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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 6 : Little Things
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  “Welcome to the second Quiddich match of the season! Today we will be seeing two great teams take the field, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor!” Fred Weasley said over the megaphone up at the scorekeeping box in the stands. Lily was shuffling her feet nervously. I gave her a warm smile. This would be Lily’s, Benny’s, and Evan’s first game ever. I was happy to not be nervous anymore. After all of the years that I’d been doing this I didn't really get nervous. I didn’t think that Potter did either. He was just psychotic, very different than nervous. Caitlin threw up before every match and Johnny started to bite his nails a couple of days before. “For Hufflepuff we haaave…… Mackenzie! Abbott! Grishley! Goldstrom! Brown! Kearney! Aaaand…Hampton!” Fred yelled loudly over the cheering crowds. I smiled happy to hear that our Gryffindors were booing. 

      “Alright everyone.” Potter said quickly while the cheers outside got louder. “I know we can do this. We’ve practiced more than any other team out there and this is ours. Now let’s go out there and kick some arse!” He finished enthusiastically with Fred’s voice ringing out to us again.

      “For Gryffindor we haaave……Potter! Potter! McCabe! Wood! Decker! Cole! Aaaand Epperly!” He finished with a boom as we all flew out. I was greeted by the cloudy sky and the loud crowd. On one side I saw all maroon and gold cheering. Towards the other side was yellow and green (Looks like Slytherin had chosen their side) booing us. I noticed Lily gripping her broom tightly. 

      “It’s okay Lily.” I said soothingly to her. “Just play like you do every day at practice.” 

      “Did you know that my parents are here just to watch me play?” She said quickly scanning the boxes. I followed her gaze, but didn’t see Mr. and Mrs. Potter.

      “That’s a good thing!” I said. “And don't feel pressured, there here for Potthead too.” Potter was now flying down to the ground to start the match and the rest of us followed him. We were easily bigger than the Hufflepuffs, and faster. The only okay player that they had was their captain last year, Matthew Goldstrom, Dominique’s ex-boyfriend. He was a big guy and a pretty accurate beater. There was a couple new players. Two new chasers and a new seeker for Hufflepuff. The chasers were younger than me and both guys. After Potter and Goldstrom shook hands she put the whistle to her mouth and blew. I kicked off of the ground fast just as the Quaffle was released zooming upwards.

      Potter caught the Quaffle fast and started to head up the field with it. I flew a little bit under him waiting for him to notice me there and drop it. I ducked as a bludger flew past my ear. 

      “Pass to McCabe!” Fred said loudly, taking sides as usual. The speaker was supposed to be unbiased, but Freddy had never exactly mastered that. “Now she takes it farther up and passes to Potter—who passes to Potter—back to Potter—McCabe—Potter—caught by Brown!” There was a groan from our side of the field. I turned around and covered one of the new chasers. “How about we call older Potter Potter one and younger Potter Potter two?” Fred mused more to himself than to the crowd. “Yeah, that’ll work!” I flew close to the chaser who looked no older than fourth year. 

      “Hey,” I said smiling at him flirtatiously, “I’m Kiersten.” He turned bright red mumbled a few words. Just as I wanted the Quaffle was thrown his way. I flew right in front of him and grabbed it. He looked shocked for a minute and then his ears turned red. I laughed out loud and passed the Quaffle to Potter. I love playing that game with the new players, they didn’t know what hit them until I was too far away to catch up. Lily passed the Quaffle back to me and I caught it edging my broom forward. I saw their keeper covering the middle hoop. I flew to the left one and naturally she followed me. I faked left and threw right through the middle hoop. 

      “Ten points to Gryffindor!” Fred yelled clapping. “Spectacular Kiersten!” I smiled a little and went back on the little chaser. He turned red again when I came near. 

      “So, I never caught your name?” I asked him eying the other chaser with the Quaffle. He obviously didn’t want to make the mistake of letting it get away again. They were getting close to our hoops now.

      “Mackenzie to Grishley—Grishley shoots……and misses! Great save by Caitlin Wood!” 

      Cait passed to Lily who started to take it up field. I flew away from him again and next to her. Strangely enough he followed me. Damned little chaser. I really hated tailers, even if I was one. Lily passed to Potter who passed back to her. 

