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I'll Be Seeing You by DeathCabForCutie
Chapter 6 : Quit Calling Me By My Last Name
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Clutching my pillow tightly, I desperately tried to fall asleep as birds began to chirp obnoxiously outside my window. Outside rain was calmly gliding down from the sky giving me a well needed sense of comfort as I fought the paranoid thoughts circling in my head. He wouldn't publicly announce ...what we did...and then make fun of me for the rest of my life. He wouldn't ignore me and pretend like i never existed. No, he wouldn't but in my head he would. In my head he would do every possible thing to ensure i was absolutely humiliated. Was it crazy? Yes. Was it logical? No. Was I trying psych myself out? Yeah. After awhile I made myself calm down and breathe. It was going to be okay. I would be okay. I was being ridiculous. I turned over my pillow and nestled my face into it. The tug of exhaustion started pulling on me as I pulled the covers to my neck and fell asleep.



So I finally fell asleep. Wonderfully, blissfully unconscious…and then someone decided, ‘hey lets disturb her slumber by throwing her beloved red teddy bear (Bernstein) at her.’ My eyebrows furrowed together as I swore under my breath. I opened my dark chestnut eyes and glared at the perpetrator in roaring hatred to find my brother standing above me. I glanced at my watch.



“Hugo,” I whined pitifully, “its five o’clock in the morning!”

He shrugged and pulled on his shoes while sitting on my bed. “I’m awake. Wanna go for a run?”

“We have to be on the train in six hours…Are you insane?”

“Jeeze. A simple no will suffice.” He snorted to himself, “You really look like hell in the morning…” Hugo gestured to my wild, poufy, tangled red hair in amusement.

“Oh sod off…” I grumbled turning over and closing my eyes.

“…Rosie…” He muttered in a quiet tone.

I turned at the softness of his tone. “Yeah?”

“What am I going to do without you next year? I mean you’ll be off somewhere doing something and I’ll just be here…doing this by myself.”

I frowned sadly and sat up. “I don’t even know what I’m doing next year Hugo.”

“Still,” He persisted miserably.

“Whatever I’m doing I’ll always write to you,” I promised as I moved to the edge of my bed and hugged him from the side. “You’re stuck with me.”

He grinned at that. “Good.”

“Now why the hell would you want to go running this early?”

I released him and sat back against my headboard. Hugo sighed and fell back against my bed. “To clear my head.”

“What’s there to clear? You’re fifteen.” I scoffed heartlessly, “What’s the problem.”

Well…” He admitted guiltily, “I like someone.”

I jolted forward and started poking him. “Who!”

“Would you quiet down?! I don’t want the whole bloody town to know!” Hugo complained half-heartedly.

“Well then spit her name out!”

He sighed, “I shouldn’t have said anything…

“Spit it out or I will give you detentions for a week!”

“Haven’t even gotten on the train and you’re abusing you’re power,” He snickered under his breath mockingly, “Fine…Alisha Roth.”

I smirked tauntingly, “Alisha Natalie Roth? My Ravenclaw nemesis on the Quidditch field?”

“The very same.”

“That’s cute.” I snorted loudly, “You sure do have a type.”

He twisted his neck and gave me a confused look. “What do you mean?”


“I suppose I do.”

“Still want to go running?”

He shook his head with a heavy sigh. “Tired now.”

“Are you going to ask her out?”

“I dunno…I don’t think she sees me like that.”

I got back under my covers. “Yes she does.”

“How do you know?”

“A woman knows…”

He nudged my knee. “Go on.”

“The way she talks to you…She’s interested.”

“Maybe I’ll ask her out tomorrow… I mean later today.”

I yawned and cradled my pillow underneath my neck. “You do that.”

“Are you and …” He screwed up his face to remember my now ex-boyfriends name. “Okay?”

“Yeah. He seemed fine with just being friends.”

He clicked his tongue on the roof off his mouth. “Damn.”


“Well this guy wasn’t worth your time but at least I didn’t have to worry about all those dumb ass hopefuls who chase after you.”

I laughed at that. “I don’t know why you guys are like that. I had James bulldozing any guy who looked at me two years ago, Albus glaring at any guy who comes close to me and you trailing after me like a bodyguard so they won’t even approach me. I’m honestly not this helpless. Ghandi should have had this type of protection…”

“Maybe not but we like to be careful,” He assured me with a smirk.

“Want a pillow?”

He kicked off his shoes and laid on the luxurious other half of my bed. “Yeah.”

I gave him the bright orange tye-dye pillow and kept my favorite purple one. “So, what are you doing with your life?”

“Selling my possessions and living as a monk.'

“Well,” I shrugged closing my eyes and smiling, “At least you have a plan.”


“HUGO! ROSE!” My mother yelled loudly wrenching open the blinds.



I let out a childlike whimper, tugged the covers over my head and hid beneath my pillow. They were carelessly tossed off me and I heard my brother complain similuarly next to me.


