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Sammie B. Carson by bunnyboo19
Chapter 10 : Avoiding Keepers and Training Seekers
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  "He really wants to talk, you know." Iris was saying while in the process of poking my shoulder. She had been poking my shoulder for the past hour and repeating those same words.

  "I really don't care." I replied once more. The two of us were sitting in the common room. Iris was pretending to read a book in the big armchair and I sat at her feet trying to finish an essay for Professor Binns. Needless to say with Iris pestering me I still had to write two rolls of parchment for my three page assignment.

  "Hi Oliver. Do you want me to leave so you can talk to her?" Iris asked. I visibly stiffened and blushed ever so slightly. I had been avoiding Wood since the day he kissed me two weeks ago. I had been dividing my time to helping Harry with his seeking, doing my homework, and hiding out in my room. Any left over time went into staying as far away from Wood as possible. I also hadn't talked to Symon since that day either.

  "No you can stay. Thanks for keeping her here until practice was over though. I knew if I didn't get you to help I wouldn't have a chance to talk to her." Oliver... I mean Wood... said.  I looked in the direction of his voice and saw him staring intently at me. I could feel my face growing warmer so I looked back to my work.

  "Could you two stop talking about me as if I'm not in the room." I requested of the two apparent schemers. My voice was oddly low and I felt slightly light-headed.

  "I'm sorry." A voice said. A voice that was dangerously close. A voice that belonged to Oliver Wood, who now sat beside me on the floor. I scooted farther away.

  "For what?" I dared to ask. Wood moved closer and grabbed my hand. I gulped.

  "For yelling at you, for over-reacting, for checking you out in those damned shorts, for kissing you, and lastly, for talking to Iris instead of you." His words, along with the tone of his voice made me look up. I chanced a glance at his eyes and saw conflicting emotions. My blush deepened as I saw his gaze travel to my lips.

  "Oliver you don't..." I started to tell him he didn't need to apologize for the kiss but before I could his lips were on mine in what was the sweetest, softest kiss I'd ever had.

  "Forgive me?" He asked in a voice so soft I could have sworn he was close to tears. 

  "Of course. But Oliver.." I tried to say but he interrupted me once more.

  "No buts. I like you Carson, and I want you back on the team. Just as long as you don't go traipsing around in those shorts anymore." He looked right into my eyes and I could swear he was looking into my soul and giving me a glimpse of his.

  "Oliver you said you were sorry for the kiss. You don't need to be. I needed that kiss more than I knew." I finally got to vocalize my thoughts about our kiss.

  "So you really don't care that he wants to talk to you?" Iris taunted from her chair behind Oliver and I blushed with the knowledge that she saw and heard everything that just happened.

  "Shut up, Buckle." I sneered in good humour.

  "I'm glad you can cheat on your boyfriend and feel good about it, Carson." A familiar voice made a very real sneer. I winced at the truth in the words.

  "Ignore her." Oliver whispered in my ear at the same time Iris yelled at Amelia to shut up and get a life. Iris used more colourful words but the point of her words was still the same.

  "Why? My words hit too close to home? Iris face the facts, your friend is a slut." Cartwright had the nerve to say. I was on my feet with my wand in her face in two seconds flat. Iris stood beside me, her wand also out and pointed at Cartwright. We made a menacing duo.

  "What are you going to do Carson? We all know you are practically failing Charms." Cartwright was on thin ice and she knew it. The only reason she was saying these things was because she'd had her eyes on Oliver since first year when he took her to Hogsmede after her friends ditched her.

  "You're right. I'm barely passing Charms." I replied simply, lowering my wand hand. I than proceeded to punch the blonde witch in the face. I smirked when I felt and heard the breaking of bone when my fist connected with her nose. That would teach her to say something bad about me.

  "Let's go get some food from the kitchens." I suggested to Oliver and Iris. The three of us made our way to the kitchens, Oliver with his arm slung around my shoulders.

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Sammie B. Carson: Avoiding Keepers and Training Seekers


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