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My Life as James Potter's Step Sister by MiaMarauder
Chapter 2 : Shame
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A/n- Thanks for all the people that commented and read and favourite!
Disclaimer- Sadly I am not Jk Rowling and own Harry Potter.

Thanks to Star@TDA for a lovely lovely chapter image!Photobucket

The lovely Sirius Black! Don't you just love that smirk?

"So when do I get this kiss?" Sirius smirked coming to sit next to my lying dead body.

I rolled on to my stomach and put my face in the grass. "I'm dead! Go away!"

"I didn't know the dead could speak."

"Well, this dead girl can," I really wish I was dead though. I wonder if I would be sent to heaven? I bet in heaven there is no Sirius Black. And an all you can eat buffet.

I felt his breath on the back of my head, "Well in that case. If your dead and all, I guess I can kiss you,"

I sprang my head up. OW!

"AUGHH! FIRE MY NOSE!" Sirius covered his nose, that was pouring out blood. That's disgusting. He should really have that checked out.

"Ow! My head. Your stupid big nose!"

"Fire! You're not blaming this on me!" He said taking off his shirt. And covering his nose with it. I looked down at his body... I mean EW! He can't just take his shirt off!

"Sirius! If you weren't such a wanker! Then we wouldn't be in this mess!" I yelled going inside for some ice. He followed like a lost puppy.

"Sapphire! You hit me!" Sirius yelled. He went to the sink and watched his face.

"Because you were going to rape me, when I was dead!"

Awkward silence for a second.

"Really Fire? Really?" Sirius smirked. He grabbed his wand from his shoe and did a spell to make his nose stop bleeding.

"Yes really," I sat on the counter. From his side of the room, he went on the counter too.

"So when do I get that kiss?" Sirius winked. BLAH! Gag me with my wand! If he ever winks at me again, I'll poke his eye out. Then he will be winking forever. AHAH GET IT CAUSE HE'LL HAVE ONE EYE! I crack myself up...

"Well, we never made a time range on this..." I smirked.

"Doesn't matter. I pick when. But not now, don't worry. You're safe... for now." I don't like that. I do not like that at all.

"Way to be drama queen," I scoffed.

"Drama king. Get it right or don't insult me, girlfriend," he said in a mocked voice. He thinks he's so clever.

I rolled my eyes.

"Ya know once we kiss. You'll fall for me," he smiled a charming smile or what he thought was. I think I just threw up alittle.

I jumped off the counter and started to walk away. "Yeah. Alright, Sirius."

"Wait! Where you going?" Sirius asked.

"Away from you, tosser!" I yelled not even looking back.

I heard him running after me, "Take me with you. I don't want to practice with Pron- James," he whined.

"No! Stop stalking me," I sneered. Don't get angry. Don't get angry.

"Saph please," Sirius whined.

"Don't call me Saph. Only my loves ones can," I scoffed going into my room. I sat at my desk and took out ink and paper. I shall write a letter to Lily.

"Right, you like your bedroom name. Huh Fire?"

I turned around in my seat. He was lying casual on my bed. Still shirtless. Looking down at myself I saw that I was still wearing a bathing suit top. I got up and looked through my draws. "If you must know, I hate that nickname," HUZZAH I FOUND A CLEAN SHIRT! It was a plain white shirt.

"You love it. Just like you love me," Sirius grinned. I gave him a death stare. I have to say, that I give a bloody good death stare. It might have to do with the fact, I turn my eyes red or something like that...

He put his hands up in defence, "Hey, hey. Let's not go on fire here, Fire," I hate his stupid little jokes. He just thinks he's so funny. Tosser.

I held up my quill, "See this quill?" He nodded his head. "This is going to be in your throat, if you don't shut up," I said with a fake smile. Showing off my pearly whites.

He rolled his eyes. "Who you writing anyway?"

I turned back around, "Lily and maybe Houston."

I started to write,

Dear Lily,

I hope Petuna isn't being that much of a pain. She sounded like she was in your last letter. Oh why you ask she sounded like one? Maybe it was because you wrote "I think I might strangle Petuna and her fat boyfriend."

"Do you mind?" I asked looking up at Sirius; who was peering over my shoulder.

"No, not at all. You can continue."

Breath in and out. In, out, In, out.

I gotta say that you made me chuckle. Lily Evans when did you become so violent?

Sirius barked out laughter. Right into my bloody ear! Very loudly!

I gave him an annoyed look.

"She's always violent. Especially when it comes to Pro- James," he chuckled.

I rolled my eyes. Find your center. In, out, in, out.

