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The Purpose by CoalBlackCat
Chapter 1 : Explanations
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STOP IN THE NAME OF POTTER! This is a sequel! if you have not read 'Sweet Conflict' Then Please read it before you red this. If you have read it then by all means read on!

Sirius was sitting at the table waiting for the others to arrive. He seemed to be doing a lot of sitting recently. It was extremely frustrating not being able to do anything of use for the order. Dumbledore was a great wizard but all his restrictions made his blood boil. On the brighter side he was going to see Harry again. He just hoped they would make it back from the Dursleys in one piece. They would be fine as long as that slimy death eater gave them the right instructions. Sirius was filled with anger every time his mind wandered to Snape. Why the man thought he was so fantastic was anybody’s guess and yet all Sirius could do is scrub up the grease marks behind him.

Molly bustled into the kitchen. ‘The kids are upstairs is everything ready for the meeting?’


‘Good. Arthur’s just got back from work and the others should be here soon.’ She informed him and seeing the gloomy look on his face she added ‘Harry shouldn’t be long after them.’  She began to pull some more chairs up around the table and Arthur entered followed by a couple more.  The mood was still quite damp. Everyone was apprehensive as they waited for the safe arrival of Harry and the others. The room was quiet apart from Molly complaining loudly to Arthur about how little Harry is fed at the Dursleys.

This didn’t help Sirius’ mood. It was terrible that Harry had to spend his summers with those awful people but to have dementors attack him too... nowhere seemed to be safe anymore.


‘At last!’

‘Have you got the plans ready dear?’

A patronus in the form of a werewolf entered the room to notify that they were on their way. Sirius heart lightened slightly until it began to talk. Lupin’s voice rang out around the room. He sounded grave and the message seemed urgent.

 ‘We’re nearly there but there’s been a complication. Change of time in the death eater’s schedule we ran into them once we came out of London’ Sirius cursed Snape out loud just as the potions professor swept into the room.

‘Now there’s no need for language like that’ came a drawling, gloating voice from the doorway

‘Shut up Snape and listen’ Sirius growled.  He had a tight grip around his wand and was thinking of Harry and Lupin. Snape fell silent as the patronus began to speak again.

‘We’re moving as fast as we can. We managed to get past them and were still flying but we need to get back before any others start arriving. We need you to get ready there’s been a casualty and we can’t get to Mungo’s. We’ll be there soon’

There was a moment of silence before everyone sprang into action. Snape sent out a patronus to Dumbledore and Molly began to clear some space on the old sofa ready for the ‘casualty’ that Lupin had mentioned earlier. Sirius prayed that Harry was okay.

Just five minutes later they heard the door slam open and they could hear shouting.

‘She’s still breathing’

‘But that’s impossible!’

‘We need to get her inside’

Lupin charged into the room followed by Harry and the others. With a quick glance Sirius saw that they were both fine. But then he saw the girl in Lupin’s arms. She was incredible pretty and quite young. Her honey blonde hair was windswept over her face and her face was covered in blood. Mrs Black’s portrait began screaming in the background and a couple of people ran off to take care of it.

‘She’s still breathing’ Lupin repeated and he placed her down hurriedly on the sofa. They all started to gather around her. Lupin took her pulse.

‘Impossible’ He murmured under his breath. ‘That’s Impossible!’

‘Who is she?’ Asked Snape, eyeing her up curiously

‘She, Severus’ Moody limped into the room ‘Just saved our lives.’

‘What the hell happened?’ Sirius asked

‘Well we ran into the death eater’s just outside London. Looks like they changed their minds at the last minute’ Tonks began, standing worriedly behind Lupin and Mrs Weasley who were working quickly in trying to revive the girl. Both Moody and Sirius cursed Snape, Snape ignored them.  ‘It didn’t look good. There were quite a lot of us so we tried to split off into groups most of us got past but Me, Harry, Lupin and Moody were surrounded. ‘

‘How did you get past them and where does she come into this?’ Arthur looked at the girl lying on the sofa, barley stirring.

‘She seemed to come out of nowhere. She followed up on her broom and got in between us and the Death eaters and told us she’d hold them off. Well of course they thought she was crazy so did we but it looked like she meant business’

‘Started sending hexes like nobody’s business’ Moody was staring admirably at her, almost holding back a smile ‘I’ve never seen anything like it and she can’t be that old’

‘About Fred and Georges age’ Mrs Weasley agreed

‘She took down a couple single handed, still yelling at us to leave.  She gave us time to get Tonks and Harry out unharmed.’

