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An Object of Interest by loopyluna
Chapter 10 : Of Familiar Feelings
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James, Russ and Molly.

Sneaking back through the castle that night was easy; there wasn’t a need to be quiet and sly – mainly due to the fact that we were dragged through the corridors, all roughly dressed, by the one and only pervy Slughorn.

“Trust it to be Slughorn.” Molly grumbled as we practically hobbled back from our detention. Only Molly, James, Russell and I were caught. The other three ran in to the forest before we had a chance to notice the podgy man stumbling down the slopes of the school and actually roll in to the lake.

Were not allowed to mention that to anyone – ever.

“Silly old sluggy.” James complained. “I swear the fact that he enforced watching us all get dressed to make sure we didn’t run away. He didn’t take his eyes of Molly and Georgie the entire time.”

Molly shuddered. “Creep.” Russell nodded from underneath her. Confused? Simple explanation; he’s piggy backing her. She reuses to walk on the account that our detention consisted of us rounding up a room of rogue furniture and calm them down without the use of our wands. We left it up to Russell to actually sing to the furniture.

It’s another thing that we’ve promised not to mention again.

“Hey, Mol.” Russell said slowly. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

She nodded. “Sure, fire away.”

“No, I mean. Like one to one, I really need your advice on something.” He looked a little flushed. Bless him. I’m really confused with who he likes.

I used to think it was Hollie, but then he was surprisingly fine with the whole Hollie and Josh thing. We hadn’t mentioned it to the boys until it was necessary. James blew up, Fred went a little insane and broke the chair he was sitting in, Rory merely shrugged but Russell was actually approving. He stood up for Josh the whole way through. Say that he was actually a really decent guy and would be good to Hollie – this was a surprise to me, considering the last conversation I saw the two of them have Josh went to the hospital wing with an extra ear, mono-brow and green hair (among other things).

Then I thought that he likes Molly. But when I asked Mol this, she assured me that they were just friends. She isn’t really the gal for the dating scene. She had a theory that he likes me. He’s always protective of me, he took my side over James, and he’ll always go for me if he wanted to annoy one of the girls. Take the lake for example.

Russell is just a whorebag. A carebear whorebag. Of who lights up a little when you hug him or tell him a joke.

“Ok then.” Molly answered; a hint of worry in her reply. “We’ll see you guys back in the Common Room. Oh and G, if you dare touch my Potions book again I will behead you.”

I laughed. I had recently gone through it and changed some of the methods of hers and mine so that they matched the Beaubaxtons theories. Some of the potions worked better; let’s just say that some didn’t. I know for a fact that I can’t get the burn mark from my arm. I also happen to know that Molly’s burn is in a rather more painful place.

“And then there were two.” James said cheerfully, slinging his arm around my shoulders. His smooth vice laughing – my heart fluttered as I stared in his the most beautiful emerald eyes that I have ever seen.

“You’re great at counting.” I said half awkwardly. “You should have been a Ravenclaw.” I giggled, attempting to cover my blush.

He laughed at my expression before pulling me closer to him. “Did I ever tell you that I liked those pants you were wearing at the Lake?”

I nodded. “Frequently.”

“Well as the Quidditch Captain I order you to wear them again.”

“Considering that I’m not on the Quidditch Team, I will wear what ever knickers that I want to.” I commented lightly. “For instance, I may continuously wear granny pants.”

“Ah, grannies.” James teased, half laughing, half discussed. “Well I would still put up you even if you wear them. Come to think of it, I’m wearing something pretty similar at this moment myself.” He added before winking adorably. Even my tight-ass evil parents would approve of him.

I laughed. “Well just please don’t show me.”

He raised his eye brows, damn he’s cute. “Don’t show you? You seemed pretty intent on staring at me when I removed my shirt a few days ago.”

My jaw dropped. “That … it … that was different.” I stammered.

He retracted his arm from around me, causing my emotions to stop for a moment and scream. “How was it different exactly? I saw you staring.”

