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Losing Innocence by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 1 : Fire
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  "Mumma?" Called a little girl, who crying under her bed, in the confusion of her almost totally destroyed house. "Mummy?"

  "Rose?" screamed a tall woman, carrying a crying bundle of blue blankets. "Rosie, where are you?" she continued to yell as she fought her way to the little girl.

  "MUM!" Cried Rose again. Her eyes hurt from the smoke around her, as did her throat and nose. "MUMMY!?"

  "Hermione, get out of here with Hugo! Get to Harry’s house!" Rose's father ordered. "I'll get Rose, GO! NOW!" Rose hid under her bed as her father fought his way to her, she couldn’t see him but could hear him shifting the debris away.

  Another blast sounded and fire erupted from Rose's dresser. She screamed, her wavy brown hair falling over her face as she tried to put as much room between the fire and herself as possible. "Daddy!" She cried.

  "I'm coming, Rosie!" Her father yelled, "Hold on!" A piece of ceiling fell in front of Rose's bed, sending splinters and burning embers at her, hitting her face, burning her and gasping her cheek. She let out another sob, clutching a small teddy bear close to her as if it could protect her from the horror around her. She had never been so scared in her life, tears ran down her face, stinging slightly as the salty droplets of water came in contact with her burnt skin.

  She felt someone grab her arm she screamed and pulled away until she realized it was her daddy's dirty, burnt face peering down at her. His red hair was scorched, and his face was almost entirely hidden by ash, but his blue eyes were still bright, glowing in the smoky light.

  "Shhh…It’s okay, Rose," He said, “Shhh…It’s only me, it’s okay, baby, I got you.” He promised pulling her out from under the bed and lifting her into his arms. He tilted his arms so that her face was pressed into his chest in order to keep flying sparks from hitting her, however she still turned her head so she could see where they were going, her brown eyes wide, she was unable to stop herself from looking at the destruction around her.

  Her dad started running through the house, but it wasn't even their house anymore. It looked nothing like the warm, comfortable home that Rose has spent the five and a half years of her life. Now it was a torrent of flames and falling wood. The pictures that line the wall were blackened and destroyed. Mum and Dad's room was totally blow apart. Heat from the flaming walls washed over Rose like she was in an oven.


  They where nearly to the stairs when someone dressed all in black cut them off, brandishing his wand through the smoke.  Ron stopped and started running the other way. They nearly got to the window in Rose’s bedroom when….




  Rose didn’t know what was happening, but the next thing she knew she was falling, her dad’s arms no longer holding her.  She heard her father yell, and felt something pound and break against her back. Her head hit something hard underneath her and everything disappeared.

Author's Note: Chapter one, what do you think? I actually based this story completely off the pictures you saw on the banner, since I was in major Final Fantisy mode when I was writing this later on you're going to see some similarities to Denzel and Marlene in it. I hope you like it, please review


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Losing Innocence: Fire


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