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Badgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve by LaylaBethJagger
Chapter 8 : Better Friends Than I Could Have Asked For
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Better Friends Then I Could Have Ever Asked For

“So, Wallace, I’m like, ‘they’ll help us out’ but then Emily’s suddenly like, ‘you’re not my friend anymore, and we don’t like you just because you’re making friends who aren’t us and you secretly know that Professor Wood is engaged and I don’t have a chance with him.’”

I clapped my hands together.

“Just like that, Friendship terminated.”

Incidentally, I had not yet eaten Wallace, even though he was technically last night’s dinner. He spent last night sitting on my beside table in on a serviette napkin and under a glass.

I did a teensy-weensy non-decomposition spell, so that he would stay as fit as he is now.

Note to self: Find out whether a non-decomposition spell will make me look sixteen forever

I was running out of things to say to Wallace.

It’s like our friendship is unspoken.

Both Wallace and I were sitting in the garden outside, leaning against a tree trunk. It was Sunday morning, and I had some of my charms stuff out to study.

Merlin, I hate charms.

Cept for this one that helped me save Wallace. That spell I’ll be keeping.

“Do you want to hear a story, Wallace,” I sighed, looking at my wonderful best friend. He was my favourite little guy.

I drew a couple of eye on him. He’s such a good looking little chicken leg.

“Once upon a time there was a small little—” Katie. “Kitty.” I amended.

“And this Kitty was all alone, and unloved and everyone who was once her friend deserted her and left her by herself. And she could never do anything because she was so alone and unloved—”

“This is a very upsetting story.”

I didn’t say that.


There was the distinct sound of a throat clearing, and I peered incredulously down to my friend (who, let us all remember, was once the leg of a now ex-chicken)

I frowned and looked up.

“Hey, Katie...” Rose sighed sitting down next to me.

“Oi,” Fred, who had obviously accompanied her. “You didn’t let her finish the story.”

I frowned. But Rose was the one who replied to her cousin. “Then the Kitty’s red headed friend pushed Fred Weasley into the lake.”

Fred swallowed nervously.

“You’re right. It is an upsetting story.”

Rose glowered at him.

“Hey Katie, how’re you feeling?”

It was extremely difficult to think that Emily didn’t like Rose. Rose was so wonderful. Pretty for one thing, but also really smart and helpful. And she was considerate. At least that was one person who was a little bit concerned for my welfare.

What had Em called her?

Rose Weasley’s too insufferably perfect to associate with us

“Like a menstruating Hippopotamus with the worst possible mood swings you can get in the Hippopotami world, and a sonuvabitch cramp.” I said with a pout.

Fred took a step away from me, eyes widening, alarmed.

Rose seemed to understand, though, and pulled me into another of her wonderful hugs.

“Aw, Katie...” she sighed, releasing me. “We would have all come over last night, but we didn’t hear about it until we asked about you at breakfast.”

Ah breakfast.

Wallace and I had decided to brave the dangers of the Giant Squid, rather than go into the man eating shark pit that was the Great hall.

The Squid looked lonely. What would you have done?

“People said that you got into a fight with all of your friends, but no one would tell us why—was it something that we said wrong? Did you accidentally tell your friend about Professor Wood.”

I blanched.

Oh Crappers.

I had forgotten about that.

Now that Em and I aren’t on speaking terms, it will make it easier for me not to tell her. However, it will also mean that (as her enemy) I will be the brunt of her anger for days when she does find out.

Because she can’t take anger out on Professor Wood.

“Yeah,” Fred chimed in. “Because we were getting a whole heap of dirty looks so we figured that you must have told her, and then they thought that we told you and they were angry at us too.”

Rose looked at me with big round beautiful eyes—only the beautiful people—and smiled comfortingly.

“What happened Katie? We don’t want to guess? Why did they get angry at you?”

Double Crappers.

Even outside the shark pit had gotten to me. How was I supposed to explain to these people that the reason I had been outcast and left to my two remaining friends, Squidly and Wallace, because of them, and something that they did to Eric year ago?

Quick—say something inconspicuous, that will change the subject.

“Did you know that Squids are telepathic?”

YES! Score for the KATEMEISTER!!!

“They’re not.”

Dammit. Must learn to not burst out random facts to the girl who is tutoring you.

Attempt No. 2:

“So...” I said with a shifty grin. “What’s for breakfast this morning? I couldn’t make it due to all my—”

“—making up random things about the Squid?” Fred interrupted.

I glowered at him. “Number one, his name is Squidly! And number two, I’ll have you know I was out here doing my potions homework.”

Everyone took a glance down at the Charms book at my feet.

“...with a little help from Charmsies?” I said with a smile.

“Kate. You’re a weird person.”


And opening!

