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Falling by Miss Peridot
Chapter 3 : Prefect Baths and Denial
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AMAZING chapter image by RyleeAnn at TDA. :D

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not Harry Potter, not the Shiny Toy guns, and not their music.


Chapter Two: Prefect Baths and Denial

Miss Peridot

As we stood in a single-file line and waited to be called up to the old stool where the sorting hat was, I couldn't help but to feel at ease; I was home. In my previous life, I spent sixty-five years here, including my time as a student, and I knew the school like the back of my hand.

"Eyre, Elvira," Professor McGonagall called, obviously looking around the group of first years. I walked towards the front of the line, gaining some curious looks. I had… altered the school uniform, if you could call it that.

The interior of the robes were a nice pale pink silk, the shirt adorning the same color pink pinstripes and the grey skirt was hemmed to fall about three inches above my knees, a pale pink petticoat under it.

I kept up the pattern of pink and wore it on my knee-high socks; however, my Doc Martens were metallic silver, like aluminum foil, with black zippers up the sides and black laces.

Many bangles, beaded bracelets and necklaces of varying colors of pink and red hung from my neck and wrists and I had two different colored pink belts hanging from my narrow hips. If that wasn't enough, I had slapped my hair up into a very messy bun and added in a couple of matching pink clips and a bow to my hair, completing the look. McGonagall cleared her throat.

"Miss Eyre, you are impeding on the school dress code," she said, her voice stern.

"Minerva," Dumbledore said, smiling at me, "I do believe that there is nothing in the rulebook about… sprucing up one's uniform." I broke into a wide grin and Professor Dumbledore smiled back.

"Ahem, alright, then, go and sit on the stool," McGonagall said, clearly embarrassed. I did as I was instructed and sat on the stool whilst placing the Sorting Hat atop my messy brown hair.

"Ah, Miss Eyre, or shall I say Miss Briggs?" the Sorting Hat began, making me gasp and in turn it made everyone else lean further in their seats.

"Please don't put me in Hufflepuff again, please!" I begged, my violet eyes tearing up.

"Oh, why not? It suited you quite well before, but this time, no, no, you're too strong, too smart, not, as you call it, 'chopped liver'," the Hat chuckled, moving around a bit.

"Let's see… Not Hufflepuff, not Slytherin, far too strong for Slytherin, maybe Ravenclaw, you're incredibly intelligent, maybe Gryffindor, nerves of steel you say? Not as studious as a Ravenclaw, ah, but you know a teacher's every weapon; however, you're not afraid to use it against them, oh, yes, I know where to put you," the Hat continued, and before I knew it, the hat shouted out, "GRYFFINDOR!!!!!" and I was overwhelmed by cheering.

I got off of the chair, realizing that I was sitting on it so long that my arse was starting to hurt. As I walked towards the Gryffindor table, I saw that Sirius was, indeed, sitting there, saving three spaces next to him. I sat down next to him, my heart speeding up as I recalled how close we were.

"Bloody Hell, Eyre! You took forever! At least a half hour! And they're not even half-way through the sorting yet!" Sirius exclaimed, grinning.

"Black! Don't use language like that!" Lily Evans scolded him. She was sitting in front of me, her eleven-year-old self startling me a bit. It was still weird to see her.

"It's alright, I don't mind the bad language," I said, my tone apologetic. She looked at me skeptically, but then she smiled a little bit.

"Hello. I'm Lily Evans. You're the girl I saw on the platform, the one who walked through the wall first. You were wearing really weird clothes," she stated, looking my outfit over. I was a kid and I'd be damned if I was going to let all those years of being a kid and having the chance to dress however I wanted go to waste.

"Yeah, and I like the weird dress. You're only a kid for a short amount of time, might as well act like one," I said, watching as Remus slid into the seat next to Lily, in front of Sirius.

"That's a very good point," Remus said, nodding at Lily. "Remus Lupin," he said.

"Lily Evans," she replied, shaking his hand. About twenty minutes went by and James sat on Sirius' other side. Peter Pettigrew was on my other side as well, trying to start up conversation with me. I hated him with every fiber of my being, but I couldn't do anything about it because he wasn't a monster yet.

