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Fools in Love by SiriuslyNot
Chapter 1 : Without Them
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~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~
Without Them
~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~

All I wanted to do was to get through life without any kind of unnecessary attention - to get through Hogwarts, preferably alive. Little did I know that the ones I sincerely tried to avoid would change my life completely.

They all had a special place in my heart. In some way, they had all cheered me on, adviced me, supported me - loved me.

Some of them had made me cry of joy.

Some of them had showed me a whole new way of looking at things.

Some of them had defended me.

And some... some had just simply pissed me off, and challenged me.

And yet, I would never change a month, week, day, hour, minute or even a second I'd spent with them. Because during that time, I grew as a person. Because without them, I would not be where I am right now. I would not have experience all the joy, happiness, hurt, betrayal, first and second loves, and most importantly; the friendship.

I know that now.

And I am grateful to them.

Because without them, I would not be the person I am today.

Without them, I wouldn't be as happy as I am now.

~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~

Two years earlier...

"Graham Brown got a Red Notice!" someone called, and immediatly chaos erupted.

I looked up with a blank expression, my eyes zooming in on the poor bloke running down the corridor. Not seconds later, did the crowd form a path, so that three boys could get through.

Oh, everyone knew who they were.

They were infamous for being cruel, ruthless, merciless, and... well, let's be honest here; handsome.

They were the Marauders.

Yes, I know. At the age of seventeen, you shouldn't need to name your "gang" something like that, or even more childish; come up with stupid nicknames for each other.

It was beyond stupid.

What made things even worse was the fact that no one seemed to care. They ruled the school. Not even the teachers could do anything - they had no proof.

Oh yes - it wouldn't surprise me if the entire world knew who they were. Last time I heard was a wild rumor about one of the Marauders actually having a solid fanbase in Japan.

Give me a break - seriously?

Believe it.

The three Marauders walked past me, not even giving me a quick glance. But then again, did I expect them to? No. I was nobody. And quite frankly, I was more than glad to keep it that way. I didn't want to come across their path, no matter what the situation was.

But that didn't mean I accepted their way of dealing with things.

"I heard Brown got the Red Notice because he accidentally brushed shoulders with Potter," a girl nearby whispered, and I pursed my lips tightly.

"No, apparently, the girl Black tried to charm was dating Brown!" another one whispered.

Doesn't matter which was the true one, they were both stupid, stupid, stupid reasons, anyway.

The Red Notice was like a signal - no, a command - from the Marauders to the entire school. It gave the entire school the permission - no, more like an order - to freeze out the other person, to hex, beat up, curse, humiliate... until the Marauders called the game over.

It was almost unbelievable how everyone immediatly knew when someone had got a Red Notice. If you did something to upset the Marauders, you'd find a simple, red parchment stuck on the door to the Great Hall, with your name written on it in gold.

And the very second it appeared there, the entire school knew.

What made things worse was the fact that no one seemed to have the nerve to disobey. I know, I know - easy for me to judge others while I stand and watch the torment myself. But quite honestly, I cannot afford to lose.

See, I'm not like most of the students in Hogwarts.

No, I'm a Muggleborn - or as some would say; Mudblood.

Let me introudce the douchebags who we all are bound to follow brainlessly.

Peter Pettigrew; he's the odd one in the bunch. He's the shortest, but not much. My wild guess is about six feet, give or take a few inches. While all the Marauders are rather mysterious - more or less - and hardly ever speak to us commoners, I have no direct opinion of Peter Pettigrew. He's almost always standing on the sidelines, laughing stupidly as some poor student with the Red Notice is being bullied around. Sometime, I'd like to laugh at him, though. I've seen his answers in a Charms quiz - he's not the brightest lightbulb in the bunch, let me tell you that. But I've heard from a more or less trusthworthy source that he's into older women, and is currently dating Hestia Jones, a girl who graduated three years ago.

Next is the notorious player called Sirius Black. His entire family is filled with Purebloods, and is among one of the richest, well-known families there is. He has that casual, yet trendy style - I mean, even when he's just strutting down the corridor makes girls swoon, and make him look like a model in a runway show. Never liked him much, since I've heard stories that would even make Severus Snape's greasy hair curl. Apparently, it's not entirely a lie that he knocked up a girl or two.

The wildhorse in the race is without a doubt Remus Lupin. He's probably anything else but evil and conceited like the other Marauders. He's the quiet one, always sulking in a corner with a book, not even bothering to look even mildly interested of the whole torturing. Sometimes I seriously wonder what the heck he's doing with that lot, anyway.

He was rarely seen during these encounters - so it was no surprise to see only the three Marauders there, without Remus Lupin.

The leader of the Marauders is James Potter. He's the one issuing the Red Notices whenever he feels like it. It doesn't even have to be something directed at him, it's enough, if he's annoyed over something that happened to his friend. Or if he simply doesn't like your face - wouldn't put that past him. He's the type of guy who likes to beat the hell out of you for fun. He's the type of guy who talks down on you, no matter what the situation is.

