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When you have it All by HOLEY like a SAINT
Chapter 35 : Epilogue - With Me
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Author's Note:  This is it...hope you like it...

“You know, I never thought I’d be the kind of guy to just stare at a sunset like this.”

Lily chuckled, holding out her hand and staring at her ring, “And I’d never thought I’d see the day I would be wearing an engagement ring from James Potter.”

“Yeah, but we all knew it would happen sooner or later,” Remus said. “Just not so soon after school was over.”

“Hey, it’s not that soon,” James defended, breaking out of his sun-staring reverie. “After all, school finished a good… two months ago.”

The setting sun was painting the entire landscape a fiery orange and pink, rays reflecting off the smooth water, as the five friends sat on the dock, dipping their feet in that water and watching the beautiful sunset. James sat on one side, Lily cuddled under his arm, staring at her sparkling ring which had just been slipped on a few hours earlier. Next to her sat Remus, beside whom sat Alex, holding hands with Sirius, who sat on her other side.

“Truthfully, I was expecting these two to be the first,” Remus said with a sly grin, and a slight nod towards Sirius and Alex.

Alex smiled as she lay her head on Sirius' shoulder, but it was Sirius who replied, “We’re not in any rush. Besides, I think a few more actual dates are in order first.”

He grinned down at her, and she returned his smile.

“So have you decided about Buckingham yet?” Lily asked quietly.

“No, not quite, but I’m really starting to think things are absolutely fine the way they are right now, and me going back there might just screw things over again,” Alex said.

“Oh yeah things are just fine now,” James said with a grin. “Half the world thinks you’re dead, the other half doesn’t, and the third half thinks your ghost is roaming night-clubs and rock concerts.”

“Well, honestly, did you expect me to give up my dancing and hardcore rocking?” Alex asked with a smirk.

“We’d have killed you if you did,” a voice said from behind them, and they didn’t even need to look around to see who it was—the three boys were common visitors at Alex’s new secret hideout house/cottage. Well, two of them more often than the third.

“Aw, how nice of you, Dev,” Alex replied lazily, as Dev, Adrian and Darcy squished their way in between Remus, Alex and Sirius. “I thought being dead one time was enough."

Dev gave her a look. "Cheap shot."

"Just like this," Adrian said, swiftly and quickly pushing her off the dock and into the water. They all laughed as she resurfaced, cursing the Wheeler twins for all it was worth, trying to make her way back onto the rather crowded dock. Sirius was allowed to help her up eventually (after she swore she wouldn't seek retribution). She dried herself off, shaking her head like a dog, 'accidentally' spraying water on the twins.

"And what brings you here, Darce?” she asked.

He shrugged, “Now that you’re gone, I’ve decided to take on your mission of raising a little hell now and then.”

“Oh really?” Alex asked, raising an eyebrow. “And how’s that working out for you?”

“Harder than I expected, truthfully. You made it look easy.”

“That’s because she had us to help,” Adrian put in, but upon seeing Alex's glare added, “And you know, obviously… she just has this great… charisma… about her…”

“Damned right,” Alex said with a smile.

They all laughed, and reverted to sitting in silence staring at the sunset once more. Only this time the silence didn’t last very long, as Dev got up and said, “Well, not that burning out my retinas from that lovely fiery sun isn’t fun, but enough of this foolishness. I didn’t come here to sit around, you know.”

"What about Madison?" Alex asked. "You could have gone out with her."

"Please, I need my space too," Dev replied lazily, grinning.

"Translation: Maddi is away this weekend with her parents somewhere," Adrian said, loving his chance to finally tease his brother about a girl. Usually it was the other way around—Dev didn't normally bother with any sort of longer-ish-term relationship.

"That's not it at all," Dev tried to cover, but everybody saw him elbow Adrian rather forcefully, though of course playfully, in the ribs. Upon a snigger in return, Dev tried a different tactic, "You're just jealous I'm with somebody so great and you're all alone."

"Right," Adrian replied, still grinning madly.

Alex laughed and got up —today she particularly felt like dancing the night away. She pulled Sirius up and beckoned to the other four (Adrian was already up and beside his brother, still continuing the exchange, which had now progressed to mocking, complete with Shakespearean accents and gestures) to get a move on. They went back to the house to change, and soon enough they were all partnering up to apparate to Experiment 626, Alex partially disguised under some light make-up and coloured hair.

They arrived at 626 with a flourish, the bouncer greeting all of them with big smiles as he let them in. The music started to take control, and soon enough they were all on the dance floor, amidst other pairs of twirling bodies.

