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Always Yours, In Fear by theawakening
Chapter 2 : Two: That's Kind Of Fraternizing With The Enemy
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To anyone who had been her friend or in any other House but Slytherin in school, they would think Hermione had gone mad at the fact that she thought Draco Malfoy to be even remotely enjoyable to be around. She had resisted from him too until finally, she gave in to his other side. Everyone had a good side, or that was what she'd put her mind to. But Harry and Ginny had been less easy to believe her motto. Harry had quipped "Hermione, that's kind of fraternizing with the enemy, if I can say so. He is Malfoy, you know." and Ginny had spit out her Butterbeer faster than one could say Hippogriff. Even though the reactions had been rather negative, she still pursued his love. It came as a sheer surprise that Malfoy had actually shared some of the passion back. And well, it had been horrendously difficult to try and remain composed after Ron had left. Harry and Ginny had finally found Hermione at her parents' house weeks after he'd left. They'd endlessly explained that it had not been Hermione's fault, he'd been writing to people like Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas that he would be leaving.

The light laugh that had escaped her soft lips from the arrival of her husband left without notice as the two ate breakfast. Hermione and Draco would both have to get ready to go to work soon, and as Hermione caught her husband's eye, a wink was sent to her, and a light blush crept upon her cheeks. Yes, he still had that effect on her.

"Good to know I can still make you go red over the simplest things." Draco spoke slyly, looking then back at his breakfast with an evident victorious smirk plastered on his face.

"You did not! It's rather, erm, unnaturally hot in here. I do wish we'd open some windows." Hermione spoke, and trying to mask the fact that she'd been wrong, walked over to the closest window in the manor and opened it. The bright morning sun was already shining through, and the morning air drafted through. The laughing of her husband surprised Hermione, and although she did not look back just yet, a grin had appeared on her. She turned back after, and failing with a pose of confidence, ended up just simply walking back to her breakfast, hurrying before having to get ready.

Stepping up the stairs, Hermione pulled on her Ministry uniform with ease, dreading the busy day ahead of her. She was a Head Auror, and whenever she doubted that she could do the job, she looked back on Professor Moody's words from her Fourth Year that she would make an excellent one. It involved a lot of research, which she felt she excelled at, and also involved a lot of leadership on her end. Grabbed from behind, Hermione was thrust onto the bed, landing on her back, and felt as though she was being pinned. Chestnut colored eyes looking around her, she rather daftly noted that she was being pinned onto the bed by a blonde haired, tall and wild man who was smirking slightly, his face very close to hers. "Draco Malfoy! What in the name of Merlin's pants-"

"Do we really have to wait until tonight? Why not now? We can be late for work, nobody would get us in trouble." Draco whined, his voice husky and familiar to her, and she rolled her eyes. He could only have meant one thing, and to be honest, Hermione would have if she didn't want to look flustered when she went to work.

"Yes, Draco. We have to wait until tonight. I don't want to go to work again and have everyone's eyes on my when you tap my behind playfully." She replied sternly, shutting the idea down before it went too far into action.

"What if I don't let go of you, huh?" Draco questioned, a hint of challenge in his voice.

"Then i'll scream until the neighbors-" Hermione began to rant back, but was stopped by soft yet firm lips pressing against hers, and then, well, she wasn't able to control the feelings that she felt. He did that often to her, coming on her and surprising her with a flood of kisses and other things, but as she found herself getting used to it happening, she still could not find an emotion close to finding herself able to pull him off. The beginning of pulling on her Ministry uniform had been of no use; she was already unclothed by rough hands, and felt the penetration within her, a soft moan escaping.

A few minutes later, Hermione was pulling her Ministry uniform on for the second time that morning, and she waltzed into the bathroom, and odd spring in her step.

If anyone had asked her five years ago if she was picturing herself with Draco Malfoy or even that she would be living a life in such a way that she was now, Hermione would have shook her head, laughed, and told the person to take their rubbish stories elsewhere. But then, Hermione would have been speaking too soon. Life had taken a turn, and she'd turned a different way. She was the proud Mrs. Malfoy, wearing lavish clothing, attending magnificent galas, and being the best wife she could be. It was a lot to do, and some she did not want to do, but she knew it made Draco happy, and he promised he'd attend anything her friends hosted if she would keep up the good act in front of everybody.  What a changed man.

Work had been busy, as she had supposed it would. But Ginny, the fiery redhead who was also an Auror, her best friend, popped into her office and a smile littered her mischievous face. Her tone was none the less one of mockery at her name but nevertheless an undeniable request.

"If Mrs. Malfoy able to get her bottom out of her seat and out of her work for a lunch out? Or do we have to check with the husband?" Ginny questioned, hands on her hips. A raised inquisitive eyebrow challenged Hermione to answer no to her request, and Hermione knew well enough to accept with only a glance upward and then a sweep back on her work..

"Just let me finish this, and yes, I will go for lunch with you." Hermione spoke absentmindedly, her focus completely on her work. When she looked up, Ginny was still in the same position as when Hermione had merely glanced up. Hermione closed her paperwork and gasped. "What is that gorgeous ring on your finger for? Harry proposed, didn't he?" Hermione asked, standing up, her heels clacking on the marble floor as she rushed over to her friend. "Yes, it is. He did! Oh, Hermione, it was amazing. He did it on a broom. You should have been there." Ginny responded animatedly, and the two girls walked out, gossiping about the ring as they walked to Harry's office to ask him for lunch.

When they reached his cubicle, Hermione peered around. Taking a look at his profile, she noticed that Harry's hair was still misplaced, messy although there was a look of an attempt showing. He wore a suit, a Ministry official on, and the tie was straight (probably due to Ginny's endless work on his work tie skills). He turned around as they entered, and Hermione bombarded him with a hug. "How dare you propose to her and not tell me first?" Hermione demanded, happy and annoyed all at once. "Well, you two are never able to keep a secret. Honestly, Hermione." He joked, and smirked up at Hermione, before standing up himself, adjusting his glasses, and putting an arm gingerly around Ginny. "I figured the moment she accepted that she'd be off sending an owl to you about it, with every detail. Let me guess, she told you about the broom mess too." He said, shaking his head. They barely had time to talk when an origami plane with gold trimming fell into Hermione's hands. "Draco." She uttered simply, and opened the letter, a mixed emotion running over both Harry and Ginny's faces, and they looked to each other to find they'd been mirroring the same expression. Looking back to her, they discovered her to be beaming.

"I've got to go, but I promise to catch up later!" Hermione nearly squealed, containing herself to remain a professional look around her colleagues.

"You better, Malfoy. And remember, you are invited to the Burrow this Friday coming, and you will be there. Mum will have a fit otherwise." Ginny warned her, and Hermione nodded curtly before turning on her heel and dashing off.


The Ministry officials are here with the Daily Prophet. I'm being considered for the next Deputy Minister of Magic, and it's big news. Come be my wife and take photos with me, dear.


She was going to be the wife of the Deputy Minister of Magic, and that would mean one more thing.

They'd be spending more time in the bedroom.

And that would mean one bad thing for Hermione. Less reading time on her favorite chair.

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