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Double Trouble by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 11 : Chapter Eleven: Oblivious
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A/N: Waiting to be edited.

Chapter Eleven: Oblivious

By: MysticPhoenix


The next Monday morning gasps of shock, amazement, and disbelief filled the Great Hall as Isis and Sirius walked in for breakfast hand and hand. Boys and girls from all houses were glaring at either Sirius or Isis while others were whispering. Sirius who was used to being talked about was unaffected; Isis on the other hand stared at her plate. Meanwhile Sekhmet skipped into the Great Hall quite please with herself. She joined the group at the Gryffindor table humming.

"Congratulations Sirius!" Sekhmet raised her goblet of pumpkin juice in Sirius’s direction. “See it pays off to listen to my advice.”

"I think you can stop the congratulations Sek" Isis commented in an annoyed tone. Sekhmet had spent to whole weekend congratulating Sirius on finally ‘getting the girl’.

"But look at how mad Regulus is!" Sekhmet pointed at Regulus who was glowering "Nice work!" Isis groaned.

By lunch time the whole school knew Isis and Sirius were dating and rumors were flying wildly about how the seemingly unlikely pair got together. Even teachers who had dealt with Isis’s and Sirius’s bickering for as long as they had put up with James’s and Lily’s, were pleasantly surprised. Others, like McGonagall, had figured it was only a matter of time and smiled as the couple walked into their classrooms.

"I must say I am quite impressed with my handy work. You two are finally together and I've got the whole school talking. I really am a goddess!" Sek grabbed a sandwich off the table as the group exchanged glances, "Well no time for dinner! I'm off to the editing room! Lots of work to do!"

"Sek you had better be in class I am not making any excuses for you!" Isis yelled after her.

"You’re mean!"

"I'm your sister!" Sekhmet stuck her tongue out in response.

None of the Gang saw much of Sekhmet the rest of the week. She no longer ate in the Great Hall, dissapred during breaks and after classes, and returned to the dorm in the early hours of the morning only to get up a few hours later. She spent every waking minute in the Room of Requirements which had turned itself into the perfect editing room.

Everyone was dumbfounded about how she was able to actually edit her film. Muggle things did not work within Hogwarts. They guessed that either the Room of Requirements was able to alter itself so that Muggle computers would work or that Dumbledore was aware of Sekhmet’s goal and had lent a helping hand.

On Friday evening after dinner Remus had made the mistake of attempting to visit Sekhmet well she worked. He had been curious as to how she was able to edit and worried that she had not been eating. Knowing Sekhmet she would have either forget to bring food and the only thing the Room of Requirements could not do was create food. However, much to Remus’s surprise, the minute he set foot in the room he was sent flying back out into the hall the door slamming shut.

Saturday night around seven Sirius lead Isis down the seventh floor corridor blindfolded. Sirius had managed to convince Sekhmet to allow him to use the Room of Requirements for the evening. That morning Sirius had asked Isis if she would like to go to dinner with him. She had said yes but was very confused as to where they would go since they were not allowed out of Hogwarts.

"Sirius for the last time where are you taking?" asked an irritated Isis.
"And for the last time it is a surprise." Sirius laughed at her irritation, "Okay stay right here." Sirius let go of Isis’s hand so he could open the Room.


"Shh…" Sirius took her hand again "Okay now keep your eyes closed I'm going to take your blindfold off." Sirius lead her forward, "Alright you can open your eyes."

Isis hands covered her mouth in surprise. She knew she was standing in the middle of the Room of Requirements, but it had transformed into a beautiful Japanese tea room that looked out into a garden. There was a low table and cushions surrounding the table. On the table were all her favorite Japanese foods.

"I…I…how did you know?" Isis and Sekhmet had traveled to Japan with their parents when they were little. Isis had loved the food and culture and had wanted to go back since.

"A little birdie told me and of course the House Elves can cook anything." Sirius smiled, "So do you like it?"

"Like it? I love it!" Isis hugged him delighted.

"Good now let's eat I'm starving."

Back down in the common room Sekhmet came scrambling through the portrait hole. She had spent the last hour looking for her sister; she had even gone into the library.

"ISIS!!!" Sekhmet yelled.

"She's not here Sek." Lily said looking up from her potions book.

"Well where is she?" Sekhmet demanded

"Sirius took her out on a date. Don’t you remember? He asked your permission to use to the Room of Requirements."

"What! He's not allowed to do that without clearing it with me first!" Sekhmet flopped onto the couch next to Lily

"First of all he did ask you first and secondly why not?" Lily asked

"Cause…cause…just because!" Sekhmet ran out of the room.

"I think someone doesn't like sharing her sister as much as she thought." James commented as Lily shrugged.

Back in the Room of Requirements Sirius and Isis were just finishing up dinner. Sirius had spent much of the dinner asking Isis questions about her trips to Japan everything from what she had seen to the Japanese wizards and witches she had met. Isis told him story after story her eyes full of joy at the memories.

"Did you like dinner?" Asked Sirius

"Yes. It was wonderful. Thank you." Isis leaned over kissing Sirius.

"You know I'm still not used to you voluntarily kissing me." Sirius laughed.

"Well" Isis laughed kissing him again, "get used to it."

"That shouldn't be too hard" Sirius said kissing Isis's lips, "Shouldn't be too hard at all."

A week after Sirius and Isis had begun dating the group entered the Great Hall for breakfast noticing that the students were no longer pointing and whispering. Much of the shock had died off after a few days, but there had still been those who continued to gossip as long as possible.

"I guess you two are finally old news." Lily laughed

"Thank goodness. I'm not one who likes being talked about much." Sirius stated.

