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Twists and Turns of Fate by ickyvoldykins
Chapter 4 : Chapter IV
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Disclaimer. I do not own, nor do I claim to own anything that you may recognize from any of the Harry Potter books, as that all belongs to the lovely JK Rowling. I hope you enjoy reading, reviews are very welcome! Please no spam, or flames. Constructive criticism is encouraged.


Pansy wiped the tears off of her cheeks and followed Draco back into his quarters. She slipped her shoes off and pushed them into a corner in the front room and padded softly after him to the bedroom. Water was running in the background, and Draco wasn't on the bed; turning around, she saw him in the bathroom, turning on the taps in his bathtub. Smiling, she walked into the bathroom and shed her clothes quickly.

Stepping over to Draco, she slipped his pyjamas off and stepped down into the tub, holding his hand. He followed after her, and he sat down on the steps, Pansy on one of the bathing seats.

"When did you find out?" Draco asked Pansy, reaching over and turning off the water as it began lapping against his shoulders. Pansy bit her lip.

"Just today," she answered, fiddling with her hair, "but I began thinking I was a couple of weeks ago. When everyone began talking about Hermione Granger, I decided to take a test and I owled my mum to send me one."

"I suppose your mum has told my parents?" Draco scowled. Pansy shook her head quickly.

"No, I asked her not tell anyone, not even my father. I have to owl her tomorrow to tell her I am pregnant, but she told me she wouldn't tell unless I specifically asked her to," Pansy slipped off of the seat and half-swam over to the steps to sit next to Draco. He slipped his arm around her shoulders and let her cry against his chest.

Pansy and Draco didn't have romantic feelings for each other. They had tried going out in fifth year, but had decided they were better off as friends, albeit with certain privileges. In sixth year, they had lost their virginities to each other and slept together every couple of months. They had always made it a point to use contraception, except for one time in the summer, when they were both too drunk to tell up from down.

"So I'm guessing we, uh, created this pregnancy in August?" Draco forced the words out of his mouth, letting go of Pansy's shoulders.

"Yes, the second week of August, on the seventh" Pansy replied, "which makes me eight weeks along. I won't be showing until I'm around three or four months, like Hermione Granger. Although she's probably about five months."

"No, she's fourteen weeks," Draco responded absentmindedly, "she's just having twins." Pansy's mouth dropped open.

"She's really only a few weeks ahead of me?" Pansy shook her head and sighed, "I can't imagine having one, let alone two. I really hope I don't have twins."

The two Slytherins got out of the bath, deep in thought. Drying off briskly, they each got dressed and walked back into the bedroom. Pansy lay down on the bed and Draco sat beside her, running his hand over her abdomen.

"Now our parents will really want us to get married," Pansy scowled, "and no offence, Draco, but I really don't want to marry you." Draco chuckled.

"I know a way to get us out of that," he replied, laying down, "but it will probably be very interesting."


"Hermione Granger," Draco replied, smirking slightly. Pansy gasped and sat up.

"You're the one that got her pregnant?"

"Yes," Draco sat up too, meeting Pansy's gaze. To his surprise, Pansy was grinning.

"Well, congratulations Draco!" Pansy hugged him tightly, "now we can wait to tell our parents that I'm pregnant, and you tell them about Hermione first! Your father will have you married in a week!"

"Well I've got to run this past her first, Pansy, and I doubt she'd be very inclined to marry me," Draco smiled, "although, to tell you the truth, Pansy, I like her a lot more than I originally planned."

"She's having boys, isn't she?"

"Oh, bugger off, Pansy."

"Well, congratulations again," Pansy laid down again, yawning, "d'you mind if I sleep here? I'm too tired to walk back to my dorm."

"That's fine," Draco yawned and tossed the blankets over himself, turning away from Pansy and burrowing his face into his pillow. Pansy did the same on the other side of the bed.


"MALFOY! YOU INSUFFERABLE PRAT!" Draco and Pansy woke up to loud screaming. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Draco sat up and searched for the source of the noise. Hermione was standing in the doorway of his bedroom, her face red with tears filling up her eyes. She wore pyjamas, her uniform and robes in her hands.

"Wait, what?" Draco slid out of bed and walked over to Hermione as she turned to walk out of his quarters. Grabbing her elbow, he pulled the tiny girl to him.

"What do you need, Hermione?" Draco looked down at her, into those deep, chocolate-y eyes. The tears had slipped down onto her cheeks, and he wiped them away with a corner of his shirt. Hermione sighed.

"I was wondering if you knew a stretching spell," Hermione looked down at the floor, "you know, for clothes. Because I don't." Draco dragged her with him back to his bed, where Pansy had gotten up and was sitting. Pushing Hermione down to sit on the bed, he laid back down and yawned.

