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Forbidden Love, Forbidden Life by Merope
Chapter 3 : The lost nice
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Everything you recognise except for the plot, Eva and a few other rather insignificant characters, belongs to J. K. Rowling. Please read and enjoy. :)

I come to your door and you let me in, even though I am the ghost of your past seeking revenge. You are blinded by the way your heart made you feel all those years ago...blinded by the youth of my face, which is a constant reminder of what you did to me. You opened the door to your own defeat, knowing that I would not go until you pay.

He was staring at the girl before him, wondering when he would wake up. But the wind blowing on his face was a tough reminder that this was not a was real. Eva wasn’t a ghost coming back to haunt him for killing her. Eva was alive. She came back to him. She had forgiven him. His heart was feeling a sort of irrational joy that would make a Death Eater look like a Clown. He wanted to embrace her, for all the years they had lost due to Voldemort, but invisible ropes held him back from her.

“Eva....” he said again, this time holing his arm towards her cheek.

She moved away as if his touch had burned her. Only then did Lucius look at her empty feet, nearly blue with cold. She seemed smaller and more vulnerable than the last time he had seen her, all those years ago. The image of her falling in the Dark Lake gave him nightmares, only recently he managed to wither away.

“Talk to me...please...!” he said in a desperate voice.

“Hello, Lucius.” She said in a cold voice, as he looked up at him.

“ is this possible?” he asked coming closer to her yet again.

She did not reply. She looked away and silence fell upon them for a few minutes before Lucius’ gallantry came back to him. “You must be freezing!” he said and put his coat around her shoulders. She looked quite taken aback but didn’t take it off. If she were not pregnant, she would have thrown it back to him. But her baby was more important than her pride, so she kept it on.

“Where are your shoes?” he asked, then reconsidered the question. “Never mind you have anywhere to stay?”


“You better come with me then.” He said, placing his arm over her slim shoulders as he started walking with her towards the Malfoy Manor.

“What makes you think I will come into your house, with you out of all people?” she asked in a cold voice, yet didn’t protest as he opened the gates with his wand and took her inside his huge front garden.

“Because right now, I would be inclined to know what other alternatives you have.” The self control he had over himself came back to him, and he would no longer show the monsoon that was happening inside.

Eva didn’t say anything. The truth was, she didn’t really mind being in his house with him. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right? But his arm over her shoulder still sent the occasional chills down her spine and she wondered whether the mission she set herself to achieve would be harder than she believed it would be. The big question going through her head was: “Do I still love him?”

He led her down some stairs to what seemed to be the dungeons. She knew he would be too much of a coward to introduce her to his wife...she even wondered whether he told her about what happened in the Forbidden Forest all those years ago.

After turning a few more corners, he led her to a black wooden door, which he easily opened with the tip of his wand. It was so much warmer than the rest of the dungeon and she started feeling more comfortable. However, when he put some candles on, her heart skipped a beat. The room was beautiful. It was huge as well...a big double bed in the middle of the room, which reminded her of a King’s bed.

Lucius walked in ahead of her and looked around the room for a moment or two. “You should be safe here.” He said in a shaky voice, as if he still doubted whether this was real or not. “” he asked and turned around to face her, one hand over his eyes as if the image of her was too much for him.

“It doesn’t matter how, Lucius.” She said coldly and walked towards him, holding her chin up.

“Of course it matters!” he hissed as if she was playing with his most sensitive feelings. “You think I haven’t spent the past 25 years of my life looking back upon....”

“Killing me?” she asked and moved away from him. “What, you regret it? You make me sick!” she spat the words out with utter disgust as her face crumpled into a sheet of emotions. “Do you even know what love is? Haven’t you spent the past 25 years killing innocent people because he asked you to? Haven’t you Lucius? How dare you stand there and tell me you regret it, when you still kiss his dirty, bloody, murderous feet?”

“’s not like I have a choice, you know that!” said Lucius walking towards her.

Eva took a step back, but he managed to grab her arms and make her look at him.”Don’t accuse me! He would kill my family, my boy if I would turn away!”

“Get your dirty hands off me!” she hisses as she looked at him face through cold, brown orbs. Lucius let go and moved away from her. “How can you have survived the killing curse?”

“Ha! That’s what you would care about, isn’t it? You don’t want your wife to find out about your little girlfriend you failed to murder. Or maybe you’re ashamed that the spell didn’t work...will he punish you Luce, if he found out I was alive? Will it be terrible to feel the
Cruciatus on your skin over and over again?”

“STOP IT!” screamed Lucius, with agonising pain in his eyes. And slowly, the tears started rolling down his face as the woman he once loved so much was looking at him with unimaginable hate. “I’m think there isn’t a day that I don’t regret it?”

“Regret...are you capable of feeling remorse and regret?” she slowly moved away from him towards the door, her cold feet making splash like noises on the rock floor. “Anyway, I won’t stay here. It’s nice of you to have offered though...were you going to cook breakfast as well?”

“Eva...don’t go. It’s cold out there...” SAID Lucius trying not to make his voice “harder” in order to show her that he was the one in control. He was the one who had authority and she should listen to him—at least for the fact that she loved him unconditionally all those years ago. But Eva was more stubborn than the last time he had seen her. She was stronger than before and there was that light in her eyes that you would only see in someone who hates you with all their heart. Eva hated him and he didn’t want it any other way. The little bit of humanity that was left in him was craving to be “punished” for all the things he had done as a Death Eater. “Stay at least until tomorrow. Have some rest and we can talk later.” He said walking towards the door, holding his cane a little harder than necessary.

