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Pirates by singerhotti24
Chapter 31 : Teasing Teasers and Tossing Tossers
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Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own anything but my genius plot.

Teasing Teasers and Tossing Tossers:

Draco was going to die.

This was something he knew with inevitable certainty. He heard the wheels coming closer and closer, he could feel the ground trembling around him, people screaming, when suddenly, something jerked him by the collar.

Draco’s eyes were jerked from the ground, and he winced as the blinding sunlight filled his vision. He raised a hand to shield their grey depths from the sharp rays- the wheels cluttered right past his ear, the wooden splinters catching the hair on his head.

“You alright?” A man asked from above him.

It took Draco a moment to decipher the words from between the pounding of his heart in his ears. He stood up slowly, hood falling back to show his face.

He looked to see that last person he expected to see. “Weasley?”

Ron’s eyes suddenly went wide. “Malfoy!” for a second, neither moved, and then, Ron lunged.

“I thought I was helping a monk,” Ron growled as he punched for Draco’s jaw.

Draco dodged the blow, and with a quick undercut, caught Ron below the sternum, where his sets of ribs met, and effectively knocked the wind right out of him. Draco looked down at Ron, who was wheezing on the ground, clutching his middle. His lip curled into a smirk, grey eyes cold. “Guess you were wrong.”

“Go to hell,” Ron hissed through clenched teeth, ears bright red.

Draco refused the urge kick him in the side, and narrowed his eyes. He squatted down, eye level with Ron. “Watch your mouth, Weasel-bee.”

Ron opened his mouth to say something, but Draco wasn’t going to have it. His fist collided with the red-head’s jaw before the words could escape. “Later, Weasley.” Draco said, as he straightened his body. He looked at the lying form on the ground, and then, just like that, he dismissed him. His eyes flew to the street, scanning critically for a pair of extremely fetching green breeches.

Then, without another glance at Ron, he took off down the street. His crew already knew what to do.

After all, Draco wouldn’t be a Malfoy if he didn’t hatch his evil plans and then stay at least one step ahead of the game.

He was right on time. Hermione, however, he had to concede, had moved far, far too early.

That was one thing he hadn’t counted on.

And what the hell was that about Pansy?

He narrowed his face as he lengthened his stride. He would have answers, and by Merlin, he would break them out of her, out of both of them, if he needed to. He had to show them who was boss here.

They never should have forgotten.


Hermione threw her cap to the ground as she pulled the box out of her pocket as the boards of the pier rattled under her feet. There was a crowd already beside an empty space- relief ripped through Hermione’s veins. She glanced to her side where she saw a tiny row boat occupying a space big enough for a ship, but then ignored it. She didn’t know why she had noticed it. She skidded to a stop in front of Susan, and put the box in her hands. The crew cheered, all except for Blaise.

Susan threw the box into the rippling ocean waves, and with a dramatic motion, she thrust her wand in a series of twists and shouted an incantation.

For a breathtaking moment, nothing happened. They held their breath, looking at the never changing waves. And then, all of the sudden a shaft of wood came up from the water, followed by the crow’s nest, a sail….

The entire ship rose from out of the water, towering over them all, casting a shadow. Hermione was almost awestruck. Almost.

”Get on this ship everyone, now,” Hermione shouted. A chorus of “Yes, Captain Hell,” and “Woot!” followed as they brushed past her. She had to make sure everyone got on.

Blaise came to stand by her side. “I can’t come with you,” he said, voice steady.

Hermione turned her head to him, a curl flying into her face, catching on her eyelash. “What?” She said, confused. Had her ears deceived her.

“I can’t come with you,” He repeated, refusing to meet her eyes.

A moment of silence passed.

“Look at me, and tell me why,” Hermione said slowly, although she had a dark inkling that she knew. It crept slowly through her veins, chilling her blood. She knew, but oh, how she wished she didn’t.


Hermione’s heart froze. “You did it, didn’t you.”

It wasn’t a question. “I had to tell him, Hermione.”

Hermione refused to swallow hard, although she wanted to. Any wet in her mouth turned to sawdust. “Why?”

“I can’t live without his trust.” He reached up to brush the curl that was stuck almost in her eye, but she turned her face away- the curl, as independent as its owner, sprung from the lash, freeing itself.

Hermione shoved her anguish in a drawer where she would deal with it later. All she felt was cold. Cutting, killing, cold. Her hands reached up and touched his chest, her face mere inches from his. She could read every emotion in his eyes- it was all splayed out for her. A pretty feast. She gauged them, but it was with an indifferent, calculating cold. Suddenly, she felt the boards under her feet start to tremble. Her eyes looked over Blaise's shoulder to the end of the pier and saw him running toward her. Then, what happened next happened quickly.

She cut her freezing golden gaze at Blaise, “Well, apparently, you can live without mine.”

With a hard push, she shoved him to the planks as the board connecting her ship to the pier fell into the water. She grabbed a rope latter on the side of the Lioness, and clung to it with one hand, leaning off the side, her hair whipping in the wind that was picking up quickly.

She reached into her belt and pulled out her pistol, pointing it at Draco, who was now standing stoically beside the fallen Blaise.

She was almost too far to see the rage those grey eyes- a cold furious rage that seeped through her bones. Her fingers stiffened on the rope as her pistol, unwavering , aimed at him.

But he knew she wasn’t going to shoot. And for some reason, Hermione couldn’t pull the trigger. Suddenly a large wave boosted the ship up, and the wind caught the unraveling sails, instantly speeding up the ship. With one last glare at Draco, she shoved the pistol into her waist band and hauled her body up the side of the ship, one rope rung at a time.

Thaddius leaned over and have her hand, pulling her over the side.

“Thanks,” Hermione said.

He winked at her. “No Problem, Captain Hell.”

Hermione looked up at the wheel, seeing Susan masterfully wielding the ships mechanics in her hands. Hermione walked up to the brig, and took out a spyglass from a wooden chest by the wheel. She pulled out the golden layers and brought it to her eye, focusing the magnifying glass on the pier.

He was no longer looking at her, but gesturing wildly at the little rowboat that she had passed on her way. No way.

Draco pulled out his wand as his crew gathered around him, and with an explosion of white light, the tiny boat transformed into the magnificent ship that was the Shadow.

Hermione’s jaw dropped open. No way in hell. She could practically hear the roar of triumph that his crew yelled. His eyes didn’t move.

Hermione’s eyes narrowed onto his face; it was cold and furious. And ready to kill.

She dropped the cutlass and turned to the crew. “Throw everything overboard. NOW. And get all the canons ready to shoot.” She turned her head back to the shrinking docks. “We’ve got company.”

The crew flew into action, and Thaddius came up beside her and grabbed her hand. “You’re gonna win this thing, I know it.”

Hermione couldn’t even bring up the courage to smile. It was now or never. “Cross your fingers, and-”

“Yeah, let’s NOT hope to die right about now,” Thaddius interjected with an arched brow. He let go of her hand and ran down to help some of the other crew toss chests overboard.

Hermione watched the chests float away. With a last though, she pulled out her wand and began to vanish them, one by one. She couldn't let Malfoy know what she was doing- she had to have some kind of advantage. He had surprised her too many times in the past three hours.

She had come too far to win. Her heart almost ached for home. She was tired of playing. And she knew he was as well.

There were two of them, but only one treasure.

May the best pirate win.

A/N: Yes, I know this was a teaser and I haven't updated since forever. :D I'm working on an update NOW (September 06, 2010). It's about 20 % done, so BE EXCITED!!!! :D As always, let me know what you think! -Greta

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Pirates: Teasing Teasers and Tossing Tossers


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