“Yes!” I said; glad to take an opportunity I could have. “Yes, I AM a weird person. And you should not want to get your information’s from me because I am SO WEIRD.”

Fred and Rose exchanged a glance.

I did not stop.

“I mean, it’s a WONDER that you even SPOKE to me. I am THAT weird. You shouldn’t even want to LOOK at me, because of how WEIRD I am, and I think that any information you ask for, the answer will ONLY BE really, REALLY WEIRD.”

Take, that Broadway.

“Rose, is she alright?” Fred asked, wearily.

Rose frowned, “It must be the studying, It’s got to her.”

For extra measure, I shouted out, “BECAUSE I’M EXTREMLY WEIRD—”

“Should we take to her to the matron?” Fred suggested.

Oh, god no.

“Nah.” Rose shook her head. “You should have seen her last time we were in there.”


Something in Fred’s face changed and he began to grin. Rose frowned at him.

“What is it? Do you know what’s wrong with her?”

“Don’t you get it yet, Rosie?” Fred said, smirking.

My eyes widened and I shook my head frantically, while Rose wasn’t looking at me. She turned her head back to me and looked puzzled.


That seemed to satisfy her and she looked back at Fred, while I continued to beg him to not rat me out.

“She’s trying to get you to not think about what we just asked her. No one else wanted to tell us why her friends got angry and she’s just the same. Only, she can’t just brush it off.”

He is such a poophead.

Rose thought for a moment, before looking back at me.

“Kate!” She said looking rather astonished.

“I’m weird...?”

Maybe... just maybe

“Stow it, Kathryn.” Rose scolded.

Ai. She called me Kathryn. I’m done for.

“I kind of prefer Kate...” I trailed off at her look.

“Katie, why won’t you tell me?” she suddenly changed her tactics and I was hit with the full frontal puppy dog eyes, combined with her annoying beauty.

And there goes my last little peace of resolve.

“Emily thinks that I’ve stopped spending time with them, because I’m spending too much time with you guys. And I KNOW—”

I hastened to confirm that I agreed with them, and that we’re not even that close.

“—that we’re not good friends, but that’s the perspective that they’re getting. And also they’re angry that I even talk to you because of something you did to Eric once, but I never figured out what they did to him.”

It was then that I took the moment to look at Rose’s face.

She looked like I had slapped her in the face.

She opened her mouth, but before she could tell me how offended she was with my ex-friends, I beat her to the punch.

“I know,” I held up my hands, “they totally jumped to conclusions, and its weird that anyone would really want to replace my friends, but it’s fine. I don’t mind. I just hope you don’t get too embarrassed by the rumours—”

“Shut up.”

I frowned, looking at Fred, who had spoken. “What?”

“I said, Shut up,” Fred repeated. He was looking wearily at Rose, who was still looking upset. “You upset my cousin, so I’m telling you to shut up.”

I looked at Rosie. She did look upset. “Whoa...” I said. “I know that you really don’t want to be classified with me, but come on, it’s not that bad.

Rose stared at me now, her eyes watering.

“Yeah, Katie, it is that bad.” She said to me.

I am officially, extremely confused.

“You think that? You think that we want nothing to do with you?” Rose said, “You think that we’re people who are so bad that they wouldn’t associate themselves with other people.”

I must have resembled a gold fish at this point. My mouth was hanging open.

“You think that me, and Scor, and Fred and Albus are all so shallow that we don’t want to hang out with you?” She echoed.

“Scor, Fred, Albus and I...” I corrected her grammar.

She exploded.

“Oh my God! You are so infuriating sometimes. Did you know that Kate? You judge people, before you’ve even met them. You just listen to everything that your stupid friend Emily tells you, and she’s never even spoken more than a couple of words to us. Yeah, what happened between our family and Smither’s family was bad—but it’s no reason for you to think that our family is shallow and mean!”

I stared at her.

“You do everything that your Emily tells you to, and you believe everything she says. And now, you’re sitting out on your own while she’s inside bitching about how much of a traitor you are and how much they don’t need you any more.”

I knew it.

“It’s not fair how much you take what people say about others, and then apply it. I thought you were different to your friends. But you’re not. You have to learn to stop judging people.”

Rose pushed herself to her feet, thought about it for a second, before leaning back down and hugging me one more time.

Then she got up again and walked away.

Fred stared at her retreating back for a second before lifting two fingers in the peace sign.

“Peace out,” He said, before running after her.

I looked down at Wallace.

“What just happened here?”

Wallace looked just as bewildered as I did.

“Everyone needs to pair up and find the correct ingredients for today’s potion.” Professor Levett, the head of Ravenclaw and Potions Master since I arrived here, told us.

