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Monday, Monday by Inti
Chapter 6 : Stand By Me
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Dislaimer: Gosh well this is just dashing good fun. Haven't had to write one of these forever. LOUIS IS BACK AND HE STILL BELONGS TO J.K.

Thursday 1 February
Arms in extreme pain 1, goodbyes to friends 1, other things worth mentioning 0

6.35 a.m. London International Portkey Transport Centre.


Dominique sniggered. I hate her.

"Don’t care if it’s the first of the month! Why are you pinching me?"

"Umm… it's fun? Now hurry up, we're going to be late."

"I've been trying to tell you that for the last fifteen minutes, but you would you listen? Nooo. 'We'll be fine Louis, I've got it Louis, Shut up Louis.’"

At 6.35 a.m. temper not quite as in check as is usual. Top-notch mockery of Dom, mind. She knew it as well, nastily twisty smile on her face. Never bodes well.

"Err… haha, what are you doing with your wand Dominique?"


"Are you crazy?" I hissed at her. "Muggles, Muggles! Remember them?"

Self and Dominique at the major Portkey Centre of England. Reasons being twofold. Firstly picking Annah up as gesture of friendship (lust) and solidarity (worship) and secondly sending Sam off as gesture of friendship and solidarity. Fortunately for all parties concerned, in one of those brilliant moments of decision making that could only have been made by a career bureaucrat , the Ministry of Magic had decided to place said Portkey centre in the middle of one of those big Muggle airport things. Theory behind this no doubt the old 'hidden in plain sight' trick. Needless to say, theory failed miserably. Worked out moderately okay for us, just needed a permanent team of Obliviators and a squad of Hit Wizards working around the clock. No huge deal anyway. Muggles loathed the place. V. inefficient and similar. Possibly unsurprising due to wizarding influence.

Pulled out own wand, Dominique sufficiently crazy to actually use hers. I would never, mind. No really, I wouldn't, as am good and thoroughly decent boy. Dominique sadistic and mean. Any comparisons unreasonable and not appreciated.

"Swear to Merlin, Dom, you touch me and I'll kill you! Avada Kedavra, right here, right now!" Unfortunately sounded panicked as opposed to intimidating.

"What was that?" Had a fairly standard taunting look on her face.

"I will kill you," I enunciated for her benefit.

Large hand clapped down suddenly on shoulder. May have jumped and screamed. Very hairy knuckles, looked like caveman or similar. Turned slowly with some trepidation to see gigantic Hit-Wizard. See, thing about them is that they aren't all that good at magic, but are almost universally large, violent and follow orders to the point of stupidity.

"Right, tha's it, you're coming wif me mate."

Dominique cackled. Did I ever mention how much I hate her?

"Oh come on, man, there is no way I'm going with you!"

"You freatened this young lady wif an Unforgivable, you did, I heard you, that's a criminal offence, that is."

"I didn - Do you have any idea who I am?"

When in doubt resort to status and name-dropping. Hairy knuckles looked perplexed. Eyes shifted from left to right, keeping an eye on the Muggles swarming around us.

"Should I?"

"Yes! Yes, you should! Tall, blonde, pretty? Scary looking sister with red hair?"

"Don't look that scary to me…"

"Weasley!" I interrupted his leering mind. "Louis Weasley, sister of Dominique and Victoire. Son of Bill and Fleur. Cousin of James. Nephew of Harry and Ginny Potter!"

Shut up as realised had started yelling. Hairy Knuckles looked worried. Didn't blame him. "Look, be that as it may, you're still going to 'af to come wif me, aren't you? Laws are laws. If you resist I will not 'esitate to use lefal force." Lisp made it hard-to-impossible to take him seriously.

"Well, I'm not going with you." Crossed arms and stared him down obnoxiously.

"Right tha's it, let's go."

Hairy Knuckles lunged forward, grabbing at own shoulder with aforementioned hairy knuckles. Really v. unattractive. Just as he was about to touch me, a wand slapped down on his outstretched mitt.

"I really wouldn't do that if I was you."