      “Potter two scores! Twenty nil Gryffindor!” 

      “My names Ryan.” He said, seeming to be playing my game too well. “And your good, but I am too.” He quickly jumped away in front of me. I rolled my eyes and went under him. When he caught the Quaffle triumphantly I urged my broom up as fast as it could go causing him to jump back. Just as I suspected his hold on the Quaffle wasn’t as good as it should be. He tried to pass it to a teammate but I intercepted. He looked humiliated now. I passed to Lily who passed to Potter. They flew up the field and Potter passed to me. Ryan was a wile a way so I passed back to Potter.

      “Potter one to Potter two—she scores! Thirty nil.” 

      I flew over next to Potter who was speeding up to catch up with the Quaffle. “I think that all those extra hours of practice weren’t needed don't you?” 


      “Oh go cover your person.” He said, swatting me away. The fact that I was disrupting his concentration with something non-Quidditch related while during a Quidditch match was a criminal offence to Potter. I sighed and flew back over to Ryan. He was concentrated on the Quaffle as it flew towards him. I tried to catch up but I couldn’t—he was going to shoot.

      “Abbott shoots—and misses! Wood has a spectacular save! She throws to Potter two—and it’s intercepted by Grishley!”

      “Caitlin look!” I shouted but it was too late. She was still flying back when the Quaffle whished through the right goalpost. 

      “Grishley scores! Thirty ten Gryffindor! Potter one with the quaffle—pass Potter one pass!” 

      “James!” Lily shouted as he raced down the pitch. But Potthead wasn’t passing. We were wide open and he wasn’t passing. 


      “I don't believe it! He scores! Forty ten Gryffindor!” 

      “Nice one Potter.” I said not sure if I was being serious or sarcastic. He just shrugged his shoulders and smiled to me. I rolled my eyes and went back to my little friend Ryan. He had the Quaffle gripped tightly in his arms. “Hey.” He didn’t respond to me quickly passing to a teammate. “What? You upset that you just got played by a girl?” 

      “I wasn’t played by you!” He said indignantly, ears turning red again. 

      “Potter one intercepts—he passes to Potter two—McCabe—Potter one—McCabe—she scores!” 

      I flew back over to him after my twenty second leave of absence. “You kind of were.”

      “Benny’s diving!” Lily shouted to me pointing up about ten feet. Sure enough Benny was diving with a look of concentration on his face. The Hufflepuff seeker, Hampton, was only a few feet behind him and slowly gaining speed.


      “Have they seen the snitch?” Fred shouted over the confused crowd. “GO EPPERLY!” I guess he decided that they had.

      “Go Benny!” I yelled not paying any more attention to Ryan who had caught the quaffle. “GO BENNY!” 


      “EPPERLY’S CAUGHT THE SNITCH! GRYFFINDOR WINS!” Fred shouted victoriously over the cheering crowd. 

      “Yes!” I shouted to no one in particular. 


      “Good game.” Said Ryan shyly from my left side. I smiled down to him.


      “You too newbie.” I referred to him as I nickname that Potter and I were called in our first year playing. I flew down with the rest of my team. “Great Job!” I said to Evan who was still shaking. 

      “It’s over…just like that…” He was still in shock. I laughed and ruffled his hair. I caught Potter staring at me and stuck out my tongue. He shook his head, I couldn’t help but laugh nodding to him. 

      “Good game Potter one.” I yelled over all of the heads of people who were shorter than us. 

      “Same to you McCabe.” He said. I think that Potter and I just had a moment—how weird. He looked away and over to what I presumed to be his parents. Lily was pulling her father over to where the team was. He mother was following at a slower pace with Albus, their brother who’s in Slytherin. 

      “Great game James.” Harry Potter said hugging his son. I made myself look away from them and down to the ground. I felt sad all of a sudden, like all of the adrenaline that I had from winning was rushed out of me. Why did I get like this whenever I see happy families? It shouldn’t bother me, it wasn’t their fault I didn’t have that. I sighed forcing a smile when Benny clapped my shoulder. He looked a mixture of excited and shocked.

