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Being Black by Pen2Paper
Chapter 1 : Black Legacy
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A/N: All you recognise belongs to the great JK. Rowling. 
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Mmm. So, you want to know about my life?
Beautiful... rich... and aristocratic, the youngest daughter of Black. I'm infinitely curious as to what you think of me and how you imagine my life to be...

I must warn you, while love and riches intertwine, this is hardly a tale of romance. I can’t promise happy endings...
Still interested? Well let’s get on with it then. Tea? No? Suit yourself.
Let's talk about Family.

Family is all that you have when the world perishes around you. For most that may be true. But the world where I lived in, the family I came from was very different in every way imaginable.
If you weren’t loyal, you didn’t exist. 

One may wonder what it may be like to be a Black...
Riches beyond imaginable. Nobility, they recognised our class wherever we may roam in the wizarding world. A Gringotts vault at the age of 15. But above all power. Power unseen by many. The power to overturn fate. Sounds inviting, does it not?

Born to one of the richest and most powerful bloodlines, the youngest of three daughters, everyone believed that I was the perfect prize.

They believed I was loved the best and doted upon the most. The way I perceived it, I was brought up to perfect the mistakes of my sisters. I was taught since a young age to be more strong-willed, more graceful, more beautiful, more charming, more independent and most importantly more proud of my birthright as a Black.

The Blacks were near royalty, the high elites in the wizarding community. As if you didn't know! If you lived under a rock you’d still hear the name in passing.
So come my 11th birthday I recieved a gift, an offer that would change my life:
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It was there I would learn to harness the magic coursing through my veins, where I would reinvent myself, where I would become everything I am to be, a witch.
A Pure Blooded Slytherin witch. 

Not long ago parents from our family sent off their loving children to school knowing they will make them proud and become part of the new generation of Slytherins.But all that changed with a certain Mr. Black.

Sirius Alphard Black defied the sacred tradition of Slytherins by pleading to be housed under Gryffindor, their sworn enemy. I was 9 years old when I heard the story of how the young Black had shamed our legacy. How his mother stayed in bed for weeks after hearing the news and how his father locked himself up in his study, ashamed to face the world.
As the months passed the other Slytherin elders feared for their own children, feared that they would follow the unholy footsteps of the vile Sirius Black.

Being Blacks, our parents feared most of all. Children of our age born to our families were bribed with many riches or threatened with much force to never defy the great Salazar Slytherin.

I remember my mother came to my room the day I was to leave for Hogwarts. She gave me a family heirloom that belonged to my Grandmother. A locket with green emeralds encrusted into the front in intricate patterns around a large golden S. I remember admiring it as a child sitting on her lap. I was told I will recieve it on my fifteenth birthday as an honour for being part of the Black generation. But instead they gave it to me before departing to Hogwarts to remind me where I belonged.
I remember riding the train that day thinking all the while of one thing. There was only one place I belonged. In Slytherin.

Like the rest of my family I would take up my place in the House of Slytherin, the greatest of all founders and declare my faithfulness to my predetermined fate.

During my first year I was Bella’s apprentice. Bellatrix is my oldest sister, the family favourite. She loved me very much. Under her wings the rest of the Slytherins respected me, even though I was so young.
We were the most beautiful of the Black sisters, everyone said. Beautiful in very different ways. My mother adored my appearance since I was a child. She said my hair would shame a Veela, that my skin flushed the colour of roses and that my eyes were as clear as the sea after a storm. She said these eyes alone would vex any man I unleashed them upon. 
Bella's beauty was in her dark unfathomable eyes and her playful charming smile. Her high cheek bones, sharp features and long sheet of silken black hair made a her the object of interest of many high born boys. Yet she never paid them so much as a sideways glance. She had the Slytherins eating out of her hand and she was training me to take over her reign once she left school.

Andromeda my second older sister, was merely a shadow of Bella’s beauty. She made her stance in academic excellence, always the top of her class and a Prefect well on her way to becoming Head Girl. Though the love my parents had for her was stolen by large by Bellatrix, among our Aunts and Uncles Andra was the clear favourite.

I was always the young silent one. The one that mostly lingered in the background where I observed while I let my sisters take the spotlight. Obeying the orders of my parents and following my sisters’ footsteps, I didn't battle them for my parent's love. I didn't battle them for academics. I didn't want them against me.
I simply wanted to learn to take command of the different worlds they both had conquered. I watched quietly as my parents praised them for their achievements. Be it academic or otherwise.
I watched as I was sure that when the time came I would outshine them all.

No matter how much we loved each other as sisters we were always internally at war.
For the fact remained that only one of us could be known in history as the greatest Black Bride, the highest honour that could be given to a family that had fathered all daughters.
Since we were all women with no male heir to the family heirlooms and a pure bloodline, it was time to show them all that the little sister was much more powerful than they ever dreamed possible.

Basically, it was open season.

I hope you got a feeling of how Narcissa thinks and acts. This is just a prologue next chapter will be longer :)

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Thanks for reading xx

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Being Black: Black Legacy


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