My time here in priso- the Potter's home, have been pretty alright. UNTIL A TOSSER, WANKER, LOSER, ARROGANT, NEEDS A SHOWER, SIRIUS BLACK SHOWED UP

"Oi! I do not need a shower! I think your the one, that needs bit of a clean. How about I join?" Count to 10. Breath in, out, in, out, in, out, in, ou- Fuck it.

"Sirius Black! Get the bloody fuck out of my room!" I yelled getting up. He got up quickly and defensive stood there.

"I thought we were bonding," Sirius smirked. I started to push him to the door. He was more like stepping backwards... BUT I COULD HAVE MOVED HIM!

"No! We will never bond!" I pushed him out the door, "EVER!" I slammed the door in his face. That will teach him. Now I can finally finish writing to my dear Lily.

To tell you the truth James had been kinda decent. AND IF YOU SHOW HIM THIS I WILL KILL YOU! But then again the day you go up to James Potter, is the day I kiss Sirius. HAH! I know girl laugh it out for a second. Okay, well anyway I can't wait to see everyone! I've missed you all so much. Houston told me that she met a guy in New York. So typical. Can you believe she actually makes her owl travel that far! ANYWAY I gotta go shower Cause I kinda did smell. Stupid Sirius for being right. Love, YOUR BEST FRIENDS FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER! Sapphire. I'll use James' owl later to mail this.

I got up and grabbed a towel, on the way to the bathroom. I went in and locked the door. I defiantly
don't need Sirius walking in.

Twenty minutes later I grabbed my towel and warped it around myself. I stepped out of the shower.

The door opened suddenly. Sirius slipped in the door quickly and shut it. He was out of breath. He turned around swiftly.

"What the bloody fuck? Why the bloody hell are you in here?" I shouted at him.

He smiled a devilish grin, "Fire I know were in a bathroom and all but please, watch your potty mouth."

I gave him a death stare.

He turned back around. I was alittle shocked that he didn't even look me up and down. I'm not being conceited or anything but... It's Sirius Black so...

"James was after to me. He wants me to help him practice. I don't," he put his head against the door. Listened quietly for a second and turned back around. "This is the last place he check."

"Obviously! I'm taking bloody shower!" I yelled.

"Were," Sirius grinned.


"You were taking a shower," he smirked.

"I'm still in a bloody towel!" I yelled.

Sirius grinned and studied me, "Oh looks like you are," he said nonchalant. "You should wear towels more often," he winked.

"Sirius get the hell out of here!" If I had my wand, I would blast him out.

"Ya know you could leave, if you wanted to," Sirius teased. "I'm not keeping you here."

He was right, now that I thought of it. "I was just about to," I sneered. I stepped passed him, holding my towel firmly. I was very aware now, how easily he could blast the towel off me. I quickly walked to my room and locked the door, with a spell. I grabbed my knickers and bra and put them on. I secured my towel on my head like a turban. I stood in front of my closet.

Since I am only a half- blood and my best friend is Lily Evans. I have muggle clothing. Since it was the 70's some of the clothes was alittle... out there. Yeah, give me the tye-die, bell bottoms, hot-pants, and mini skirts. But try to make me wear platform boots and I'll avada kedavra ya.

I put on black hot pants and a tye-die tank top. I took of off my turban and shook out my hair. I looked in the mirror. I really do like my hair curly. I closed my eyes and thought of my hair curly, dry and blue. When I opened my eyes I had curly dry hair. I love being able to do that.

I left my room and started to skip down the hall.

"Sapphire!" I stopped and took a few steps back. James was in his room. I've never actually been in James room. I went in and looked around. It was blue and very messy. Like his hair, that he never combs. He had his Quidditch stuff on his bed and his covers were on the floor. All his books in his shelf were all Quiddtich related, plus with some Quidditch magazines. He had a desk but his owl; Owl is on it. That's right he named his owl Owl. Very original.

"You rang?" He was casually sitting on his floor, by his trunk. It looked like he was cleaning it out.

"Yeah. I just want to say sorry about Sirius. I know this makes things alittle difficult for you. But I hope we can move pass this and still try to be good siblings?" I was baffled. Wa- was James Potter apologizing? I know we both been trying to be civil to each other... but for him to be... wow.

"Wow, James that- that's really nice. Of course we can still try," SEE I CAN BE NICE!

He tossed a book in his trunk. "But if you tell anyone about this. I will have to kill you," he said as casual as ever.

"Oh yes of course. If I would tell Lily she would die of a heart attack," he straighten his back, when he heard Lily's name.