"It's five in the bloody morning, Hermione," Draco mumbled, pulling her down to lay next to him. She fought to push herself away, but could feel her sleepless night begin to take over her. After Draco had left, she had slept for another hour and had woken up to a sudden movement in her uterus. All night, her babies had been moving around and had just quieted down a few minutes ago.

"The babies kept me up," she mumbled into a pillow. Pansy smiled and laid down on Hermione's other side.

"Hermione, I'm Pansy," Pansy whispered, "I'm eight weeks." Hermione started, and looked up at Pansy, who smiled and shook her head.

"It's Draco's, but we've decided he'll be a direct father to your little boys, and a sort of uncle to mine," Pansy laid back down, "can I touch your bump?" Hermione nodded and snuggled back down into the pillow, turning so Pansy could touch the baby bump. Behind Hermione, Draco was fast asleep and mumbling.

"He talks in his sleep?" Hermione whispered. Pansy nodded, entranced by Hermione's abdomen.

"Love 'oo Hermi - " Draco muttered louder than usual, then went back to his inaudible mumblings. Startled, Hermione looked at Pansy, who shrugged as best as she could while laying down.


Hermione ate in the Great Hall for the first time since news of her pregnancy got out, sitting at the Slytherin table with Pansy, quietly chatting about their pregnancies. Pansy had been shocked to find out that Hermione hadn't experienced much morning sickness.

"I've been throwing up every morning for the last six weeks," Pansy grumbled, and Hermione chuckled softly as she remembered waking up to pee and finding Pansy puking in the toilet. She had had to conjure Pansy a self-cleaning bucket before she could get on the toilet.

"Professor Slughorn gave me a potion for morning sickness, it's a bottle the size of a Quaffle," Hermione grinned as she remembered, "I can take you to my quarters later to give it to you, I have a free period after breakfast because Professor Flitwick has some sort of convention in Scotland today."

"Yes, I know, I have the same schedule as you," Pansy looked a little green as she saw Hermione's large plate of food. Hermione furrowed her brow.

"I didn't know you had all my classes," Hermione responded, putting a bit of sausage on Pansy's otherwise empty plate. Reluctantly, the girl ate the sausage and Hermione continued cutting up food and placing small bits on Pansy's plate until she was satisfied that the other girl had eaten enough.

"Other than studying with Madam Pomfrey, I do. My career plan is as a Healer," Pansy reached for the coffee, but Hermione handed her the pumpkin juice instead.

"Ask Madam Pomfrey, maybe you can study with her too," Hermione yawned and finished off her pancakes. She felt a kick from one of the babies, and looked up to find Draco. When she gestured slightly for him to come over, he sneered at her and went back to his friends.

"Don't worry about him," Pansy stood up and walked out of the Great Hall with Hermione, "he doesn't want anybody to know just yet." Hermione scowled.

"He's lucky I don't jinx his - " Pansy covered Hermione's mouth, biting her own laughter back. Hermione scowled again, then tapped her wand on the wall and led Pansy up to her quarters.


"I thought you drank the dose of potion, Pansy!" Hermione tapped her wand against the doorknob and walked into the bathroom. Pansy was inside the toilet cubicle again, emptying her guts into the toilet. Hermione sighed.

"I think - " Pansy gagged into the toilet again, "you're supposed to take it on an empty stomach!" Pansy waited a minute, then Scourgified her mouth and flushed the toilet.

"Well, try again tomorrow," Hermione glanced at the clock in her study, "because I've got to get to Transfiguration, and I suppose that means you do too."

"Yes, I do," Pansy walked out of the bathroom into the study. They both slipped into their robes, and began to leave Hermione's quarters. As they went down the steps, Hermione felt a chill run through her and turned around to find a pair of ice blue eyes watching her. Missing a step, Hermione went tumbling down the stairs. Her last thought echoed in her mind as her scream echoed in the Great Hall.

'What is Lucius Malfoy doing at Hogwarts?'


Author's Note: More and more twists, and another cliffhanger. Sorry for the short chapter, but I already gave you all quite a lot of information so I decided to save the rest for the next chapter.

I've also decided I'm going to attempt a few chapter images here and there. The girl in the chapter image is Scarlett Byrne, who played Pansy Parkinson in HBP. Pansy is a brunette in my story, mostly because that's how I prefer to imagine her.

I will put up the next chapter as soon as I can. I'm sort of getting tired of people leaving reviews telling me to "hurry up and post more soon" or "update soon" or other things along those lines. I've asked in previous Author's Notes, and I'm asking again now, please don't leave a review if all you're going to say is some sort of statement rushing me to post before I'm ready.

I love getting reviews, they are much more encouraging then "update soon". Leave me reviews telling what parts you liked, which you didn't and where you may have gotten confused. Thank you for reading!

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