"Oi, the food! Look, its food!" James exclaimed, squealing like a little girl. Everyone stared at him as he made googly eyes at the large pile of chicken legs on a platter that had magically appeared in front of him.

"James. You eat food, not marry it," I sighed, shaking my head. Everyone laughed, making me blush a little. I had never had friends in either of my lives, after all.

After the feast and a lovely speech from Dumbledore, we were all directed to follow the Prefects, but I had to do something first.

"Oi, guys," I said, motioning towards James, Sirius and Remus. "I'll be there in a moment, I have to do something first," I said, turning to walk away when Sirius caught my arm.

"You know the password, right?" he asked, concern in his fathomless, grey eyes. I nodded my head and smiled. "Alright, then, see you," he said, smiling back. I turned away and he let go of my arm, the tingly feeling still there.

I made my way up towards the staff table, only to be greeted by Dumbledore himself, looking as if he were waiting for someone.

"Ah, Miss Eyre, there you are," he said, smiling. I smiled back, walking over to him. "You would like to wish me goodnight?" he asked, his blue eyes twinkling.

"Yes, Al-uh, Professor," I giggled nervously.

"That's quite alright. You may call me whatever you like," he said, putting a hand on my shoulder. I could feel the tears well up and I threw myself at him, hugging his waist, sobbing into his brand-new robes. He hugged me back, soothing me.

"I'm sorry, Albus," I muttered, wiping my eyes as I pulled away. The few people left in the Great Hall were staring at us, confusion etched into their expressions.

"It's quite alright, Elvira," he said, his smile that of a father's.

"It's just that, before I saw you then, I was at the funeral, and you've always been a father to me, and I just, I missed you, Albus!" I exclaimed, bursting into tears again. After about ten minutes, we bid goodnight, promising to get together over tea sometime and talk like old friends and I was in the Gryffindor Common Room for the very first time, ever.

"Sixty-five years and never once in this room," I murmured, flopping down into a comfortable arm chair right next to the fire.

"Eyre! There you are! This is Peter Pettigrew," Sirius said, hopping over the chair next to mine and landing on the seat, mimicking my own positing. Peter shyly poked his head from the other side of the chair.

"Hello, Pettigrew," I ground out between my teeth. I couldn't help but to glare at him, making him shrink away.

"Eyre? You alright?" Sirius asked, looking at me, a bit scared. I nodded and mumbled some lame excuse about finding something and headed off towards the boys' dorms. When I got there, I saw Remus and James sitting on a bed.

"Remus? May I speak with you?" I asked, my face calm, cool and collected. He looked a little scared and James urged him to come to me. He did and I led him out on a balcony, making sure to put a privacy charm around us both.

"Remus?" I asked hesitantly. He looked at me, his eyes betraying his composed face.

"Yes?" he asked, his tone a bit biting.

"I know what you are. Don't get scared or alarmed, I'm not going to tell anyone. I just thought that you ought to know, that's all. I also want you to know that I don't care what you are. I want us to be friends," I said, looking him dead in the eye. He looked a bit taken aback and then skeptical.

"How do you know?" he asked, his gaze hard.

"I read a detailed book about it. I'm not stupid. There's only one thing that could give you that scratch," I said. He followed my gaze to the scratch on his lower forearm. It was true, only a werewolf could leave that kind of mark on himself.

"Alright. But you cannot, and I mean cannot tell anybody. That includes Sirius and James," he said.

"Alright, I won't tell anybody. However, you have to shut Peter Pettigrew out. He's bad news, Remus. I can't tell you how I know, or what I know for that matter, but he is and it's only going to hurt you, Sirius and James worse if he sticks around. Please? You have to," I said, begging him with my eyes. He looked confused for a moment but he nodded his head, only slightly hesitantly.

"Okay… I can do that," he said, more sure of himself this time. I smiled and made to undo the spell but he put a hand on my arm. "Why won't it affect you? You said that it would put me, Sirius and James in danger, but not you. Why is that?" he asked, if not a little sorrowfully.

"Because I wasn't meant to be your friend, but I want to," I said, detecting a note of sorrow in my own voice. "I'm changing Destiny," I added, smiling a bit.

"Alright, then, Elvie," he said, grinning.

"What?" I asked, my eyes wide.