"Well I wouldn't want my Lily flower dyeing," he said tossing another book in his trunk.

"See ya Potter," I didn't say it disgusting like i usual would have. I started to walk down the hall.

He yelled out, "I could say the same to you, Potter!"

Yeah right. Sapphire Potter? I don't think so.

I skipped all the way down to the kitchen. Mum was making lunch. I went over and sat by the stove.

"Dreary can you please move over. I don't want you getting burned," Mom said pushing me over alittle. My mother is fancied with muggle cooking. She will only cook the muggle way. She thinks its the better way.

"Mom can I ask a question?" I said grabbing a grape from the fruit salad.

She nodded her head. "Why Harry? Why Harry Potter?"

She stopped what she was doing and looked at me, "He was just so...wonderful..." she said in this sigh, lovey dovey, voice. Yuck. "He was so kind and funny. He would not stop talking about James. He really loves him," she said smiling.

"So you fell in love with him in just one year. Mother you didn't even tell me when I came home from vacation. I knew something has changed though," I looked down hurt. It really did hurt me she never told me.

"We wanted to keep it a secret. How many times do I have to tell you. But as I told you before he proposed that week. Oh hunny how I love him," she looked at me and saw my frown. "Does not compare how much I love you." She said kissing me on the head. I hugged her back.

She went back to cooking, "So I think you should start packing for school. I'm going to get new stuff for you and James next week. Do you want to join? Oh wait I would probably have to pick up stuff for Sirius too. Oh that poor boy..." She was more talking to her self now. I stopped listening once she said Sirius.

I can't wait to finally go back to Hogwarts. Atleast I could hide from Black at school. I love love school. Not really so much the school part. But just being with my friends, the scenery, the place, and just the feeling of being on your own. We go back in atleast four weeks. The train ride is going to be so much fun. Us girls have the best time... wait.

"How are we getting to the train?"

"Well Harry said that he would try to get a car for us. He drives James all the time," we always just ended up walking to the station, since we lived so close. "So James, you, and Sirius will just have to squish," she said shrugging like it was no. BIG. DEAL!



I hate my life. I hate my life. I hate my life. I hate my life. I hate my life. I hate my life. I hate my life. I hate my life. I hate my life.

How I ended up in the middle, between idiot one and idiot two.. is just...

"Black! Try to hand another thing to Potter and I will kill you!" If they were just going to talk about stupid muggle machines (motorcycles) Then Sirius should have sat next to him.

"Hey! Just cause your mother thinks you will jump out the car. Is not my problem. Ooh Prongs look at this one!" He said really excited and passing the magazine to James. James was reading a Quidditch magazine doing, the same thing as Sirius.

I looked up at in the mirror. She had a amused expression on her face. A few more minutes. A few more minutes.

"Ooh Padfoot look at this broom!" Ughhh this has been going on for the whole car ride. I HATE HATE HATE HATE THEM!

Harry was driving and humming to the song on the radio. "Sapphire, have you decided of your courses yet?"

"Well, I want to be an auo-"

"Ooh Prongs this one."

"BUT I'm not really to good in Potions.You saw my O.W.L grades. So let's just hope McGonagall let's me take N.E.W.T's Potions. Slughorn isn't to-"

"Ooh! Ooh! Paaadfoot this one," James said in a dreamy voice.

"ISN'T TO fond of me. I would probably be in his Slub Club but I sleep in his clas- I mean don't get it."

Harry chuckled, "Well me knowing Slughorn I would have him expected you to be in the Slug Club. You are a very unique young lady," I blushed (I rarely ever do).

"Thanks Har- dad," I said slowly. I never actually have called him dad before. Yeah Harry and I've talked. But not really. We would talk about school, Quidditch, James, food ya know normal stuff.

"Aw hunny! That was such a darling moment! Aw, Har bear! You hear that," Mother would not stop cooing. James and Sirius were cracking up. They kept nudging me and saying "Aww so darling!"

I looked up in the mirror to a smiling Harry. He nodded his head at me and I smiled to him.

"Alright boys. Back off my daughter. We are going to be there in a few minutes. James is Owl okay?" Owl was on the floor in his cadge between James's legs.

"Yeah, he's fine."

"Fire going to sit with us on the train?" Sirius asked with a sarcastic voice.

"Oh yes of course," I said just as sarcastic.

"Good you can sit on my lap," Sirius said patting his lap.

"Sirius please. I just had breakfast. I want to keep my food down," I said smiling.

"Alright, we're here."