He's a tyrant, he's the spawn of all evil put together. I seriously believe that if Satan and that girl from The Exorcist had a child, James Potter would be it.

"So you thought it would be okay," James Potter drawled, twirling his wand casually between his fingers, while the other Marauders spread out, so that they formed a fearsome barrier in front of Graham Brown. I watched with raised eyebrows, as the other students fell into a circel around Graham Brown, leaving him no way out. "To sit in my armchair?"

"And invite your friends to sit there too," Sirius Black continued. "In the Marauder territory?"

They were obviously talking about the Gryffindor Common Room, where the Marauders had their own corner by the fire - and where no one else got to sit, unless they were invited to... which rarely happened.

Well, it never happened.

"Watch it!" I snapped, as a Slytherin boy elbowed me out of the way.

No one seemed to care if I got walked over, so I backed away as far as I could, so that i stood right outside the circle.

Everyone was there already.

"N-no," the boy stammered, his eyes wide. He continued backing away from the Marauders, only to be pushed away from the students behind him.

"I think we need to make an example of you," Potter said, smiling a twisted smile.

I shuddered, looking guiltily away, as I heard Sirius chuckle. When Sirius chuckled like that, it could only mean one thing; Potter didn't want to bother with fists and kicks.

I looked up momentarily, and watched as Graham Brown was hanging upside down in the air, and spinning around and around. Everyone around was cheering on, and it was almost making me deaf. I turned on my heel, almost bumping into someone.

"Sorry, excuse me," I mumbled, stepping aside.

"Um, excuse me," a girl's voice said, and I looked up. "But what's going on? Why's everyone cheering?"

I stared at the blonde girl, almost feeling sorry for her stupid question. "You're serious?" I said, staring at her.

"I'm sorry, I'm new here," she said, blushing deeply.

"Transfer student?" I sighed, rubbing my head. She nodded once, and I shook my head. "Welcome to hell, new girl."

Without waiting for her response, I pushed past her, and kept walking as fast as I could, the cheers and applauds echoing behind me.

I needed to get out.

I needed fresh air.

I needed to scream.

~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~


My scream echoed across the gorunds, and somewhere in the forest, a flock of birds flew up in the air, reminding me of a dark cloud as they disappeared in the distance. I took a deep, calming breath, closing my eyes as I counted down from five.






"Could you stop that?" came a calm voice.

"WHOA!" I called out, spinning around.

As I saw who it was, I felt my heart freeze in my chest, and my eyes grow wide.

There - in the empty, cold and dark Astronomy Tower, only a few feet away from me - stood Remus Lupin, leaning against the wall like a beautiful sculptur, holding a book in one hand.

Holy cow, he was beautiful.

"You're doing it again, aren't you?" he continued, slowly closing the book, as he stared down at his shoes.

"W-what?" I stammered.

"Fretting," he sighed, shaking his head. "Even your breathing is annoyingly loud."

"Excuse me?" I said, totally put out.

"This," Remus said, gesturing around himself with one hand. "Is my quiet place. I come here to get away from the noise. You're not quiet. You're disturbing me."

I stared at him, slowly feeling the blush creep on my cheeks.

"But I suppose you don't know how to be quiet, do you?" Remus said, looking at me for the first time.

"How... h-how long have you... b-been there?" I mumbled, folding my arms awkwardly as I looked down.

"About twenty minutes," he said with a shrug, looking away. "Ever since you started cursing my friends to hell - using words not entirely fit for a girl like you to use - to the moment you cried out 'This is unbelieveable!' only a few seconds ago."

I snapped my head up, feeling the anger and humiliation boil inside of me. "A normal person would've made a sound, or something, to let the other person know they were not alone!"

"Excuse me," Remus said, directing his piercing eyes at me. "But a normal person would've checked her surroundings before barging in, starting a bloody rant out of the blue."


"In any case," he said, pushing away from the wall. "I suppose you can't help it, can you?"

I watched - completely stunned! - as Remus Lupin quietly left the Astronomy Tower, leaving a ominous silent after himself.

I turned to face the open window again, breathing heavily.

"I HATE THE MARAUDERS!" I roared into the air.

And there was no way in hell that I, Lily Evans, would give up my only place where I could relieve my stress.

~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~

A/N: Nyah, nyah, nyah - Lily did it again! >:] Yes, I am totally ruining the perfect image you all have made of the gorgeous James Potter by making him the Anti-Christ of the new world! :D ...well, maybe not, but, well - yeah. But mwehh, wanted to try something new and funky :D Okay, so, has anyone heard of a Japanese drama series called Hana Yori Dango? Basically, this is based on it, a lot, so... for those who have seen it, might find this amusing, interesting, and... well, that's what I hope, anyway :D
- Lily xxx

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