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Be Nice by SecretDragonRider
Chapter 1 : Be Nice
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything you recognize. The plot, however, is mine. This is a one-shot, written for PrincessPadfoot's Stalker Challenge, so the idea is hers.

A/N: This is my first try at a dark one-shot. The female person is Rose Weasley and the male person is Scorpius Malfoy. I hope you like it. Anyway, tell me what you think of it. Enjoy!

She was wandering aimlessly through the deserted halls of Hogwarts. It had taken her up until thirty minutes to reach the kitchens from the Gryffindor Tower, where she resided. Her long red hair was thrown over her shoulders, almost coming to the very end of her back. Green eyes were shining in her beautiful face. Needless to say that she was quite a view. But there was someone, only one person who didn’t seem to notice this. And she hated him for it.

All these years they had spent together on Hogwarts, they had been cruel and harsh towards each other. He, because he truly despised her. She, because she couldn’t admit that she liked him, that she was in love with him. Try telling someone who hates you that you like him. Right, the impossible would be even more possible than this to ever happen.

And yet, here she was, wandering through the halls of Hogwarts, trying to think of a way to tell him she liked him. A lot of options had already gone through her head, but none seemed efficient enough. The act alone wasn’t enough. He needed to believe her. And what better way to show someone your eternal love, your devotion to him, than being truly earnest, than being kind?


Some time had passed by, but she still was stuck on how to show him her feelings, on how to show him that she liked him. Being nice seemed the most plausible of all the options, but in reality, how would things turn out? On paper, one could coordinate every move, but when it came to putting this into reality, one had to pay attention to every rule of nature, to the other’s feelings, to any circumstance that could blow everything into oblivion.


And so, it was. She finally had gathered all the courage to tell him that she liked him. It was the end of the school year. The day of graduation. Her following him around, hadn’t helped a bit and he had grown annoyed of her. She had offered to make his homework. She had even helped him to make his final paper. But no word of thanks had ever escaped his lips. At first, she had left it like that. She considered it a sign of eventual devotion, of eventual concession to her.

When she had come to find him, she had searched in different hallways, in different classrooms for a possible sign of him. It wasn’t until she came in the dungeons that she saw him, surrounded by blood. She ran up to him, thinking it was his own. What she didn’t see, was that there was an other person lying there on the floor – his best friend. He stared her down, urging her to go away, but she remained where she was. She did not move.

It was a matter of time until she also discovered to body drenched in blood. Out of shock, she couldn’t do anything else but do what every other person would do in her place – scream.

Soon, heavy footsteps could be heard and as they came closer and closer, he looked her straight in the eye. He did not say anything, but she understood everything. For his sake, for her love for him, she did as he asked. It would be the last time she would be doing anything for him. He had been mean to her until the end, but she was willing to save him.

He fled and he left her all alone with the body, while clenching his wand in her fist.


Investigation proved that this wand had caused the person’s death. During a trial, she got sentenced. It hadn’t been proved that the wand indeed belonged to her, but the sentence had already been spoken. She would be brought to death first thing in the morning.

She got the chance to say some last goodbye words. No sound emerged from her throat. Only a deep look, directed to one man in the room. If she had expected to tell the judges the truth, she was wrong. All he did was just watch the scene and stay motionless when her head fell on the ground with a loud thud.


She had been nice to him once she had known her true feelings. But she got punished for it. She got punished to feel what she felt. He had asked a favour from her and it had been her way of showing him she loved him. She had been nice, too nice. She had given her life for a man who didn’t even deserve to live himself.


Yet, she didn’t care. All she did, was promise herself that she would bloom like a rose in a desert. It hadn’t been her time to die and thus, she had come back.

There she was, wandering through the deserted halls in Hogwarts, searching for her love. Determined to help him, to be nice to him even after death. Because, does one really get rid of being nice? Even if it comes in the shape of a person? Of a rose? Of Rose Weasley?


You, Scorpius Malfoy, are no better than the rest. I loved you, but you refused to see. And now, I am following you around, until you realise that being nice is the only way to gain one’s respect. I won’t leave you until you know what it means to give your life for the person you love. You should finally come to the realisation that being nice does not stop when you are dead. It’s eternal and worth more than anything else on earth.

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Be Nice: Be Nice


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