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Lost In Magic by WildFlower
Chapter 12 : Chapter Twelve: Clean Slate and a Sirius Dare
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A/N: Woot! Another update! Here is chappie 12 YAY! Thanks so much everyone, for your awesome reviews! I love you all!

Mrs J Potter, my beta - thanks for your hard work! .MementoMori my graphics maker, for your hard work too!

Disclaimer: J.K owns everything that rules!

Claimer: My OC's Plot and whatnot ^^

Enjoy people! 

.MementoMori @ TDA made this awesome chappie image!

I awoke sometime during the early hours of the morning and thanked God it was Saturday which meant no class, no homework. Just relax and finally have time to see what the magical 70's teens did on the weekend. No doubt if I were home, mum would cook a huge breakfast before Dom and I organised something with our friends, probably hit the city for some major shopping spree.

Sitting up groggily, my gaze fell onto the fire still roaring and someone sitting beside it, with their back toward me. Confused, I sat up and rubbed my eyes once the blurry figure properly kicked into view, my heart dropped when I saw it was Sirius. I just stared at his back, not saying anything … I nearly jumped out of my skin when he sighed.

“Sophie,” he said calmly, as he turned to face me. “Merlin, I've been such an idiot.”

I didn't even know what to say, was he actually going to apologise? I couldn't believe it! I just remained silent, and made sure my face was blank, even though my lips were itching to smile.

“Your words that you said earlier on really got to me, that's why I reacted. When, Remus told me he saw you crying, I felt like shit. I know you're only with good intentions but boy, it came as a shock when you rejected our friendship offer. I don't think James and I are so used to people rejecting our advances, minus Lily, of course.” Sirius smiled slightly, and ran a hand through his hair.

“I know that you are still not going to be our friend, and I don't blame you after the downright bastards we've been, but that doesn't mean I don't want to start on a clean slate. McGonagall kind of told us that you and Dominique don't really have anyone other than each other, and I am sorry we haven't given you support …” Sirius looked to be trying to find the right words. “Okay what I am really trying to say is, that you don't belong in Slytherin, you are a true Gryffindor if you have the strength to keep doing what you are doing despite having no real support, and I'm sorry...”

Something really got to me, and I couldn't help but to finally smile. Sirius' smile widened and hope of my forgiveness shown in his grey eyes.

“Do you forgive me?”

“Even though I don't appreciate what you did to me, and even though I don't appreciate you dissing my friends, and yeah, you're right, I am not going to jump with joy at being your friend, but...” I broke off, smiling a little. “That apology was just too damn good to throw aside, so Sirius, apology accepted.”

Sirius beamed. “That's bloody fantastic!”

“You didn't rehearse that apology did you?” I asked laughingly.

Sirius looked appalled. “Of course not!”

I raised an eyebrow. “Remus helped you, didn't he?”

Sirius' eyes adverted. “He may have - but most of it came from me, straight from the heart!”

“Now I have a few requests if we are to start on a clean slate,” I said. “You must apologise to Dom, and you must talk to your brother.”

Sirius' face fell a little, but he quickly regained his posture and nodded. “Fine, I will.”

“Promise me.”

“I promise you, Sophie.” Sirius put out a hand. “I'll even shake on it.”

I smiled, and outstretching my hand I edged closer to Sirius only our fingertips touched, before a sound cut us off, and turning our gazes towards the dorms, James appeared.

“Oh, I thought you two would have sorted it out by now!” He hissed, walking towards us. Sirius immediately stood to his feet, he was wearing a nice tight white t-shirt that showed off his very nice physique and black pyjama pants, and I couldn't control myself from giving him the once over.

“We did, Prongs! All sorted!”

“Oh, score! Knew it would work, Padfoot!” James said, giving Sirius' a pat on that back, and I couldn't help but smile … there was the James and Sirius I knew and loved.

“Well, I'm going to go to bed, and catch up on some sleep,” I said, standing to my feet and walking towards the girls' dorms. “Morning - night - whatever.” I waved at them.

“Oi, Adams!” James called.

