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Mission Malfoy by dramionefan_Rilla
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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A/N- Hey All! I’m so sorry you guys had to wait for such a long time. I’ve finally got my laptop almost fixed and decided to update. I know you guys had been waiting forever and I’m really sorry. I hope that you don’t hate me and will continue to read and review “Mission Malfoy” Also please emails me for more info That will help me to keep on writing.

Thanks a bunch



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~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`Chapter 5~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~

Hermione coughed, as she stepped out of the large and exceptionally clean, white fireplace.

She looked around her surroundings and gasped, she had just flooed into the Manor’s gigantic living room. (Is it “Lounge” in the U.K? Sorry I’m not British, so I don’t know)

It was simply stunning, with dark embroidery sofas with plush black cushions. In the middle of the sofas was a dark black stone table, which -Hermione thought- fell on you; you’d be flatted instantly.

She glanced around and saw a round showpiece near the window, her eyes stopped on the portrait that was facing her. It was a picture of Narcissa and Lucius; probably on their wedding day.

Lucius’s hair was tied back and he was wearing a set of stiff black robes, he was holding Narcissa’s hand and… smiling? His grey eyes were not as cold looking, though his face showed contempt and proudness.

Narcissa’s blonde hair was seeped up in an elegant bun on top of her head and her blue eyes were filled with happiness as she glanced at Lucius, her diamond ring trust out as if daring anyone who looked at this picture to insult it.

She was pulled out of her musings, when Adrian let out an excited shriek and tackled Hermione into an enthusiastic hug.

She smiled at him as he launched into a talk about how it was great having “’Mione” as his mummy.

Draco scoffed at that and Hermione glared at him.

“Come on I’ll show you to your room.” He snarled.

Adrian happily clutched Hermione’s hand and strolled along with her, following Draco down the corridor, the long hallway was brightly lit with shimmering crystal chandeliers.

The floor was covered with a thick Arabian designed carpet. The walls were a dark green colour with Portraits.

They passed dozens of closed doors before the hall turned left, leading into another long hallway with a different designed carpet and pale gold walls and brightly lit chandeliers, finally leading to stairs.

The stairs were very long and wide with an elegant satin red runner covering the middle the sides showing that the steps were made of shiny black marble.

She fallowed Draco up the stairs closely knowing she would very likely get lost in a place like this,-where every single Hallway was the same- She would probably end up somewhere in the dungeons. A place she longed not to go ever again

She shuddered at the memory of what had happened before; it still gave her nightmares especially on rainy days when there were storms. She hadn’t gotten over the trauma of it.

They passed yet another hallway and Hermione groaned inaudibly, yes she defiantly was going to get lost. She stayed extra close to Draco and held Adrian’s hand tighter.

“It may seem confusing at first, but you’ll get used to it,” Draco said as though responding to her thoughts of the Manor.

Hermione looked around the hallway; the walls were an ivory white shade without any portraits, and at the end of the long hallway stood a large cherry wood fireplace, which had a huge picture above the mantle.

Hermione realized it was a picture of the three Malfoys. Narcissa and Lucius never failing to look regal and proud, with Draco sitting on a chair in the middle, looking very daunting and wearing a simple black suit. It seemed he was edging on the vicar look.

Lucius wearing crisp black robes with a hint of green, his arm wrapped protectively around Narcissa; who was wearing a long emerald gown with a matching emerald necklace, and silver heels with a matching silver bracelet on her wrist. They all looked educated, rich, and very well established.

The Chandeliers glimmered and cast an elective look in the hallway, Hermione decided right there and then that this hallway had to be her favorite hallway so far.

She also realized that this hallway didn’t have as many doors; in fact it only had about nine doors, not including the double grand white French doors on the left side of the hall that led to the Master bedroom.

Halfway down the hall, Draco stopped and faced a powder blue door on the left side of the hall; with a large “A” pinned to it. Right next to the Master Bedroom she noted. He reached forward, opened the door, and entered. Hermione followed him in.

The first thing she noticed was that The room was large and contained a lot of toys, most of them Wizarding, but a few that were Muggle (a set of marbles and some jacks), and the walls were a light baby blue colour and there was a window with a white border, and there was a huge wardrobe; which for some odd reason reminded Hermione of Narnia.

There also was a huge toy basket overflowing with toys. At the corner of the room, she saw a rocking chair, and a small fireplace lit. On top of the fire place was a small picture, but before she could see it properly. Draco cleared his throat.

“Well as you can see this is Adrian’s room”, He smiled at Adrian, who grinned and ran off towards his toys to play.

Draco chuckled softly watching his son play for a moment then snapped his fingers; a small “POP” sounded and a house-elf stood before him.

“Yes Master?” The small elf questioned bowing low.

“Tokin can you please watch Adrian while I show Miss her room?” Draco asked gesturing towards Hermione who looked surprised at how nicely he spoke to the elf.

“Certainly Master,” squeaked the elf.

Draco nodded satisfied, and turned towards Hermione, “Come on” he snapped returning to his brisk and sharp manner.

Hermione quickly followed him out the room, not wanting to upset him any farther. Although she had no idea why he was so mad, Maybe realizing what he got himself into, she thought bitterly.