He could at least have the decency to look abashed. “I was not staring.” I retaliated desperately, only to realize how badly I had screwed myself over. I had thought that by staring at him, it would make him realize that I don’t care. But it did exactly that … and the opposite at the same time.

“Sure. Of course you weren’t. You just happened to gaze upon my beauty and your eyes became stuck on my chest.”

I folded my arms and stopped walking. “You are such a tosser!”

“I do try.” He said in the most gentlemanly manner. I attempted stuttering a comeback however failed miserably. He scooped my hand up in his and pulled me through the corridor’s like a loon.

This is what you do to me James Sirius Potter; make me look like a loon.

“To the Common Room?”

I smiled up at him. “To the Common Room.”

We walked up the all familiar staircase to the Seventh Floor. Note to self; hunt down the idiot that decided to place our Common Room on the highest floor in the school. Honestly. Some people just have no consideration. I grinned cheekily as I ventured the last step.

I blinked in realization. “Where do you think Molly and Russ went?”

“Dunno.” He shrugged. “We could go back and look for them?”

“Nahh,” I muttered in a lady like manner. “They’re not lost or anything, they’ve just been gone a while.”

Was I wrong? I thought that Russ liked Hollie? But did he like my other roommate? His closest friend? Am I loosing my future telling abilities?

James smiled, laughing at my genuine care for my friends. I pretty much had to brace myself not to swoon at his smile. At least I haven’t giggled like a twat yet – oh wait, no to late.

“What’s so funny Blondie?”

I shrugged. “Nothing you’d get.” Great cover up, now he thinks you think he’s dumb!

He chuckled at that too. He trailed off, in taking my dazed expression. I quickly shook my head, ridding them of impure and possibly fatal thoughts. “So what exactly wouldn’t I get; try to explain it to me.”

I quickly shook my head and bit my lip. I basically giggled like a twat at the thought of you smiling. Yes, I could see that one going down incredibly well. I looked up to his eyes, was I always this short? Merlin.

Buggeration, I looked in to his eyes, breathe woman, breathe. So much for I’m going to be mature, I do not have a crush on James Potter! I really stick to my resolutions. Stick to my resolutions can be my new resolution. I sent him the teasing smile I would usually send to Russ or Freddy, he took is graciousily.

“I just think that you wouldn’t get girl talk, that al-“

“Blubbering Humdinger.”

I blinked. “Excuse me?”

“Blubbering Humdinger.” He repeated slowly.

“No thanks.” I said quietly. “I’m good?”

He sighed. “It’s the password to the Common Room you numpty.” We were already at the portrait.

I swooned like a little girl and smiled sheepishly. “You said numpty.”

“You’re rubbing off on my Georgie Pie.” He grinned. “Stop. If I call Lily a numpty, she’ll eat me alive for being a little girl.” He let go of my hand, much to my disappointment. “After you my lady.”

I smiled back. “Thank you kind sir.”

We entered the Common Room, ignoring the few third years on the couch. It was long past curfew on a Wednesday night, most of the students are currently tucked up in their warm cozy beds. Which is where I currently want to be … maybe accompanied by Potter? Too much? Nahh.

I stepped over the third years and laughed at the sight. Fred was draped over the sofa, taking up most of the room. His arm was flung off one side and is left leg was uncomfortably bent over the back. He was lying face down in to the crimson cushions, a little drewl dribbling from his mouth.

“If he knew that you ever saw him like this,” James exclaimed. “He would never forgive himself.”

I walked over towards the Fireplace and shook him awake gently. He slapped at me a little, sending me jumping backwards in a startled manner.

“I’ll just leave him.”

James snorted. “Good idea.”

I walked over to a small corner of the Common Room; one that’s usually overlooked; one that I have recently taken a small liking too. I parked my bum on to the window sill and crossed my legs beneath me. Pulling a piece of B-gun from my jeans pocket and unwrapping it slowly was possibly the most intensifying action of the day; all the while, James Potter himself, was carefully observing my every move.

