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Sensible by Margravine
Chapter 4 : Epilogue
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The Weasley-Potter-Lupin clan was a large and numerous one. Every family has its feuds, its secrets, and its fair share and then some of drama, but it is due to the celebrity nature of this clan in particular that this story comes to our ears. 

Lucy Finnegan, nee Weasley, was the first to shed her family name for another. In her long life, she never grew older than thirty five and her patented beautifying products almost matched her succession of husbands in their contribution to her Gringotts vault. This disgusted her sister Molly almost as much as her conversation and she moved to sunny Australia to escape her family and live her life in a rain free paradise with a gorgeous surfer called Noah.

After Lucy, James Potter is perhaps the most famous, his newspaper The Oracle providing an alternative to The Daily Prophet that was received with a resounding sigh of relief from the magical population. Similar sounds are emitted by any patients tended by Healer Potter, who eventually opened his own practice with his black haired, hazel eyed sons. Another family business you might have heard of is Weasley Wizarding Wheezes, handed down to Fred II. Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to wrangle a reservation at the exclusive restaurant co run by the brilliant Roxanne and Hugo, who eventually quit his job in Magical Law Enforcement to pursue his love of food.

Even if you are not a Londoner and have never experienced these well known sights, or if you are a social hermit and have never heard of Lily Potter-Shacklebolt, you must have seen the face of Victoire Zabini.  The first international supermodel of the magical world, she has peered out at you from magazines, portraits, society newspapers. If you grew up in the 2020s, then you have probably sung along to the three smash hits of pop sensation Louis Weasley. 

Perhaps, in the depths of your memory, if your mother or grandfather was an avid tracker of the ‘royal’ family, you can remember another Weasley, another sister, the artistic rebellious one. The newspaper clippings may lie in your attic under mounds of dust, the last memories of the girl who accidently and tragically overdosed on magic mushrooms, leaving a devastated fiancée behind her, who was soon to follow her into greatest adventure of all. 

I am willing to bet, however, that you have not heard the story of Teddy, or of Rose. The brilliant daughter of Hermione Granger, first female Minister of Magic, and Ron Weasley, decorated Auror, did not blaze her own trail of glory. She appeared to fade into the background, choosing to study obscure and ancient languages, dedicating her life to subjects that bored even the most avid of Weasley watchers. It is generally accepted however, that Rose, of all of them was the sensible one. Or so they thought.

When faced with the most important decision in her life, the choice that would irrevocably seal one road of her life and exile her to another, did Rose Weasley make the sensible choice or the insane one?

I can tell you this; she made the only choice she could.

Risking her life in highly dangerous, potentially explosive mission with Ted Lupin was not in Rose’s ten year life plan. Neither was becoming adept at werewolf negotiations, skilled at wand to wand combat or being addicted to the rush of adrenaline that pumped through her veins as she ran through the deepest darkest wilds with only her oldest friend at her side. Disappearing from the public and academic world was not something she had ever envisioned and accepting a job as a field agent was a future that would have had her in hysterics if you suggested it to her.

In the end, Rose made the only choice she could. It was not practical, it was not logical, it was not even safe. She did it anyway and had the time of her life. To be sure, it was not what anybody who knew her would have expected her to do. It was not, strictly speaking, sensible. But then, neither was marrying Teddy Lupin a good five years before had ever she planned to.


My very first ending! I'm sorry if it's not what you expected, but I hope you liked it anyway! My other Rose WIP will be much longer, and I'm starting a Roxanne/Lysander piece soon.

Please do let me know what you thought of the end, whether you loved, hated, what have you!  I love hearing from you!

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