      “Oh Keri…!” Dom yelled obnoxiously coming over and hugging me. Halley was next to her holding a Gryffindor flag and scarf. She ran over to Caitlin who looked as if she was going to throw up again. “Great Job!” I hugged her happily taking in the all too familiar Dom smell. “Ohmihgod! It’s Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry!” She grabbed my hand and dragged me over to where the happy family was standing. 

      “Dom!” Mrs. Potter said hugging her tightly. Dom loves her Aunt Ginny the best out of all of her aunts, and my god, she has a lot to choose from. “How have you been sweetheart?” 

      “Great! Oh, this is Kiersten McCabe, my best friend!” Dom said practically dragging me forward into the circle of Potters and a Weasley.

      “Hi.” I said smiling and blushing a little. As many times that I’ve been over Dom’s house I’ve never actually met the Potters. 

      “So you’re the famous Kiersten McCabe.” Harry Potter said to me. I couldn’t tell if he was saying this in a good way or in a bad way. Wasn’t he the famous one here? I looked to Potter quickly but he was staring continuously at his shoes. “James loves to talk about you.” Dom snorted and Albus chuckled. Ginny glared at her husband and smiled to me warmly.

      “It’s very nice to meet you Kiersten.” She said smiling wider. “We’ve heard so much about you!” I felt like I was on the outside of an inside joke. “You are always in detention with our son.” Oh, I get it now, McGonagall mentioned me in her letters home. That was great, maybe one of the most famous names in the wizarding world knew me because I was always in detention. Just fantastic.

      “Are you related to Dennis McCabe that works in the Auror department?” Harry Potter asked me. 

      “Oh—no my fathers a muggleborn.” I said.

      “C’mon Keri, lets go throw tomatoes as Matthew! I stole some from the house elves, well, not really stole but you get the picture. Bye Aunt Ginny! Bye Uncle Harry!” Dom shouted tugging on my arm again. 

      “It was nice to meet you!” I shouted to both of them as Dom started to drag me away.

      “You too Kiersten!” Mrs. Potter yelled over the crowd. “How about you go with them James?” 

      “No, I don't want to through tomatoes at Dom’s ex-boyfriend. I’m captain, mum. That’s unprofessional.” Potter said still looking at the ground. That was the last thing I heard before Dom pulled me under the bleaters and crept over to where Hufflepuff was standing. 

      “One the count of three…” She whispered to me pulling two tomatoes up with her wand. I did the same looking in the lighted spot where I could see Goldstrom’s face. “One---two---three!” 




    “Where’d you get the butterbeer!” Aaron yelled over the excited Gryffindors to Drew who was coming back in the common room with (If it’s even possible) more butterbeer. 


      “I have my resources.” Drew said winking over to Fred who seemed to be in on the joke. I got up off of the couch and got a butterbeer from Drew’s box. 

      “Spectacular game Kiersten!” Drew yelled a little too loudly. Something told me that he’s been drinking more than butterbeer. I shook my head and said thank you. Right before I was about to take a sip if glared up to him and Fred.

      “You spiked the butterbeer!” I shouted to the two of them. They both jumped at me covering my mouth and shushing me. 

      “God Kiersten! Don't say it too loudly! Rose’ll have us done for!” Fred said fearfully. “And besides, no one’s drunk!” I looked around the common room to all of the kids that were lining up to get a butterbeer. 

      “There’s fourth years down here!” I whispered gesturing to a loudly giggling girl. “Your going to die a slow and painful death my friend. Karma is not an easy forgiver.” 

      “Thank you Kiersten for your kind words of wisdom.” Fred said bowing graciously towards me. I saw Potter coming towards our group with Jocelyn hanging from his shoulder. I was about to turn around and go back to a drunk Dom when he called my name.

      “Hey McCabe, try some butterbeer!” Potter said throwing me one from the bucket.

      “Oh shut up Potter! I know their spiked!” This time they all jumped on me covering my mouth and shushing me. Jocelyn rolled her eyes at me and tapped her fingers on Potter’s shoulder. He took his hands away from my mouth and turned to her.


