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Missing Piece by Jazzeh Turnip
Chapter 1 : Missing Piece
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Missing Piece.

“Mum!” cried Ron as he hobbled his way down the stairs.

Molly sighed. It was nine in the morning, and already her children had started shouting the house down. If only, just once, she could have a bit of peace and quiet.

“What is it, dear?” she said as she put down her rolling pin and turned to face her youngest son as he limped into the Kitchen.

“Mum!” he cried again, grasping onto a worn oak chair that his sister was sitting on and lifting his leg. He pointed to his foot and said, “Mum, look!”

Molly looked down at her sons foot, inspecting it for any cuts or bruises. She saw nothing and frowned.

“I see nothing out of the ordinary, dear.”

“Mum!” Ron exclaimed, exasperated just as Ginny began swiping at his hand and telling him to get off.

“Mum! Ron’s touching my chair!” She whined as she began bashing at her brothers knuckles with her spoon.

Molly exhaled deeply and rubbed the side of her face. It was going to be a very hectic day.

“Let go of Ginny’s chair, Ronald.”

“But, Mu-”

“No, buts!” Molly commanded, giving Ron a stern look.

He gave up his hold on the chair and Ginny poked her tongue out at him in victory. Molly turned back to her pastry and continued rolling, shaking her head at her children’s antics. There was always an argument going on somewhere in the Weasley household.

“Mum!” cried Molly’s youngest son, yet again.

“I’ve already told you,” said Molly, losing her patience, “There’s nothing wrong with your foot!”

“But, Mum! My toe!”

Molly heaved another sigh.

“What about your toe?“ she asked.

“It’s not there!”

Molly looked up from her pastry, briefly frowning, before returning to rolling.

“Well, I don’t know where it could be. Have you checked the bathroom? Maybe you left it in there.”

“But it was there when I went to bed, Mum!”

“Have you been letting Scabbers nibble your toes again?! What have I told you about that? Now we’re going to have to go to St. Mungo’s to get you a new one,” exclaimed Molly, slamming her rolling pin onto the worktop with a thud and placing her hands on her hips.

“No, I haven’t, Mum. Honest!” said Ron as he looked down at his foot again.

Molly followed his gaze and, sure enough, there were only 4 toes. She frowned and looked at the gap where her sons little toe usually was, before listing off various places to check whilst little Ginny giggled at her brothers misfortune.

After listing off everything she could think of to no avail, Molly groaned and removed her apron, looking down sorrowfully at her pastry. She’d have no time to continue making that pie now.

“It can’t have gotten far,” she said, walking over to her son and placing a consoling hand on his shoulder. “We’ll hunt high and low for it. You’ll have it back in no time.”

Molly yelled up the winding stairs of the burrow and called her children to her. One good thing about having so many children, Molly smiled to herself, there’s always someone there to help in times of crisis.

The sound of 4 pairs of feet thundering down rickety old stairs echoed through The Burrow and, in no time at all, all the Weasley children were gathered in the kitchen, sans Bill who was “off gallivanting around the bloody world” as Molly liked to put it.

“Right, children,” she said as they pushed and shoved each other in the cramped space of the kitchen, “Ronnie-kins needs our help. He’s lost his toe and we need to find it, okay?”

Charlie, Fred, George and Ginny sniggered whilst Percy had a look of disgust plastered to his face.

“How on earth did he lose his toe? Aren’t toes meant to be attached?” he exclaimed with a shudder, looking thoroughly sickened.

The twins took one look at him and doubled over in laughter. “Here, Perce,” they chuckled, “I don’t think green’s your colour, mate.”

Percy glared at the two pranksters before putting his nose in the air and pompously walking from the room. “I’ll help you, mother,” he told his Molly on his way out. “But, if I find it, I’m not touching it.”

Ron looked down, embarrassed. His toe wasn’t that bad. Sure, it may’ve had some fungus growing on it and it had been a while since he’d bothered to bite off his toenails, but it didn’t have anything contagious. No matter the condition of it, it was still his toe and he wanted it back. He needed it back.

