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Quidditch, Quaffles, and Quarrels by EW4eva
Chapter 4 : Step One, Procure a Boyfriend
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Ch 4: Step One, Procure a Boyfriend

“So how did it go?” I stared down into the overly-excited eyes of my best friend and smiled in response. Which caused her to let out a large squeal.

“What did you talk about? Was he nice? Did you talk about Rog-?”

I cut her off with a simple, “Good night Cass.” As I headed over to my four-poster bed and collapsed on it, closing the curtains around me.

“Fine,” I heard her say after a large, dramatic sigh, but you’re telling me everything tomorrow.”

I grunted as a response and then smiled into my pillow stupidly, thinking about my day.


After the Three Broomsticks, we spent a large amount of time gallivanting around Hogsmeade, talking a mile a minute. We talked about almost everything, however we steered clear from the topic of Quidditch. Every time I would mention anything related to the sport, Oliver would just smile and say “nice try” and change the subject. It was slightly annoying that I couldn’t discuss my most favorite pastime, but I let it slip.

The most eventful moment, however, was when we ran into Roger. We were walking towards Honeyduke’s when we saw him heading the opposite direction, his arm slung over the shoulder of his new conquest, the young Ravenclaw. Curiosity had gotten the best of me that day in the Great Hall and I had later asked Cass who she was. It turned out her name was Amber Carey. She was supposedly a nice enough girl, but I had my doubts.

I was the first to notice them. He was walking towards us, whispering coyly into her ear. I felt my stomach burn unpleasantly, and I had a very strong urge to grab Wood and snog him senseless, but I resisted, knowing that idea would just turn into a disaster. I settled for glaring, and was shocked out of my reverie, when Wood grabbed my hand. I looked up to see him smiling at me kindly, though I could see a bit of anger in his eyes that I was pretty sure was not directed at me.

I was so caught up looking at Oliver’s expression that I was once more shaken out of my thoughts by a loud scoff. I turned to see Roger rolling his eyes at the two of us, with a mocking smirk on his lips.

“It’s not working Parkin,” he said with a sneer.

I breathed in heavily and in an annoyed tone I said, “You know, not everything I do revolves around you, Davies!”
Roger was about to reply when Oliver stepped in, “Yea, Davies, besides I asked Alex out,” he said as he wrapped his arm around me, “I was just lucky enough that she got over your sorry arse.”

I tried to hide my surprise as he said this, and continued to look at Roger nonchalantly. He looked a bit taken aback. And Amber looked downright uncomfortable.

“Whatever Wood, just watch out, because she is definitely playing you.” He then walked away before either of us could throw out a retort.

We were both silent for some time after that, neither of us seemed to notice or really even care that we had passed Honeyduke’s. I looked up at Oliver to see that he was thinking rather intently. I frowned, starting to get worried.

“You don’t actually believe him do you?” My voice remained calm, but my eyes betrayed my real feelings. Truthfully, I wasn’t fully over Roger, but I wanted to be, and I really did not want the first guy after him to think that I still wanted to be with that bastard.

Oliver looked at me for a moment, still with a slight frown, but he soon dropped it and smiled at me. “No, Davies isn’t exactly known for his honesty.”

I was still frowning, the entire event was rather upsetting. I looked down at the ground for a moment, before slowly picking my head up once more and addressing him. “You know, you didn’t have to lie to him about asking me out.”

His smile grew slightly at that, “Well, in all honesty, it wasn’t exactly a lie.”

Confusion grew on my face at that statement, “What do yo-“

He stopped me by lifting a finger to my lips until I stopped talking, and then he dropped his hand. “Yes, I know you asked me out, what I meant was the second part wasn’t a lie. I am really glad that you got over Davies. I… I uh, well I have been meaning to… uh…”

Confusion was still plastered on my face as he stumbled over his words, “You’ve been meaning to… what exactly?”