      “Yeah?” He asked turning around. I could tell that he didn’t want her here as much as I didn’t. She didn’t really fit in with our group. We were mean, obnoxious, and sarcastic. She didn’t understand sarcasm. 

      “Let’s go find a closet!” She cooed at him with a flirtatious eye bat. For some weird reason he blushed and looked to me quickly. I raised my eyebrows. What, did he want my permission or something?

      “Lovely girl.” I whispered to Drew who was next to me. He snorted and took a long swig of butterbeer. 


“She’s the loveliest.” He sniggered back.

      “Oh—um Jocelyn? I don't really feel up to it right now.” He said uncomfortably. His face lightened up and he looked to me. “Hey McCabe, do you like purple?” 


      “Why the hell do you care?” I challenged him putting my hands on my hips.

      “Because your underwear is a really nice shade of it.” He cracked up with Drew and Fred on his shoulders. I blushed and glared at him.

      “Potter, only you would look there with your girlfriend right next to you.” I said smiling coldly to Jocelyn. She didn’t look happy anymore. Potter shot me an irritated glance and stopped laughing. 


      “Hey, could I talk to you for just one sec Kiersten?” Jocelyn said to me her voice dripping with false sweetness. 

      “Sure.” I responded, sadly knowing where this was going. Potter gave me a look that I think was saying ‘don't totally destroy her’. “Don't worry Potter, she’s in good hands.” We all knew that one was a lie. She led me away from the sounds of the victory party and into the dim lighting of the entryway to the girl’s dorms. 

      “I don't know what you’re playing at, but I suggest you stop.” She hissed to me obviously trying to sound intimidating. Too bad she was around a foot shorter than I was. That kind of killed the whole intimidation for me.

      “Stop what?” I asked, knowing where she was going but not wanting to talk about it. She let out a disbelieving tsk and got closer to me. 


      “I think that you know exactly what it is that I’m talking about. I want you to stay away from my boyfriend McCabe. You obviously have some sick fantasy of splitting us up, but I can tell you that it won’t happen. You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into”

I sighed deeply, pinching the bridge of my nose for a moment as I composed myself. Once I figured out how I’d go about this conversation (it wasn’t the first time I was having it with one of Potter’s girlfriends) I put one hand on my hip. This is what I called my intimidating look. 

      “First let me tell you that kissing Potter to me would be like kissing a toe rag. He’s nothing but an annoying showoff that for some reason loves annoy me, which often results in him being around me.” I paused for a minute stepping closer to her, she instinctively backed up. Ah, the joys of being a tall person.

      “You don't scare me, your all talk. You think that your so much better than everyone else but you’re not, your just a--”

      “Arse?” I asked dully, finishing the sentence for her. “Oh, I’ve heard that one a lot. And I guess that I can be an arse—am an arse most times actually—to people, but you, you’re always going to be an annoying attention whore. Unfortunately for you you’ll never grow out of that one.”

      “James would kill you for saying that! Just wait until I tell him.” She whispered. “And see how Jamzie backs me up.”

      “I really could care less about what Potter’ll do to me. And he won’t do anything anyways, we sort of just annoy each other, what we do to other people doesn’t matter. Sorry to say that you’ll never have that connection with him. Goodbye.” With that I turned away from her and the darkness going back to the loud happy people. If I had to have another conversation like that with another one of Potter’s bibmo girlfriends, I think I’d die. I went over to where Dom was sitting and harrumphed. 

      “Oh god Keri! Have fun you won!” She slurred, swinging her cup around wildly. I noticed that she had a bottle of whiskey right next to her. Classic Dom, she wasn’t even bother to disguise the fact that she was drunk. “Tonight’s the night!” She said dramatically. 

      “Uh-huh.” I said not really listening. When Dom was drunk she tended to go off on really long tyrants of speech about random things like fire alarms. She told me this long boring story of how she hated them more than she hates reading chapter books (Dom’s more of a picture book type person) last time she was drunk. It ended with her telling me this story about a bunny rabbit and a squirrel who loved each other but died in a fire because they unplugged their fire alarm. Poor Dom, I think that was the only way her mum could get points across when she was a child, because all of her childhood stories ended with something/someone dying a painful death.

