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The Bet by Bookworm045
Chapter 4 : Sounded Right.
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Sounded Right.

I spun around with my father, leaning against him, my feet killing me, in the father daughter dance that had begun right after the meal.

 “That was a beautiful speech, daddy,” I whispered, grinning at him, as he twirled me again.

He nodded gruffly, before Scorpius tapped my dad on the shoulder and asked if he could cut in.

My father sighed, and grinned, giving my hands to Scorpius before walking over to my mother and sitting down next to her.

 Scorpius and I danced silently, him occasionally bending down and kissing me on the lips, as he spun me, my feet perched on his shoes. I leaned into his chest, wrapping my arms around his torso as he moved us around the dance floor, and whispered in my ear, “Having a good time, Mrs Malfoy?”

I grinned and whispered back, “Of course Mr Malfoy. I’m with you, aren’t I?”

He chuckled, spinning us again, and murmured, “There were times when you being with me would ensure that you would not have a good time.”

 “I was delusional.” I sang softly, stretching my neck and kissing him on the lips.

He cupped my face with his hand, still moving us, and kissed me softly back, both of us ignoring the cameras that were going off.

 “Definitely delusional,” I murmured when he broke away, chuckling at my pouty face.

The song ended, and Scorpius led me back to the table, knowing that my feet were hurting; having been told this multiple times.

I took off my heels and threw them at Dom, causing her to trip and fall directly into Lysander’s lap.

They laughed, being the cute couple that they are, and started talking, occasionally pausing and snogging.

“Well, honey, I must be off, lots of people who want to dance with me,” I said, standing up barefooted.

He chuckled, and I winked, before dragging Al out of his seat and moving him around the room until he decided to dance.

 “That was some speech, Alby,” I said, snorting.

He blushed, and lifted me onto his feet, not replying.

 “It was a good try,” I murmured after a few minutes of silence, “A really good try, and an excellent start to Dom’s.”

He laughed, and I grinned, happy that the uncomfortable look on his face was gone.

He glanced at Alice, who was flirting with some distant relative of ours, neither of us able to remember his name.

 “When are you going to ask her out?” I asked quietly.

His face flamed, and I giggled.

“Wha- How- What- What do you mean ask her out?!” He hissed, stuttering through his protest.

“Ask her out. How much simpler can I say it? You obviously like her,” I muttered.

He looked away, glancing around the room until his eyes came to rest on the girl in question, “Really? Just ask her? Just like that? What if she says no?”

I smiled softly and shook my head before leaving him standing there to go rescue an uncomfortable looking Megan. She was currently standing with another one of my distant cousins, again, no name comes to mind.

“So sorry, but I simply must borrow Megs here, I have a little issue,” I said, my voice laced with false sweetness.

Mister-Guy-Who’s-Related-To-Me-But-I-Don’t-Know-His-Name opened his mouth and talked, “So sorry, but Megs and I were quite busy, and I think you can go bother one of your other females.”

I felt my pleasant face slip into a cold glare, and Megs glanced at me worriedly, sensing trouble.

 “So sorry, but I need her, and if you mind, then go screw yourself,” I retorted, my voice still cold and sweet.

Megan’s eyes widened, and I grinned at her, grabbing her away and towing her behind me.

 “Thank you, you know, it’s that time of the month. Hope you have a wonderful time!” I called behind me, smirking when a bunch of people stared at me.

Megan rolled her eyes, and I laughed, pulling her over to James, and thrust her into my cousin’s arms before skipping away and over to my new father-in-law, Draco Malfoy.

The one and only.

 “Hi,” I said, interrupting his conversation with my Uncle Harry, my father, and my new grandfather-in-law, Lucius Malfoy.

 “Hello Rosie, enjoying your night?” Draco asked, his cheeks slightly flushed with the amount of alcohol he had consumed. I rolled my eyes upon seeing that my dad and uncle looked the same.

 “Lovely,” I responded, plopping down next to him in a very unladylike fashion.