“There’s nothing left to say, Luce. But I’ll stay.” She said avoiding looking at him, her eyes cast on her cold feet and then she placed her hands protectively over her belly as soon as Lucius nodded politely and went out of the room.

She lay down on the bead and the tears came out, conquering her cheeks in vast numbers. She hated him with all her heart, but there was something inside her that was craving for the time when she was just a human...when she was able to stroke his hair and beg him to stop tickling her or make him do a spell just so she can feel a little closer to the magic she did not possess. But things had to be done and she would do them. She needed to take revenge in order to go on with her own life...and she knew exactly how to do that by simply having observed Lucius talk about his family.

“...and then that stupid Potter boy climbed on it and caught the globe! Dad I can’t defeat him with an old school broom!” said Draco, while playing with the tomatoes in his plate. The silver fork went though one of them and the sauce spilled through his entire plate, like a curse upon the other items.

“Draco, I will buy you that Nimbus 2001 before school starts. Now please don’t bring this up at breakfast, for Merlin’s sake! You’ve been talking about it continuously for weeks!” said Lucius giving his son an
irritated glare.

Draco looked down at his plate, while Narcissa was looking angrily at Lucius. “Well at least he brings something up. You’ve been dead quiet for so long, Lucius. What in Merlin’s name is going on?” she asked, putting her fork and knife down on her ceramic plate.

“Nothing is going on Narcissa!” snapped Lucius continuing with his breakfast.

Narcissa gave her husband a disapproving glare before picking up her knife and fork again and continuing with her breakfast. But she didn’t spend long on that, before the shadow of a rather small figure made its way towards the dining room.

“Good morning!” said Eva making her way towards the main table, where Lucius eyebrows were so close together, that you couldn’t say whether it was just one.

“How did you get in here? Who are you?” asked Narcissa looking rather frightened at the well dressed girl in front of her. “Are those my shoes?” asked Narcissa horror struck. Lucius closed his eyes for a moment as if he could just make the storm that was about to come, go away.

“Luce?” asked Eva with a small evil smile, looking at Lucius.

“Luce?” repeated Narcissa, directing her cold glare towards her husband who was now standing.

“This nice. She arrived last night.”

Eva’s eyebrows raised in a questioning glare, then went back down, to play the game that Lucius started.

“Your nice?” Narcissa was looking at Eva with doubt. “I never knew you had a nice. And why is she wearing my shoes?”

“She was mugged on...on her way here.” Said Lucius lamely. “They stole her wand as well.”

“Mugged of her shoes...?” asked Draco, looking at the stranger in front of him questionably.

“Draco!” snapped Lucius.

“Sorry father.”

“I hope it’s okay if I stay here for a while....Luce said it was fine, but I don’t think it would be fair if I didn’t ask you as well.”

“ husband seems to make most of the decisions around her. Do sit down.” Said Narcissa politely, yet in a cold voice, not deceiving the fact that she was not pleased with this mysterious girl coming into their home.

Lucius sat back down, giving Eva murderous glares from across the table. His wife was angry and his son was just annoyingly inquiring. Eva was dressed in a green dress, probably stolen from his wife and re-adjusted to fit her, with small differences here and there. She looked much older than last night and her hair was up in a bun, revealing her long, pale neck, which he kissed so many times before.

“So, Eva, when did you say you got here?” asked Narcissa picking up her fork again.

“Oh, Luce picked me up actually, form downtown. He said it was okay to spend the next six months know, until the baby is born.” Said Eva staring to eat as if she just made a mere comment about the rain.

“The baby?” asked Narcissa, putting down her fork yet once again.

“’s a girl.” she looked at Lucius as soon as she said that, making sure the eye contact between them too was as clear as possible to Narcissa and Draco.

Lucius was looking at her with wide eyes, while the fork in his hand was starting to bend slightly. Narcissa looked at her husband, while her face became slightly red. She closed her eyes for a moment, and then gave Eva a small smile, with many different meanings.

They finished the rest of the breakfast in silence, not lifting their eyes from their well polished plates.

“Are you absolutely out of your mind?” Narcissa’s face was inches away from Lucius’ as her eyes were boiling with anger. “Who in the name of Merlin is she? And don’t tell me she is your nice because I don’t believe you!”

“Cissy...I...she is my nice. Twice or three times removed.” Said Lucius, pouring himself a glass of Firewhiskey and drinking it in one go.

“If he finds out...we are all doomed.” Said Narcissa collapsing in her husband’s leather armchair and placing her face in her hands. “Listen...I don’t know when you met her or whatever...I know she’s not your nice...she’s not even a Malfoy...I just hope that’s not your baby either!” she said and the tears she’d been struggling to keep in for a rather long time, were finally released.

Lucius knelt down in front of her and attempted to hug her slim and tired silhouette, but she snapped away from him and went out the door, slamming it shut.

“To be damned!” snapped Lucius and threw the glass of Firewhiskey against the chimney for yet another time that week. Then he sat down and resumed the position his wife had been sitting into.

From across the hallway, in a corner emerged by the shadows of the house, Eva’s smile was growing wider. She knew that Narcissa was contemplating that the baby was her husbands’ and that was exactly what she had aimed to achieve. But that was not all, for she was not ready to walk out of their door until she made Lucius feel the pain she felt that one time when he raised his wand to her chest and said those words. And then there was Draco...clearly the one person Lucius would do anything for. He was the next pray in line and she knew she didn’t need a wand to make them suffer...words and looks could be much more poisonous.

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