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A Malfoy and a Weasely Who'd have guessed? by Kirsty Weasley
Chapter 8 : Intervention
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They were going to do it. They were going to have sex. And neither Rose nor Scorpius could think of anyone else they would rather have their first time with.

“I love you, Rose Weasley.” Scorpius moaned with longing.

“I love you too, Scorpius Malfoy.” Rose gasped a grin spreading across her face.

Scorpius began to unzip Roses skirt when the two of them were rudely interrupted.


Oh shit.

Rose and Scorpius were thrown apart by a spell. Rose gasped, taking in the scene around her. She watched as Fred dragged Scorpius towards the door. Kirsty, her best friend, stood there looking mortified. She most definitely did not want to be there.

Rose grabbed the top nearest to her and pulled it on hastily. Scorpius, on the other hand, was still being dragged out of the room by (the very boy, who had once said,) ‘Rosie, we’re going to be here for you and accept your boyfriend.’ Her cousin- and Rose had never seen him look that mad before. She was actually afraid.

“Fred? Fred! What are you doing? Stop!”

He continued to haul Scorpius away from her. Fred flung the door to the girls common room open and shoved Scorpius roughly out, causing the stairs to turn into a slide and Scorpius to slip, heavily, down it. Scorpius’ chest was still bare, and he was attempting to zip up his trousers as he avoided the glare of Fred Weasley. Fred followed Scorpius down the stairs and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck.

“Man, what the hell?!” Scorpius yelled, trying to break free. Rose slid down what had previously been the stairs, closely followed by Kirsty, and tried to stop Fred from hauling Scorpius through the common room half naked.

“Fred! Freddie! Stop it. Please stop!” She cried as they entered the common room, attracting a lot of stares.

It was obvious to everyone what they had been up to. Scorpius wasn’t fully dressed, and Rose’ clothing was all crumpled and a mess. Al and James, who were on the other side of the common room, stood up.

I am so doomed, Rose thought as she saw them advance towards her and the little scene Fred had been making.

But thankfully, Fred was far too caught up in kicking Scorpius out of the Gryffindor Tower to notice the other boys who wanted to help.

Because Rose knew that another fight would occur if they all got together right now. She was their baby cousin and well- they didn’t like the idea of what she had just been up to.

Rose clawed at Fred’s arm, begging him to let go of Scorpius.

Fred completely ignored her.

The portrait hole was flung open, and Fred threw Scorpius out. Rose tried to follow, but she felt someone grab hold of her arm. The persons grip was tight and Rose knew she wasn’t strong enough to break free, but that didn’t stop her from trying.

“Scorpius!” Rose cried out, as Fred tossed Scorp’s clothes out of the portrait hole, where they landed in a heap around him. Then the portrait hole was slammed shut.

Promptly after, Fred rounded on Rose; he looked mutinious. Fred looked mutinous. The last time Rose had seen Fred look this angry was when he saw Roxanne kissing some random guy down an alley in Hogsmeade- never mind that he and Kirsty were about to do the same thing in that alley.

He took hold of Rose’s arm and started to pull her up to the seventh year boys dorm. When they arrived there he immediately began to shout out orders.

“James, go get Teddy- tell him he’s here as our cousin, not as the professor. Al, get Hugo and Louis, tell them it’s an intervention and they need to be here now. Kirsty, you stay with me.”

Rose shot Kirsty a dirty look. That girl was meant to be her best friend- traitor.

The boys shot off to round up all of the male Weasley family members.

“Freddie, I’m not sure if I should really be here- this is the boys' intervention.” Kirsty muttered to Fred, shooting an apologetic look at Rose. She merely scowled in return.

“No, no! I need you here Kirst, you’re the witness.”

“What!?” Both girls shouted, eyes wide at Fred’s statement.

“You make it sound as though you’re putting Rose on trial!” Kirsty growled. Despite her long term relationship with fred, Rose was her best friend and she would stick up for her. Fred looked a little intimidated.