"It's your nickname. Elvie," he said. "Actually, why not just Elf? You're small and cute like an elf, plus it's sort of in your name," he said, pondering.

"Elf is just fine, Remy," I grinned and he grinned back. That was the first nickname I had ever had, in both of my lives. I couldn't help but to be overjoyed. The rest of that night, I spent my time in the boy's dorm, talking with the guys and becoming fast friends with Sirius and James. I could see that Remus was going to become my best friend and I couldn't help but to be glad at the prospect.

* * *

Four years later and things haven't changed much. Lily and Remus are my best friends, James and Sirius my best mates and Peter was the slave to a Slytherin bunch who make him do things like clean the hair out of their brushes and lick their shoes clean.

Sirius was the hottest thing in Hogwarts and had girls following him everywhere. I was in touch with Regulus Black who got sorted into Ravenclaw, much to his parents' disappointment, and much to Sirius' delight. Both Regulus and Sirius were mending their relationship as brothers. Albus and I got together every Sunday afternoon at two thirty-seven and had tea.

I was coaching James to be Lily's dream boy and it was going fantastically. If things went well, they'd have a lot more time together if my plan for shoving Peter out of the picture didn't change anything.

Life was good, and we were all happy. The only thing was, I didn't think I'd feel the way I felt about Sirius. After knowing him for four years, I was surprised to find that I didn't exactly love him the way I had for so long. My romantic love had been transformed into something... different. To my own confusion, I saw him as a brother. It shocked me to no end. I always thought that I loved him.

The thing is, though, is that I was even more shocked to see who my romantic feelings had fallen upon. And that person would be a one Mister Remus John Lupin. Of course, Remus didn't love me in the same way. He couldn't. He's too good for someone like me. He's perfect. But that didn't mean I couldn't toy with the idea that he might love me, no matter how futile my attempts to tell him how I feel were.

We were in the library, Remus and I, writing our Divination essays that were due the next day, a Tuesday. We were sitting in our isolated corner, out of the view of everyone. The table was small and only held two chairs that were so squished together that Remus and I kept bumping knees and elbows, but it was fine. We had studied at this particular table since first year and we liked the close proximity, mainly because we could whisper quietly about whatever we wanted.

I had just finished, my thin, loopy handwriting sprawling across the three pieces of parchment in my signature violet ink. She lay her raven feather quill down, putting a cork in her ink bottle and glanced over at Remus' parchment. He was done, she saw, and he was looking at her.

“What?” I asked, nervous. I'd been jumpy around Remus ever since I realized my feelings for him.

“Hmm? Oh, um, nothing,” he mumbled, turning back to his stacks of books and parchment. I looked at him, curious.

“So, when's the full moon?” I asked quietly, trying to remember.

“It's the Wednesday after next,” he said, a bit sad. I put my arm around him, tugging him closer to me, laying my head on his shoulder. He rest his head atop mine, wrapping his arms 'round my waist. I bit back a sigh of pleasure, scolding myself inwardly.

“The potion is coming along just fine. They'll be animagi in no time. Besides, you know I know what I'm talking about. I am, after all, the youngest animagi in the history of the world. At least, I was when I was eleven,” I said, trying to reassure him. To prove my point, I changed my ears. They grew out from my head, lifting up and out of my thick, dark brown hair. They rose up above my head, taking a pointed shape. They were covered in pure white fur, my fennec ears. I felt one of them twitch, making Remus laugh.

“I know, I know, but what if something goes wrong?” he sighed, idly playing with my left ear. When I didn't feel like sleeping in the girls' dorms, I'd sneak into the boy's dorms, change into my fennec form and sleep with one of my friends. It was usually Remus.

“Nothing is going to go wrong,” I said, nuzzling my nose into his neck. I was always more affectionate when I was partially fennec, but the boys had gotten quite used to it by now.

“Hey, guys!” came a voice from behind us. I looked behind me, seeing Lily standing there, a few books in her arms. She was looking at us curiously.

“Hey, Lily,” Remus and I said in unison. I tried not to think about the fact that Remus liked Lily. He had confessed to me that he did last year, after I started training James to be Lily's perfect boy. I felt guilty, shocked and jealous.

