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forever Grieving by muggle born princess
Chapter 1 : A family life
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Chapter one

A family life

Lily and James where sitting in the living room, James was on the floor playing with his 3 year old son Harry. Harry had the same hair as James black and untamed sticking up in all directions everyone always said that Harry will look just like his father when he was older the only difference was his eyes he had the same eyes as his mother Lily.

‘Daddy do it again’ squealed Harry “jumping up and down in excitement as his father made different colours come out of the tip of his wand” 

James you’re going to get him over excited’ scolded Lily “with a smile as she fed there 5 month old daughter Victoria- rose. Victoria had dark red hair and her eyes where the same shade of hazel as her father’s”

 ‘ we are only having fun’ said James “with his famous signature grin”

‘Fun fun fun!’ squealed Harry “bouncing up and down as James and Lily laughed at their over excited son. Just then they heard the fire in the kitchen”

‘Honey I’m home’ said Sirius “in a sing song voice as he walked through the kitchen door into the living room”

‘Padfoo!’ shouted Harry “running over to Sirius”

‘Prongs-let; said Sirius “pulling Harry into a hug have you been a good boy for your mommy and daddy”

‘Ye me been a good boy and me been helping mammy with Vic’ said Harry ‘where is uncle Moonie?’ added Harry ‘looking behind Sirius into the kitchen’

‘Uncle Moonie will be here tomorrow to see you, how about we take you trick o treating when mammy and daddy take Vic to the doctors for her shots does that sound like fun?’ said Sirius ‘if that’s ok with your mammy of course?’ added Sirius “looking over Harry’s head at Lily as he put Harry back onto the floor.

Harry turned and ran towards his mother

‘Please mammy can I go please? I will be good and I will go to bed when you tell me to!’ said Harry “jumping up and down in front of his mother holding both of his hands in front of him with a puppy dog face”

‘Ok you can go’ said Lily “with a smile then she turned and looked at Sirius” ‘you have corrupted my son’ she accused with a smile ‘Merlin he’s turning into a mini Sirius’

This coursed everyone to laugh Lily turned and looked at the clock

‘Merlin its late’ said Lily ‘Harry it’s time for bed , Sirius can you bathe him and make sure he brushes his teeth then put him to bed? Because Vic hasn’t finished her bottle yet’

‘Sure things Lils’ said James “standing up then he bent down and picked Harry up off the floor and walking over to the stair’s” ‘come on padfoot let’s get this little monster ready for bed’ “ Sirius jumped to his feet and followed James and Harry up the stairs”.

‘Right Harry time for your bath’ said James “walking into the bath room” ‘Sirius can you fill the bath up? ‘And I`ll help him brush his teeth’ “he added looking over his shoulder”

‘Sure thing prongs’ said Sirius “walking over to the bath and turning the tap on the then waving his wand so that the temperature was right for Harry”.  

‘Right Harry let’s brush your teeth’ said James “picking Harry’s tooth brush up and his wizard milk teeth toothpaste he put a pea sized bit of toothpaste onto the toothbrush then handing the tooth brush to Harry. Harry put the tooth brush into his mouth and his eyes lit up”

‘What flavour is it today?’ asked Sirius “as he walked over to them”

‘Treacle tart’ said Harry smiling

‘Is it better than the flavour you got last night?’ asked James smiling

‘Why what flavour did he get?’ asked Sirius

‘Ear wax’ said James “as Harry pulled a face of disgust.

‘Are that’s unlucky mate’ said Sirius laughing

‘Ye but daddy got boogie flavour said Harry “sticking his tong out at his father” ‘when he tried my toothpaste’

‘Why did you try it?’ asked Sirius amused “turning to James”

‘Well this morning because Harry didn’t want to brush his teeth in case he got another horrible taste’

‘And did you?’ asked Sirius “Looking at Harry”

‘No I got toffee’ said Harry with a grin

‘Are you finished your teeth son?’ asked James

‘Ye daddy’ said Harry

‘Right let’s get you into the bath’ “James striped Harry and put him in to the bath and stated washing his hair and body then he took him out and dried him off with his wand then dressed him in his favourite pyjamas which where red with little golden snitches all over them with catch me if you can written in gold on the back”

‘Daddy can you tell me a story?’ asked Harry “as his father carried him to his room”

‘Of course I can what story will you like?’ asked James as he laid his son into his bed and tucked him in”

A one about you, Padfoo, Moonie and warm tail said Harry as James sat on the side of his bed’

‘Ok let’s see’ said James ‘Em how about the one about when daddy, Sirius, Remus and Peter met?’