      “I mean it Keri! Tonight’s the night!” She said annoyed. She hated it when I didn’t take her seriously.

      “The night for what?” I asked sighing. I slowly reached my hand back behind the chair to grab the whiskey. She had already drunk a good amount of it and it was about time that I hid it. We didn’t want a repeat of the party last term. 

      “The night that Drew professes his love for me!” She cried out passionately. 

      “She’s not well.” I said pointing to her head. The fifth years who had been looking at us strangely shrugged and went back to whatever they had been talking about. “So Drew’s going to profess his love to you tonight then?” I said turning back to her, slightly amused.

      “Yes!” She tried to get up but I pulled her back down. “Well stay together all throughout the rest of our schooling and then break up after graduation because he’ll cheat on me with a French model. Three years later we’ll meet again on a cruise to Guam and fall in love all over again!”

      “That’s wonderful, now stay seated, I don't want you to hurt someone.” I said as she attempted to get up again. 

      “Then we’ll get married in Vegas four months later spontaneously when we all go there on a reunion trip. You’ll be my flower girl and James will be my maid of honor.  Will you be my flower girl?” 

      “I’d be honored.” I said. The last time I’d been in a wedding it was for my father’s grandmothers third wedding. The only thing that I remember about that wedding was Dad throwing up because he was piss drunk. I haven't seen Grandma Greta since. Thank god, the woman was insane. Plus, she never liked my mum, therefore never liking me.

      “Good.” Dominique turned over the cup shaking it furiously to see if there was any left in it. Half of it went onto her lap. “Haha! Look Keri! I peed myself!” She exclaimed loudly pointing to her pants. The fifth years were looking again. 

      Oh god, why was I cursed with such friends?

      “We’ll have three kids named Andrew the second and then Bill after my father and then Kiersten after you. Will you let me name my daughter Kiersten?” 

      “Sure.” I said.


      “Oh my god!” She shouted pointing to a wall. “Oh my god!”


      “What!” I asked alarmed. The last time that Dominique pointed to walls she was in the hospital wing for a week. For some reason she thought that if she ran fast enough she could go through it. Too bad the wall was stone.


      “Femalè’s behind there!” She said again pointing to the wall. I looked a little left to where she was pointing and sure enough I saw Femalè Gray with another one of her Ravenclaw friends. My back visibly stiffened. 

      “Let’s go beat her up!” Dom said enthusiastically stumbling a little over her feet. I pulled her arm back, one didn’t mess with Femalè Gray. Even a drunk Dominique Weasley.


       At this point you were probably wondering who was this girl (At least I think she’s a girl) named Femalè. You know how a birth certificate told what gender the person was? Well, Femalè’s parents didn’t know that. They thought that the hospital had named their kid.  When they got the birth certificate and they saw Female they thought ‘Oh, what I pretty name!’ and thought that the name was a gift from the hospital. She was a good person to think about when I thought my father was a bad parent, I mean, who in their right mind would name their child after a gender? It was like naming your kid Hitler, or Voldemort. Well…maybe not that bad but still, Femalè? 

      “No we’re not getting into it with her!” I tugged Dom harder. 


      “Oh it’s just Femalè Keri!” She said fully falling on the floor. I put my hand down to help her up. 

      “Femalè’s 6/4 Dom! And she has backup with her, see!” I pointed to the smaller guy next to her. 

      “Soooo? What’s your point exactly? Your basically her height!”

      “I’m half a foot shorter!” 


      “Oh who gives a flying crap! CHARGE!!!”


Yes, she was drunk, and her running was a little bit lopsided, but she ran right into Femalè with a thud. With a squawk of fury, she got up and did it all over again. I slammed my hand into my head. Oh dear. 

      “What the hell Weasley!” She yelled in her deep womanly voice. I ran over too. “What makes you think that you can come over and attack me for no reason?” 

      “Sorry, she’s drunk.” I said not bothering to be nice. Femalè and I didn't have the best past. Most of it involved me against a wall with extreme pain forced upon me. Femalè had always been more of a physical person, sadly.


      “Don't give her an excuse McCabe! I’m sick of the both of you!” She swelled up letting her mussels show. Her friend Xavier McNally nodded eagerly. 