I snatched the goblet of alcohol out of my father’s hands and drank deeply from it.

 “Rosie! That was mine!” He chastised, taking it back from me.

I rolled my eyes again.

 “Grandad Lucy, dance with me!” I exclaimed. upon seeing that he wasn’t nearly as drunk. He gave me an exasperated look but stood up, giving his son, my father and my uncle disapproving looks.

He led me out to the dance floor and I winked suggestively at a horrified looking Scorpius, causing his horrified face to look even more horrified.

I love that word.





I’m done.

He spun me in the oldies way and I laughed at Scorpius’s face every time we passed him, standing stone still, hands on some relation of mine.

When the song ended, he bowed, smirking the old Malfoy smirk and went back to the men, Grandad Weasley having joined them.

Just as I was about to sit down in some chair, not caring if someone was already in it, Scorpius swept me into his arms, carrying me back to the dance floor and putting my toes on his.

 “Scorpy I’m tired,” I whined, pouting as he began to dance.

 “Do you remember how you told my grandfather that we were together?” He asked after a moment, smirking at me.

I flushed slightly and grinned.

 “Good times. Good times,” I murmured, quickly falling into the flashback.

 “But what if he doesn’t approve? What if he forbids me from seeing you again?!” Scorpius panicked, pacing outside of his grandad’s study, his voice getting louder.

 “Scor, honey, it’ll be fine. Trust me,” I said, stopping him in his tracks and placing a hand on his arm, “Have you met anyone that wasn’t instantly charmed by me?” I added, jokingly.

He nodded frantically before a monotonous voice called out from the study, “Scorpius, can you come in here for a second? Alone?”

Scorpius paled but stepped inside, his gait almost the same strut-like walk I had always claimed to hate with a passion.

I grinned encouragingly and he nodded, regaining some colour as he closed the door carefully.

I leaned against the wall, breathing deeply. For as much as I told Scor that I wasn’t nervous, I was. I was scared as hell that Mr Malfoy Sr wouldn’t like me, wouldn’t approve. And no matter what Dom, Megs, and Alice said, it would be terrible to not be able to see Scorpius again. It would hurt. And I was, as ashamed as I am to admit it, afraid.

Closing my eyes, I slid down until I was seated against the wall opposite the study, and quickly calmed myself down, taking deep breaths and counting backwards until my mind settled on pie.

Ahhh… Pie… There were so many different kinds. Apple, blueberry, boysenberry, butterscotch, crème, coconut, artichoke, chocolate, banana, hazelnut, pecan, pumpkin, cherry, French silk, lemon, strawberry, blackberry, meat, peach, key lim-

 “Miss… Weasley,” He said, his voice caressing my name with slight disgust.

Suddenly, I wasn’t nervous anymore.

I stood up, straightened my skirt and strode into the study, my head held high, my shoulders straight. The door closed loudly behind me and the elderly blonde man looked up in shock.

“Please… Have a seat,” He drawled in clipped tones, looking me over and settling for a disappointed look.

I plopped down with a ‘ladylike’ grunt into the little arm chair, throwing my arms over the back, grinning pleasantly.

 ‘What are you doing?!’ a voice in my head that sounded like Scorpius’s exclaimed as I took a toffee from the tin on the desk.

I sucked on it loudly as Mr Malfoy Sr. stared at me, obviously waiting for me to start some pleasant and disgustingly boring conversation on my personal ‘goals’ and politics.

I snorted as I finished the toffee and sat up straighter as his mouth opened to speak.

 “Please… Rose… Tell me about yourself,” He finally said, touching the tips of his fingers together and placing them at his mouth.

I nodded and began, “Well, my full name is Rose Nyphadora Weasley, I have one little brother, Hugo Fred Weasley, and our parents are Hermione Jean Granger-Weasley and Ronald Bilius Weasley. Um… I was a Gryffindor, Halfblood, got thirteen OWLs and fifteen NEWTs, am currently in training to become a Healer for the magical creatures’ ward, I accidently discovered the thirteenth use of Dragon’s blood, and I love pie.”