The music didn't slow down, but Sirius and Alex didn't seem to notice as they put aside the quick step in favor of something slower and calmer, and drifted off towards the edge of the dance floor. She had her head resting near his shoulder, as they swayed back and forth; still in time with the music though not beat for beat.

"Alex…" Sirius finally said.


He took a breath, not sure why it was so hard for him to start the conversation. "You don't…want to get married, do you?"

He knew he loved her, and that she loved him as well. He knew she was the only woman he'd ever spend his life with. Heck, he'd even thought about proposing to her this summer as well. But seeing James and Lily go through it just hours earlier…something made him stop and think. All of the sudden he couldn't picture himself as a married man. It didn't mean he didn't want to get married at all…but all of the sudden he just felt too young to be getting married. And what with the war that was brewing all around, was it really a good idea to be getting married?

Alex looked up at him, half seriously and with a grin playing on her lips. "What, is that a proposal?"

He shook his head rather vigorously, and then regretted it as Alex looked up at him curiously. He didn't know what she thought about it all. What if she did want to get married now?

"I mean…well I don't mean don't ever want to get married….just…well you know, we're just not yet….I'm not saying marriage isn't a good idea, but just …" Sirius started, but was having trouble verbalizing his thoughts, he was starting to get frustrated with how flustered he was.

"Just not now," Alex finished for him after a small pause. He looked at her, trying to read her expression. Was she upset, or mad? Or on the brink of laughter? "Listen, Sirius, you don't have anything to worry about. I love you, but I don't think I'm ready to become a wife…or mom...we've got time. There's no rush, just like you said."

Sirius breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. It was good to know they were approximately on the same page. "But you'll be with me forever, right?"

"Till the end of time," she replied, looking directly into his eyes.

"Even if we have nothing….? You know, rough times ahead…."

"You're the only thing that I need," Alex said softly. "And if I have you, I have it all."

She stood on her tiptoes and pulled him in closer, kissing him. Their lips barely touched when a voice called out.

"Oi! You two call that dancing? Give her here," Dev half-yelled, closing the distance between them and grabbing Alex's hand, twirling her away from Sirius and into his own arms. She laughed and sent a smile in Sirius' direction as Dev took her across the dance floor, before spinning her around straight to Adrian. Their laughter rang through the music as she was passed to Remus, in between James and Lily, and finally back to Sirius, who took the chance to finish that kiss, right in the middle of the dance floor.

Author's Note:  Well, that's all folks.  That was the final chapter.  I can't believe its over.  When I started writing this, my first fanfiction ever, I had no idea how far it would go, how long it would take to finish, or if anybody would even read it.  It took a while, but I did finish it, and I'm so happy that I shared it with you.  I hope you enjoyed it!  Thanks to everybody who read and/or reviewed it! You guys are great.

Before you go, please just review one more time and let me know what you think about the chapter, the story in general or the weather haha. 

Or, try to list as many overused cliches as possible throughout the story...I counted about 21.

Counted them?
See how many you caught.  Or if I missed any let me know!

(btw, yes these cliches were done purposely.  Its part of the original idea for the try and make a good yet cliche princess-Marauders story.  Did I succeed?).


 1. The happy ending.

2. The gorgeous, perfect princess who wants more than what she has.

3. Main character's (best) friends are eccentric in more than one way, are just as good-looking and often of the opposite gender, which leads to opportunities to employ #15.

4. Main character has some secret, special ability (directly related with #5&6 below).

5. Destiny and fate...because everything has to happen for a reason.  Main characters always need a destiny.

6. Main character captured by villain/antagonist.

7. The ONE MAJOR turning point in the relationship. Because clearly, things don't build up over time. They just happen overnight.

8. Remus goes self-sacrificial and never gets the girl.

9. THE fight and “I hate you”.

10. Stuck together and ensuing havoc. See #17.

11. The stranger and the cliffhanger of doom.

12. The new, irresistible girl at school, who is not only pretty, and smart, and athletic, but also witty and ingenious and charming and if the situation calls for it, a mean girl.

13. Damsel in distress (because of #12).

14. The charms of Sirius.

15. The jealous, possessive, overprotective guy.

16. The Christmas Ball. Because really, no story is completely without some sort of ball.

17. The girl, the jealous guy, and the jealous guy’s best friend (followed by #8 above)

18. The desperate situation, which often triggers #7 and 19.

19. The changing of feelings and confusion.

20. The good, the bad and the ugly (guys and girls). Because girls just can't be friends with guys. They have cooties.

21. The Sirius-serious pun/joke thing. Siriusly, just stop it.

(I'll admit...some of these are more plot-devices than cliches...but still.  Definitely overused.  And theres no way I'm giving them up ;)

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When you have it All: Epilogue - With Me


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