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Of Demons and Dark Lords by SunSation Gal 07
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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Thanks to all those who reviewed! I’m glad you guys are enjoying it so far! And once again a big thank you to Shiloh (The Empress) for beta’ing this chapter! And thanks so much to Elysium at TDA for yet another amazing chapter image!

Riley Davis -- Hayden Christensen
Caitlyn Davis -- Megan Fox

Melanie Turner -- Camilla Belle
Devon Jacobson -- Ian Somerhalder
Lilith -- Natalie Dormer

Disclaimer - I do not own Harry Potter or Supernatural.

Chapter 4

“We need their help.”

Caitlyn looked towards Riley in disbelief. “You can’t be serious.”

Riley finally removed his gaze from the two Winchesters before him and looked towards his sister. “They know how to get rid of it, we don’t. And we don’t know why a wizard has teamed up with one,” he told her. Riley then set a hand on her shoulder and looked down at her, the corners of his mouth turned upwards. “Like it or not, we need their help.”

Caitlyn shrugged his hand off and glared at him. “I definitely do not like it.”

“Now wait just one minute,” Dean interjected, stepping towards the two siblings. Riley and Caitlyn both turned towards him. “Who said that we want to work with you?”

“You want to figure out what’s going on here, right?” Riley asked, looking between Dean and Sam. Dean glanced over at Sam, who had been looking towards Riley but looked over at his brother and caught his eye. The younger Winchester shrugged. They both looked back towards Riley. “Then we will need to work together. We know things you don’t know, and you know things we don’t know. It’s the only logical solution.”

“I still don’t like the idea of working with them,” Caitlyn commented, crossing her arms over her chest, the thin strip of wood still held tightly in her hand.

“I’ll agree with you on that,” Dean said. Caitlyn’s blue eyes narrowed even further and her hand tightened around the stick.


The elder Winchester tore his eyes away from the glaring witch to look over at his brother. Sam sighed at the look on his brother’s face. “He’s got a point.”

“Well, I still don’t like it,” two voices said in unison, one male and one female. Dean and Caitlyn glared at each other.

“So,” Sam began, ignoring the two people in the room glaring at each other. He caught Riley’s eyes, who was shaking his head and rolling his eyes at his younger sister. “What do you guys know so far?”

While Sam spoke, Dean and Caitlyn stopped glaring at each other and looked towards the younger Winchester. While the glares were gone, it was still obvious that neither of them were happy with the situation even if it did make sense. At Sam’s question, Riley glanced around the living room as though he suspected that someone else was there with them.

“It’s probably not the best idea to talk about it here,” he replied after looking around for a few moments before looking towards Sam and Dean.

Dean’s glared faded and turned into a slight frown. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“It means,” Caitlyn began, uncrossing her arms and dropping them down to her sides, though the one hand still maintained its tight grip around the stick. Her expression seemed that of being annoyed that she had to tell them this. “That if it’s who we think it is that sent a wizard here alongside that demon, then they may still have someone watching this house.”

Sam and Dean exchanged a look at her words. Well that sure didn’t sound good. It looked like their job had just gotten more complicated as well. Well, more so then it had gotten a few moments ago when they had run into Riley and Caitlyn.

“Look,” Riley began before looking over at Caitlyn and raising an eyebrow. The young women’s pale blue eyes rolled but she held up the stick and from its tip bright light began to shine and lit up the room. Once the tip of her stick was lit, the light coming from the tip of Riley’s went out and with a wave of it a pad of yellow post-it-notes and a pen appeared in his other hand. Transferring the pen into the same hand as the stick, Riley lifted the pad closer to his face and began to write something on it. “This is our address. Come by around ten and we’ll tell you what we know.”

Once he was done writing, Riley held the paper out towards Dean, who took it from his hand after a moment. He glanced down at the address for a moment before looking up just in time to see Riley wave his wand and make the post-it-notes and the pen disappear the same way they came. Once that was done, he gave Sam and Dean a small grin. “Well, we’d best be off. I trust you can show yourselves out?”

Without another word, the brother and sister both simultaneously turned on the spot and disappeared with a loud ‘POP.’ The two Winchesters stood there for a moment in silence, looking towards the spot where Riley and Caitlyn had been just moments before. Sam opened his mouth after a moment but then closed it after a few moments, not sure what to say. Well this was just great. So much for just a simple case. But then again, since when had anything in their lives been simple.


“I’ll be fine mom. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay honey,” responded the dark haired women whose head was currently in the middle of Melanie Turner's fireplace. The head of her mother disappeared as did the green flames that had surrounded it. The young woman sighed as she turned away from the fireplace and walked across the room to sink down onto the plush tan couch that sat in the small apartment’s living room.

She knew her mother was worried about her being alone, seeing as her husband had been murdered while working just a few days prior. The elder woman was not only worried about her daughter’s safety, afraid that whoever had killed Michael would come after her, but her daughters emotional state as well. She had loved Michael with all her heart and had been devistated when she had been delivered the news that he was dead.

I can’t fall apart again, Melanie thought as she leaned her head back against a large pillow leaned against the arm rest of the couch and closed her eyes. If I do… I don’t know if I’ll be able to move on.

“Hello Melanie.”

The young woman’s brown eyes snapped open at the masculine voice coming from behind her from the entry way to the apartment. She lifted her head from the pillow and looked over the back of the couch towards the tall man currently standing just inside the door of her apartment, a blonde woman standing beside him smirking. Melanie’s eyes widened at the site of the man that had once been her boyfriend back when she had been in school. One of his last before he had just about disappeared off the face of the earth. “Devon.”

“You know,” he began, putting his hands behind his back as he walking over to the fireplace, gazing at the pictures on the mantle. His pale blue eyes focused on the one of her and Michael on their wedding day. “I still don’t get why you choose that loser over me. I could have given you everything you ever wanted and more.”

Melanie gapped at him. “You’re kidding right?” she asked, her voice showing her disbelief. She had broken up with him when she had found out that he was nuttier then a fruitcake, finding pleasure in killing innocent people, and finding the ideals of the deceased nutcase Lord Voldemort to be interesting and thinking of the man of a role model of sorts. The man before her was nuts, simple as that.

Devon chuckled, looking away from the picture and at Melanie. “I forgot about that lovely sense of humor of yours,” he told her. His eyes darted the blonde woman who still stood in the doorway before going back to Melanie. His lips turned upwards into a smirk. “I hear Michael also joked around a bit before Lilith here had her fun with him.”

Melanie expression of disbelief turned to one of horror and shock as she glanced between Devon and the woman called Lilith. Her heart began to thud within her chest and her breathing became shallow.

“Now, let’s see if you have that same sense of humor,” Lilith stated as she stepped forward into the room, her eyes turning completely white when she raised her hand towards Melanie. The moment her hand went up, Melanie’s screams of pain filled the apartment.

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Of Demons and Dark Lords: Chapter 4


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