I finished quickly and sat back, watching his face slowly drop from a pleasantly disgusted look to just a disgusted look.

I kept my obliviously sweet face on though.

We sat in silence again, save for the sucking noises of me and my second toffee.

 “Well.” He drawled, his voice cold, “I have made my decision.”

I refrained from snorting.

 “You may not see Scorpius any more, Miss Weasley. I know that you are planning to take your relationship to the next level soon, but I forbid it.”

I sat there, the pleasant look falling from my face as my mouth hung open in shock.

 “That’s not happening,” I stated simply, recovering.

He glared at me.

 “You are in no position to tell me that I cannot see your grandson.” I continued, my voice pleasant, but had a distinct edge.

 “I am your elder and Scorpius’s grandfather, and I am telling you that you may not continue to see him!” He exclaimed.

I stood up and marched to the front of his desk, leaning in so my head was just above his.

 “Look,” I said, my voice threatening, my temper rising quickly, “I don’t care who you are, and what you think, but I am going to continue dating Scorpius Malfoy until we decide to break up. I love him! And as great as having your blessing would be, it is not essential. So get over yourself.”

I leaned back in the chair and folded my arms across my chest as Lucius Malfoy surveyed me in shock. He finally got up and walked around his desk, standing in front of me, arms back, leaning against the old wood.

 “You may date my grandson,” he finally stated, his voice pleasant again.

 “THANK YOU!!” I squealed, hopping up and throwing my arms around the shell shocked old man, hugging him before darting out of the office. Not before I took a mocking bow first of course.

I ran all the way to the sitting room where Scorpius himself was pacing frantically.

 “I was successful,” I stated, running into his arms as well, shocking him too, as I began to recount what had just occurred.

 “Like I said,” I began, falling back into the present, “No one can resist my charm. Not even the great Scorpius Malfoy!”

My voice had gotten considerably louder and by the time I was done, nearly everyone was staring.

 “Piss off!” I yelled when the staring didn’t cease after a few more minutes.

Heads slowly turned back to whatever they were doing before.

 “As eloquent as ever, Rose,” Scorpius stated, smirking slightly.

 “Like I said,” I began, “Piss off.”

He said nothing, but kissed me instead.


I wandered around my reception, everyone who wasn’t closely related to me (or Scorpius) had gone home a while ago, and now the adults were all gathered around a table formed from a bunch of other tables being shoved together. Mum, dad, Aunt Ginny, Uncle Harry, Aunt Angelina, Uncle George, Aunt Audrey, Uncle Percy, Uncle Charlie, Uncle Bill, Aunt Fleur, Grandad Arthur, Nana Molly, Father-In-Law Draco, Mother-In-Law Astoria, Grandfather-In-Law Lucy, Grandmother-In-Law Cissy, Kingsley Shacklebot (the minister. Ha! The minister was at my wedding. Beat that, loser), ‘Aunt’ Minnie, ‘Uncle’ Sluggy, ‘Uncle’ Neville, ‘Aunt’ Hannah, ‘Aunt’ Luna, ‘Uncle’ Rolf, The whole Chudley Cannons Quidditch team, the whole Holyhead Harpies team (minus Roxy and Lily), the whole Puddlemere United team (minus James, Lysander, Scorpius and Teddy), the whole Tokyo Thunderbolts team (minus Freddie), and the whole Spanish Swordflingers team (minus Hugo and Lucy). The Scottish Firebolts were also there (minus Dom and I). Yes, our family is very Quidditch oriented.

Anyway, the cousins and their children were all seated on the dance floor, playing Truth or Dare.