Draco reached a door she had seen earlier, it was across the Master Bedroom, he opened it allowing Hermione to enter first.

“Your rooms face the back of the manor and inner courtyard. Mine face the front of the manor where I can see the outer courtyard and the gates.”

Hermione nodded wordlessly, and examined the room. It was much larger than any bedroom she had ever seen, and it was so much more luxurious than anything she would have asked for.

The first thing she noticed, and was shocked to see, was that the walls were not dark green, she was speechless; Surely the walls would be green, it was after all a Slytherin household.

In fact, she couldn’t find any green in the room at all. Her walls were a light cream color, and she knew when the sun would set or rise it would give her room a lovely golden hue. Her bed was a huge sized bed just a bit smaller than a king size and had a midnight blue duvet.

“This is gorgeous,” was all she could think to say as she stood there in awe.

Draco just shrugged and flicked his wand at two narrow doors that opened up to reveal a large walk in closet that lit magically.

Hermione glanced at it and noticed that it had a large amount of clothes in it, the right aisle was simply all arranged with fancy wear while the left showed casual; although if that was casual than the Malfoys were richer than all of Gringotts vaults put together.

Draco moved to the second door on the left side of the bedroom.

“This is the bathroom,” he said as the door open with a quick flick of his wand.

Hermione peered inside. Nothing too special, it was a bathroom – that part was obvious- as there was a large sink, a toilet and a huge Jacuzzi and a shower, However it was a Malfoy bathroom.

Hermione raised her brows at the style; as the floor was tiled, and there was an exotic aroma, it smelled like cedar wood and lilacs. And the towels and hand towels, were – she resisted rolling her eyes - embroidered with silver M’s.

“This is your study,” Draco’s voice called from across the room. Hermione noticing his choice of words rushed over to see. She crossed through the double glass doors across from her bed.

Entering through them, she almost squealed with excitement. Her study was a large room, almost the size of her bedroom; every wall was covered with shelves, all of which were filled with books. Hermione’s eyes widened. There was a black leather couch and a small fireplace and a desk stacked with new parchments and ink.

I’ve died and gone to heaven, she thought, momentarily forgetting where she truly was. She walked to one of the shelves and began trailing her finger across the spines of the books as she glanced through the titles.

But before she could pull out a book and read. Draco interrupted, “I’m glad you like the study but there is still more to see and you also have to get ready for dinner”

Hermione sighed and got up and exited thought the doors only to see transparent white curtains with lace blowing through open doors. She followed them to see that, it led to a balcony and Draco was leaning against the railing as he looked below the balcony. The perfume drifted up to Hermione at the stone railing where she stood next to Draco. She could see that he enjoyed the view as he looked beyond the horizon.

She looked further up the courtyard - near what she guessed would be the entry hall- stood a magnificent marble white fountain. The cascading water sparkled like diamonds in the sun. From her perch, she could see the other wing of the house perfectly and an identical balcony faced hers across the courtyard.

Hermione sat down on one of the benches on the terrace and breathed in the beautiful, heavy scent of nature. Birds flittered about merrily, chirping to one another.

Despite what she had imagined the Manor to be like, and what she had seen of the dining room six years before. It wasn’t as dark and gloomy as she thought it would be. You could almost forget this is Malfoy Manor, Hermione thought with a smile.

“It’s lovely,” she breathed out.

Draco nodded in agreement. Then turned around and spoke, “Dinner is about to be ready in fifteen minutes, dress accordingly; one of the gowns from the closet will do,” and with that he stepped out the room his robes flying behind him, eerily reminding Hermione of Professor Snape.

She stared at the closed door for a minute in shock of his behavior, Well he is a Malfoy, she thought with a sigh as her closet opened and lit up.

She took a step in the closet and looked around, a large, elaborate mirror was in the center of the room, and dresses and robes lined several of the aisles around her. She couldn’t tell how many pairs of shoes sat on the racks to her left.

Hermione groaned in frustration, it was going to take forever to find the right dress to wear.

She began shifting the gowns around looking for something suitable. She finally found a dress, it was an almost, floor length aquamarine dress that showed her curves perfectly and had long sleeves. She had even found matching ballet flats to go with it.

She dressed quickly did her hair and makeup checked herself in the mirror.

Deciding that she looked presentable enough she decided to go to the dining hall; but then she realized she had no idea where it was, she was about to call Adrian when a “POP” startled her, she jumped.

“Lulu is sorry to bother Miss, but Master is say that dinner is ready,” The elf bowed low.

Hermione smiled relived, “It’s no problem, Lulu is it?” -the elf nodded- can you please show me the dining room?”

The elf smiled, “Of course Miss, Master say that I am your personal elf.”

Hermione nodded, “Alright then, let’s go”

When Hermione reached the dining room she saw that Draco and Adrian had already started eating.

They paused when she entered the room, “I’m sorry, I had trouble…deciding what to wear,” she said as she took a seat next to Adrian and across from Draco.

Draco nodded and turned back to his food. Adrian however grinned at her and whispered,

“You look pretty.”

