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Marauding There And Back Again by Prongs05JP
Chapter 12 : Fights Among Friends
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So this is chapter 12 (finally! see my A/N for my humble apologies) hope you like it - R&R :)
EDIT 4/4/10: A lot of people got confused with the beginning - its a flashback, sorry for confusing you guys XP, hope its a bit clearer now ;)

Chapter Twelve:
Fights Among Friends

Abbie's Memories, January 23rd 1973. Second Year.

“Abbie! Abbie!”

“What is it Will – you’re all out of breath?”

“You’ll never guess… what I just heard!”


“Remus Lupin likes you – he’s going to ask you out after dinner this evening! I heard Potter and Black talking about it in the dorm.”

“… Really?”

“Yes!” As Will stood there panting, holding his knees with his hands Abbie wasn’t quite sure what to do with this information. She felt elated – Remus Lupin – the Remus Lupin liked her! And Abbie liked him too!

“And you’re definitely sure?”

“Yes!” Will rolled his eyes. “Would I lie to you?” Abbie grinned slyly and Will shot her an annoyed look. “Well… aren’t you happy?”

“Yes! Of course I’m happy – thank you so much Will!” And Abbie pulled him into a large hug which he returned gratefully. “I’m going to go get ready – I’ve got to look my best for Remus!” And she skipped down the corridor gleefully, squealing happily when she turned the corner.

Will leaned against the wall and smiled in her wake. She looked so happy, which was good.

All through that evening Abbie fidgeted throughout dinner, trying to stop herself looking in Remus’ direction and failing – luckily he didn’t seem to see her. Lily had been so happy for her when she told her what Will had said – but for some reason, she just couldn’t bring herself to tell Rachel. And she even knew why.

Rachel liked Remus too.

The two of them had both had crushes on him since they first started at Hogwarts, and here was Abbie sitting there knowing he was going to ask her out. But she was so excited! Better not think about Rachel right now…

And so, she was sitting in the Common Room with Lily, every so often glancing at the boys’ staircase to see if Remus would come down from the dorms, but mostly staring at the blank piece of parchment in front of her.

“I know you’re excited, Abs, but you can at least fill in which extra subjects you want to take next year.” Lily frowned. Abbie half nodded, throwing a glance at the boys’ staircase one more time. Lily sighed, and went back to her own sheet.

“I suppose… Care of Magical Creatures doesn’t look so bad…” Abbie pondered, before picking up her quill and writing something down.

“What about Divination?”

“Yeah… actually I think I’ll take Divination. Divination and Ancient Runes on second thought.”

“Ancient Runes? I didn’t think you were into that sort of thing.” Rachel asked as she slumped down into the seat next to Abbie.

“Yeah. Welcome back – did you have a nice walk with Will?” Abbie teased. Will (settled nicely in next to Lily now) scowled and was about to retort when there was an uncomfortable cough from behind Abbie. Abbie whirled around and dropped her quill.

It was Remus! It was really happening!

“What can we do for you, Lupin?” Will asked, acting ignorant, whilst throwing Abbie a discrete wink and a grin.

“Um… I’d like to talk to Abbie.” His face reddened slightly, whilst saying it and Abbie had to stop herself from squealing.

“Uh… sure.” She replied, barely keeping the smile off of her face. He began to lead her out of the portrait hole so Abbie turned to smile nervously at her friends but the only face she seemed to remember from looking back was Rachel’s. She was looking curiously between Remus and Abbie and turned to Will to ask him something. Abbie bit her lip and followed Remus out.

“Listen… um… Abbie. I wanted to… er… I know we’re only twelve… but, um,” Remus' face reddened a lot and Abbie could feel her own heart pumping loudly. “Would you, er… gooutwithme?”

“Sorry?” Abbie hoped he’d said what she’d thought he’d said but she had to make sure.

“Um… I like you. Please will you go out with me?” He asked, a hopeful note in his voice as he stared determinedly at the ground. Abbie opened her mouth to reply but found she couldn’t – her throat was dry. Why couldn’t she answer? The answer was definitely ready.

But then Rachel’s face appeared in her mind. She looked confused, not like the normal happy Rachel “Let’s crush on Remus together!” Rachel had said that. But here Abbie was… going on her own. How would Rachel feel after Abbie going out with Remus? Would Rachel feel… okay with that?