‘Ye that one’ said Harry

‘Right it was the 1st September and I was walking around the Hogwarts express looking for a place to sit but all the compartments were full but when I got to the last one there was Sirius sitting by the door by his self’ said James

Ye your dad walked right in with a strut and asked if he could sit with me and I said he could so he sat in the chare opposite me and as he sat down the compartment door opened and there was Remus and peter and with Remus being the more confident one asked if he could join us and I looked at your daddy and he shrugged his shoulders so I turned back to the two new comers and said that we wouldn’t mind them sitting with us so we started talking about what lessons we were looking forward to and mostly about Quidditch’ said Sirius

‘Ye then the compartment door opened again and there standing at the door was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever saw in my life she had dark red hair and emerald green eyes’ said James

‘Ye ye he doesn’t want the story about how you met his mother’ interrupted Sirius

‘Ok ok any way your mother walked in and sat at the other end of the compartment by the window and behind her was a boy with greasy hair and skin his hair was black and he was already in his school robes he sat down opposite your mother then he said that he hopes your mother would be in slivering any way I asked who wanted to be in slivering and that’s when Sirius told us the his whole family has been in slivering’

‘ye and your dad turned around and said that I seemed all right’

‘ then he said that he might become the only member of his family not to go to slivering and he was and we became best mates and we still are to this day ’.

‘Any way that’s enough of a story for tonight its time you went to sleep or mommy will murder me and Sirius for keeping you awake’ said James

‘Good night prongs-let’ said Sirius “giving Harry a hug and a kiss on top of his head see you in the morning”

‘Night son’ said James “giving Harry a tight hug and a kiss on top of his head”

‘Good night daddy, night Sirius’ said Harry “with a yawn” ‘will you be here when I wake up?’

‘Of course he will he`s staying the night’ said James “as he turned for the door”

‘Good’ said harry “as his father and Sirius closed the door”

As Sirius and James walked into the passage they saw Lily bringing Victoria- rose to bed James walked over to his wife and kissed her on the check and then kissed his daughter on the head

‘Good night Princess’ James whispered “into Vic’s hair then him and Lily walked into his and Lily’s room where they had turned the corner into a small nursery for Vic as they didn’t want to give Vic her own room just yet as they didn’t want her to wake Harry during the night. Lily lay Vic into her cot and smiled down at their daughter they felt as though there life was perfect they had two wonderful kids, they had each other and there kids had the best uncles there was”.


The next day Sirius and Remus took Harry trick o treat when they got home they found James putting Vic down for her nap and Lily in the kitchen making dinner

‘Daddy look at all of the sweets I got’ said harry “running over to his father opening the bag to let his dad see inside”

‘Wow that’s a lots, way to go Harry’ said James “looking into the bag”

‘Non until after your dinner’ Lily’s voice came from inside of the kitchen

‘But mammy!’ moaned Harry “putting his bag behind the couch so that no one can steal any of his sweets”

‘No buts young man dinner is done so go and wash your hands’ said Lily “walking out of the kitchen” ‘you too James, Sirius and Remus wash your hands and dinner will be out when you come back down’ “with that all of the men and Harry walked up the stairs  to wash their hands”

After they all washed their hands they all walked down the stairs and was welcomed by the smell of pizza

‘Yum pizza!’ squealed Harry “running over to the table, as he reached the table Lily picked him up and put him in his toddler chair which was strapped onto a chair next to his fathers normal seat and handed him some pizza cut into small slices, Harry ate his bit of pizza as everyone else helped theirself’s to the pizza’s in the middle of the table after every one was full Lily and Remus cleared the table as James and Sirius took Harry into the sitting room to let his dinner settle”

Harry and Sirius told James about what happened when they where trick o treating, about how an old lady give Harry an apple so Sirius turned it into a chocolate apple after an hour and a half  an hour Harry went and got his toy broom and started to fly around the sitting room Harry was having such fun flying he didn’t notice the cat walking into the sitting room.

‘Harry look out!’ shouted Lily standing in the doorway. Harry looked and spotted the cat he pulled his broom right trying to avoid the cat which coursed him to crash into the table, knocking a big armament over which stated to fall towards him every one went to grab their wands but before any of them had a chance the armament stopped in mid air everyone looked at Harry as James rushed over to grab the armament and sat it up right then he turned to Harry and picked him up

‘Who stopped the armament from falling?’ asked lily “looking at every one to see them all shaking their heads”

‘Lily I think it was Harry’ said Remus

‘Prongs-let did his first bit of magic’ said Sirius in a sing song voice

‘Yes my son is going to Hogwarts he`s going to carry on his daddies work’

‘James’ said Lily “shaking her head but with a smile on her face” ‘plus don’t get him too worked up it’s almost his bed time’.


