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Losing Innocence by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 2 : Running
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  Rose woke up, blinking ash out of her eyes. She as she sat up gray cinders and little pieces of burnt wood slid of her clothes. She pulled her teddy close to her and looked up, she didn't know where she was, but sun was streaming in through the shafts above her.

  "Mummy?" She called, pathetically, "Dada?" No one answered, Rose reached up to grab the edge of the hole above her and pulled herself up. She was in what was her living room, though, now it looked nothing like a living room anymore. Everything was gray, the ceiling and furniture was totally destroyed. She walked over to the burnt door that was halfway off its hinge. Suddenly she heard murmuring from the other side of the house.

  She remembered how last night it started with men talking to each other outside, then they started sending flashes of light everywhere. Scared they were going to come back for her, Rose ran out the door. She raced as fast as she could across the yard, into the woods, deep, deeper, deeper then she'd ever been before, so deep she could barely move in the undergrowth. She didn't stop until she knew her legs couldn't carry her any farther. Then she fell on her hands and knees next to a huge tree.

  She curled up in a little ball, holding her teddy bear between her tummy and her legs and wrapping her arms around her legs. She started to cry again. She wondered where her Mum and Dad were. Why didn't they come looking for her? They always said they would protect her from anything, why didn't they protect her from the fire? Where they okay? Did they go to heaven like Teddy's parents? Would she ever see them again? She didn't want to be like Teddy, she didn't want her parents to be dead. But if they didn't come to get her, what other explanation was there?

  "Mummy." She whispered, tears running fast down her face. "Help me."

  She didn't know what to do next. She didn't want to walk anywhere, because as it was the souls of her feet were bleeding from running through the woods, and she didn't have any shoes, not even any socks. But she didn't want to stay put either; she knew there was a lot of scary things in the woods, like werewolves and erkling, that at little kids like her for breakfast. Also it was late in October, therefore very cold, and she didn't have anything on other than her thin white and lavender nightgown.

  But even if she did walk someone, she didn't know where to go. She couldn't remember which way she came from and she didn't know which way to go to get anywhere safe. If she could, she would go to her Uncle Harry's and Auntie Ginny's house, but she only ever got there by Floo and didn't know where it was.

  She finally when the wind started to pick up; raising goose pimples on her pale, naked arms; she decided she had to at least find a more sheltered warmer place to hide.

  She stood up, trying to ignore the pain on the bottom of her bare feet, and started walking.  She fought her way through the undergrowth until for what had to be miles until she finally stumbled upon a grove of little round piles of moss. They were pressed down in the middle as if something else used them for sleeping. She crawled into the nearest one, it was soft and comfortable. The grove was protected from the wind so it was warm in there. Rose pulled some of the moss bedding over her cold arms and used her teddy bear as a pillow. She fell asleep for a little while but was awoken by someone…or something standing over her looking down at her.


  “Well…what do we have here?”

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