A small blush crept up his neck and onto his cheeks, but he continued anyway, “I have been meaning to ask you to um… catch up for a while now. But I never knew what you might have said, so I always chickened out.”

My confusion slipped away to be replaced with a small smile. I then laughed at Oliver’s expression, he was waiting to see my reaction to his confession. His face blanched slightly at my laugh, so I covered my mouth with my left hand to stifle the laughter. Yet, when I retracted my hand, a grin was still there.

“You’ve been meaning to ask me out?” I said happily, “Tell me Oliver, did you ever get over your six year old crush on me?”

Oliver’s expression was first shocked but then changed to one of amusement, a smirk crawling onto his face. I studied it for a moment, but was happy to see that it was not as… sinister as the one Roger always wore.

“I meant, we used to be such good friends, I wanted to get back to that.”

I tried to hide the slight disappointment I felt when he said that. Where it had come from I do not know. I hadn’t even given Oliver a second thought until the other day. My thoughts were interrupted as Oliver continued.

“Though it did take some time for me to get over the fact that you ditched me because I was chubby.”

My grin dropped at this, “That’s not why-“

He stopped me once more in the same manner, yet this time he didn’t let him finger drop as he spoke. “I was only joking.” He laughed lightly, staring into my eyes for a moment before letting his hand drop once more. I could still feel the eruption of butterflies in my stomach that I had gotten when he touched my face.

We started walking again, though I hadn’t even noticed that we had stopped at all. I looked down and noticed that we were still holding hands. I looked at our hands with interest. It felt so natural that I hadn’t even noticed. I felt so comfortable with Oliver it was almost scary.

“So… do you want to walk back to Honeyduke’s like we originally planned, because somehow we already managed to walk almost all the way back to the castle. I stared up at the castle in the distance, a little relieved. True, it felt right standing there with Oliver, my hand in his, but really it was also a bit weird. Why did I never feel this was with Roger? I really needed to think.

“That’s ok Oliver, I was hoping to get a head start on my plans for the first match.”

He grinned at me, “Head start? You know I’ve been planning for Gryffindor’s first match since the end of last year right?”

I laughed and rolled my eyes at him, “Well Ollie, not all of us are as obsessed as you.”

His eyes narrowed, but he was still grinning as he said, “Okay Allie, I’ll let you go plan, but don’t expect us to go easy on you come game day.”

My smile grew widely as I mockingly said, “Oh Ollie, I would never expect you to let me win in Quidditch. Besides we both know it is you that will be needing all the help you can get.”

We both stared at each other with narrowed eyes, yet our smirks gave away our real feelings on the matter.

We walked in through the front gates, giving Filch our names, and trying to ignore the feelings we got as we passed the Dementors. I mean I understand that there is a killer on the loose, but I mean, couldn’t we have gotten a bunch of Aurors or something less… creepy?

Oliver seemed to hold the same opinion, but neither of us mentioned them. We remained silent until the castle. It was starting to feel a little uncomfortable, and my hand in his started to feel hot and sweaty, but I felt it would be rude to just yank it away. Once we got inside Oliver said, “I’m not going to lie, I don’t know where the Hufflepuff common room is…” I think he expected me to lead him there, but instead I said, “That’s okay, I can handle it from here,” I dropped his hand and stood in front of him, fumbling with the edge of my shirt.

He seemed a little disappointed, but it didn’t last long, so I could have been wrong. “Okay, see you around?” He asked with a smile.

I returned the smile easily and said, “You can’t get rid of me that easily Ollie!”

He gave me a last fleeting smirk before walking away, up the stairs towards what I assumed to be the Gryffindor common room. I had no idea where it was. The only other common room I had been to was the Ravenclaw’s… but I rather not talk about that.

As Oliver disappeared, I thought about actually heading towards my common room, but I changed my mind and headed back outside again, but instead of going to Hogsmeade I went in the direction of the Quidditch Pitch. I definitely needed to think about all these weird feelings I was having.

