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One Heartbreak Closer by Theia Luna
Chapter 1 : Empty spaces filled
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A/N: M'kay i hope that this story is ejoyed! Please review!

p.s: characters belong ofcourse to the Lovely JKR!!

"I think some things are meant to be broken. Imperfect. Chaotic. It's the universe's way of providing contrast, you know? There have to be a few holes in the road. It's how life is." - Truth About Forever

The sky was beginning to form gray clouds and the wind was blowing through the trees dropping a few leaves in the process.  Lily Potter sat out on the porch of her family’s house on the rocking chair her father had built for her mother when the couple found out Ginny was pregnant. Harry Potter had built the chair the muggle way something James and Al never understood; their father could easily have bought it but he chose not to. When she asked, his answer was simple. For love. She always understood him afterward, for the weird things he did. Whether it be cooking a lovely dinner for his wife and family  or building a rocking chair the muggle way as opposed to just doing it by magic. But that’s not the reason Lily Potter was out thinking. She was back home for the Christmas holidays and her boyfriend – now ex, Jesse McLaggen had recently broken up with her over some snob in Ravenclaw. She had cared deeply for him but realized he wasn’t worth crying for. It didn’t mean though, that it didn’t hurt to think about.


“Lily, my pet, what are you doing out here? It’s cold.” Her father said quietly draping a blanket over his daughter’s shoulders. She smiled gratefully at him as Harry summoned a chair to sit next to Lily.


“What’s wrong, my love? Do you want to talk about it?” he reached over and grasped Lily’s hand in his, rubbing the back of her hand since hers was freezing cold.


“Jesse broke up with me yesterday.” She said quietly, cutting to the chase.


Harry was silent for a moment, frowning, when his daughter’s silent sobs broke the silence he reached over, picked her up and carried her into the living room where he sat her down and summoned two cups of hot chocolate. His daughter may be fifteen but she would forever be his baby, and seeing her like this utterly broke his heart. He hugged Lily to his chest not wanting to let go and while her tears subsided he kissed the top of her head.


“I am so sorry, sweetheart. I wish I could take the pain away.” it was just two sentences, but listening to her father comfort her made her cry even more. After what seemed like hours Lily sniffled and gathered herself up. She smiled sadly at her dad who had patiently waited until she composed herself, stroking her hair when she gave an intake of breath and started crying again. How lucky was she to have a father like him. Luck had nothing to do with it. Only once had Al and James walked through the living room talking angrily about the weather and Quidditch, but when they realized who was there, James narrowed his eyes, upset to see his sister like this and Al had taken a step forward. But Harry lifted his hand to stop them and shook his head gently. Al furrowed his eyes in concern, but James put his hands on his shoulder, nodded toward his dad and they made their way to their rooms. Lily started stirring and sniffed, “How are you feeling love?” Harry asked quietly.


“I’m fine daddy, thanks—Oh no, I wet your shirt. Sorry.” Lily pointed out frowning. Did I cry that much, she thought disbelievingly, So much for not worth crying for.


“Its ok princess, don’t worry about that.” He waited for her to speak, seeing it as the best way not to push her. When she finally gathered her courage to talk she sighed, “He said we needed to see new people. That he was bored with our relationship and that he wanted more out of it. I told him he was being ridiculous, and if that’s how he was going to be than maybe he should find somebody else.” She took a deep breath before continuing. “I thought he cared about me enough to abandon his thoughts and—well, I don’t know—apologize for what he said? But he didn’t. He said that’s exactly what he planned on doing, and then he just walked away.”


Harry’s hands clenched in anger for what his daughter had to go through. She deserved so much more than that. And although Harry was extremely angry, he felt a surge of pride rush through him.


“Sweetheart, I am so proud of you.”Harry began, hugging his little girl closer to his chest. “It takes great courage for someone to do what you did. You’re a true Gryffindor.”


“Thanks Dad, it means a lot coming from you. Sometimes, though, I wonder whether it’s worth the heart break. If trying to find love is worth it and if it’s even there—for me at least.”