I placed it in to my mouth. “Like what you see?” I teased, flipping the tables. He looked up, his face enveloped by an amused expression. That one looked was all it took to merge me back in to my self-conscious state.

“If I say yes?” he asked, still watching me.

“Then I smile.”

“And if I say no?”

I shrugged in what was hopefully a nonchalant manner. “Then I violently kick your arse.”

“Well,” his eyebrows shot up. “It’s going to have to be a yes then isn’t it?” He chuckled and tapped his foot on the floor.

“I guess it is.” James quietly hummed a verse to an English Christmas Carol; one I only recognized because of Molly’s persistence to sing it twenty four hours a day. “If you finish that note I will slap you.” I warned.

His emerald eyes shocked open. “Has Molly got it in your head too?” I nodded. “Ah, it’s alright I guess. Last year she was singing some random dirty song. The younger kids ended up singing it too, meaning that we had a group of three and four year old’s singing swear words at the tops of their voices.”

“Must be nice.” I muttered.

“What? To have a bunch of screaming toddlers?” He moved a little closer. “Not really.”

I scoffed. “No, to have family ‘get togethers’. Be able to listen to things like that.” He raised an eyebrow, as if gesturing for me to elaborate … so I did. “My dad, although one of the greatest people on earth, he’s married to the Ministry; always was. Mon maman wasn’t too different at a point, I guess. But then she found someone else; ran off, left my dad. Made my life a living hell.”

“Do you have any siblings?”

I shook my head. “Not anymore.” I bit my tongue, refraining myself from mentioning the fact that Kevin was always my brother, sometimes when I needed him to be, my sister too. I didn’t think that it would end too well if I mentioned him. My blood siblings weren’t worth mentioning – not anymore.

I watched his face carefully, he smiled but with confusion. He rightfully left the unclear statement alone. “Well, I don’t know if Molly’s already said anything, but if you’re up for it, you can come to ours for Christmas.” To me this was an incredibly big offer. “I mean, our house is like a charity hostel anyway … and there are spare rooms situated left, right and centre.”

“Oh, I couldn’t impose.”

He nodded his head. “Ok then, let me rephrase.” He clapped his hands together. “You are coming to a Wotter Christmas or the boys and I will kidnap you. So either way you’re ending up at our for the holidays.” He scratched his neck awkwardly.

The strange thing was that I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not.

I sighed. “Fine, I’ll write to my dad.”

“You don’t need to ask first?”

“Nope.” I grumbled shaking my head. “He wouldn’t be there for Christmas day anyway. I doubt I’ll even get a reply.”

James pulled me up from the window sill; I crashed hard against his chest. “Well.” He said in a voice that made me melt. “In that case, Christmas this year will be very different for you.” I blinked. “Last year, my God-brother, Teddy, put the turkey on my little sister’s head. She ran around the kitchen screeching before running in to a wall and falling on to her back.”

I laughed. “I thought that stuff like that only happened in movies.”

“Not when you’re a Potter or a Weasley-” he replied. “-things like that happen everyday. Take the Scamander twins for example. They’re old family friends,” he informed due to my confused expression. “When I was 12, Fred dared our cousin Dom to snog them both senseless at some point during the holidays.”

My mouth fell open. “Did she do it?”

A tumbled came from the couch. “You bet she did!” Fred exclaimed, poking his head over the top of the sofa. “She even did it in front of the other twin!”

“Isn’t that kinda mean?”

Fred shrugged. “I guess, but she marrying the older of the two twins now, Lysander isn’t it? I still can’t tell.”

“I think its Xander. Though Lorcan’s still got his eye on her!” The boys both chuckled.

I nodded along awkwardly. “Yeah, well. Thanks for the offer, but I’m going to bed now.” I turned and walked away unnoticed as they were both sucked in reliving old family moments. “Night boys!”

I hopped up the stairs, taking two at a time and bust through the door to the girls’ dorm. I flung myself face first on to my bed, snuggling my body in to the covers. I heard a light chuckle.

“So when did you get back?”

