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A Lovers Story by hermione999
Chapter 3 : Embarassing encounters and late night sounds.
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Chapter 3

I woke up the next morning to the annoying ringing of my alarm clock.

" Ugh, I'm going to have to get use to waking up early again now that school's started again."

" Granger could you please turn that damn thing off? For Merlin's sake I am trying to get some sleep here." he yelled covering his ears with his pillow.

" I turned off my alarm clock and got out of my bed. I walked into my closet, got my uniform and went into the bathroom. I turned on the water to the shower and got undressed while giving the water a chance to warm up. I stepped into the shower and let the hot water sooth my body. After about 20 minutes I got out of the shower and did a spell to dry my hair making it fall down in soft curls. I put on my underwear and was ab out to put on my skirt until Malfoy walked in completley naked. We both screamed and tried to cover up ourselves. Malfoy ran back into my room. I hurried up and changed into my clothes, walked into my room to grab my backpack, and raced through the common room.

As I walked down the halway I thought about what just happened. Why didn't he knock for Merlin's sake? Didn't he get taught to do that when he was younger? This cannot keep happening! First it was me then it was him. If we continue at this rate by the end of the year we will be so use to seeing each other naked that we will walk around naked around each other without giving it a second thought. When I entered the great hall I erasd the thoughts from my head so I could focus on the rest of my day. I waled over to theb Gryffindor and sat with Harry and Ginny.

" Where is Ron?" I asked looking for him.

" He went somewere with Lavender." said Ginny her face scrunching up as though she had ate something sour when she said Lavender.

" Oh." I said wishing I never asked.

" Well are you eager for classes to start?" Ginny asked changing the subject.

" Yea, I'm looking forward to the classes hopefully they will be challenging." I said as I put eggs on my plate.

" Well maybe not too challenging since I skipped 6th year so I could graduate with you guys." Ginny said nervousley.

" Don't worry about it Gin you will do fine especially since you have the smartest student at Hogwarts as your best friend." Harry said smiling at me.

I blushed." Yea Ginny I will be happy to give you help when you need it. Just say when." I said.

" Thanks Hermione." Ginny said.

" Anytime." I said.

Professor McGonagall came by and gave us our schedules. And then we all headeaded to DADA.

The first two weeks of school went by quickly. Malfoy and I avoided each other as much as possible and only stopping to talk to each othe about our head duties and for planning the prefects schedules. One day after coming back from a long day of classes I layed on the couch in the common room. I had a headache that that was pure agony so all I wanted to do was take a nap. I layed down and fell asleep. Later I woke up juging by how dark it was outside I was asleep for a while. I looked at my watch andit read 9:00. When I was about to go up to my room I heard a noise coming from Malfoy's room. I went to the door and stuck my ear on the door.

" Oh Drakey!" I heard a voice that sounded like Pansy yell.

" Pansy what do you want?" he asked seductively.

" Go harder,faster." Pansy moaned.

" Will do." said Malfoy.

After that all I heard was a series of moans. I went to my room in disgust and tried to block out the sounds. But I couldn't focus on my homework but I couldn't so then I tried to go to sleep, but I had no success with that thanks to Pansy screaming every five minutes. So I got up and banged on the door to Malfoy's room. I heard stumbleing and laughing. Malfoy cracked the door open sticking his head out.

" Hey Granger" he said the words slurring. I realizedhe was drunk when I smelled alcohol in his breath.

" Malfoy could you perhaps stop or at least lower the volume? I am trying to sleep."

" Oh loosen up Granger. How about you join the fun? I wouldn't mind making it a threesome." he sid snaking his hand up my backside.

" Get your hands off me Malfoy!" I yelled trowing his hand off my body.

" Come on baby you knowyou want to." he said trying to grab my arm.

I moved my arm out the way before he could grab it and ran back into my room. I heard him laugh and close the door to his room. I knew I wasn't going to get much sleep from then on but thank goodness it wasn't a school night. At 2:00 a.m. they finally stopped andI was able to fall into a peaceful sleep.



Authors Note: So what did you guys think? Please leave a review I love advice. :)

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A Lovers Story: Embarassing encounters and late night sounds.


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