‘What did you and Lupin do?’ Sirius asked

‘Severus!’ Lupin shouted from kneeling beside the girl ‘A little help here’ Snape walked over to assist.

‘Well naturally we couldn’t leave her with a group of death eaters’ Moody continued ‘But she seemed to be doing pretty well on her own.  Well as she refused to leave we joined up with her.’

‘She was not happy about that’ Cut in Lupin

‘Yeah. She really seemed to care about what happened to us. I’ve no idea why, I’ve never met her.’ Moody replied curiously. ‘Anyway, some of the death eaters were dispersing to try and find the others some were taken down by us or her. There were only a few left when one sent a killing curse at Remus’ Tonks gripped Lupin’s shoulder and Sirius swore loudly ‘That’s what I was thinking. Then the idiot flew deliberately in the way so it hit her instead. We thought she was dead. Lupin caught her and we flew back so we could bury the crazy kid properly. It was once we caught up with the others we realized she was still breathing’

‘But that’s impossible’ Kingsly Shacklebolt interrupted in his deep voice ‘Are you sure it was a killing curse Moody?’

‘Of course I’m sure! You would think that was the minimum expected from an auror; the ability to hold a wand and to know a killing curse when you see it.’

‘She’s going downhill, I don’t know if we can stop this’

‘How do we cure death?’

‘She isn’t dead!’

‘She’s supposed to be and that’s what’s happening. I don’t know how she survived that curse but we’re going to have to think of something quickly.’

‘There’s only one think we can do’


‘We’ll have to restart her’

‘How do you restart a person?’ Arthur asked. ‘She’s not etlectric’

‘Isn’t there a potion Snape?’ Sirius asked ‘I’ve heard of it it’ll restarts organs they use it at Mungo’s’

‘For one organ at a time and that has huge amounts of pain managing potion to go with it’


‘So even if we managed to give her enough of the potion to restart all her organs without killing her we’d need her to be awake for it. You can’t give her more than half a vile of pain managing potion without her falling asleep’

‘Then give her half a vile!’

‘You can’t put somebody through that much pain they’d go insane!’

‘Maybe we should just take her to saint Mungo’s’ Molly suggested

‘And try and explain as to why their patient is suffering from a bad case of death?’

‘Snape get the bloody potion!’

‘Fine but if you kill her it’s on you’

‘You’ll kill her if you don’t hurry up! Look at her!’ She was indeed in a state. Her eyes were flickering and everyone was trying to keep her conscious for Snape’s return. Furthermore they had all seemed to have forgotten that Harry was still in the room.

‘Where’s Dumbledore?’ Kingly asked

‘He’s on his way now’

‘Don’t you think he would have something to say about putting a child through that much pain?’

‘If we don’t do something now that child is going to die. I’d rather this then a dead girl on our hands’

Just then Snape returned he reluctantly handed the potion to Lupin

‘I’m telling you this isn’t a good idea’

‘Well I’m telling you that it’s our only idea’ Sirius snapped back

‘How much?’ Molly asked

‘All of it’ Snape replied, looking apprehensive ‘Then half of this’ He took out the pain managing potion

‘Her pulse is slowing down!’ Lupin grabbed the bottle and poured it down the girl’s throat. He then grabbed the second bottle and poured half of that down too.

The effect wasn’t immediate. The girl lay still for a moment and everyone in the room held their breath. Then she twitched once or twice. Suddenly she was shaking uncontrollably, she let out a moan of pain.

‘How much is it going to hurt her?’ Moody asked unconcerned but serious all the same

‘Snape was staring at her. ‘I have absolutely no idea’

‘You’re telling us this now!’ Shouted Sirius over the girl who had began to scream. Her eyes flew open and she writhed about in pain.

‘I told you it was going to cause her pain! It was you who decided to go ahead and do it anyway!’

The girl was screaming louder and was flailing around in excruciating pain it was almost impossible to watch.

‘MOLLY’ Sirius yelled seeing the look on Harry’s face ‘GET HARRY OUT OF HERE NOW’ He and Lupin were holding her down, trying to keep her from hurting herself.