“Well, not a trail per say…” Fred muttered, rubbing the back of his head and looking down at the floor.

“Fred Lee Weasley! How can you stand there and be so bloody hypocritical?”

“Hypocritical! How?” He responded, heckled by Kirsty’s accusation. Rose looked on with some interest; when Kirsty and Fred fought, they didn’t hold back.

“What were you about to do in that dorm huh? That’s right, exactly what Rose and Scorpius were doing, but with me someone EXACTLY the same age as Rose.” Kirsty was shouting now.

“But… but that’s different!” Fred retorted, embarrassed that Kirsty had made a far too valid point.

“How?” Kirsty questioned. “How is that in ANY WAY different!?”

Rose took it back, Kirsty was sooo not a traitor.


“FRED WEASLEY, THAT IS NOT A VALID REASON AND YOU KNOW IT!” Both Kirsty and Fred were bright red in the face, standing ten feet apart, screaming at one another.

“Um, guys?” Rose questioned. She was glad Kirsty was standing up for her, but being in the same room as two feuding lovers was awkward.

“What, Rose? What?!” Okay, maybe Rose shouldn’t have said anything because now Kirsty had rounded on her.

“Honestly, don’t you have anything to say? How could you have been so stupid? He’s a Ravenclaw! You know, that house where no boys in your family are in? If you guys wanted to do that, then you basically had a free pass over there! But NOOO,” Rose was a little frightened, and no one could blame her- Kirsty on a rant was just plain scary. “ You just had to use our dorm didn’t you? A dorm in a house where almost ANY of your relatives could have walked in! And now, here I am fighting with my best friend AND my boyfriend, because you had to be stupid and related!!” Kirsty screamed. “I am out of here!”

Kirsty stormed out of the boys dorm, barging past James and Teddy, who were just arriving.

“What’s up with her?” James asked, raising one eye brow.

“Not now James, we have bigger issues here. Ted, you know you’re here as Teddy and not Professor Lupin, right?” Fred questioned, still red in the face, trying to calm down.

“Yeah.” Teddy nodded. “And that worries me more than a little.” Teddy was frowning slightly, looking over at Rose who was staring down at her shoes. Her and Teddy had always been very close. She knew that he had felt betrayed when she hadn’t told him about her relationship with Scorpius. She also knew that he had found out about their relationship in the worst possible way- seeing them making out, on a bed, along with Roses parents. Rose tried to block out that memory as much as possible.

Huh, maybe finding out what she and Scorpius had been up to wouldn’t be too much of a surprise for him.

“Rosie, what’s going on?” He asked her, concern printed evidently across his face.

Rose opened her mouth to answer just a Al, Louis, and Hugo entered the room. Rose couldn’t believe that the boys had invited her 14 year old little brother to this intervention. That was just a step too far!

“You invited Hugo to my intervention about this?!?!” Rose squealed in outrage. “No way. Uh uh. There is no way in hell Hugh and Louis are in on this. Anyone under the age of 16 OUT!!!”

Comprehension dawned on Teddy’s face at the mention of having to be 16 to be involved in this conversation.

“Loius, Hugo, out. I really need to talk to your sister.” Teddy said in a low, threatening, and serious voice.

Really, it was a dad voice!

When did Teddy get a dad voice? Rose wondered.

Hugo and Louis skulked out of the room, muttering about what a waste of time that was.

Teddy sighed heavily, “So, what the hell has happened. Why am I here?”

Rose opened her mouth to reply but Fred cut her off.

“I walked in on Rose and Scorpius about to have sex!” He yelled in a rush.

All of the boys had guessed that this was the route that this confrontation was going down, but they were shocked nevertheless.

“Freddie!” Rose cried outraged.

“Well I did!”

“So? You are such a hypocrite! What were you about to be doing in the girls dorms with Kirsty, huh?!?”

