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The Adventures of the Next Generation: The second year by demongurl
Chapter 15 : The Daughter of the Weasleys
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Daughter of the Weasley’s

Holly came running down the steps of the girl’s dormitories quicker then anyone could see.

“KEVIN! DYLAN!” She shouted. “KEVIN! DYLAN!” Dylan turned in his seat away from the homework he was working on with Fraser.

“What?” Dylan asked. Holly saw him before she spotted her twin and went and engulfed Dylan into the biggest hug she’d even given anyone. Dylan felt somewhat squashed.

“They found her, they found her, they found her!” She shouted twirling Dylan in circles. Dylan pushed himself away from Holly and waited for his head to stop spinning before saying anything. When he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to be sick he turned to Holly.

“They found who?” Fraser asked. Holly grinned.

“They found Piper!” She screamed. Dylan looked at Holly amazed.

“They what?”

“They found Piper!” Holly shouted. A few other Gryffindors turned to look at her. Holly turned and saw Kevin. She went and gave her twin a hug that was bigger then the one she’d given Dylan. “They found her!” She shouted. Kevin grinned and joined in Holly’s jumping around because he was happy and it looked fun. Dylan grinned and turned to Fraser. That was the best news he’d heard. Fraser was grinning as well.

“Did you hear that?” Dylan asked. Fraser nodded. “Come on.” Dylan beckoned for Fraser to follow him and the two boys ran out of the Gryffindor Dormitories. The girls were outside about to say the password as Dylan and Fraser tumbled through the portrait hole.

“Hi Harper.” Dylan said “Bye Harper.” Fraser and Dylan ran straight past them.

“What-” Sophie was about to say but Dylan and Fraser were already half way to the Transfiguration classroom.

“Where are we going exactly?” Fraser decided to ask after a while.

“Going to talk to Genvieve!” Dylan said.

“Oh, right.” Fraser said. “How do you think they found Piper?”

“Don’t know, as long as she’s alive.” Dylan said happily. Dylan pushed the door open and found Genevieve sitting at her desk marking a pile of work. She looked up as the boys came into her classroom.

“Dylan, Fraser, what are you doing-”

“Can you get me permission to go home for the weekend?” Dylan asked excitedly. Genevieve looked at him slightly surprised.

“Um, why do you want to go home, you can’t leave the school premises unless you have a good reason to.” Genevieve said.

“Well, I want to go and see Piper.” Dylan said.

“She was found. Holly’s running around shouting about it in the common room” Fraser said. Genevieve’s eyes went wide.

“Come with me Dylan. Fraser you may return to the common room and don’t tell anyone about this but because you two have put me in a good mood, ten house points each.” Genevieve said with a smile.

“Oh yeah” Dylan said, Fraser grinned and headed off. Dylan followed Genevieve to McGonagall’s office.

“Buttercup.” Genevieve said. Dylan looked at Genevieve curiously. “Don’t ask.” She said.

“Wasn’t going to.” Dylan said with a grin. They went up to McGonagall’s office and went in. McGonagall looked up from a letter she was reading.

“Ah, Weasley, I was just about to summon you and your family.” She said, “I have just this moment received an owl from the Minister expressing that you have leave for a few days though I am fairly concerned at the number of times you are being given leave.”

“It is not as if they’re missing any school Professor.” Genevieve said.

“Yes, I know it is weekends they are missing but I am still concerned. Geneveive please get Holly and Kevin Weasley. Dylan, please stay where you are.” Genevieve nodded and left the office. Dylan stood where he was and McGonagall made a Portkey. “I will tell you now that Piper is not in the best of conditions. According to the letter she is still unconscious.”

“Do you know where she was found?” Dylan asked.

“Apparently she was found near your grandmother’s house.” McGonagall said. “By Arthur” Dylan’s granddad.

“Really?” Dylan asked. The door opened and Kevin and Holly came in.

“Professor.” Kevin said. McGonagall made a portkey and gave it to the three Weasleys. The moment they put their hands on it they felt a tugging sensation at their navels.

“WOO!” Holly somehow managed to shout as they travelled. They landed, for once, all standing up in a very familiar room. It was tidy and had a few book shelves with books that only Piper would really read. There were photos around the room, each one had someone Piper knew. Dylan knew where he was. He turned and saw a few figures around the bed. The room was fairly dark but the curtains were open so the setting March sun shone through the window and onto the wall.

“She’ll be fine now. Just leave her to wake up.” Said a figure in white robes. On his robes was a bone and a wand crossed over, a St. Mungos healer.

“Thank you.” Said the tall, red haired Ron Weasley.

“My pleasure sir. Anytime.” The healer said before disapparating with his things.

“Dad!” Holly shouted. Ron turned and saw them. He gave them all a smile and Holly ran to him.

“How’s Piper?” Dylan and Kevin went to the bed. Piper was asleep in the bed with the duvet pulled up to just above her chest. She had a few scratches on her face and a couple of bruises.

“She’ll be fine.” Ron said. “How did you get here so quickly?” He asked, quite amused

“Mum sent an owl to McGonagall.” Kevin said. Dylan sat on the side of Piper’s bed and grinned at his family.

“Who found her?” Holly asked

“Dad did.” Ron said, “Your Granddad” Holly smiled.

“That’s so cool.” Kevin said. Dylan looked at Piper again and touched her face.

“She’s a bit cold.”

“When she was found she was almost completely blue” Ron said.

“Has James come?” Holly asked.

“No, not yet. Harry’s been by and so has your mum. James is going to come as soon as he can.” Ron said. “Come on, lets get you something to eat.” Ron said with a smile.

“Can I stay here for a little bit?” Dylan asked.

“Of course, just don’t make too much noise.” Ron said. “Come on you two.” Kevin and Holly both looked at Piper then went out to get food. Dylan stayed sitting by the bed and took off the necklace that he hid under his clothes.