I reached over Sirius and pulled the door handle.

"Ya know-" Sirius started but I pushed him out of the car. I jumped over him and ran to the trunk of the car. Harry helped me with my trunk and my small bag, I always keep with me. Sirius gave me a scowl, when he passed me.

I didn't have a pet or anything, I usually just used Peri my mums owl. But mum said I didn't have to bring him this year cause I could use Owl.

Mum wrapped her arms around my shoulder and we started to walk in.

"Another year your leaving me," she sighed.

"Atleast your not alone this year. Which is good cause now I don't have to worry."

"I could say the same to you. Please hunny, don't get in trouble this year. I'm sick of getting letters McGonagall. You know I love, you but please try to be good."

"Oh mum. You know that is impossible for me," she nudged me with her hip. "Just kidding mum. I'll try, I promise."

We ended up at the barrier for 9 . Harry and the boys came up behind us.

"Ladies first," Harry said waving his hand.

I walked casual into the wall. I was greeted with the loud crowd and the train smoke. I moved quickly out of the way and went to a open space.

"No, no really Mrs. Potter I really really do appreciate it, taking me in like that. Buying me books and supplies was very nice. I just want to say thanks," it would make any mother tear.

My mother huged Sirius, like a tearing fool. "You are the sweetest boy in the world! Oh if you want to consider me as mother, you can. If you need anything just write me a letter. Of course you will come back for the holidays?" She pulled back and looked him. He nodded his head and she hugged him again.

Harry took our trunks and put them on the train. James came up beside me, "Remember the first time I called her mum?"

"Oh yes! She attacked you and then she started to cry. She wouldn't let go until Har- dad pulled her off," we both shared a laugh. Then it was awkward after we stopped. We looked at each other and laughed again.

I was hugged from behind, "Saph!" I knew the voice very well.

"Hou!" I yelled when she let go. Her long braid coming on the side. She had a headband around her forehead. She had a daisy next to her eye. She probably did it with muggle make-up and made it neater with magic. She wore a pink dress that was flowy. McGonagall would have thought the length is inappropriate. She wore white go-go boots, knee length.

"You look wonderful! I love the outfit!" She said hugging me agian. I wore a Beatles band tee. I cut the sleeves and made it a more rocky look. I wore my black hot pants and wore my white high top converse.

"I lo- Well... typical outfit," I said smiling. She hit my arm and started to pull me to the train.

"Wait-" I ran back to Mum and Harry.

I hugged Harry, "Thanks for getting me into your house. I'm glad that you can be my dad."

"I'm glad I get a beautiful daughter," he said when he hugged me.

I pulled back and hugged mum(who was crying like always) "Mum I'm sorry I was such a brat. I love you and whatever makes you happy, will always make me happy."

I couldn't even understood what she said. I pulled back and saw James saying bye to Harry. Houston was talking to Sirius.

"Listen Sirius. We tried this and it did not work at all. You were a wanker and I was just to cool for you. Fourth year was not your year," Houston said with a smirk.

Sirius rolled his eyes, "Brunettes aren't even my type any more. I like... colourful girls," Sirius smiled at me.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed Houston's arm. I pulled her on to the train. We grabbed an open compartment.

"So tell me. How was the exciting city this year?" She lived in New York City. You know those crazy Americans. She was actually the only wizard from America, at Hogwarts. When ever she comes back from America, it atleast takes her a week to stop talking like.. well Americans.

"Oh so groovy. I met this guy Tod; I know Tod what kind of name is that. But mother did a charm on him. He won't remember me," she laughed. Her mother and father are both wizards; who moved to America.

"Oh Houston how I missed you. You haven't changed one bit," I smiled.

"Well you have! I saw you all buddy, buddy with Potter! What was that about?"

"We are... siblings now. We have to be...nice?"

"Let's just hope your only step siblings. You know step siblings could still be..."

"Ew! Hou stop!" I yelled jumping on her.

The door opened, "Potter, just because your my best friends, step brother! Does not give you a chance at being with me! Now go away and make out with your boyfriends!"
Lily yelled slamming the door.

"Lil!" Hou and I jumped up and hugged her.

Lily took a seat next to me, "How you finish your summer? All right?"

"It was fine," I said waving my hand.

"Apparently she became friendly with Potter. I saw them laughing together before," Houston was going through her bag looking for something.

"No way! I read your letter but... really?"

"No! Potter will always be Potter," I waved my hand again. Houston opened the window and lit a cigarette. She had he legs on the seat across from her.

"Houston! You shouldn't smoke on the train!" Lily yelled.