“Abbie?” Remus asked nervously.

“I’m sorry.” Abbie croaked, she could feel her eyes stinging. “I can’t go out with you. I’m sorry.” Remus face visibly fell, and he turned to look at the ground in disappointment. Abbie felt her own heart shatter into pieces as she uttered the words she had never thought she’d say.

“No… it’s okay. I was just… ignore that. Forget I ever said I liked you.” He turned away and headed back to the portrait hole. Abbie wanted to cry out – she didn’t want to forget! She wanted to say she liked him too - but she couldn’t. Instead silent tears began to pour down her cheeks as he stepped back into the Gryffindor Common Room.

Abbie choked out a sob, but comforted herself – she was doing the right thing. It was all for Rachel – Rachel would have done the same thing, if Remus had asked her out, right? 

Present Day 

“Look, Potter, I know we decided not to do anything particular for Halloween but you could at least help with decorating the hall.” James huffed sulkily and turned away.

You’re the one who didn’t want to do anything. I wanted a masquerade ball.” Lily bit back a laugh – he looked like a child denied chocolate.

“Well the Prefects did a vote and didn’t want all the hassle.” Lily retorted, turning back to charming the pumpkin on the table next to her.

“Damn Moony… voting against it.” Lily sniggered and James glared at her. She quickly reprimanded herself – but she couldn’t help laughing; it was just like talking to Will.

“Can you help with the decorations, then?” Lily sighed.

“What’s the magic word?”

“Potter…” Lily growled.

“Correct!” James beamed and Lily rolled her eyes. He picked up another pumpkin off the pile and began to carve a face with the tip of his wand.

“You could use magic.” James shrugged indifferently.

“Meh. Why do we have to decorate the hall now, anyway? It’s only the… twentieth today.” That was right. It was now the 20th October – two weeks or so after that trip to Hogsmeade where James and his friends had jumped in and stopped a fight breaking out between her friends and a gang of Slytherins. Lily had already thanked him, but she had been left a little empty by one of his comments; would have done it for anyone. Was that really true?

Lily scolded herself; as if she actually cared!

“Um… Evans are you having an internal conversation with yourself or what?”

“Excuse me?”

“Well your face keeps changing expressions and you’ve stopped working.” Lily blushed, and hid her face by picking up another pumpkin.

“I’m fine. And besides – I’ve done way more pumpkins than you anyway.” Lily stuck out her tongue playfully. Wait – wait, wait, wait did she just flirt with Potter?!

“Oh it’s on now, Evans.” James smirked. “But I still don’t see why we have to – it’s…” he paused for a moment to work it out. “Eleven days early!” James picked up the next pumpkin.

“We’re just doing it this way, okay?” Lily growled. James sighed.

“I swear… I don’t understand you Evans.”


“One moment we get along and the next you suddenly decide to growl at me.” He laughed. “It’s kinda like you’re a puppy.”


“Want a beef treat?” He laughed as Lily’s face flushed and she snorted something incoherent.

“When you’ve finished being a prat – I’m going to put up these pumpkins over by the Ravenclaw table. Don’t bother me unless you’ve got something useful to say.” Lily levitated a couple of the pumpkins she’d finished and James pouted in her wake.

“I’ll let you sleep in Papa’s lap if you want to!” James slapped his knees in beckon.

“Go to hell Potter!” Lily snapped. James just laughed and turned back to his pumpkin.

“Hey… Evans…”

“What?!” Lily cried irritably.

“It looks a bit like you!” James laughed, pointing at the pumpkin gleefully. Lily counted to ten, glared daggers at James before turning back to where she conjured a ladder to help her hang up some (also conjured) streamers.

“Hey James!” Lily was about to turn around to reprimand Potter when she realised it wasn’t actually him talking. It was a small boy, probably a first or second year with brown scruffy hair – who looked remarkably like Potter (but without the glasses). James turned around, startled that someone had called his name.

“Hey Carl!” he beamed, and Lily noticed how his face visibly lit up when he arrived. “What’s up?” The boy (Carl) walked up to James taking in the scenery suspiciously.

“What are you doing?”

“That’s my line, squirt.” James ruffled up his hair and smirked. “It’s almost after hours.”