I looked up from my covers, helplessly spitting feathers and cotton from my lips. “A few minutes ago.” I grinned. “Incase I haven’t mentioned this before, Thank you, Hollie, for running off in to the forest and leaving us for punishment. It was mighty fun.”

“You have mentioned it before; only 17 times!” She recalled, folding her arms and placing her finger to her chin in thought. “You could lay off the sarcasm too Georgie, it’s not too appealing.”

I blinked in confusion. A baffled expression overcame my features. “I am always appealing.” She threw a pillow at me, knocking off Molly’s perfume bottle in the process. I took my wand and fixed it, removing the liquid from the floor boards and placing it all back in to the bottle.

“You’ll have to teach me how to do these tricks you do George. I’m always knocking things over.”

I smiled. “You’re just clumsy.”

“Thanks, I think?”

Molly took this opportunity to burst through the doorway. Hollie and I looked upwards to her, dropping the pillow that was in my hand I walked over and took in her flustered expression.

“Oh my gosh!” Hollie said happily, jumping up from the bed and running over to the two of us. “Russ kissed you didn’t he?”

Molly suddenly looked sick. “No, you plonker.” She scolded. “He didn’t kiss me, Merlin. Russ and I are strictly friends. Well, not if he carries on like that.”

“Molly what happened?”

She looked at me and took the pillow from the floor. She pulled it apart, sending little feathers falling everywhere. “Russell has decided to leave the Ministry waiting list. His parents are going to flip. After Hogwarts he’s going to go on a world tour and write a book about some sort of mental experience or something. He’s mad I tell you, mad. My mother wrote the other day and told me that Gran was loosing it. My father thinks he is the most important person on earth and so how Georgie, you have me saying words like effing ‘plonker’.”

I looked to Hollie. “I don’t understand.”

“Well,” she began. “You say silly words like numpty, plonker and silly billy, they’re kinda catchy, I like them, but Moll-“

“No Holls, the Russ thing. The Ministry?”

Molly shoved her friend off of the bed and sat down infront of me. “Your parents are crazy right?” I nodded. “Well imagine your parents but ten times worse.” My eyes widened. “That is Russ’s parents. He’s been on the Ministry job list since he was five and his life has been planned out for him by his mother. His father is really laid back I guess. Too laid back.”

“And he wants to abandon it all?”

Molly nodded. “He’s going to leave everything, just get up and leave.”

I shrugged. “Well good for him.”


I blinked at Molly’s abrasiveness. “If Russell wants to do something different then good for him. If he wants to do it we should support him.”

“No!” Molly exclaimed, standing up on the bed. “No, there will be no supporting. He will stay here. He will do as he is told and stay here – with us!”

She jumped off of the bed and stormed in to the bathroom. Hollie sat up next to me, taking the place of Molly. “Don’t be upset G.” she said kindly. “She and Russ have been inseparable since the day they were born. She’s just upset that he’s going somewhere without her.”

I know the feeling. 

AN; so I know this is a bit of a filler. But the later chapters contain a drama overload – some calm is needed in this, although, I don’t know if this chapter can be described it ‘calm’. :D

I hope, besides it filler status, it makes you all happy! I need to write more of this story before I can update; I am running out of chapters. Although, I have had the flu, instead of lying in bed feeling sorry for myself (which my mother insisted that I do) I got out a pen and paper and planned every chapter until the end. I only have to put the speech in (okay, well a little more than just speech – but you get the idea) :)

Preview of Chapter 11, anyone? Anyone. No one? Well, okay?

Kidding, I would never do that to you guys. :P

“A sixth year Slytherin thought it would be funny to steal Gryffindor’s sword – the one that is displayed in our common room – as a joke.”

Russ snorted at Molly. “It was all fun and games until he fell on it.”

Something bad always happens on Friday the Thirteenth. It was just unknown who it would happen to, and when it would.

Who do you think will be the poor victim? Or will I even post it in the next chapter? Will I be mean and drag it out for like, 50 chapters? :P I will update soon. Over and out.

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