“Mum…You really need to work on your consideration in the morning.” Hugo grumbled burrowing his head underneath my other pillow.

My mother rolled her eyes, “Like you are much better. Come on you two. Breakfast is down stairs.”

We didn’t move.

“Food is only available for the next four minutes. Don’t come down and you get none.”


“And I won’t give you money for food on the train.”



We scoffed in unison and slowly dragged ourselves up, out of bed. Hugo left to go change out of his jogging close and into his jeans and t-shirt. I stood and went to the mirror.



My mother smiled and hugged me. “You may have your father’s hair color but the texture is all mine.”

“Mum I love you but I wish the whole thing was dad.” I laughed roughly.

“I know dear but it makes us stand out.”

I gave her a look, “What in a crowd?”

She shook her head, kissed me cheek and left. “Hurry up.”



I packed the night before. I was ready to go. So I grabbed a heavy duty brush, rubbed some de-tangling cream on my hair and began surgery. My hair really wasn’t that bad in general. With the help of magic I usually could manage it well but in the morning it was crazy. After a few minutes my hair and calmed down a bit and was looking only slightly Amazon-esche. I moved onto the make-up. I added eyeliner quickly before adding some eye shadow and mascara. My skin was blemish less which wasn’t a first but certainly was a relief. First day of school acne flare ups are just lovely.



I pulled on my white shirt with the words, ‘I’ve got the world on a string,’ on the front over my head before tugging my jeans up to my hips. I went down to the kitchen and saw my dad and mom arguing about something or another. Ignoring them I went and pilled some pancakes on my plate. I used to think it was bad my parent’s fought so much but then I actually thought enough to watch their argument. From the subtle beginning signs to their reluctant apologize I realized it was good they fought. If they didn’t, if they held in all that…bullshit then they would keep their stupid little insecurities to themselves and hate each other, at least this way they can get it out and I won’t get distracted while I eat. Hugo slumped into the seat next to me and gave him an odd look in between bites.



“What did you do?”

“Nothing,” He muttered pouring orange juice into his glass.

I positively beamed, “Did you …shave?”

“Oh sod off…”

“I can’t believe this let me see!”

He leaned away from me angrily. “You’re a right chit you know that?”

“At least you didn’t cut yourself.” I murmured going back to my food and ignoring his comment.

Mum kissed dad as he left to go get the car out of the garage and eyed Hugo strangely. “Hugo…honey…Hey what’s different?”

“He shaved ma,” I boasted obnoxiously.

“You did?!”

He glowered at me and nodded at my mother.

“Aw you’re a big boy now!” My mom teased him squishing his cheeks.



I roared with laughter at the look of disgust on my brother’s face which made him tickle my sides mercilessly.



“Mum!” I squealed kicking him before finally grabbing my buttered toast and smearing it all over his fresh face.

He flinched grabbing a napkin and wiping it off, “EW!”

“You had it coming.”

“Oh really?” He questioned raising his own toast at me threateningly.

My eyes widened, “Don’t-you-dare.” He inched closer to me and I bolted, “MOOOOOOOOOOOM!”



Hugo chased me around the house for ten minutes with his toast before my mother intervened. TEN MINUTES! I could have died in that amount of time! My father threw our luggage into the car as Hugo frowned, he never caught me.



“Oh don’t be all pissy.” I told him condescendingly hugging his muscular arm, “We all can’t be winners.”

He glanced at me with a scrunched up face as we piled into the old cars beat up backseat. “I’m so getting you back later.”



I read on the ride to kings crossing with a sigh, Hugo was reading the Quidditch manual, my parents were talking about some ministry thing. When we got to the platform we joined our clan with the Potters to make one giant crowd. Lily jumped me instantly.



“I’m so excited!”

I laughed and hugged her back. “For what?”


Okay honey.”



Hugo hugged my mother reluctantly, still bitter about the shaving comment before shaking my dad’s hand and going off to find his friends. I stayed with my family a little bit longer though my eyes did wander towards the Malfoy’s. There he was trapped his mothers embrace as his father rolled his eyes at the intensity of his wifes grip. I grinned at that. His family really did love him.




I turned and saw my mother handing me a lunch. “Here you go honey.”

I looked inside with a smile as I found PB and J sandwich, an apple and some chips. “Thanks ma.”



Then I went down the line; I hugged Aunt Ginny, Uncle Harry, Aunt Fleur, Uncle Bill, mom and finally dad. I saw Lily and Albus going down the line next to me as I hugged my dad tightly. I knew I was miss him the most.



“Don’t forget to write your mother and i.”

I grinned at him as I grabbed my luggage, “I won’t.”

“Bye honey.”



I climbed aboard the train, took one last look at my family and went on my search for Zooey.

I hoped she’d be with Charlie. I love Charlie! She is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. The only reason we aren’t closer friends is because she’s dating Clyde Russel. Who isn’t the worst guy in the world but he’s very possessive for a boyfriend so she doesn’t get much free time. Unfortunately I walked by Charlie and Clyde...eating each others faces... which meant she was sitting with Bethany....Great.