In Emily’s List of Hot Teachers he was number four on the scale. That was pretty high up on the standards, but he was a little too old. Plus, wedding ring, which made him decidedly less attractive.

He had sandy blonde hair, and grey eyes with glasses that suited him. They were no Harry Potter glasses (I had a replica of those in my bedroom—which I won’t have to destroy now that his children are no longer my friends) but they weren’t exactly fashionable either.

They were just Professor Edmund Levett glasses.

“Can we choose our partners?” Hilary St.Claire asked from the front.

God, she annoyed me. Her hair, died so many colours that she looked like a multicoloured skunk’s tail. Her face was caked with makeup and her lips rather large. She filled her stereotype relatively easily.

“Yeah, can we?” Indiana Stephens mimicked her.

She was sitting behind Hilary, and she faked a dumb blonde face and chewed at her own cheeks when Hilary turned around to look. “I really want to get another girl partner so that I can melt away their fake boobs—just like last time.”

Hilary stared at Indiana before bursting into tears.

“Stephens. Twenty five points from Slytherin for bullying. Hilary, it’s not that bad, Stop crying. Now everyone partner up. And yeah, you can choose.”

I would usually partner up with Emily at this moment. However, she was sitting next to Natalie from our dorm and pointedly not looking at me.

Shirley and Lauren separated me, from Emily and Nat. They weren’t angry at me, but they were obviously torn between me and Em.

I lifted my hand ready to say that I didn’t have a partner because clearly, I was unloved, and I couldn’t make a potion with a piece of chicken with eyes drawn on.

I took one last glance at Emily, to see her smirking slightly. She seemed excitedly at the prospect of more embarrassment on my side.

I looked away from Emily, towards the front of the class but before I could say anything, I saw Hilary— mascara already blotched—looking down at her feet.

“Yes, Miss Dalton?”

I frowned, staring at Hilary, and slowly lowering my hand.

“Never mind...”

I continued to look at Hilary, who hadn’t noticed me looking at her.

Rose had said that I judged people because of what Emily said to me about them. And granted, Emily was the one who told me that Hilary was a bitch. And that she was a cake face with seven boyfriends back in her home in Atlanta (she was sent here from America.)

Rose had said that I had to stop judging people because of Emily’s opinions. And that I needed to think for myself.

I made up my mind.

“Hey,” I shouted out, across the class, loud enough that Hilary heard me. “Be my partner?” I asked when she looked up and caught my eye.

She stared at me. I felt the gaze of multiple persons on my back. Sabriel Malfoy, and Indiana Stephens, as well as Emily, Natalie, Lauren and Shirley, all who were behind me.

Hilary stared at me as well. “Me?”

I nodded, and patted the seat beside me. “Partnersies?”

“You want to be my partner?” She asked me quietly. Not many people had noticed what was going on, but those who had were silent.

“Sure,” I said shrugging. “Plus, my boobs aren’t fake so I don’t have anything to worry about.”

Hilary, instead of being offended—which I was worried about for a second after it left my mouth in a moment of word spew—smiled at me, and pulled out the chair.

“Thanks.” She said. “They just make me so upset. They always get to me, you know?”

I nodded. “Been there, done that. You’re just Potions girl. They cornered me in the hallway and I had to go to the hospital wing, and then they got me again in the library.”

Have somehow begun to make my life sound surprisingly like I am in a Cluedo Game.

“So, do you know what we’re doing?”

And just like that, everyone who had been staring at us, looked away. Except for Emily. I couldn’t help the smirk that crept onto my face.

“Yeah,” I said, smirking. “We’re attempting to make a batch of Doxycide—

Professor Levett, seemingly being psychic, shouted out, “Remember these potions are for Mr. Goyle. His detention students will be using our batches to tackle an infested classroom on the sixth floor.”

“Note to self,” I muttered, “don’t get detention.’

Hilary heard and giggled. “Tell me about it.”

“So, we need some wormwood and melted silver.” Hilary said, pushing herself to her feet. “Do you want me to grab them?”

I nodded, looking down at the book.

‘Yeah...” I said, “And I’ll make this fire start...”

After a minor incident with the fire, where Professor Levett had to hasten to my side to put out my flaming robes, Hilary returned with the things and we set up.

“So...” I said, attempting to start conversation. “What house are you in again?”

Hilary grinned. “Gryffindor.” She told me. “By some fluke of nature that I will never recognise. I think the hat might have been bribed.”

You can do that?!

“No...” I told her shaking my head, while internally promise to figure out how to bribe a piece of head wear. “Why would you think that?”

Hilary smirked at me. “Thanks for being polite, but it’s kind of obvious. I’m not really brave, at all

“Alright, now we need the chopped wormwood,” I said, looking to Hilary, who had up til that point been chopping.