“Oh, I was looking for… Merlin!” James glanced puzzled, as Carl changed direction and suddenly charged towards Lily. She took a step back, alarmed. But Carl went straight past her up to one of the pumpkins, to which he promptly lifted the lid and reached a hand inside.

“Whoa – that’s a sixth sense, you got there Carl!” Came another small voice from the doorway. Out of the pumpkin, Carl had pulled a small grey kitten with sapphire coloured eyes shining up at them.

“Hey Tam.” Carl laughed, as James also came over to take a look. Another boy, slightly older than Carl had walked in too, and Lily was feeling a little bit overwhelmed. 

“Is that a cat?” James asked.

“Yeah. This is Merlin.” Tam reached over and took Merlin from Carl. “I got him as a present before the start of the year but Carl,” He gave Carl an annoyed glance. “Keeps taking him away to ‘train’ and then Merlin tends to run away.” James turned to Carl who shrugged.

“I’m training him to beat up that kitten Filch has got. What’s its’ name?” Carl laughed.

“He calls it Mrs Norris.” Tam sniggered and James was about to add when Lily coughed loudly.

Potter. What in Merlin’s name is going on here?” James couldn’t help but smirk when she said “Merlin”. “POTTER!”

“Sorry, sorry Evans.” James sniggered. “Guys, this is Evans – er, Lily Evans. Head Girl. Evans, this is Tam and Carlyle. Tam’s the new seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team and Carl’s his brother.” James ruffled his hair up affectionately.

“That’s all very well and good – but it’s after hours!” Lily cried irritably. James nodded guiltily and turned to the two boys and their cat.

“Sorry, gents, you better be on your way. Before she explodes.” He added in an undertone. “Make sure you take all the secret passageways you can – Filch tends to patrol this side of the castle around this time.” The boys nodded, grinning wildly and left. “Never knew you were so desperate to be alone with me, Evans.” James laughed as Lily’s face reddened.

“You are insufferable!”

It occurred to James how he had never really teased Lily like this, unless he was asking her out – and that tended to not be very nice. But this was… different. Playful, almost. As if Lily knew it was only a joke but responded in an angry manner – because that was what was expected of her. James smiled to himself – they certainly got on better nowadays.

“We should probably start patrol in a minute.” Lily frowned, as she put up the last of her pumpkins (the one that Merlin had been hiding in).

“Do we have to?” James whined.

“I knew you’d be like that for patrolling.” Lily scowled.

“On the contrary, alone in a dark corridor with a red headed beauty is quite appealing.” James grinned. Lily was glad she wasn’t facing him so he didn’t see her face flame up for what must’ve been the ninth or tenth time that night. How did he do that?

Lily didn’t have time to answer her own question, for as she was stepping down the ladder she lost her footing and she cried out.



After Lily had left to put up the decorations with James, Rachel had gone up to the dorm alone to study. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to complete her homework with Will and Abbie; it was just that Remus was in the common room and she found it incredibly hard to concentrate.

She found her gaze continually being drawn to him; and almost every time he seemed to know when she was looking and would catch her eye – making her blush even more profusely. So if she wanted to get this homework done, she’d have to do it in the dorm – the one place Remus couldn’t get to. It was at this time that she realised she really had a problem (she tended to blush whenever she thought about Remus).

She was love struck. Again. Just as if she was twelve years old again. Rachel sighed dreamily as she twiddled her quill between her fingers and she didn’t even notice Abbie stalk into the room, drop her books on her bed and sit down, huffing. She also didn’t notice the slight wetness in her eyes. It was the sniff that caught her attention.

“Abbie!” Rachel cried; holding her hand to her heart in surprise. “You scared me.” She laughed. But when Abbie sniffed again her face crinkled in concern. “Are you alright?” She asked softly.

“Does it look like I’m alright?” She snapped, and Rachel recoiled.

“No, I suppose not. What’s wrong?”

“It’s none of your business.” Abbie replied curtly and Rachel frowned.

“I was just showing some friendly concern. Pardon me.” She replied sarcastically before returning to her own bed to continue her Arithmancy studying. It was a couple of minutes before either said anything.

“You wanna know what’s wrong?” Abbie suddenly piped up and Rachel rolled her eyes.

“I asked, didn’t I?” She laughed, but Abbie’s cold face didn’t look like it wanted to laugh at all.