Remus pulled away from me quickly and I looked at him, hurt. He didn't meet my eyes.

“What are you doing?” she asked us, her gaze going back and forth between us.

“We were just finishing up our Divination essays,” Remus said, straightening out his parchment.

“That's right, you both are still taking that dreaded class,” Lily said, making a face.

“I love it,” I said, shrugging.

“That's because you're more of a Seer than Professor Treylawny ever will be,” Lily said, patting my head. It wasn't true, she was a Seer. I just knew everything that was going to happen before it happened because of my being reborn.

“Yeah, I don't know how you're able to know what everyone's going to do before they do it,” Remus said, shaking his head. I scooted my chair back a little and Lily sat on my lap setting her books down on the table in front of us. I wrapped my arms around her waist and she put her own arms around my shoulders. She was the closest thing to a sister I'd ever had.

“'Tis a gift, Remy, 'tis a gift,” I said as Lily giggled, mussing up my hair.

I couldn't compete with my best friend. She was absolutely beautiful. Green, green eyes, flaming red hair, she was perfect. She had even started to develop. Although we were the same height, I was admittedly skinnier than she was.

My dark, purpley-brown hair was longer than her's, reaching down to my waist. Our skin was about the same, but I was paler than she was, almost sickly looking. The only thing I had over her was my face. Where hers was more round, mine was heart-shaped, with high, prominent cheekbones.

“Well, it's almost dinnertime. We should head out,” Lily said, looking at her watch. We all got up, gathered our things and shuffled out of the library. Half way there, I stopped.

“You know, I'm not really hungry right now. I'm just going to go to the Common Room and work on my Potions homework,” I said, fidgeting.

“Are you sure? I could go with you. We can always go to the Kitchens later tonight,” Lily said. I shook my head, forcing a smile onto my face. I didn't want to see Remus looking at Lily again. If I did, I think I would have vomited.

“No, no, you both go on ahead. Tell the boys hello for me,” I said, my smile so forced it hurt. I could see the concern in their eyes. They knew me too well to know when I'm actually smiling or not. “I'll see you both later then,” I said before either one could say anything. With that, I marched towards the staircases, intent on getting to the Prefect Baths.

I could hear them talking about me as I walked away, but I ignored it as best I could.

When I got to the the Baths, I walked over to the tub, turning on the water and my favorite bubble baths and soaps. By the time it was filled, the room smelled of a nice blend of strawberry, lilac, sandalwood and musk. My clothes lay in a pile on the floor, my towel next to the bath.

I stuck my toes in first, testing the temperature of the water. It was scalding hot, just the way I like it. I sank into the swimming pool-like tub and leaned back against the side. I rest my head and close my eyes, letting my senses consume me. I loved coming to the Prefect Baths. Mainly because almost no one ever went there.

Around three times a week, I would go there and release all of my stress, relaxing in the water. Usually, I brought my enchanted record player with me and listened to piano music, but sometimes I was in too much of a hurry to get it from the Dormitory.

I slid down in the tub, submerging my entire body, from my head to my toes, in the murky, bubbly water. My hair drifted around me, brushing against my skin. I opened my violet eyes, looking at the ceiling above me. I felt like Ophelia, in Hamlet, for a short moment. I closed my eyes, drifting, floating under the water, completely at peace.

When I opened my eyes again, they widened. I shot up out of the water, covering myself with my arms as best I could.

“Remus!” I gasped, staring at him. Apparently, I startled him, too. He had fallen into the bath, fully clothed. He came up out of the water, dripping.

“Vi,” he greeted, his face as red as his Gryffindor tie.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him, tugging on my hair a bit.

“I wanted to find you. We were worried about you,” he said, averting his eyes.

“Oh, come now, it's not like you've never seen a naked girl before,” I laughed, easing back into the water.

“Well, actually, I haven't,” he mumbled, sinking down into the tub.

“Really?” I asked, surprised, and relieved. He nodded his head at me. “Well, don't mind me. Here, so long as you're already wet, you might as well take a bath with me,” I said, drifting over to him. He looked a bit shocked, especially when I began unbuttoning his shirt.

“O-oh, no, no, that's not necessary, wh-what if someone comes in here?” he said, looking into my eyes for the first time since he came into the Baths.