I sighed into my pillow. I had stayed at the Pitch until the sun set. But then I was forced to go in because of the Dementors. I still had not come to a conclusion on my feelings for Wood.

I would really like to know why I got butterflies when he touched my lips… Maybe it was because I hadn’t felt that way with Roger… since what fourth year? Back when he was actually sweet, and held the door open for me, and gave me light kissed on the cheek when he thought I did something cute… He wasn’t always an arsehole. I thought back to one particular occasion in the middle of fourth year.


“Where are we going Roger?” I asked with a giggle as he dragged me up various staircases. Roger wasn’t my boyfriend yet, but we had been hanging out a lot together every since our first date in Hogsmeade the last weekend.

“You’ll see,” he said with a bright smirk as we continued up the stairs. We were coming up on a door at the top when he stopped abruptly and turned to face me. He smiled for a second before stepping behind me and covering my eyes with one hand. With the other he opened the door and then led me inside.

“You ready?” He whispered lightly in my ear.

I felt my stomach erupt with a multitude of butterflies as his breath tickled my ear. I smiled and nodded. He then removed his hand and I gasped. The tower we were in had a large window that looked out at the dark and snowy landscape. It was currently snowing, and I could see the flakes falling because of the light being emitted from the various candles on the ground. The floor was set up with a large blanket ,which was covered with a large variety of sweets. I gasped at the sight and hurried over to the blanket, looking at all the candies. I was a little disturbed to see that there was white chocolate in the pile. I hated white chocolate, but I shrugged it off and picked up a piece of peanut brittle instead.

“Roger this is amazing!” I squealed, staring up at him in amazement, “You didn’t have to do all this!”

He smirked at my astonishment and walked over towards me, sitting next to me on the blanket. I was about to reach for another piece of candy, when he grabbed my hand, forcing me to look up into his face.

“Yes I did,” he said seriously, “You deserve this and so much more… please be my girlfriend?”

I melted at those words, “Oh Roger, of course I will!”

He smiled at me, a real genuine smile, not a smirk, and then leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips. He seemed unsure at first, but with some encouragement from me the kiss deepened. I smiled into his lips, this moment was just perfect.

I sighed once more into my pillow, wondering why Roger had changed so much. He used to be such a sweet boy. I wonder if that kindness is still in there somewhere. Maybe after he realizes that I am not coming back this time he will turn back into the guy I fell in love with… Oh Merlin, I am so not over Roger am I?

What am I suppose to do? I had so much fun with Wood today, but I cannot hang around with him if I still have feelings for another guy, can I? I continued to think, mulling over the past year or so that I spent with my ex-boyfriend. Roger’s words rang through my head. “You’ll be back! You always come crawling back!” I found myself glaring up at the top of my four-poster.

It was decided. I would make him pay, but not like the last time. I wouldn’t just go snog a guy to get Davies back. No, this time I would take it nice and slow. I am going to make that boy so jealous, and then when he cannot take it anymore and tries to come crawling back to me I am not going to take his sorry arse back. I continued to glare up at the top of my bed, but now an evil smirk began to crawl onto my face, much like the one Roger always seemed to wear.

Now let’s see, what to do? I thought for a moment before Oliver’s smiling face popped into my head and my smirk widened. Step one, procure a boyfriend.


A/N: Ok, so she had her nice date with Oliver. Her one chance to see him as the wonderful boy that he is and turn back before she does something stupid… but now it’s on. Expect, much drama and tears from here on out.

Also, I am not planning for this to be a super long story, maybe around 15 chapters. But no worries, there shall be a sequel, which should be more exciting than this story but ah well. Please let me know what you think. And yes, I know that this chapter is somewhat scattered, but I did that semi on purpose. Semi because she is confused on what to think about these two guys, and also because my mind is so scattered right now its not even funny. Now, I better go do homework before I flunk out of college.

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