Hermione gave him a small smile and proceeded to eat her meal. After she was done she arose from her seat and was about to retire to her room; when Adrian spoke, “’Mione can you come and tuck me in tonight, with daddy please?”

Hermione stood there not sure how to respond, she sneaked a glance at Draco who nodded stiffly.

She turned her head towards Adrian and gave him a big smile, “Of course, I will Adrian.”

He beamed and went back to finishing his meal while she walked back to her room.

Once she had settled down in her room wearing a green silky nightgown, which she had picked immediately after seeing the other choice, an extremely skimpy black nightgown, that came to her mid thigh and was extremely revealing: which made her wonder who had done the shopping; she made a mental note to ask Malfoy later.

She looked out the window of her study, she could see the fountain its marble structure gleamed in the dark night air, the stars twinkled brightly, and she had to admit the view was just as amazing as it was earlier on.

She went to her desk in her study and sat down to write a letter to Harry and Ginny. She didn’t want them to worry, and knowing Harry he probably would worry if he didn’t receive a letter from her by tonight. She carefully read over her letter.

Dear Harry and Ginny,

Everything is fine here, The manor is beautiful and not at all like before; though I’m afraid of getting lost in here and ending up somewhere in the dungeons. The corridors are extremely confusing, but pretty. My room is right across from Draco’s. Adrian’s room is next to his.

Speaking of Adrian, wait till you see him Ginny; he’s an angel! I love him already; he is a bit like Teddy, which is understandable since they are related. I think Adrian and Teddy will get along perfectly, we should introduce them one day; I’ll try to persuade Draco.

And don’t worry Harry, Malfoy hasn’t done anything suspicious, mostly he just silent and he only speaks when spoken too and he hasn’t insulted me… yet, I think he’s just in shock, he’ll come around by tomorrow. Other than that, everything’s fine and I cannot wait for you guys to visit me.

Write Back Pretty Please,

Love Mione

When she was satisfied with her letter, she sealed it and was about to call a house-elf to help her mail it when a loud “POP” sounded in her room.

She looked in the direction where the noise came from, to see Lulu standing there with wide eyes.

“Yes Lulu, can I help you?” Hermione asked the elf kindly.

The elf smiled and shook her head, “Master Adrian wishes Miss come tuck him in.”

Hermione nodded, “Yes I was about to go. But I was wondering if you could, mail this letter for me?” She asked holding out her letter.

Lulu nodded, “Oh yes Miss, I would love to mail the letter.”

Hermione smiled, “Great then, please send it to Mr. Harry Potter at 12 Grimmuled Place.

Lulu’s eyes widened but she didn’t comment as she nodded her head up and down.

“Of course Miss” she disappeared with a “CRACK”.

Hermione smiled lightly as she put on a black satin robe over her nightdress, and walked towards her desk and picked up her wand; and proceeded to walk towards Adrian’s room.

When she reached Adrian’s room, she was surprised to see Draco sitting in the rocking chair talking with a smiling Adrian- who was wearing dark blue pajamas- in his lap.

Adrian beamed at her when she entered the room, “’Mione I thought you didn’t want to come.”

Hermione smiled at him, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

Adrian grinned broadly, “Can you please tell me a story?”

Hermione was about to respond, when Draco interrupted her.

“Adrian it’s past your bedtime, Gra… Hermione will tell you a story tomorrow alright?” he said looking at Hermione who was giving him an odd look, and laid Adrian down on the bed.

Adrian nodded tiredly, “Ok daddy, goodnight”

Draco smiled softly as he pulled the covers and ruffled his hair, lightly with his hand.

“Goodnight son, sleep well.”

Adrian nodded sleepily, “Goodnight ‘Mione”

Hermione smiled, “Goodnight Adrian, sweet dreams.” She whispered as Adrian’s eyes closed.

She smiled at him as Draco shut the light and they both walked out of the room, and shut the door. She was about to go to her room when Draco’s voice stopped her.

“Hey Granger.”

She looked at him, “What Malfoy?”

He sighed and spoke, “Thanks for coming to tuck in Adrian, it meant a lot to him, I could tell”

Hermione was so shocked that she just stared at him, “Your welcome,” she finally whispered.

Draco must have realized that he had said too much, for he sneered at her, “Just remember Granger, I don’t thank or apologize to people, so don’t expect this often.”

Hermione sniffed at him, “No problem Malfoy I wouldn’t have accepted any less from you.”

He smirked at her, “Night Granger,” and with that he went to his room and shut the door.

Hermione glared at his door, but was secretly pleased that Malfoy was acting like himself again. She was beginning to worry that she was going to be stuck with a silent and sullen Draco forever and was glad that he was acting like himself again, though much more polite.

She sighed and went back to her room, she was so tired.

Today has been a very long day. She thought as she climbed into bed and drifted off to a peaceful sleep, shortly forgetting of the struggles that were sure to come.

A/N- I hope you liked it. Thanks so much to DramioneFan4Eva and my Beta Hermioninny9 and to all of you who supported me. You guys are awesome!
Also please check out my One-Shot called “Love and Hate; Opposites Attract” it’s on my author’s page

Rilla :D

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