I had been stirring our boiling water. It was radical fun. Life changing, really.


She put that in, and then I continued stirring.

“What house are you in then?” Hilary asked, as we worked away.

“Hufflepuff. The House of Gods.” I struck a pose, likening myself to Zeus.

Hilary stared at me, as if unsure whether to laugh or to agree.

I dropped the pose that I had adopted. “Dude, totally kidding. Relax.”

She exhaled with a big sigh of relief. “Sorry, it’s just, you know what they say about Hufflepuff.”

Funnily enough, I wasn’t even offended.

“Hufflepuff will someday be the home of dictators, kings, queens, and even the odd duchess or two.” I said with a shrug. “You’ll all learn to respect us some day.”

Hilary once again looked torn between laughter, or agreeing with me.

“That was another joke.” I told her.

She laughed.

By the end of the lesson I had learnt that Hilary had three brothers living back in Atlanta. She was sent over here when she didn’t pass the test into her local school, and she figured that English Guys have hot accents.

(I can’t even hear their accents. And everyone talks about them. So what am I missing?”

She also had one boyfriend back in Atlanta. His name was Brett and he was a muggle. He didn’t know about her and she figured he never would, although he didn’t think she wore a little too much make up, which is why she continued to wear it.

He obviously didn’t know that, that was probably why she was bullied (although, I was aware of the bullying.)

She said he was the best boyfriend she could have asked for. He knew she went to school in England, but he still stayed with her, even though a girl who went to her muggle primary school named Sofia was trying to get her claws in him.

Oh, and she was also muggleborn.

Not like I cared. It just meant we had something else in common. Well, except that my parents a clearly insane….

“Well,” I said, taking a breath. “My name is Katie Dalton. I have two parents, and mother and a father—both magic, but have sworn off it and haven’t used anything magic since the War. I used to have a best friend Emily Cook, but she has since ditched me and has now been relaced by Wallace my Chicken Drumstick from Saturday Night.”

Wallace was sitting in the bottom of my bag.

“I suck at Charms and am being tutored by Rose Weasley, who is also quite upset with me it would seem. I tap danced in the Entrance hall with Albus Potter, because I made up a stupid lie about Tap dancing when I tried to cover up for something that I didn’t want to know. I’m sixteen years old and am in Hufflepuff house.”

Hilary grinned at me. “Very enlightening.”

“Now, girls...”

I jerked back when I realised that Professor Levett was standing in front of our desk. “This isn’t a quiz game, or a get to know each other session. This is Potions class. How is your brew coming?”

I looked down at the black liquid that had formed from us following the instructions. I was relatively good at Potions.

Levett reached into the potion with a gloved hand and a vile, when he brought it back up the vile was full of the liquid. He put the vile in the container he had in his other hand, and then brought his hand up to his nose.

He inhaled briefly, before darting the glove away from his nose. He was silent for a minute before smiling down at us.

“Good work St. Claire, Dalton.” He said, “This will be going to Mr. Goyle immediately.”

He moved on to Lauren and Shirley.

Hilary turned to me straight away. “You’re good at this. You just said you didn’t know how to do anything.”

I shook my head. “I said, I didn’t know how to do Charms. Or History of Magic. Or Transfiguration. Or much else. Potions is a strong point of mine.”

Hilary stared at me. “How? How can potions be your strong point?”

I shrugged, “Potions is easy.” I told her. “It's a lot like Muggle Chemistry, only...”

I paused, thinking of a good way to explain it.

“...more newt.”

Hilary stared at me. Levett dismissed the class as he finished doing Emily’s and Nat’s sample, and putting that in the container.

“You’re kind of weird,” She told me.

I stopped stirring, thinking of everything that’d happened today. ‘I AM VERY WEIRD!!!!!’

I smirked. “So, I’ve been told.”

I was feeling good about myself as I walked down the hallway. I had befriended someone who I once thought was a bitch, but turned out to be a wonderful person.

I had gotten through potions without any life threatening injuries, and I was about to have a wonderful Monday dinner in the Great Hall—Emily, and co. be damned.

Plus, with all my free time I have the space I need to do everything I never got to do with them around. Like, write a novel on astrophysics for Muggles, and then pass Charms.

I might also conquer and nation, and go back in time just so that I can meet Helga Hufflepuff and kick her ass for being such a pushover.

My day has been too good, I thought suspiciously. Something must go wrong soon. Maybe I’ll slip in the Hall, or I’ll be attacked by a newly mobile Whomping Willow.

That was my last thought before a big black sack was thrown over my head and I was lifted into the air.


Called it.

There you go. I hope you’re happy with how the stories’ progressing, but if you could tell me about it then I just might be extraordinarily interested in reviews.

Plus, everything will get better soon.



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