“I just spoke to Remus.” Rachel raised an eyebrow and was about to open her mouth when her unasked question was answered. “I asked him out.” Rachel’s mouth closed abruptly.

“Oh.” Abbie turned away, sniffing once more and shaking her head.

“You always have to win, don’t you?” She asked bitterly.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Although Rachel had a pretty good idea.

“He said no. He told me he liked someone else.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Abs.”

“No you’re not!” Abbie replied fiercely. “You’re really not. He told me you were the one he liked.” Rachel realised this was what it was about – it hadn’t occurred to her recently. She was so caught up in her own happiness about Remus that she forgot that Abbie was in love with him too. Rachel remained silent, thinking of nothing to say here – so Abbie spoke for her.

“And do you know what else he happened to mention? He’s waiting for you. You told him to wait and he’s doing it.” Rachel was taken aback – would Remus really blab that to anyone?

“How could he tell you that?”

“Oh, not in those precise words but what does it matter? He told me he was waiting for a girl and don’t you think I’m stupid!” Abbie shouted.

“What?” Rachel still acted defensive.

“I’ve seen the looks that pass between you two – the embarrassed ones and the ones that tell anyone watching that you’re involved.” She narrowed her eyes scathingly.

“We’re not involved!”

“Yet! Minor detail! You just had a boyfriend Rachel – why do you have to take the guy I like as well?”

“I like him too, remember!” Rachel replied angrily.

“Yes but you had a boyfriend to help you get over him – isn’t that what you said at the beginning of the year? Isn’t that what you said?”

“You’re the one who told me only weeks ago that he was no good for me!”

“Oh yeah I forgot he was a lying bastard who left you for another girl!” Abbie shrieked manically, jumping to her feet.

“Abbie!” Rachel began to feel tears sting her eyes – this was unfair! But Rachel was being unfair to Abbie too… she hadn’t realised that before.

“Oh yes, Miss Rachel-perfect-Sanderson! And guess who that girl that he likes is? ME!” Abbie was staring at Rachel defiantly as she blinked her eyes in disbelief. The statement hung in the air whilst she tried to take it in.

“You’re lying.” She breathed, eyes wide. Andy left her… for Abbie?

“No, Rachel. So those weeks ago when he asked me out in the Three Broomsticks I threw a drink in his face – I was defending you! Now I wish I’d never done it!” She shrieked.

“Well I’m sorry I’m the one that Remus likes – did you always expect it to be you in the end? Is that why you’re so angry with me?”

“Shut up!”

“Is it because Remus chose me over you? Is that it?” Rachel screeched, anger getting the better of her.

“Shut up you harpy!”

“Or are you jealous?”

“NO!” Abbie began to cry, and Rachel’s anger faltered.

“Abbie… I’m sorry – I didn’t mean those things -!”

“Yes you did.” Abbie was calming down, tears dripping down and she wiped her nose noisily. “Want to know the reason I’m angry? Because when the time came you didn’t do the same thing I did for you.”

“What did you do for me?” Rachel was bemused.

“You’re a traitor – a dirty traitor and I don’t want to see your face ever again!” Abbie cried, storming to the door. But before she could reach it, it was flung open in her face and Alice stood there, a concerned look etched onto her face.

“Girls – Lily’s in the hospital wing because she –“ Alice paused. “…What happened?” She asked concernedly, taking in both of the girls’ teary faces.

“Nothing.” Rachel spat bitterly.

“Doesn’t look like nothing…” Alice raised an eyebrow.

“Just leave it, Alice.” Abbie wiped her nose with her sleeve. “Didn’t you say something about Lily just now?”

“She’s in the hospital wing – she fell off a ladder in the Great Hall.”

“What?!” Rachel and Abbie cried in unison, before glaring at each other and turning away. Alice clicked her tongue but didn’t say anything.

“Trust Lily to find a way to fall off a ladder…” Abbie muttered.

Rachel almost nodded, but stopped herself – she didn’t want to agree with this girl who had just said all of those spiteful things to her! The two marched to the door after Alice and made their way downstairs, and when Remus tried to catch Rachel’s eye in the common room she turned away guiltily. She felt like she might burst into tears if she looked at him.


“So what have you done this time, Lils?” Will smirked from the doorway of the Hospital Wing.