      “Fe-male Fe-male!” Dom clapped her hands and laughing hysterically. She really was a hopeless drunk. “Hey, now people will always know what gender you are if they can’t tell just by looking!” Then she cracked up again. 

      “That’s it!” Femalè yelled. I saw her fist going for Dom in slow motion. Dom was still standing there singing her name over and over again. Without thinking I stepped in front of her. Her fist collided with my face with a sickening crack.

      “Ohmihgod!” Dom yelled with a shriek afterwards. “Kiersten!” I groaned and held my nose in my hands. I was dizzy and my head started to throb. “Ahh!” 


      “That’s what you get for messing with Femalè.” She said clapping her fists together. 


      “You effing crazy person!” I moaned, pulling my head up. “What the hell is the matter with you.” I felt the blood running down my face. I aimed a bad punch at her but she naturally dodged it. 

      “Heeeelp!” I heard Dom yelling dramatically. You’d think she just killed me. I figured that we had a crowd by now. 

      “Get away from them!” I heard someone yell. It sounded like Caitlin but I couldn’t be sure, I couldn’t open my eyes and my nose was keeping a steady flow of blood. Everything was dizzy.


      “This is what happens when you mess with Femalè!” I heard McNally wolf whistling. I felt like I was back home, unable to fight back. 


      “Get-out.” I heard someone growl above me. “Now.” 


      “You can’t tell me what to do, I’m Femalè!” I tried to crawl forwards. “I can do whatever-”

      “Get-out.” Whoever was up there was my favorite person in the world right now. It was silent for a moment and I didn’t pick my head up to see what was going on because I think that moving it would be worse than cutting it off. I heard footsteps. “Everyone go to bed!” The person yelled loudly. “NOW!” There was even more footsteps. I knew that voice, who was it? I also heard Dom whimpering from above me. Next time she could take the punch, that crazy drunk girl.

      “Kiersten…?” Someone called to me touching my shoulder. I groaned realizing that it was Potter. 

      “Oh my god!” Dom said as I picked my head up. “Your face is--”

      “It’s fine.” Potter said helping me into a chair. “You should go to the Hospital wing, c’mon.” 

      “Why was she in our common room is the real question.” Halley stated angrily, pointing her wand at my nose. “Episky!” I felt the blood flow stop. I murmured thanks, even though it didn’t stop the pain in my head or the dizziness.

      “She probably got in with Jenkins and Boot.” Potter said in a disgusted voice. “We have to be more careful about who is invited to these parties.”

      “She’s a psycho maniac.” I groaned. Dom was staring at me silently bighting her pinky nail. “Stop Dom.” 


      “You should go to the hospital wing now.” Potter said. Halley got up with me to go. She was the only one other than me and Potter who wasn’t drunk and I didn’t want Potter coming. We were almost at the door when I heard someone call my name. 


      “Kiersten, Dominique!” Yelled Molly Weasley running down the stairs of the girls dormitories. She had her nightgown on and her curly red hair in childish braids. 

      “Go away Molly.” Potter gave her a shove as she walked passed him. Molly gave him a glare and continued to walk towards us.

      “God Kiersten, you look horrible.” Molly said brightly. Dom nodded in agreement. She hasn’t said anything in the past three minutes, probably due to her drunken stupor. This has to be an all-time record. Did I really look bad enough to drive Dom to silence? And all those years I thought silence was impossible.

      “Thanks for pointing out the obvious.” Potter said rolling his eyes at her. 

      “No problem.” She said sarcastically to him and then turned back to me and Dom. “I got it.” She held up the little green book we’ve been looking for for over a month.

      As much as my head ached I couldn’t help but smile. Operation get back at Rose Weasley was a go. 





     So for me this was a fun chapter to write. I've been wanting to introduce Female for a while now and this seemed like a good time. I'm sure that you all hate Jocelyne, but you can't exactly blame her! I'd be upset if my boyfriend talked to another girl all of the time. The prank on Rose is finally here too! Tell me whatcha think it is...who knows, maybe you'll guess it? Thanks for reading! Please Review!!!

And Happy (late) Easter to all who celebrate it!



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