“Hm?” I asked, stopping at the first step.

“I'm sorry too,” James said smiling.

“I forgive you, goodnight.”


Smiling I went to bed feeling much better, maybe there was hope for friendship with the Marauders, but now I was just happy for a clean slate. It was Lily I had to crack now, and I didn't want to know what lengths I had to go through for that.

*** *** ***

When awoke, I was happy that the weekend was here and I could relax. Stretching I sat up and realised I was the only one in the dorm. Looking at the time, I saw why, it was 10:30 already. Kicking off my blankets, I bent down to my trunk and grabbed my towel. As I stood up, my mirror began vibrating, smiling I skipped over and opened it to see Dom's beaming face.

“Good morning, Yomee!” 

“Morning, Yo!”

“So, our plans for today are learning to ride a broom with Regulus!” 

“Awesome!” I replied.

“And, um what's this about Sirius coming to apologise to me and practically dragging Regulus away?” 

I laughed. “Well, that was my doing and I am glad he kept his promise.”

Dom pulled a face. “Well, I hope he succeeds with Reg, coz he ain't happy.” 

“Oh, he's seriously got to loosen up.”

“Oh, and by the way Yo, what's this I hear about you being LOCKED OUT of the common room last night and lettingthose fags off the hook! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!” 

“Okay, what else was I to do, Dom?” I asked, as I gathered my shampoo and lotions.

Dom looked at me. “Too often, you lose sight of life's simple pleasures. Remember, when someone annoys you it takes forty-two muscles in your face to frown but, it only takes four muscles to extend your arm and bitch-slap the git upside the head.” 

“Dom! I am not like you, I can't use violence, that's why you could never go on any school excursions, bad behaviour doesn't solve anything.” I said walking towards the bathroom.

“Well it does for me; it knocks the ass out so he or she can't annoy me anymore.” 

I smiled. “What am I to do with you, Yo, seriously.”

Dom winked. “You love me, now just be yourself, I love ya for it!” 

“Me ruvs you too.” I said, blowing her a kiss.

“Baby, I know.” Dom said arrogantly with a smile. “Now hurry up and come down here!” 

“Right be down after I shower, see ya!”


Snapping the mirror closed I went to quickly have my shower.

*** *** ***

Since I couldn't decided on what to wear, I decided just to wear the green dress I was wearing when I arrived and Heather's skivvy underneath, along with my school stockings and Heather's jacket and my Chucks, I didn't bother with my hair and rushed out.

When I got down to breakfast, it was nearly over, so I just grabbed a bagel with jam and skipped over to where Dom and now Regulus was sitting. Regulus looked lethal as I sat down across from them, and I bit my lip, waiting for him to lash out at me … in which he did.

“Why do you think necessary to meddle in which does not concern you,” Regulus spat at me. “Trying to get Sirius and I to strike up a friendship that everyone knows won't work! Just because I told you what happened between Sirius, me and my family doesn't mean you can think you can fix it!”

“Regulus, I only told Sirius to talk to you, you two are brothers and I thought you'd appreciate it, considering there are so much things left unsaid,” I told him, remaining calm. “I am not trying to put my nose where it doesn't belong.”

Even though millions including Dom and I already have after reading Harry Potter. Heh, heh, heh. 

“Well stop trying; I don't need your help! If this is going to be the case, Sophie, then I don't think I'd want you as a friend.”

“DON'T YOU DARE TALK TO HER LIKE THAT!” Dom's voice rang across the Great Hall before I could even register what Regulus had said.

The few students that were present stopped talking, all eyes landing on us. I placed down my bagel and standing to my feet. “Okay, I can't believe you out of all people just said that, seriously what's the use of trying anymore, I give up.”

Regulus didn't say anything, his eyes were dark. Dom took my hand, and together we walked out off the Great Hall.

“Sophie, Dom!”

Spinning around, we saw Matthew rushing towards us. Wrapping an arm around my shoulder he smiled at me, and I actually smiled back.

Before long, Dom thought it would be best if she went to see if she could try and talk to Regulus, leaving Matthew and I alone. Nothing really needed to be said between us, I just felt oddly comforted in his presence. Despite everything, I knew Matthew would still be there if anything happened.