“Well, uh, umm…” he stuttered. “That’s not the point! I’m older!”

“Kirsty’s exactly the same age as me though, so why is she allowed if I’m not?!”



“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Teddy yelled sharply, putting an end to Rose and Fred’s innate bickering.

Rose took a step back, tears threatening to spill from her eyes. Teddy had never used such a sharp voice with her before, and as much as she hated to admit it, it stung to hear him talk to her like that.

“Fred, shut up, you can’t judge Rose for almost having sex when you were about to do the same thing. Rose, I can’t believe that you were about to have sex with your boyfriend in your dorm with the door unlocked. You should have at least taken that precaution, if you must have sex at all! My advice is abstinence. Al, James, don’t even attempt to shout at her, we all know that if any of us lectured Rose about having sex with someone at school then we’d all be hypocrites. And man the word hypocrite has been used too much in the last five minutes!" He paused for a moment, letting his words sink in. Once he saw how upset Rose was he said, "Rose come here.” He held open his arms and a crying Rose rushed towards him, grateful for the hug that she was getting.

Glad that one boy in her family would stick up for her.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered.

“You don’t need to be.” He sighed, just to Rose. “Guys, I think we all need to become aware that Rosie is sixteen, she’s legal*, and she’s in a long term relationship. If she’s going to have sex, there’s nothing we can do to stop it.”

Fred scowled, as did James. Al looked indifferent, he had known that something more was going to happen between Rose and Scorpius, he was just waiting for it.

“So…” Al said. “Are we done here?” Teddy looked around at everyone, Rose still snuggled in to the crook of his arm.

“Yeah, I guess so. Fred you might want to go find your girlfriend, she looked really pissed off. Rose you might want to go find Scorpius.” The boys just gaped at this suggestion. “ He’ll be worried and hurt because he was kicked out of here- half naked from what I’ve gathered- with a wounded ego. He’ll also be worried that us male family members have eaten you. Apparently we seem scary to those outside of the family.” Teddy seemed indifferent about this.

“Go guys.” He said, releasing Rose from the hug that held her, pushing her lightly towards the door.

“Thanks Teddy!” Rose said with a fleeting smiling, rushing down the stairs.

She rushed through the common room, trying to ignore the obvious whispers and staring which followed her. She saw Kirsty sitting in the corner of the common room fuming, taking it out on her old battered copy of The tales of Beedle the Bard.

Rose saw Kirsty look up from the book and shot her an apologetic look. Kirsty nodded, silently saying that they would talk about it later.

Rose smiled and threw open the portrait hole, jumping out, and turning to run to the Ravenclaw common room.

“Rose!” He cried, rushing forward to embrace her. “Rosie.”

She just stood there, enjoying the embrace, hoping that her cousins were going to forget about this day, and knowing that they wouldn’t.

Rose just hoped that her relationship with Scorpius was strong enough to withstand the Weasley wrath.

* Whilst the Legal age to do magic is always 17, the legal age to have sex in Scotland (which is where Hogwarts is) is 16 and therefore when Teddy said that Rose was 'legal' he meant that legally she was allowed to be sexually active! Just thought I should clear that up since I, in no way, approve of underage/illegal sex. :)

Heyy guys, sorry about the longish wait in updating! This is up unbeta-ed because my beta is superbusy just now and I didnt want to keep you guys waiting too long after my last cliffy! Well done to those of you who guessed that it was Kirsty and Fred who walked in on Rose and Scorp- good call people, good call! 

As you know, I dont own Harry Potter or anything Harry Potter related- including the tales of Beedle the Bard, alas I wish I did! But anyway, since I was nice and updated this for you guys will you answer some questions for me? 

1. What do you think of Freds reaction?
2. Did you like Kirsty and Freds fight? 
3. What do you think of Teddy? (I love him!) 
4. Favourite moment/quote? 

Please answer them for me! Thanks for reading! - Kirsty xxx

Now Betaed!  7/4/10

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