“It’s nothing ser-“

“She fell off a ladder.” James interrupted her before she could finish. Lily scowled and tried to sit up – only to be pushed down by James. “That training nurse… Pomfy was it? She said you’ve got a concussion and should lie down!”

“She’s a training nurse – what does she know?” Lily glared.

“She knows a lot more than you do.”

“Potter –“

“Shut up and lie down!” James sighed exasperatedly and Will laughed.

“You guys are like an old married couple.” He ignored the look of mortification from Lily and walked over to them. “So what happened?”

“She was having one of those internal conversations, fell off the ladder and luckily I was in the right place at the right time.”

“You caught her?” Will raised his eyebrows. James shrugged.

“Yeah… no heavier than a quaffle.” He grinned. Lily scowled again but knew neither of them would leave her alone.

“Then don’t you have something to say to James?” Will turned to Lily, a malicious glint in his eye that she didn’t like at all. She opened her mouth, closed it abruptly and glared some more – not willing to say what she knew she should to James.

Thanks.” She mumbled, not meeting his gaze – but against her notice James was glowing with satisfaction. Will opened his mouth to say something (still with that glimmer in his eyes) when he was interrupted by the doors to the Hospital Wing flinging open.

Rachel and Abbie sprinted over to Lily spouting questions.

“Are you okay?”

“What happened?”

“Alice said you fell off a ladder!”

“Ohmygosh do you have a concussion?”

Lily glanced between the two, absolutely bewildered at the sudden round of loud speaking when James shut them up.

“She fell off a ladder, and has a mild concussion. Apart from that –“ Lily tried to sit up and James pushed her down through gritted teeth. “- She’s fine.” The two girls nodded with relief, and there was a cough from the doorway.

Peri stood there and James sighed exasperatedly.

“If we really have to?” Peri nodded matter-of-factly. He shot the rest of the group apologetic looks before stepping away from Lily’s bed and marching over to Peri, who smiled.

“Get well soon, Lils.” She grinned and Lily waved back.

“Yeah – make sure you’re there for patrol tomorrow, Evans, as you obviously can’t make it tonight.” James smirked well naturedly and followed Peri out of the wing. Lily felt strangely put out now that he had left, as there was no one to push her down when she sat up to explain what had happened to her friends. But it wasn’t as if she wanted him to push her down obviously… was it?

“He caught you? Oh – that’s so romantic!” Rachel gushed. Abbie shot her a glare.

“Almost like your “knight in shining armour”.” Abbie added coldly, looking out the window. “Always coming to your rescue. There’s no room for anyone else in his heart.” Abbie smiled, but it didn’t reach her eyes.

Lily looked warily between her two friends, wondering what the matter was – she couldn’t tell if Abbie was referring to James or… she had a hunch of who she might be referring to instead.

“Well… isn’t this a bit frosty.” Will smirked, which was obviously the wrong thing to do.

“Oh, shut up Will – you think you’re funny, but you’re not!” Abbie snapped, and turned on her heel before stalking out. Will just stood there, mouth agape, before narrowing his eyes. But Lily could see the hurt, and wondered just how deeply that may have cut.

“Okay, Rache. Fun’s over – spill.” Lily turned to Rachel who shifted uncomfortably before the whole story came pouring out.


“Oh I know, how much it just breaks your heart to be away from Evans, but this is important Prongs.” Sirius gushed as James slipped into a chair grumpily in a corner of the Gryffindor common room. Peri perched on the arm, her eyes alight with a childish excitement that Sirius couldn’t help but smirk at.

“So… why am I here again?” James asked tiredly, reaching underneath his glasses and massaging his face.

“Halloween prank, duh.” Peri laughed.

“But Halloween’s eleven days away – why is everyone so obsessed with it?” James remembered the decorating (that he had not finished, in actual fact) where Lily and he had been arguing about a date to do it. He had lost, admirably, which was why they ended up doing it today.

“It doesn’t matter. We can still plan a big one!” Peter huffed, for the plan they had in mind had been his idea anyway.

“But…” James began, but was cut off by Remus.

“It’s no use, Prongs, there’s no getting through to them.” He smiled apologetically and James shrugged. Remus opened his mouth to add something else before shutting it promptly. James raised his eyebrows as the conversation turned to a private chat between Sirius, Peri and Peter.

