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Undoing by PrincessPadfoot
Chapter 2 : Talking
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Hogwarts Castle smelled of pot roast and Albus Dumbledore wanted so bad to just turn right around and go down to dinner. He actually turned around and had his hand on the door when—


“Professor! Thank god you’re here!”



Albus reluctantly let go of the door and slowly turned to face Miss Lily Evans, or rather, the newly married Mrs. Lily Potter. She looked very much the same as ever. Her long dark hair was pulled back out of her face and her emerald green eyes were shining with moisture. As Albus took a closer look he could see that she had tried to hide her red and puffy eyes with makeup but had made only a halfhearted attempt at hiding her tears.


“Good Evening, Mrs. Potter. I was just going down to dinner. Would you like to join me?’ Albus half hoped that she would accept his offer to dinner thus buying him more time to avoid the forthcoming conversation.


“No thank you Professor. I actually came here to speak with you.” Lily motioned for Albus to take a seat behind his desk, and he did so with a nervous glance out the window.


“Would you like a Fizzing Wizzbee? I just came from Honeydukes and have overindulged myself in the buying of sweet treats.” He smiled warmly across his desk, only for that smile to fade once he looked more closely at her face.


“Professor, we both know why I’m here so can we please get on with this conversation?”


Albus was taken aback slightly. Lily had never spoken in such an authoritative voice to him before. The Lily he knew was the one person who could light any room with a smile. However, this new Lily wasn’t smiling, and Albus couldn’t help but think that he didn’t dare wish to cross this Lily.


“Alright my dear.” Albus paused and a heavy silence fell between them. Neither of them wanted to be the first to speak. Lily opened her mouth and closed it again, not wanting to break the silence. Albus had just begun to muster the necessary words he needed, when he heard a muffled sob. Lily had finally cracked.


“Oh Professor Dumbledore! The most terrible news...I…Severus, he…”


“He has joined Lord Voldemort.” Albus said, shocking not only himself, but his lovely female companion. She hiccupped at him before continuing.


“How…How did you find out?” She asked as she wiped the tears from her eyes. Albus handed her his blue star-printed handkerchief and waited for her to finish blowing her nose.


“He came to me two nights ago and we talked.” Albus began, but before he could get another word out –


“YOU KNEW!!!! YOU’VE KNOWN FOR TWO DAYS!?!?!?!” Lily screamed, her face contorted with rage.


“Calm yourself!” Albus said sternly with much more force then he normally would have used. Almost immediately he sensed a change in her. Her face was returning to it’s normal color and she even looked a little ashamed.


“I’m sorry Professor, I—“


“I know my dear. I know.” Albus removed his spectacles and wiped them on his robe. “As I was saying, Severus came to this office two nights ago. He told me that he had had a hard time after he left school. All of his former classmates had joined Lord Voldemort and were urging him to do the same.” Albus paused for breath and continued on.


“He wasn’t keen on the idea of joining the ranks. He knew what Voldemort wanted and he knew that he didn’t want to harm anyone. He just wanted to fit in.”


“He told you that he just wanted to fit in?” Lily interrupted, an astonished look on her face.


“He didn’t come right out and say it, but boys like Severus just need to know that they are accepted, they need to know that someone out there has there back.” Albus watched for a reaction from Lily, when none came he continued on.


“Severus told me that he spoke to you the night before your wedding.” Albus knew that he had finally hit a sore spot. Lily immediately went white and a look of pure panic spread over her face.


“He…told you…” Lily was almost asking a question with her eyes.


“He didn’t tell me the contents of the conversation; he just said that he spoke to you. I was hoping that you would be able to fill me in.” He waited with bated breath as Lily thought for a moment.


“If I tell you, you have to swear to me that you will not tell James.” Lily looked stern and Albus wondered what other secrets she was keeping from her husband.


“I promise”




A/N So yeah...this is chapter 2 of course. More exciting stuff to come next chappie!!!


Much love to all my readers and gold stars for the reviewers.


Huggles to Rayn my awesome beta!!!

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Undoing: Talking


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