Mrs Weasley hurried forwards to Harry who stood there in horror staring at the girl. ‘Come on dear, you don’t need to see this’ She guided him out onto the landing. ‘The others are upstairs’

Harry headed up the staircase. All of the anger that he felt during the summer holidays seemed to have evaporated. He could still hear her screaming from downstairs.  When he entered the bedroom Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Fred and George were all waiting for him. They had heard the screaming and shouting from downstairs and they were waiting for an explanation. Although he felt annoyed when he saw Ron and Hermione he couldn’t help but be glad to see them.






He received five bone crushing hugs. And then he sat down on the bed and ran his hands through his hair.

‘Bloody hell Harry, what’s going on downstairs?’ George asked. The screaming was still audible and it was making Harry feel sick.

‘Yeah is somebody trying to give Snape shampoo?’ Added Fred

‘I will tell you guys everything once you tell me what is going on. I’ve been waiting all summer for some news and you guys were not helpful in the slightest. So will somebody tell me what this place is and what we’re doing here?’

They all exchanged guilty looks

‘We’re sorry mate’ Ron said ‘We wanted to tell you but...’

‘I don’t care just tell me now’

‘All right calm down there Harry’ Said Fred but seeing the look on Harry’s face they began to explain everything.



The girl’s screams had died out just seconds ago and she lay completely still. Everyone in the room held their breath waiting for her to show a sign of life. Dumbledore had arrived and he stood sombrely in the corner waiting along with the others.

Lupin approached her slowly his ears ringing with the sudden silence. He picked up her arm and felt her wrist for a pulse.

‘Is she alive?’

‘Oh god we’ve killed her haven’t we?’

Then suddenly the girl gasped causing almost everyone in the room to jump.  She sat up and swept the hair out of her face. She looked up at the people who were staring intently at her, waiting for an explanation.

‘Brilliant’ she said sarcastically to herself ‘Can’t even die properly. I’ll put that on my CV’ She swung her legs over the side of the sofa and stood up.  She staggered a bit and Lupin put a firm hand on her shoulder and forced her back down.

‘Look’ she said, obviously getting annoyed ‘As much as I love getting tortured by you guys I would like to leave so if you don’t mind...’ She went to stand up again but Lupin pushed her down once more.

‘First of all we saved your life and second of all you’re not going anywhere until you explain yourself’

‘I think you’ll find I saved your life and you’re welcome by the way. Now can I leave?’


‘That’s just fantastic! Even the Order of the Phoenix are assholes. I see no more hope for the wizarding world’

Dumbledore spoke before anybody else could ‘How did you know that?’ he asked quietly.

‘Well you were kind of acting like assholes so I...’

‘That is is the Order of the Phoenix?’

The girl remained silent before saying ‘I really should be on my way...’

Moody butted in angrily ‘How did you know?’

‘Either that or it was a house party. I went with the Order because of the obvious absence of cubed cheese.’ Her voice was positively dripping with sarcasm.

‘You’re staying’ said Moody angrily ‘Until you explain’

The girl’s eyes had just fallen on Sirius and she answered unexpectedly ‘Fine’

‘You’re not going to make this easy are you?’

‘You’re not going to let me leave are you?


‘Then no’

‘Why are you so desperate to leave?’

‘Why are you so desperate for me to stay?’

‘Because I think you know a lot more than you let on and you don’t save a person’s life without a reason. Your turn’

‘Because I really don’t think I can handle being here’


‘That’s none of your business’

Moody turned towards the others ‘Maybe we should just let her leave before I kill her.

‘That won’t be necessary’ Dumbledore walked towards the girl and sat beside her. ‘You do care don’t you? You just tried to die to save some people you’ve never met so I can only assume they do mean something to you. The fact that you’re being so difficult makes me think that you don’t want us to find out who you are, am I correct’

‘You are indeed’

‘I’m afraid I can’t let you leave a top secret headquarters until I find out who you are. I’m sure you know that. So what is your name?’


Moody looked at her ‘Your name is Kapow?’


Sirius grinned ‘You’re lying aren’t you?’