See it wasn’t that I hated Bethany. It was that Bethany hated me and when Zooey wasn’t around she was very vocal about it. I’m sorry I got to be prefect when she wanted it but that was two years ago. Honestly I would have got over it by now. Seeing Zooey I pounced.




She turned as I opened the compartment door and jumped her. “Red!”

“How are you?”

She shrugged as Bethany huffed in the seat across from me and left the compartment. “Pretty good you?”

“The usual. How was Europe?”

Night-mare,” Zooey groaned her grey eyes widening in disgust. “So I get on the plane with my mum right? Guess who she conveniently forgot to inform me was joining us on our three month tour around Europe?”


She hesitated for effect before raising her eyebrows, “Her cougar snatch of the year.”

“Oh not the Spanish one that doesn’t speak any English….” I replied giving her a sympathetic look.

“The very same,” She nodded bitterly, “Everywhere we went they were all over each other…'Now look over there we see the Parthenon and your forty year old mother’s breasts being fondled by someone half her age…’

I grimaced, “So you didn’t have any fun?”

“Well I got a good snog out of a blonde bloke I met on the way back from Greece but other than that…I would have much rather stayed at my dad’s and went sun burning with you.”

“I’m sorry Zoe. You were so excited.”

Zooey yawned, “Whatever. I knew the old bird would find a way to disappoint me.”

“She’s just a treat isn’t she?”

“Yeah…Hey do you have to stay in the heads compartment the whole time there?”

I didn’t think I had to but I wasn’t about to stay and endure the silent waves of loathing from Bethany when I didn’t have to. “Yeah I’m afraid so…I’ll find you when we pull up to Hogwarts.”




I dragged my luggage to the gold outlined compartment and took a deep breath. I wasn’t nervous about the job I’d have to do Headgirl really wouldn’t be that much different from being a prefect except I’d get to pick everyone’s schedules along with my own. Organizing events and such weren’t that hard either. No what I was anxious about was Scorpius. I’d successfully ignored my paranoia for the past few hours but now it was impossible to. He’d be sitting with me alone in a large compartment….



Opening the door I found the headmaster and Scorpius already sitting down. Embarrassed I dropped my things to the side and sat on the bench next to Scorpius. I checked my watch, it had just turned ten. The train wouldn’t even leave for an hour and yet I felt like I was late. I tried to give a side glance at Scorpius but he wouldn’t look at me. Apparently his nails were more intriguing than me.  Dean Thomas, Hogwarts Headmaster for the past nine years, greeted me with a warm smile. This tall, sturdy man gave me his hand to shake as usual.

“Ms. Weasley.”

“Hello Professor,” I grinned back at him warmly.

“Well now that we are all here.” He gave us the names of the prefects and letters from last year’s Headboy and Headgirl. “They will be in here in an hour so I suggest you two prepare for the prefects and how you two will schedule. Any problems you can owl me.” The headmaster stood and nodded to me and Scorpius before leaving.


When he shut the door I moved to where the Headmaster had sat and bit my lip. Scorpius wouldn’t look at me which was REALLY starting to get on my nerves. It took a few minutes for me to completely lose control. I couldn’t take it anymore. The silence was driving me insane.


He glanced up at me in response but his eyes could cut threw ice.

“What’s your problem?”

“I don’t have one,” Malfoy scoffed.

“Okay,” I drawled sarcastically. “Anyway we should talk about what we are going to say to the prefects.”

“No because I won’t be saying it you will.”

My thin eyebrows clashed together as I fought to control my temper. “Malfoy…”

“And quit calling me by my last name.”

“Then quit being an asshole!”

He grinned, “Took you long enough to snap.”

“Is that why you’ve been ignoring me?!”

“It’s just so ease to get a rise out of you.”

I glared at him and moved for the door. For some reason I didn't care anymore. I just went towards the door. “Whatever.”

For some reason I knew he’d stop me. There was no precedence but I just had a feeling if I tried to leave he would. He let me get to the door before he tossed me against the wall, put one hand behind my neck and the other glided up the back of my thigh as his jaw hovered tauntingly over my face. My chest rose and fell rhythmically as his grey eyes stared into mine lustfully.

“One rule for this.”

“Which is?”

He grinned inching forward, “I’m not your boyfriend.”

I bridged the gap between our faces daringly. Forcing as to part and our chests to collide. It was a few moments of a heat. I pulled away from him with a smirk, “I never asked you to be.”

Good.” He whispered huskily before tightening his grip on me and crashing his lips back on mine and releasing me of all my worries in one fluid movement.

Because the fact was this was going to blow up in my face and i really didn't care.

Authors Note:

Song in the summary is Everybody Loves Me By: OneRepublic. THANK YOU FOR READING! I know it's been awhile but I couldn't write this story for the longest time. Writers block crippled me. I hope you all can forgive me! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW!

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