Dominique to the rescue. Irritating habit she has. No idea where she got it from, but ever since we were kids it's like she's appointed herself Guardian of Louis. Occasionally useful like when we were at that Tornados - Harpies game and this fat bloke started having a go at me about liking a girls team. Dom hexed him so hard he flew off the stands, we left fairly quick snap after that. Less useful when paranoia gets the best of her, like in fifth year when Sophie went to ruffle my hair or similar and ended up with a pumpkin for a head.
Point being, if this clown really thought Domi would let him touch me, well, he'd be very wrong or something.

"Seriously mate, touch him and I'll have you fired."

Hairy Knuckles stopped and reconsidered his position for a second.

"You couldn't…"

Dominique slipped her most charming smile on, "Well, the good thing about being an Auror is that I most definitely can. So, how about you don't touch my brother, and you get to stay employed?"

Smile all sorts of dazzling at this point. Hairy Knuckles merely gaped.

"Okay, run along now little man."

He ran along.

"You really can be a bitch, you know that right?"

Both twirled around at the familiar lilting voice.


She laughed delightedly as Domi threw herself at her, hair flying everywhere.

"I could hear you idiots from half-way across this place, so much for the Statute of Secrecy!"

"The what?"

The problem with Dom, as always, is she leaves one rather unsure if she's serious, joking, simply ignorant or completely lunatic fringe. Often feel it's rather a combination.

"I'm joking!"

Both looked at her dubiously.

"I am! Oh you're no fun, I'm leaving!"

True to form, she flounced off rather dramatically, shocked tourist-types parting before her. To be fair, not entirely sure how much of said parting was of their own volition.

"Umm." Turned to Annah. "Sorry for missing you at the gate?"

"What? Oh, don't be ridiculous! Looked like you had your hands full to me."

Felt lips forming pout. "Bloody Dom, she pulled her wand! Then some clown got involved so she had to go all Auror on him - how'd she get that actually? Don't they have some, I dunno, tests or something? I mean seriously, she's a crazy person!"

"Have you ever actually seen her duel someone?"

"Err, well, no, they just kind of… run away don't they?"

"Mhmm, pretty much."

"Well have you?"

"Just the once, back in Sixth Year. Some Slytherin started off on all this Pureblood, Death Eater shit and she just lost it completely. One of the scariest things I've ever seen, not even joking. Guy tried some Dark Magic on her, she almost killed him… Probably would have if Longbottom hadn't got in the way…"

Eyes widened slightly. Only slightly mind.

"Look Louis, the thing about Aurors… they have to deal with seriously hardcore people, seriously hardcore things so -"

"So she's pretty much perfect?"

"Well… yeah." And with that she flashed a charming grin. "Alright serious time over, I got you something. It's in my bag so we'll have to go home, besides you have to get Sam right? I seriously can't believe she's going to leave, it's just so… weird."

"Oh shit! Can't believe I forgot, we've gotta go now. Where's Dom? Oh forget her, seriously I have to go! Come on!

Grabbed ridiculously slender hand in own slightly less graceful one and bolted off.

"Have to say Louis," she laughed, "can't really say I took you as a Running Through an Airport Guy!"

"First time for everything, now shut up and run!"

Running important as traditionally us wizarding folk haven't been allowed to Apparate in densely occupied Muggle areas.

"Good thing I'm wearing flats is all I'm going to say"

We ran, didn't forge path so much as find one. At one point found self flipping over a family of rather startled tourist-types, dragging Annah with me. Magic really rather incredible at times. Further only ran into two old people, only one of whom yelled at us, can but hope the other one still lives. Got to Apparation point in what is surely some sort of record time. Lightning speed. Who cares if only 100 meters, decidedly heroic effort nonetheless.

"Since when are you so bloody fast?" Annah panted, her overlarge blue-linen shirt billowing out behind her.

Turned head to look at her, got distracted by the very tight jeans (lovely, fine, denim by the way,) spun around a familiar-looking, stoop-shouldered, beaded character, regained balance in catlike manner and stopped in front of a large sign: Out of Order. Perfect.

7.04 a.m. Outside bathroom door, House, London, etc.