“It’s there Honey. I have your mother, and I even wonder sometimes what I did to deserve her. She’s patient, understanding, caring and loving. A bloody temper she’s got on her too though and I love it.” He chuckled, “We had our holes in the road; empty spaces, broken hearts, but we pulled through. Think of this as just one heartbreak closer to your true love. Because believe it or not. He’s out there, I’m sure of it. Just be patient.” He kissed the top of her head and Lily thought that maybe her father was right. Maybe there was someone out there; maybe it was someone she hadn’t bothered to look twice at. I’ll keep an open eye, she thought to herself.


Harry gently nudged his daughter up, “Ok, honey, up you get. No more moping around over that little git, you hear me? Or I’ll set your brothers on him.” He teased.


Lily scoffed, “They already did, Rose told them what happened and when they were done with him, Madame Pomfrey said she didn’t know what cure to use because Al and James wouldn’t tell her what curses they set on him. Don’t worry though—they gave in. Very reluctantly, but they did.” Harry laughed at Lily’s obvious disappointment. They could have held their tongue for a few more minutes, Lily thought grudgingly, but McGonagall threatened with suspension.


“Goodnight, my pet. And you shouldn’t dwell on this any longer. If he didn’t know what a precious gem he had than he isn’t worth one more tear from you.” Harry kissed the top of her head, and Lily closed her eyes.


“Thanks Daddy, I love you.” With that he left, making his way up the stairs and towards her parents’ bedroom.


Two weeks later, Lily was boarding the train back to Hogwarts. She had said her goodbyes to her parents and she was sitting in her compartment quietly with Rose, Hugo and her brothers, not bothering to join in their conversation about Quidditch. She longed to be in her dormitory and lie in her four-poster bed and possibly never come out. But she knew she had to be brave, she’d face that miserable little prick sooner or later.

The train thudded to a stop and her cousins, brother and herself gathered their trunks together. When she was finally able to get out of the compartment (she was the last one out) she still managed to bump into someone.


“Oh! Sorry I didn’t see you there” she apologized quickly. When she looked up she was looking at a handsome boy, probably a year older than her, wearing Hufflepuff attire. He had startling sapphire eyes, wavy brown hair and laughing lines; he looked familiar.


“Don’t worry about it. I wasn’t really looking were I was going either.” He smiled apologetically.


Lily smiled back and extended her hand “I’m Lily. Lily Potter.” She knew that he knew who she was. Who didn’t know the Potter kids? But she was grateful he didn’t say anything. It made her feel… normal.


“I’m Joshua. Joshua Reynolds.” He said shaking Lily’s hand.


“I’ve seen you before” said Lily, finally remembering why he seemed familiar. Unfortunately, when she saw him it wasn’t one of her best days. Joshua laughed at her expression, “Well maybe you’ve seen me around the Hufflepuff table during the Feast?”


“Hmm, maybe.” She said, avoiding his eyes.


“Here—let me help you with your luggage.” Joshua grabbed hold of her trunk without waiting for a reply and nodded his head for her to walk ahead. “Ladies first.”


“Thanks.” Lily said quietly, blushing.


They were the last to get out of the train and managed to get the last carriage to themselves.  They talked for a while, learning about each other and laughing to jokes.  Finally arriving at the castle Joshua helped her get out of the carriage, offering his hand.


He walked her close enough to the Gryffindor common room stopping suddenly, no longer being able to continue; Hufflepuffs’ weren't allowed near the Gryffindors’ Common Room.

"Well, I guess I’ll see you around." Lily began awkwardly. Joshua scratched the back of his head, looking like he really needed to say something but couldn’t bring himself to it. Finally, Lily gave up but before she could take a step back he gently grabbed her hand.

“Umm, I was wondering if you’d like to go to the next Hogsmeade trip with me? I heard it was scheduled for next week, and you know, I wanted to go but don’t really feel up for listening to my friends argue again. I know it’s really sudden, and I’d understand if you wouldn’t want to—.”


“No, I’d like that” Lily said quickly smiling in spite of herself. Joshua beamed at her and blushed.


She didn’t think that possibly this guy could be the one, or the wrong one at that.  She just thought that Joshua seemed like a nice enough guy, and decided to give him a chance. Her father, it seemed, was usually always right.

A/N:ok so i take credit for Joshua =) i had fun writing him =D so how was it? Thanks for readin and please review! i love reviews! The qoute is from Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen and this story was written for xkaittloveex's Sarah Dessen quote challenge! please tell me what you think!

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One Heartbreak Closer: Empty spaces filled


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