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The story Of James and Lily! by HayleyMay
Chapter 5 : Unsure what to do
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I didn’t want to move, she thought I was asleep. Her fingers in my hair were so soothing, but I had to get up. I lifted my head and looked at her. She smiled, I smiled back.

“How are you feeling?” I asked still worried

“I feel great”

“I’ll go and see if you can come out” I said getting up

“Are you trying to leave me again?”
“No, I’ll stay as long as you want me here”

“If you want, I’ll be back in a second” I walked to Madam Pomfrey’s office and asked if Lily could leave yet. She said its fine, after she gave Lily a new bandage for her head. Lily and I walked back to the fourth floor; I kept one arm around Lily’s waist, to make sure she stays stable. I walked with her into her room as I left she asked;

“Where are you going?”
“Well you need to get changed and I don’t think you want me here to see that”

“Ok, I’ll be out in a minute”
I walked out and got changed; I don’t think I should be doing this, she clearly isn’t herself. I will just have to make sure I don’t start anything.
“Hello” she said as I came out of my room “Do I look terrible?”
“No” I said quite confused

“The bandage looks bad doesn’t it”
“I’ll be back in a minute,” I ran into my room again and got a hat out of my case I still haven’t unpacked, I came out and put it on her head “Perfect”

“Thanks, I think we should be going to breakfast then defence against the dark arts”

“Are you sure you’re ok to go? Madam Pomfrey said you can miss it if you’re not feeling well enough”

“I’m fine, why are you so worried about me?”

“Do I even have to answer that question?”
“No” Charlotte came out of her room,

“I will see you in a minute” I walked into my room and sat on my bed, I could hear Lily and Charlotte outside;

“So, are you talking to me now?” Lily asked

“Yeah, I can’t be mad at my best friend.”

“I missed you”
“I missed you too”  I was quite glad they were friends again, maybe the Lily I love will be back. Remus woke up and saw me with my head in my hands, curious he asked;

“What’s up mate?”

“I can’t take this, I’m so confused”
“What happened?”
“Well we were talking, and then she hit me with a pillow, she fell off the bed and hit her head. I kneeled down to see if she was ok, and she kissed me”


“Yes Lily who else would it be, Farther Christmas”
“Sorry, It’s just pretty confusing, Lily hated you”

“See what I mean, I took her to the hospital wing and now she clingy and I don’t like it, I thought I would but it’s not Lily, It’s not my Lily, the Lily I fell in love with.” He came over and gave me a friendly punch in the arm,

“Oh, something McGonagall came round and dropped this off I said I would give them to you” He passed me a small shiny badge with the words HEAD BOY engraved in to it “You coming to breakfast? I’m starving!” Remus got changed and we walked down to breakfast, Lily had already gone.

I sat down between Remus and Sirius, Lily was sat by Charlotte, looking pretty upset. She left a few minutes later on her own; I got up to see if she was ok.

“Hey, Lily what’s up?” she didn’t answer I ran up to her “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, Potter”

“McGonagall left this with Remus” I said passing her badge to her, she snatched it off me and said

“Thanks” and left. I walked back to Remus.

“I have no idea what is going on!”


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The story Of James and Lily! : Unsure what to do


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