Am, in fact, not good with stress and rushing. Seem to panic and fluster.

"Sam we need to go!" Threw bathroom door open vigorously.

"Louis, what the fuck?"

"Oh… umm… you're naked. How is it… Err.. Umm… I'll just... "

"Get out!"

Got out. Shut door with alacrity. "Err just so you know, there is a charm for that."

"Louis, seriously. If you don't shut up in… wait…really??"

"Yes! But can we please go because we've got… - " Checked watch in debonair style "Ten minutes until your Portkey leaves and you really kind of need to get it."

Door burst open with a bang and a swirl of hair. “Good to know we’ve got people like you running this country!”

Could but laugh. Seriously though, I would be amazing as Minister. Alright maybe not Minister, but one of those junior roles. Minister for Defense or similar. Nothing too flashy like.
Ran upstairs to grab the bags. Many, many bags. Most of which were opened and not fully packed. Had a look at contents, did some judicious repacking. Shrank and lightened bags. Fled downstairs.

Sam was in kitchen, hands on hips. Thoroughly adorable.

"Have you at least got my bags?"

"Nope," shook head in bemusement. "Yes of course I do silly! Now let's go."

Not giving her much choice in the matter grabbed her hand, and whisked around on the spot. Spinning and twirling being for your average wizard and all that.

7.08 a.m, Gate 4, London International Portkey Transport Centre

"And you've got two minutes to spare, come on, you can tell me how amazing I am if you want - really I won't mind"

Sam laughed and began poking self with a series of pokes that somehow evolved into a hug. Voice sounding somewhat muffled she managed to get out "Who's going to keep you in line when I'm gone?"

Could only laugh at that, "Oh come on man, remember who I live with? That's the last thing you have to be worried about."

Pleasant looking female official-type approached us. "I'm sorry you two, but whoever is getting this portkey really does need to in there now, it's almost time and we really can't delay it or anything."

Took a deep breath and turned to face Sam for the last time in a long time. "Well…"

"I'm going to miss you."

"I'm going to miss you."

And then with one last hug then she turned and walked. Just before the entrance she turned once more and looked back. Could only offer a smile.

Saturday, 10 February
Bars occupied by self and Annah 1, alcohol units consumed v. many, hair = misshapen (get cut asap,)
mood after departure of Sam: negative and spiteful (not v.g.)

11ish p.m. Somewhere in centralish Muggle London.

“What are we going to do with you Louis?”

“Hey? No idea what you’re talking about.” I did. “I’m fine.” I wasn’t.

The week or so after Sam’s departure hadn’t been my best in all fairness. Had been sulky and petulant in the extreme. Still, feel like should get points for such self-awareness. Should be commended, not condemned. Like Dom could talk about being a narcissist anyway. Bitch. Dragged out tonight by Annah and aforementioned sister for purposes unclear and likely nefarious.

“Alright then. Come dance with me. And I know you bloody well can so none of this ‘I’m rubbish’ bollocks yeah?”

Unfortunate truth. Could dance far, far better than most. Certain familial elements (i.e. Maman) decided, when young, that would be a useful life skill to have when not young.

Equally unfortunate truth was Annah’s dress. Very little and very black. Instead of looking all vampire and creeper against the alabaster skin, it just looked right. Sure she knew what she was doing. Using body to force self to dance, have fun and similar. No ends to the cunning of those of the female persuasion.

Eye swept away from the bouncing hem across the dance floor and onto the rest of the place, and there, leaning across the bar, ever so casual like, was a girl.

A/N:Alright, I’m not even going to both apologising for the delay in this, as there’s nothing really that can be said excusing aforementioned delay. Anyway, if I have but a single reader left, I do hope you enjoyed this, hopefully I can get on something of a roll. Feel free to critique or whatever, I’ve definitely lost my touch and flow, any pointers you have would be invaluable. Oh, one last thing, introduction of another pretty girl (yes, girl at the bar is going to be cute x 50 million,) high fives right? XD Okay COMPLETELY last thing, 1000s of internet points for those who spot the Viktor reference!

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Monday, Monday: Stand By Me


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