“It’s just…” Remus began awkwardly. “Did you see Rachel in the hospital wing?” He asked, trying to keep the eagerness out of his voice – James almost laughed, but stopped himself so it ended up more of a clearing-the-throat-snort thing. But James needn’t have made a sound.

At the name ‘Rachel’ Sirius’ head snapped around with a malicious grin and a mischievous glint in his eye that Remus did not like the look of at all.

“Asking about Sanderson, are we?” Remus’ ears turned pink.

“Wha – no!” He replied.

“Yes you were…” Peter prompted. James felt tempted to join in, what with all the time Remus had when they were teasing him about Lily, but decided against it. Peri also watched on in silence – that’s what she seemed to do a lot nowadays, just watch on and participate when necessary. It wasn’t like her, and James was just the least bit worried.

“Oh shut up, Wormtail – so what if I was?” Remus huffed, glaring at Peter and Sirius. Sirius shrugged.

“None of our business I suppose… but where do you guys stand, anyway? With the amount of time you’ve rescued her…?” Sirius left the sentence hanging and James could see Remus bristle. At that moment Peri chose to intervene.

“C’mon, guys, you were going to show me how to plan a major prank – don’t back out on me now!” She laughed, but Sirius was unperturbed.

“I’m just wondering – I mean, Sanderson should be feeling pretty grateful –“

“Shut up!” Remus snapped, louder than he’d wanted it to come out. Sirius raised his eyebrows sardonically before turning to Peri.

“This prank, then. Usually it’s just us Marauders who do the planning, but I suppose you can join in.” Sirius added authoritatively, now ignoring Remus. Peri looked taken aback.

“Well… okay.” She looked at Sirius wearily, and Sirius in turn turned to James.

“So Prongs usually thinks of the main theme, Moony does the idea and I do how it all goes together – and Peter is fact finder/supplier of gossip or other info.” He nodded matter-of-factly and James shrugged.

“Halloween… hmm, haunted? Maybe the Great Hall actually being haunted or something?” He shrugged, and turned to Remus, who shuffled in his chair to sit my upright – a slight expression of irritation on his face.

“What about floating pumpkins?” he rubbed his forehead tiredly.

“Boring!” Sirius cried flatly, sticking out his tongue and Remus couldn’t help but smirk. 

“How about we chop off your head and make it float?” he grinned. Sirius stuck out his tongue again and began to play with his shoes. “Hmm…” Remus continued. “We could always turn the food into something disgusting?” He offered, and Sirius made an unsure expression.

“Dunno… suppose…”

“What about things disappearing? With simple vanishing and conjuring spells we could manage it – like start of small and then get bigger – and the best thing –“ Remus was starting to get excited, and Peri was slightly surprised. Pranking didn’t seem like the kind of thing that would get him excited, yet here was the evidence. “We could do things like the tables – and Dumbledore’s beard!”

“Merlin’s beard!” Peter began.

“Dumbledore’s, you mean!” Winked James enthusiastically. Peter smirked briefly.

“As I was saying, sounds like a plan!”

“Any bonuses, Wormtail?” Sirius asked eagerly and an evil grin spread onto his face.

“I happened to find out today – that really annoying, clingy, spiteful mean Hufflepuff girl –“

“Anna Mentoni.” James supplied for Peri helpfully.

“ – She just so happens to pad her bra. Imagine making that disappear!” The boys chortled with laughter and Peri just smiled, shaking her head at their antics.

She knew that Halloween this year was definitely not going to be the small time events she was used to. 

I am so sorry for the long wait - it's completely unreasonable of me, its just I've been so snowed under by school work, and I was in a musical recently and life just kinda took over :S I humbly apologise!!
But that was chapter 12, with a dose of drama for you to muzzle over until I update again - how was it? Any parts particularly stick out for you? Let me know in a review!
My specially specially thankyous go to SecretDragonRider, wenderbender, padfootprongs, lilythepotter and xx_lostdreans_xx for adding this to their favourites, and wenderbender and xx_lostdreams_xx for reviewing - and to my lovely regulars (if you permit me to call you that, guys (: ) padfootreturns and Sweets-Caandy for giving me lovely feeback ;)
So let me know your opinions on the chapter - it honestly makes my day when people take the time to leave a review, even a small one, in that little grey box :')

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