"Oh... do you want one?"

No! Put it out!"

She took another long drag,"Yeah, yeah. In a minute,"

Lily looked on at disgusted. The compartment door opened. I looked at the bare feet and knew who it was.

"Ella!" I jumped and hugged her. Hou and Lily was in a very intense staring duel.

"That's horrible for your heath," Capella said sitting next to her.

Hou rolled her eyes and put it out. She flicked it out the open window.

"And that is bad for the environment," Capella stated.

"It's either me or the environment. So you better pick me," Houston hugged her. Capella smiled and hugged her back.

"Now all we need-"

"Frank I'll be right there," Alice said opening the compartment door. "Hey guys! Miss me?"

"Ally!" We all yelled attacking her. We all mumbled a hey to Frank.

"Frank go away for a sec. We need to have girl talk about you," Houston said starting to push him away.

Frank laughed, "Alright, alright I'm going. Alice I'll just be a couple compartments down," he said giving her a kiss on her forehead(we all awwwed) and leaving.

We pulled Alice down to sit.

"Spill. How was you vacation?" Lily said excited.

"I actually stayed with his family this vacation. And well yeah his ma loves me. There is not really much to spill. Were an old marry couple," she said waving her hand.

"Hope the sex life isn't," Houston added. Ella and I cracked up. Lil just scowled at Hou and Alice is blushing like a fool. Alice actually lost her virginity last year but she was with Frank for a very long long time. They love each other and its very obvious.

"Anyway," Alice said ignoring the statement. "How's life being James Potter step sister?"

"Horrible. I have Black living with us now. Ma is happy to be though, I guess that counts for something," I shrugged.

"I got alittle visit from her. She was not thinking that way, when she stopped by," Capella said over her magazine.

"What are you even reading?" Houston said grabbing the magazine. "What is the The Quibbler?"

"Oh no! Your reading that rubbish!" Lily yelled grabbing it. "You still talk that Lovegood guy?"

She grabbed her magazine," It's not rubbish! And father and mother introduced me to him. He has alot of idea's and he was lucky enough to even get this published." Xenophilius Lovegood graduated two years ago. When we were in fourth year, he was considered a freak.

"Complete rubbish," I head Lily muttered.

"I have to go Frank is waiting. I'll see you guys at dinner," she waved and walked off.

"She's totally opposed with him," Houston rolled her eyes.

"Shush up! She loves him," Lily said in a lovey dovey voice. I really am starting to hate that voice.

"Like you love Potter."

"Ew! Gro-"

"Someone say my name?" He always knows when to show up.

"Potter you are such a stalker," Lily sneered.

"Seriously. Where'd you come from?" Houston asked.

"Next door. I was going to the loo and I heard my name," he shrugged. "So hows my favourite flower and step sister?"

'Horrible. Now leave!" I yelled. I got up and pushed him out the compartment. I pushed him all the way back to his compartment. He fell to the floor when I pushed him in.

"Now stay!" I yelled.

Black laid out on the seat casually. Remus and Pettigrew shared a seat.

"Fire is there a reason you brought him back?" Sirius said in a lazy voice.

"Do you want some advice Potter?"

"Trust me, he won't listen," Remus said over his book.

"Just back off alittle. Maybe if you weren't such a stalker. She would come around."

"Don't listen to her Prongs. She'll give in eventually," Sirius said waving his hand.

"Oh really Black? Cause that's going so well for you."

He got up and was nose apart from me. I glared into his stupid grey eyes, "It is going well for me. If it wasn't, you would have left already."

"I was just about," I said pushing him alittle.

He fell back alittle and straighten up fast. I gave him a smirk and backed out alittle. In a quick moment he grabbed my waist.

"Sirius Black let go of me now!"

"Just admit you like me," he smirked.

"UGH You are so annoying!" I squirmed out of his grip and kicked him in the groan.

He fell to the floor and held his privates, "I can't breath!"

"Shame," I walked out and slammed the compartment. It wasn't really a shame.

A/n- HELLO! Okay so a few things. Sorry about the ending? Was it bad? It was getting a bit long and I hate those chapters that just go and on and this shouldn't take a day to read. Another thing, I hope I'm making being a Metamorphosis good? Cause I did some research as best as I can to see how they change and what they can change. Idk I just hope I'm not making you mad about how I'm writing it. Also, this chapter was I wanted to introduce everyone. Which girl is your favourite?


SO did you like? Am I even making it funny? Boring? Leave me an a review! Criticize welcomed! Compliments? Go for it!

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