"Right … we all believe that one." Isis slid into the seat next to Sirius giving him a quick kiss

"Get a room." James commented pretending to gag

"Right there with you James. They are sickening." Sekhmet said sitting down next to Isis, "Though you and Lily aren't any better …” Sekhmet trailed off looking slightly depressed, “Merlin I need a man." Sek whined as she poured syrup on her waffles.

"Just be patient Sek." Remus stated joining the group

"Yeah don't worry I'm sure there is someone who wants to date you and is just too shy to say anything." Isis added seeing Remus blush, Sek missed that.

"Right." Sekhmet mummbled.

"Good morning." Regulus walked up behind Sekhmet.

"Go away Regulus." Sirius growled.

"Nice to see you too brother."

"What do you want." Sirius spat

"Oh just to congratulate you, Isis is a lucky girl." His voice dripped with sarcasm.

"Right, Leave."

"Sure thing." He turned to go, "Oh one more thing. Sekhmet I was wondering have you sworn off men?"

"No, why?"

"Oh nothing really. I just couldn't help but notice that it has been over a month since you broke up with me and yet you have no new boyfriend; quite odd for a girl who has never been single for more than one week since fourth year."

"I have been busy with a project." Sekhmet did not sound happy

"I'm sure that's just it. I'll be off than." He walked back to the Slytherin table laughing

"I think I'll go to class now." Sekhmet's voice sounded hurt. She kept her head down as she picked up her bag and walked out of the hall

"What's with Sek?" James asked watching her go.

"I don't know." Isis responded concerned.

The gang grew increasingly worried about Sekhmet as the day went on. She was on time to every class, didn't talk back once to a teacher, ate nothing at lunch or dinner, and left all the Slytherins alone. One of those acts alone was enough to cause concern, all of them was enough to call a shrink.

That night in the common room Lily paced back and forth impatiently waiting for James. She had been yelling at him for the past twenty minutes.

"James come on we have to go! We have patrol duty in five minutes!" Lily shouted up the stairs again.

"Coming Lily flower!" James yelled heading for the stairs as Sirius came flying past him.

"Where are you going in such a hurry Padfoot" James asked

"Library?" James and Lily gave him an odd look, "I'm meeting Isis there to work on our potions project."

"Right…study. You have fun with that." James winked as he and Lily left the common room.

Ten minutes after James, Lily, and Sirius had left Sekhmet walked into the common room only to find no one was there. She wondered up to the room she shared with Isis, Lily, and Alice, the girls were not there. Lastly, feeling like no one cared, she went to the boy's room. Opening the door she was surprised to find Remus there.

"I thought everyone left."Sek said not really looking at Remus
"Isis and Sirius are working on the potions project and Lily and James are on patrol. I think Alice and Frank snuck out for a date, and Peter is, well I'm not sure where he is." Remus answered putting his book down and sitting up, "Are you okay Sekhmet?"

"Yeah I'm fine." Sekhmet answered turning to leave.

"Quit lying and come here." Remus gestured for her to sit next to him

"Fine." Sekhmet dropped onto the bed

"You've been off all day. Why on earth did you let Regulus's comments effect you so much?" Sekhmet jumped up off the bed looking on the verge of tears.

"How could I? How could I not!" Sekhmet screamed at Remus, "What does every one think I'm immune to harsh comments! Right!" She started pacing, "Regulus particaly implied that no one gives a shit about me! And you know what he was right no one fucking cares about me! I've dated almost every guy from our year to three years ahead of us! None of them ever lasted for long! Then on top of all of that I get cheated on! Me cheated on! No one cares about me and no one ever will! No one will ever see me as anything more than a piece of ass!" Sekhmet stopped breathing heavily, biting her lip to keep from crying.

"That's not true Sekhmet and you know it. A lot of people care about you." Remus reached out taking one of Sekhmet's hands.

"You're just trying to make me feel better." Sekhmet pulled her hand out of his, "I'm out of here."

"No I'm not!"

Next thing Sekhmet knew she was on her back on Remus's bed with his lips pressed firmly against her mouth. Remus's tongue traced her bottom lip bringing the shocked Sekhmet back to life. Sekhmet's arms flew up pulling Remus down pressing their bodies together. After a moment or two Remus pulled back, they were both breathing heavily.

"Like I said I'm not lying." Remus leaned down kissing her forehead.

"Since when?” Sekhmet asked quietly very confused. “I never thought that someone as smart as you would ever be interested in me."

"A long time." Remus looked at her, "If you don't feel the same then I'm sorry for being so forward." When Sekhmet said nothing Remus began to sit up.

"I never said I didn't. In fact I’ve liked you since third year, but like I said I never thought I you’d would have any interest in me." Sekhmet pulled Remus back down into a kiss.

Remus pulled back again, "You always have been a little oblivious, but you know I'm not exactly safe to be with."

"Right…I totally believe that one. Now shut the hell up and kiss me."

Downstairs everyone had just returned to the common room. Isis, worried about her sister went straight to their dorm room.

"She's not up there." Isis said confused.

"Maybe she's with Remus up in our room." James suggested "Sirius just went up there to put his bag away."

"Guys you're never going to believe this!" Sirius came running down the stairs.

"What?" James asked sitting up

"Remus and Sek are making out on Remus's bed!"

Isis and Lily looked at each other, "About time."

"He's liked her since third year." James said


"Sirius you are so oblivious." Isis shook her head

"That's cause he's been chasing you since fourth year." Lily laughed

"Don't remind me." Isis laughed "Anyways I'm off to bed I'm beat."

"Me too." Lily followed Isis up the stairs

"What are we supposed to do?" James and Sirius asked

"Oh come on its not like they are going to have sex. Despite what most people in this school think my sister is still a virgin.” Isis glared at Sirius and James before turning and heading to the dorm.

"Goodnight guys." Lily shook her head following Isis.

"Great! Just great!" Sirius fell onto the couch.

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