“No one ever comes here but me, and apparently, you,” I said, laughing. I tugged his short off, staring at his chest. I had accidentally scratched him pretty badly the previous full moon. I stared at it, guilty. I ran my hand over it, making goose bumps erupt onto his skin. He looked down at me, wide-eyed. I bent down and kissed the new scar, feeling him shiver beneath me. I looked up at him through my lashes, tracing the scar with my index finger.

“I'm sorry,” I said, my breath tickling his hot, bare flesh. He shivered again and I rose up a bit, until we were eye-to-eye. “I have to tell you something, Remus,” I said, sucking on my full lower lip. I was nervous, but I wanted to let this off of my chest.

“Wh-what?” he breathed.

“Well,” I started, placing my knees on either side of him, looking down into his amber-colored eyes. My hair was stuck to my skin and I was dripping on him but I didn't care. I licked my lips and took in a shallow breath. “Remus. I-I've been to afraid to tell you this, but for the past year or so, well, um, I-I, I think I l--” I was interrupted by the door to the Baths banging open. I looked up and saw one of the Ravenclaw Prefects, Anna Jameson, standing there, yawning.

Thinking quickly, I changed into my animagi form, jumping off of Remus and into the water. I got to the other side of the bath and jumped up on the floor, turning around to see Anna staring at Remus.

“R-Remus,” she breathed, her face lighting up red.

“Oh, hi, Anna,” he said, standing up from the bath, taking my towel and putting it on his shoulders. “I fell in and I didn't want to get up,” he said, stepping out of the bath and onto the floor. He gathered my clothes and walked past her. “If you'll excuse me,” he said walking out of the door. I followed him, tripping her on my way out the door. I didn't like for other girls to see Remus half-naked.

When we came to a small alcove, he stopped. “Here, get dressed,” he said, placing my clothes on the ground in the alcove. He turned around, giving me my privacy. I changed back into my human form, picking up my button-down shirt. Putting it on, I slipped my skirt on next. I decided to leave my tie, ungergarments and sweater off for now. I hated putting clothes on when I was still wet.

I tapped him on the shoulder, signaling him to turn back around. He did so and once he saw me, his eyes were glued to my chest. I looked down and sighed. Of course. White shirt over wet skin makes the shirt turn see-through. With a sigh, I pulled my sweater over my head, not liking the feeling at all.

“Well, we better get back to the Common Room before curfew,” I said, grabbing his hand and leading him down the hall, towards the staircases. I couldn't believe that my moment had been interrupted by some stupid Ravenclaw. Mumbling to myself under my breath, I dragged Remus to the Common Room, and then to the Boy's Dormitory. When we arrived, I went over to the wardrobe and grabbed one of the guys' white button-downs and a pair of their boxers. I went to the bathroom and changed, coming back to find all three of them sitting on their respective beds, staring at me.

“What?” I asked, slipping into James' bed, snuggling close to him under the blankets. They all just stared at me and I felt a bit nervous.

“You have something to say to Remus?” Sirius asked, raising a perfect, black brow. I gulped and pulled the red blanket over my head. “C'mon, we all want to know. Why can't you tell us?” Sirius asked, coming over to James' bed, flopping down on it, squishing me between the two of them.

“Yeah, we want to know, Twitchy,” James said, eager. I got my nickname for having twitchy fox ears.

“Nothing, I wasn't going to tell him anything,” I mumbled; of course, they didn't take that as an answer, they never take no as an answer, just a hesitation. Before I knew it, the two of them were on top of me, tickling me half to death. I swear, you could hear my screams in the Slytherin Common Room. After I told them that yes, I had something to tell Remus, they let me go. I then bolted out of the Boy's Dorms and up the stairs to the Girl's Dorms.

I was panting heavily as I jumped onto my bed. The girls were all shut up in their bed curtains, and Lily was already asleep. I sighed, and with that, I fell asleep.

A/N: Please don't eat me. *hides* I thought I put this chapter up a couple months ago, but apparently I didn't. Sooo, I re-wrote it and posted it. Anyway, I hope you liked this chapter. And please, if you have any suggestions, just pm me. Thanks!

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Falling : Prefect Baths and Denial


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