 (Tory and Teddy had a set of twins, pure James and Fred, minus the fact that they were girls, Romy and Rayne, and the other kids, Luna, Sirius, and Marie. Louis also had a child with his girlfriend, Cindy, and their son was named Marcus. James and his girlfriend Emily had a set of twins as well, both boys, both like Romy and Rayne, all four born within hours of each other, and these two are named Romulus and Remus. Lily and Lorcan also had two children, not twins, a girl and a boy, girl a year older than boy, called Camille and Conner. Molly and her husband Nathan had four children, Michael, Nathan Jr., Nickolas, and Bridget. Lucy and her boyfriend Konner had a child, Valarie, Fred and his wife Natalia had two children, Angela and Beatrice, and last, Roxy and her husband Brandon had two children, William and Winnie. Then there were those, of course, that didn’t have kids yet, and that consisted of me and Scorpius, Dom and Lysander, Hugo and Margret, and Al and Alice (not that they were together yet).

Yes, so they were all seated in a very large circle, the children running around, all of them under the age of six, causing trouble, like slipping ice down drunken adult’s shirts, and spilling liquids on the floor so people would slip, and even smashing random people (adults) with cake.

I looked around again, smiled and joined my new husband (that will be strange in my head for a while), my dress big and poofy and an all around nuisance.

 “So, Ro,” Lily began, cradling Conner as he slept, Lor’s arms around her waist, “Truth or Dare.”

 “Immature kids,” I muttered before answering louder, “Dare,” and hopping slightly in my seat.

 “I… uhh… dare you to… What do I dare you to do?” She asked Fred who was king of making up terrible dares.

 “Take off your bra,” He said easily.

 “What is with the childish dares?” I asked as I attempted to unclasp my bra hook. It wasn’t working.

 “Dom fix it!” I yelled after a minute of this. She rolled her eyes and, sitting behind me, unzipped my dress enough that I could unhook my bra. She zipped it back up as soon as I had tugged it off violently and flung it and Fred’s head.

 “Why is this bright blue and lacy?” He asked curiously.

I grinned.

 “Something barrowed, something blue, something old, something new.” I rehearsed what Dom had spent months chanting to me.

She gave me an approving nod and I shifted a bit in my uncomfortable dress. Finally, I stood up and began un hooking the huge skirt part of the stupid dress. Throwing that at Fred too, I sat down in my now plain- and much more comfortable- white dress-ish thing that went up to my mid thighs.

Scorpius wrapped his arms around my waist and dragged me onto his lap. “I hate dresses,” I announced.

 “Rosie, it’s your turn,” Lily responded, looking at me expectantly.

I surveyed everyone and decided to be an evil matchmaker. Also deciding that Al would be more likely to pick dare than Alice would, I focused my gaze on him.

 “Albus Severus Potter,” I hissed darkly, and he glared at me for using the ‘cursed name’, “Truth… Or DARE?!”

He looked mildly frightened but spoke clearly, “Dare.”

 “Excellent.” I stayed silent for a while, already having my dare planned out, but letting him boil for as long as I could.

 “Rose.” Dom said, her voice impatient.

 “I dare you to take off Alice’s right garter with your teeth,” I announced finally.

 “How do you know she has a garter on her right leg?” James asked curiously.

 “Duh. It’s holding up her stockings. And it’s on her mid thigh because she doesn’t like knee stockings.” I responded.

Alice flushed bright red and glared at me as Al’s ears turned pink.

 “Do it, or shame your family forever and wear the dreaded CHICKEN CROWN,” I said, pulling the Chicken Crown out from a box I had under a nearby table.

 “You still have that?” Teddy asked, shifting Romy and Rayne as they fell asleep.

 “Of course. Why in the world would I throw it out? It’s being passed on to my children so they can torment your guys’. We’d of course have some of the younger ones. Like for instance, the age difference between you oldies and me, the young, hot, just married to the semi-good-looking guy, chick who was offered a modeling job. Not that I would ever take it. I hate make-up.” I responded.

 “Weren’t you also offered a position as a model for PlayWizard?” Victorie asked curiously.

 “I was until I told them I was once a dude,” I responded lazily as Al and Ali continued being awkward.