“You alright, Sophie?” Matthew asked after a while silence.

I nodded. “Yeah, I understand that Regulus didn't actually mean what he said, it must have been overwhelming to have someone you haven't spoken to in what seems like years come up to you to talk. I really didn't think things through properly, I should have warned him, I bet Sirius was upset by his reaction also.”

“Actually, I wasn't surprised.”

Spinning around, I saw Sirius leaning against the wall, smirking. His hands shoved in his dark jeans pockets, that showed off his nice long legs. He was wearing a white Rolling Stone's t-shirt underneath a black jacket. He looked twice as hot as he did in his robes. “He's in far too deep with You-Know-Who now Sophie, and by the time he realises he doesn't want to do this anymore, it'll be too late.”

“You're right,” I said sadly. “You're right.”

Something on my face must have made Sirius very curious, because I saw something spark on his face and I was quite scared that he'd actually seen right through me and knew I knew more than I was letting on. Was I that easy to read?

“Uh, er, well anyway, Sirius, I'm sorry.”

“Na, it's alright,” Sirius said, his expression going back to normal as he smiled “It just made me realise that things can't be changed the way you want.”

Or maybe they can. 

“By the way, you look cute today, Sophie.”

My eyes widened in surprise and I couldn't help but to blush. “Oh, uh, thank you, um so do … you?”

Sirius chuckled. “I know. Well I'll see you around.” Sirius nodded to Matthew and waved to me, as he walked away.

“Merlin, that Black sure knows how to talk to the ladies,” Matthew said, straightening out his beige coloured jacket. “Arrogant huh?”

“Heh, yeah, anyway Matt, I need to stop by Dumbledore's office, come with me please?” I asked.

“Of course, you don't even need to ask, come on.” Matthew slipped his hand into mine and that's when the little butterflies decided to awaken in my stomach. I tightened my hold and beamed up at Matt, who was smiling happily.

Luckily the password was still the same, waiting outside, Matthew let go off my hand and I soon found myself entering Dumbledore's office. When he saw me, he smiled, as if knowing what I was coming for.

“Miss Adams, how have you been? Alright I trust. I've heard a few things.”

I chuckled. “Nothing I can't handle, so I guess I've been doing well.”

“That is great, now is there anything I could do for you?”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, anything,” Dumbledore said gently.

I bit my lip, wondering if I really wanted to hear the answer. “Can you – ya know, change the future?”

Dumbledore's blue eyes twinkled behind his spectacles. “Miss Adams, I think you may already know the answer to that – but of course, I shall answer. No, you cannot change the future.”

I nodded, and watched as Dumbledore motioned to a bowl full of yellow lollies. “Lemon drop?”

I smiled meekly. “Yes, please, thank you.”

I sucked on it as I left Dumbledore's office feeling a little down, even though my mind couldn't accept the grim future that was unable to be changed, my heart already had.

Matthew and I hung around for a few more hours after that, just talking and laughing and I began to notice my heart doing little jumps now and again and the butterflies wouldn't leave, Matthew was just the greatest guy ever!

When Matthew said he promised some time with Christy I decided to go back to the common room for a while, as I hadn't heard back from Dom about Regulus. Making my way up to the girls' dorms, I saw Lily, Kim, Mary and Heather all sitting on Lily's bed. Heather made eye contact with me, but turned away, I still felt guilty about the Peter thing, so I decided to do something about it before it got right out of hand, plus a little white lie couldn't hurt.

“So, Peter asked about you Heather,” I said casually, going over to my bed.

“He did!” Heather cried. “I-I mean, so what, he likes you now.”

“Not exactly what he told me, that little rat only was hanging with me to find out information on you,” I said again, looking over to the girls, Mary was giving me cheeky eyes, she didn't believe me for one second, but Heather did, and that was the main thing. “Want me to talk to him for you, strike up a friendship and maybe a date?”

Heather nodded so vigorously, I thought her head might topple off. “Yes, please, oh yes, thank you, Sophie!”