That night Harry lay in his bed awake he was too excited to sleep his daddy had said he was going to Hogwarts the same school all of his family had gone to. He was still awake when his mother brought Vic up to bed. About 20 minutes later after his mother had gone back down stairs he was listening to the adults down stairs talking when there was a loud bang then he heard them shouting 

Harry climbed out of bed, opened his door and walked to the top of the stairs he could see lots of people in black robes with their hoods up and masks one. Then he heard Vic starting to cry so Harry walked into his mothers and fathers room to try to corm her down

‘Shhh it’s all right Vic mammy, daddy, uncle Padfoo and Moonie will make them go away’ whispered Harry “stroking his sisters hand in smoothing circles” ‘don’t cry’

‘Are that is so adorable’ said the death eater standing in the door way ‘don’t you think so Sev?’

‘Yes very’ said the other death eater walking into the room

‘STAY AWAY FROM VIC!’ shouted harry

‘is the little baby protecting his little sister how cut’ said the death eater in a sickly sweet voice

Just then a man with white skin and red eyes walked into the room, the other death eaters stepped aside to let him in. Harry knew who he was is dad told him he was a very bad man he was called Voldemort Harry herd his mother shouting his name, Lily ran into the room with fear in her eyes as she saw who was in the room with her children she pointed her wand at Voldemort but before she was able to say a spell the death eater called sev flicked his wand and she fell to the floor with blood rushing out of her chest and stomach.

The last thing Lily saw before she lost conciseness was Voldemort putting his wand to her sons head and whispering Avada Kedavra then a green light hitting her son and that was the last time anyone saw Harry James Potter


Lily woke up a week later in St Mungo`s with her husband on her left and their daughter and now only child asleep in her pram

‘James’ said Lily in a broking voice with tears running down her face “James looked up at her and Lily saw that he had been crying”

‘Lily your awake I was so worried’ said James “with fresh tears running down his face”

The next day Lily was discharged from St Mungo`s and her, James, Sirius and Remus with little Vic went home Lily didn’t dare go up stares she felt that if she did her hart will completely brake.

Every night Lily replayed that night in her dreams and she would normally wake up screaming for someone to save Harry


In Scotland there was a boy about 2-3 years old found  unconscious with a lighten volt shaped gash on his forehead and was taking to a local hospital as police tried to track down his family using his DNA but there was no family on file.

About three weeks later when the boy finally walk up he told the police that his name was Harry Potter and that he was three years old

The police didn’t find any records on a Potter family but they did find a Petunia Dursley who Harry clamed was his mother’s sister

Harry was sent to live with his aunt, uncle and cozen as police continued to look for his parents


About six months after their son’s death Lily and James decided to move abroad with Remus and Sirius as peter was mission as he had ran after the potters where attacked as he was there secret keeper and every one would know  that he was the spy.

They where moving to America into a small wizard village.

 as they were packing their stuff Sirius came across Harries sweets that he had hiding that fateful night Sirius felt his eyes begin to water so he ran out of the house and jumped onto his motor bike and drove off trying to calm himself dawn Sirius hated them death eater and Voldemort he wanted to kill as many as possible to stay and fight to revenge Harry but he knew his friends needed him now.

 Lily walked into the living room to see what was going on and she saw the bag of sweets on the floor she bent down to pick them up and realise they where harries sweets from when he went out trick o treating with Sirius and Remus

Lily finally let herself brake down and let all of the tears that she was holding in since that night out James walked into the living room carrying a box and saw the bag of sweets and his wife on the floor crying he dropped the box he was carrying and walked over to Lily he sat down beside her and pulled her into his lap and let her cry

Lily cried for her son whose life was cut way to short about how he will never get to go to Hogwarts fall in love or have a family of his own

‘He was just a baby’ whispered Lily ‘why did he kill him he was innocent’

‘I know Lily’ whispered James “with tears running down his own face” ‘merling I know but we have to be strong Lily we have to be strong for Vic she needs us to be. And Harry will want us to protect her like he did’. Lily only nodded her head and buried her face into James chest

The next day the potters, Sirius and Remus left for America


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forever Grieving : A family life


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