Molly saw her youngest son’s distress and gathered him to her chest, his face crushed against her breast.

“We’ll find it, Ronnie-kins,” she told him, patting down his fiery hair. “Won’t we, children?”

Charlie shrugged with indifference and walked from the room, Ginny in tow.

“C’mon, Gin,” he called back, “Let’s find this mouldy toe, eh?”

The Twins, however, weren’t so cooperative.

“We’ll do it,” Fred said.

“On one condition,” piped in George.

Molly sighed and rolled her eyes. There was always something needed in return whenever asking help from her two mischievous sons. “Go on,” she huffed.

The two glanced at each other with impish smiles, “We want -”

“- 5 sickles -”

“- And a new cauldron.”

“What on earth do you need a new cauldron for? You both have perfectly good ones as it is!” Molly exclaimed, gripping Ron’s head tighter to her bosom.

“Y’see,” began Fred, “We had a little accident -”

“- And it was only a little one, mind you -”

“- But now we need a new cauldron.”

She narrowed her eyes and unconsciously pulled on Ron’s hair. He squeaked and flailed his arms, “Mum!”

“Shush, Ronald… Now, you two ought to tell me what you did to your cauldrons, or god help me I’ll -”

The twins took a step back as Molly’s face turned crimson and her eyes turned to flames. “Now, mother,” they said. “I think some things are best left unsaid, don’t you?”

They were right. She didn’t want to know; whatever trouble they’d caused was usually too much hassle to get involved with.

“Mum!” Ron shouted, trying to free his hair from his mothers vice-like grip, “That hurts.”

“Sorry, dear,” she said, nonchalantly, patting his head.

“I’ll get you your cauldron,” she dealed sternly, “But you won’t get a knut out of me.”

Fred and George exchanged quick looks before holding their hands out to shake on their agreement. When the deal was settled, the twins bolted up the stairs to help in the search for Ron’s missing toe.

Together, over the course of six hours, the red-headed family turned the Burrow upside down and inside out, but no-one could find Ron’s missing toe.

After a long day of searching, the Weasley family stood in the kitchen of the Burrow with Mr Weasley who’d now returned from work. Even the oldest of the Weasley clan couldn’t think of where his sons toe could be.

“Tell you what,” said Arthur as he grabbed his son shoulder and gave him a reassuring squeeze. “Tomorrow we’ll head down to St. Mungo’s Lost and Found department to get you a new one.”

“Yeah, and we can give your old one a proper send off. I can build a memorial in the garden if you like?” offered Charlie to his youngest brother.

Ron shrugged he shoulders dejectedly. He didn’t care what happened now. Without his toe he’d never feel the same again and he certainly didn’t want a new one.

Later on that night, when the other occupants of the Burrow were sound asleep, Fred and George sat in the corner of their bedroom hunched over a curious object. They were talking to one another in low voices and every now and again one of them would look around at the closed door to make sure it remained that way.

“I can’t believe she fell for it, mate,” said one twin.

“Neither can I. And did you see Ron’s face? I never knew he was so attached to that manky toe of his. Geddit? Attached,” laughed the other.

Fred grabbed hold of the object, a jar, and gave it a good shake. The other cackled as he watched something pale floating within the jar spin round and round in a mini whirlpool. It was Ron’s missing toe.

“Y’think we should give it back?” said George looking up at his counter part before back down at the toe floating in the jar.

Fred, too, gazed at the pickled digit before he looked up at his twin with a feral grin and said:

“Not a chance!”


A/N: Well, that's that! My first one shot, and first thing posted to HPFF in over a year! Be sure to tell me what you think in a review, even if it's only to say you liked it or you hated it. But, as ever, constructive critisism is always very welcome.

I plan on writing more little Weasley based one shots, mostly pre-Hogwarts, so be sure to check back from time to time if you enjoyed this one :)

Happy Easter!

Lorren x.

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Missing Piece: Missing Piece


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