“No worries, I'll do it then.” I said happily, glad I was forgiven. “So what are you girls doing?”

“We are playing Truth or Dare!” Kim spoke proudly.

“Oooh, really!” I said growing excited, now these sorts of games were right up my alley!

“Yeah – but you're not playing.” Lily replied. My smile immediately faulted and I didn't bother to beg, it was their loss and I had other things to worry about.

“Oh, come on Lily!” Heather said. “We need extra players, plus she might have great ideas!”

Kim looked thoughtful before smiling. “Yeah come on Lily, it'll be fun!”

Lily sighed. “Fine, alright you can play.”

I let out a squeal and clapping my hands I skipped over. “Whoa! Truth or Dare magic style! Seriously Spin the Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven are not nearly as exciting without twists of magic!”

The girls just stared at me. “Sorry, back in my world the only twists were gay or lesbian kisses.”

“Alright...” Lily trailed. “Let's get started, Kim you first.”

Kim put a finger to her chin and tapped on it thoughtfully. “Heather...”

“Oh, Merlin.” Heather muttered.

“Truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Heather answered immediately.

“Oh, you whimp!” Kim said with disappointment. “Fine, um, tell me, Peter or Darren?”

“Peter, of course!”

The girls squealed, but I couldn't contain my dry wrenching.

“Peter is to die for!” Heather said, blushing.

No he's a rat, good God, even Snape's better than him! 

“Okay, Heather, your turn.”

“Kim, tehehe!”

“Bring it on!”

“Truth or dare?”


Heather thought for a moment, before a small smile came to her lips. “Right, I dare you to write a note to James...”

I swore Lily's eyes flashed someone jealous huh?

“Confessing your love for him!”

Kim laughed. “Done!”

“Oh, you actually really like him do you, Kim?” I asked.

“Much to Lily's distaste, she does.” Mary replied, elbowing Kim who was smiling dreamily.

“But, there's a twist.” Heather smiled, and slid off the bed and going over to her trunk she took out an envelope. “You have to send it in this.”

Handing it to Kim, she looked at it. “A Howler! Heather, what the hell? Who in Merlin's name randomly has these?”

Heather shrugged. “In case I get angry at my mum, if you had to live with a woman like her, you'd have them around, trust me.”

Kim nodded knowingly. “I completely understand, I'm sorry but...”

“I know,” Heather mumbled. “But, enough, right, write the letter!”

And Kim did so, and OH it was juicy! Leaving, Heather, Kim, Lily (well sort of), Mary and I in fits of laughter.

“N-now send it!” I said, clutching my chest breathlessly.

Crying with laughter, Kim gave her owl the letter and letting it out, we collasped laughing, wondering what the outcome would hold.

“Lily your turn!” We said, after calming down.

“Mary,” Lily said, grinning evilly. “Truth or dare?”

“Hm, I better play it safe, truth.”

Lily smiled. “Is it true, you have a crush on Professor Slughorn?”

Mary choked. “NO way! He's an old man! That's wrong!”

“I can't believe it!” Lily cried. We all laughed. “Ew, Mary!”

“Shut up, that's not funny!” Mary cried, blushing.

Well he was head of Slytherin house, so I wouldn't be surprised if it were true.

Next it was Lily's turn, but we were interrupted when we heard a tap at the window. It was James' reply. Bursting into laughter, we watched as Kim rushed over to let it in. Taking the letter from its beak, she ripped it open.

“What does it say?!” Lily asked eagerly.

“Baby, you got me, it's on!” Kim read happily. “And he asked me to the next Hogsmeade trip when it's to be announced!”

“No way!” Lily said, snatching the letter as we all giggled.

“YAY!” Kim cheered.

“That toerag!” Lily muttered, chucking the letter back to Kim.

“Right, back to Lily!” Mary said. “Truth or dare!”

“Dare!” Lily said challengingly.

“I dare you too...” Mary hummed thoughtfully. “Oh, I dare you to go into the boys' dorms and act like a gorilla for 10 seconds.”