‘Look here’ Moody had just about had enough ‘We have all night if we have to so you can be as stubborn as you like but at the end of it you can guarantee we will know your name. So why don’t you just save everyone some time and tell us your bloody name’

The girl sighed and sank back into the sofa watching Moody wearily ‘Fine’



Mrs Weasley entered the bedroom after harry had finished the story and they were still discussing it.

‘Oh good you’re all here. We need you downstairs to see if you recognise this girl from Hogwarts. I must warn you she’s quite a character, seems intent on making everything difficult. Anyway come on!’

They followed her excitedly down the stairs and into the room where the girl was still sat on the sofa and the members of the Order were sat around the room.

‘This’ Moody said looking rather smug with himself ‘Is NatWest’

‘NatWest?’ Said Herminie at once looking confused ‘Isn’t that a bank?’

Moody’s face fell and he turned on the girl ‘A bank? Really?’

‘Well you’re the one stupid enough to think I was called NatWest! That’s a ridiculous name!’

‘Well it was more believable than terminator!’



‘My name is Rose. Look I’m tired of this game and I want to leave. Please let me go’ She looked as if she was genuinely telling the truth.

‘You know we can’t let you leave just yet.’ Sirius turned to them ‘Do any of you recognise Rose from school’

They all answered no.

‘I told you I didn’t go to Hogwarts’

‘You also told us your name was terminator’

Dumbledore once again interrupted ‘Where do you learn magic Rose?’

‘I teach it to myself’

‘You mean you’ve never gone to school?’


‘Where are your parents?’

‘Dead or Missing and the other one has never met me’

‘You mean you’ve met them?’

‘In a way yes’ she was staring determinedly at the floor

‘When was the last time you saw one of your parents Rose?’

‘My Mother when I was nine’

‘What happened to her?’

‘She left. Went looking for somebody and never came back’

‘Did she find them?’

Rose’s eyes flicked upwards for a moment before answering ‘no’

She stood up suddenly and said ‘I’ve had enough. You don’t need to know this.’ She turned to speak to the room ‘I’m not going to tell anybody about you. I’ve saved your life and I’m done and now I’m leaving.’ She walked towards the door.

Snape stood in the way. She pulled out her wand. She was suddenly very angry. ‘Get out of my way before I have to make you and I will.’ Snape disarmed her just as she raised her wand. She stood there wandless for a second before punching Snape right in the face. ‘I don’t need a wand to be awesome’

Sirius tried to contain his laughter as he looked at the girl who had just punched Snape in the face. Then something came into his mind. She reminded him of somebody but who? Sirius tried as hard as he could to remember then he saw it dangling from her neck. A silver chain was just visible over her shirt. Sirius walked up to her and she looked startled. He grabbed the chain and examined it. Sure enough, dangling from the necklace was a tiny silver dog alongside a tiny silver wolf. He dropped the chain as if it had burned him and he stared at her. Her grey eyes stared back. Grey eyes that matched his exactly.

‘Where did you get that?’

She tucked it hurriedly back under her shirt and picked up her wand without looking at him. Sirius grew angry and his voice was shaking.

‘I said, where did you get that?’

‘My mother’

Sirius froze in horror. He couldn’t believe it unbelievable sadness seemed to have gripped him and everyone in the room was staring at him with an intense curiosity.

‘She never found you did she?’

Sirius shook his head. Nobody tried to stop her as she left. She turned from the room and then they heard the front door slam. Silence. Every eye in the room was staring at him now demanding another explanation.

He turned to Dumbledore and Lupin who were the only ones who seemed to understand. Lupin looked at him disbelievingly.

‘Seventeen Sirius, really?’

Sirius despite himself smiled weakly. ‘We’re going to have to get her back’

‘Why?’ Asked Moody, outraged.

‘Because she knows everything’

The room was silent except for Moody’s mutter of ‘Oh Christ’


Sirius went to bed that night in high spirits. There was the tiniest tiniest of all miniscule chances that Eliza, may still be alive. There was one thing for sure. They were going to have to get their explanation.

So thats the first chapter please! please! please! take the time to reveiw and thankyou for keeping up with my story.

Disclaimer: In case anyone is horribly confused I do not own Harry Potter, NatWest, Terminator or Hamburgers. If I did I would be VERY rich and I would be rolling around in my giant pile of money, naming them individually and calling them my babies. 

Dont foreget to reveiw. Bye for now xxx

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The Purpose: Explanations


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