was just there, and Potter was living the life he wished he had.

And when you're close
I feel like coming undone

When the sun had set and darkness had descended, his foolish dreams made him even more heartbroken. He could see them now, Lily and Potter, together. His arms would be wrapped around her fragile shoulders. His fingers would leave a trail down her smooth skin, sending her shivering, but not with cold or fear.

In the middle of the night
When I'm in this dream

Without her in his life, he found it hard to sleep. He often listened to the snores coming from the next bed, and dreamed what might have been.

It's like
A million little stars
Spelling out your name

Not just at night, even in the daytime it was unbearable. Everywhere he looked; everywhere he went it reminded him of her. The library, where they’d shared countless conversations. The corridors, any corridor, where they’d talked as they walked from class to class. The trees outside, under which they had chatted together. The Great Hall. In the evening the stars above twinkled like her eyes, full of love and warmth. To him, they seemed to speak about Lily, and only Lily.

The next time he saw her, he’d talk to her, he promised himself. Make it up to her, start all over. But the next time he did see her, she was unhappy. A frown was etched on her flawless skin, but the one thing that struck him was that she was alone, without Potter. He despaired that she was miserable, yet hope filled his heart.

You gotta come on, come on
Say that we'll be together

That night, his dreams were wilder than usual. His fantasies were shockingly ludicrous. He imagined her with him together. He was much better than that Potter wasn’t he?

Come on, come on
Little taste of heaven

His hopes were short lived. They plummeted the very next day. She forgave Potter, for what he didn’t know. But she wouldn’t forgive him. He knew he was in the wrong. But he’d apologised countless times. He regretted it so much, but she still didn’t understand.

She was too tenacious. That was her one problem. She never saw beyond him. She was bright and clever; yet didn’t she see that he loved her? He wished she’d just ignore the side of him that hung out with aspiring, in Lily’s words – Death Eater friends. Couldn’t she just focus on the side of him that loved her? She was more important than them. Much more important, but she didn’t realise it. He wished with all his might, that one day, he’d wake up, and he’d see her, confessing her love to him. But no, that would never happen. It would take a miracle. And Severus Snape knew miracles did not come easily.

It's half full
And I won't wait here
All day

Before, his glass had been half full, but now, without her, it was half empty. And as the days went on, he admitted to himself that no matter how long he waited, she was never going to come back. He might as well welcome the bleak future he had, there was no point waiting any more, she had moved on.

I know you're saying
That you'd be here

In Lily’s mind, she didn’t miss him at all. He’d changed. She missed the old friend she knew. But not the new one. Sometimes, she thought she caught him staring at her, but she always looked away. That friendship was over now. There was no point looking back on it. Sometimes, she thought she could read his mind. She could imagine him thinking that he was much better for her than Potter. She used to agree. But now, in her eyes, Potter was preferable.

In the middle of the night
We could form this dream

He still hadn’t moved on. But he’d definitely put the past behind him. He regretted it more than she’d ever know. But still, the dreams came. He couldn’t stop them. Every night they haunted him with what might have been.

I wanna feel you
By my side
Standing next to me

He yearned to feel her by his side again. He remembered sitting outside with her near the Lake. His troubles always disappeared as soon as she comforted him with a hug.

You gotta, come on, come on
Say that we'll be together

Even having the chance to get to know her was a blessing. But if he could have one wish, it would be to re-live that moment, and change it. He craved she would some day wake up and say that she couldn’t live without him either.

His life had shattered the moment she’d rejected him. He now lived for the moments he glimpsed her. The only reason he was still alive, was unrequited love.

I'm caught up in you

Dumbledore: "After all this time, Severus?"
Snape: "Always."

He vowed he would always love her. Even now, after death, this love is still existent.

Author's Note: Please review. This is my first song-fic, and first completed piece of writing, so I would really appreciate it if you could review. Critique is fine and would be greatly appreciated. If I get the time I would definitely take a look at your stories in return! Thank you for reading!

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Untouchable: His Cry of Lament


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