Heather, Kim and I burst into laughter and Lily actually looked like she was about to reject.

“Okay,” she agreed slowly with a chuckle.

“We're coming to be witnesses!” Kim cried.

Jumping to our feet, we pushed Lily towards the door and pushing her down into the empty common room we pushed her up the boys' stairs.

“Alright,” Mary whispered. “10 seconds, you ready? Three, two, one-”

Lily pushed open the door and began banging her fists on her chest while crying out like a gorilla, but it was short lived when we realised the room was empty, except for Remus, who sat on his bed, book open on his lap, paused in mid-eat of the chocolate he was holding.

We chuckled at his surprised expression. Lily looked shocked and blushed a little.

“Uh, Lily, uh...”

“Forget what you just saw, alright,” Lily huffed.


“As a matter of fact, Lupin, it was a gorilla, excuse me.”

And with that Lily hushed us out of the way and she shut the door behind us.

“Well that was pointless!” Mary said throwing herself back onto Lily's bed. “But anyway, it's Sophie's turn!”

“Ah, finally! Okay, woo!” I said happily, I was ready to go!

Lily smiled. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare, duh!” I answered straight away.

“Perfect, I've got the best one yet...”

*** *** ***

Giving the last of my clothing to Lily, I was standing there in my lime-green coloured underwear.

“Right, run into the crowd, and dive into the lake just in my underwear,” I said, shivering a little.

“You got it.”

The girls laughed and taking a deep breath, I raced out. I giggled when the surprised gasps of students rang out, a few happened to belong to Evan, Stephanie and Christian, who's faces were the most surprised out of the bunch. My bare feet pattered on the grass until I reached the lake. Lifting my arms I was about to dive in.


Turning around I squealed when I saw Sirius' shocked and surprised gaze upon me, laughing, I turned back around and dived into the like with a splash. Resurfacing I shivered, as I saw Sirius still standing there with the crowd of cheering students, mouth open and eyes wide.

“S-Sophie! W-what the?!” Sirius stammered.

“I-it was a dare!” I cried, my teeth chattering.

Sirius finally laughed. “Oh, wow, you're game enough to actually go through with this sort of thing!”

“Hey, what can I say?” I said smiling.

“Here,” Sirius said taking off his jacket, and pretending to cover his eyes. “I won't look at what I've already seen.”

Blushing, I hoisted myself out of the lake and sliding my arms though the jacket's arm holes, I wrapped the warmth around me. Sirius pushed the watching students out of the way and led me back towards the castle, where I could see Lily and the girls waiting on the stairs.

“You are full of surprises you know that,” Sirius said. “Luckily I was around; otherwise you'd have to walk back up to the castle in see through underwear.”

My mouth dropped. “See through! Are you kidding?” I looked, and sure enough he wasn't, oh shit, how embarrassing! He really had seen everything!

“Well you missed out on Lily's gorilla impersonation,” I said, chuckling.

“Oh, shit! James and I would have loved to have seen that!” Sirius said.

“Where is James?”

Sirius looked at his watch. “Right now, he'd be serving detention with, McGonagall.”

“He got Kim's Howler then?”

“Oh, yeah, that was hell funny!” Sirius chuckled. “So truth or dare huh?”

“Yup! My first game with the girls.”

“Better leave you to it then.” Sirius said, once we arrived back to the girls.

“Kay, bye!”

Sirius stared at me for a moment and grinning he shook his head and walked away.

A/N: So, what did you think? Hahaha! My mum gave me the truth or dare idea when I asked what girls usually did on the weekend if confined in their home if it were raining or in a boarding school in the 70's and she told me this haha! Plus I thought it gave Sophie a chance to hang with the girls and let them see her being herself n such :D I hoped you liked this chapter, I could imagine Regulus acting that way if forced to do something without his knowlege especially to do with family situations - so yeah, don't be angry at him guys! Sirius isn't XD Anyway, please review, feedback rules! And Chappie 13 isn't far off from being complete!
XOXO WildFlower!

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Lost In Magic: Chapter Twelve: Clean Slate and a Sirius Dare


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