I was gaped at for a moment. “Then I told them I was kidding. And I was offered again. I think the agent said he could use some more girls with as fine of a chest and as long legs as mine. I told him to fuck off,” I finished, remembering.

 “Oh, I remember that,” Dom exclaimed, “He sent you this crate of material that you would’ve had to model for free in hopes of convincing you!”

I rolled my eyes.

 “And it was un-burnable. Apparently he knew who I was.”

 “Don’t you still have that?” Megan asked curiously, her eyes dancing with mirth as all guys’ heads shot to me.


Roxie grinned.

 “Can I barrow some of that?” Lucy asked nonchalantly. She was the youngest of us, by one year, a year younger than Hugo.

 “Of course, dear cousin Lucy, I’d be happy to lend it to you,” I answered cheerfully over many protests of our male cousins.

She grinned.



 “That sounded so wrong,” Fred said, eyes shining with mirth as well.

 “Only with her,” James added, grinning evilly.

Two faces flamed red and I opened the trunk that held the sacred Chicken Crown, reaching in to pull it out. It was hideous really. It consisted of a paper crown, that had a huge pile of sticks glued to the middle, forming a nest. Sorta. On top of the next, there were two eggs-fake- and above them, stood a chicken, legs on either side of the nest, wings on hips as it repeated over and over, ‘I am a stupid chicken.’ After every three repeats, it clucked and pulled out a banner from under the eggs, holding it up. It said, ‘I am a stupid chicken.’. I had spray-painted it hot pink, throwing pink glitter all over the whole thing, and James and Fred had dressed her up, saying that no lady should ever be left naked. It was dressed in some shrunken lingerie that I had gotten from the agent. The lingerie was black and lacy, consisting of a bra and a thong, complete with fishnet stockings and tiny stilettos. The eggs, Hugo had designed. One was bright green with orange polka-dots and in black, was a face, drawn with a muggle Sharpie, that looked utterly horrified. The second one was bright purple with blue zig-zags and its face had huge puckering lips, half closed eyelids and huge eyelashes. She was named ‘Natasha’ after a girl who had stalked a majority of the Potter/Weasley males, and when you took a good look at the egg, she actually looked a lot like her, covered in drawn in makeup, really creepy looking.

Go away. I’m sure your family has demented traditions as well.

I took it completely out of the crate and everyone cheered. Al, seeing the crown gulped and, with a quick murmured apology to Alice, pulled her standing before ducking under her floor length skirt and poking around. Alice, still red-faced, squirmed as, I assumed, Al’s unusually cold hands grabbed her leg. She shrieked a bit and a few minutes later, a much smugger looking Al came out from under the dress, lacy garter in his teeth.


 “Took you long enough,” I muttered, buffing my nails, “Scorpius didn’t take nearly as long when he did it earlier. Or when he was dared to take off my bra at our We’ve-Finally-Graduated-Party.”

James whooped, glad that his dare was being mentioned, and I grinned. Fred flung my bra as Scorpius’s face and my husband (still weird) caught it, grinning.

 “I’ll bet that’s cause he’d already seen you without it,” Dom retorted, coming to Al’s defense, grinning.

 “Obviously,” I answered proudly, “Multiple times before that.”

Everyone continued laughing and bantering and goofing around as I leaned my head on my husband’s (still weird) shoulder.

 “Victorie, Truth or Dare?” Al asked our older cousin, and she grinned.

I laughed softly and murmured in Scorpius’s ear, “Do you know what I just realized?”


 “We’re married.”

 “I love you.”

 “I love you too,” I whispered back, kissing him gently.

 “Rose,” James said, grinning, “You might need to persuade Vic, here, with our special crown.”

I grinned as well and took the crown back out of its box and she sighed. Smiling, I leaned back on my husband’s chest.

And do you know what?

It didn’t sound weird anymore. It sounded right.


6.6.11: Oh god. I don't think I can ever get tired of my first story ever. I had fun revamping it --it kept me busy for about two hours. Hope you enjoyed!

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The Bet: Sounded Right.


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