“This belongs to you” Dylan said with a smile. He carefully put it around Piper’s neck and managed to sort the clasp fairly easily. Dylan couldn’t help smiling, his sister was alive. He kissed his sister’s cheek then got up to follow his dad and siblings out when Piper gave as gasp. Dylan turned around and saw Piper had opened her eyes.

“Where am I?” She asked sitting up.

“Piper?” Dylan asked. Piper looked at Dylan cautiously. When she saw Dylan she looked around a bit more like she couldn’t believe where she was.

“Dylan?” Piper asked. Dylan grinned as Piper smiled. “Dylan!” Dylan hugged Piper and Piper held him tightly.

“You’re ok, you’re not crazy!” Dylan said.

“Why would I be crazy?” Piper asked him as she let go. Dylan sat on the bed in front of Piper.

“Well, when we found Colette-”

“Did she get out ok?” Piper asked, suddenly serious.

“Yeah, she got out ok but she’s a bit…she doesn’t really know anything anymore.” Dylan said slowly. Piper looked at him confused and then nodded.

“I remember.” She said quietly. Her hand went to her neck and she found the necklace. She frowned and took it off. “Where did this come from? I lost it during-”

“Colette gave it to us. She told us you were dead. She kept saying I’m sorry and she didn’t know-” Piper flinched slightly at that.

“Can you not talk about Colette?” Piper asked.

“Um, ok, why?” Dylan asked.

“It’s just that some of the things they did to her.” Piper closed her eyes and shuddered.

“Sorry.” Dylan said. He then smiled. Piper opened her eyes and looked at him curiously.

“What?” She asked.

“You’re alive! And you’re sane” Dylan said with a grin. He hugged Piper again, knocking her to a lying position. Piper laughed slightly and patted her brother’s back.

“I’m alive and well, except for a few odd bruises and cuts.”

“Come on, lets go to dinner.” Dylan said getting up. Piper nodded and pulled the duvet off her. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and beckoned Dylan to help her. Dylan helped her to stand up and Piper shakily walked to the kitchen with him. She was in her usual pyjamas and she held onto the banister tightly as they went down the stairs.

“Dad!” Dylan called. Ron came out of the kitchen. Ron saw Piper and smiled

“Piper, you’re awake” Ron said. Piper gave him a sheepish smile. He went and pulled Piper into one of those Father-Daughter hugs.

“You’re not angry with me?” Piper said quietly.

“What for?” Ron asked.

“For me getting kidnapped or everything else.” Piper asked.

“I’m just glad you’re alive Piper. Whatever Arguments we had are in the past.” Ron said. Piper grinned and hugged her dad tightly.

“I love you so much dad.” Piper said,

“Sh, tell us later Piper. Right now, Dinner. How does that sound?” Ron asked. Piper grinned and let Ron lead her to the kitchen. Dylan smiled and followed he had a flash of him holding a wand pointed at Piper. He shook his head, he’d been trying to repress that prophecy. He put his smile back on again and went into the kitchen where Kevin and Holly were giving Piper a happy reunion.

* * * * *

The next day was a Saturday. Dylan sat in the living room with Piper, who was sitting on the sofa under a fairly large Duvet that Holly insisted she use. Piper was hugging Dylan as he told her about everything that had happened while she’d been away. She listened quietly and nodded or said something encouraging every so often.

“So, I’m now going out with Harper.” Dylan concluded.

“Well, it seems to me that Harper had the right intentions to start off with but I think she’s kind of fallen for you.” Piper said with a smile, “I knew you two would end up together.” Dylan smiled.

“I know but I don’t mind. I like Harper.” Dylan said, “She’s really nice but I think I might break it off soon because we just seem to be better as friends.”

“Yeah, sounds like it to me.” Piper said.

“PIPER!” Holly shouted. Piper turned her head to the door where Holly was in the hall.

“What!” Piper said back. It was like it was nothing had happened really. There was a scuffle in the hall and James appeared in the doorway in shock. He had his guitar slung over his back and Piper’s expression changed completely.

“Piper!” James said in amazement. He dropped his guitar on the floor and Dylan winced as he heard something snap.

“James.” Piper said sounding incredibly happy. James went to the sofa and pulled Piper to her feet and kissed her then hugged her.

“Oh Merlin.” James said. Piper held him just as tightly. “You’re alive, you’re not dead. You’re actually here.” James gave Piper a kiss between each sentence.

“I missed you so much.” Piper said holding onto James’ neck tightly. She turned and gave him another kiss. James returned the kiss and then kissed all over her face. Piper smiled and put her head on his shoulder and James just kissed the top of his head. Dylan grinned as he saw his sister reunited with her fiancé. Dylan looked at the door where Holly was leaning against the doorframe with a geeky grin.

“I missed you so much and I was so scared and you weren’t there and I kept thinking I was going to die without seeing you again.” Piper said quietly into James’ shoulder.

“It’s alright, you’re safe and I can look after you now.” James said reassuringly.

“You two are so sweet.” Holly said. Piper for once didn’t blow up at Holly and smiled at her. “Hey, Kevin look.” Kevin appeared in the doorway.

“What are we looking at?” He asked.

“They’re so cute.” Holly said.

“Who?” He said cheekily. “I don’t see anyone cute.” James turned to look at him and Kevin grinned. “You know I’m kidding.” James laughed slightly.

“I need to sit down.” Piper said as Dylan saw her legs shaking slightly again. James nodded and led her to the sofa that she had just been sitting on with Dylan. Dylan moved over and James sat down and let Piper sit on his legs. She wrapped an arm around James’ neck and kissed his forehead. James stroked her face tenderly, usually Dylan would have felt slightly ill at their display of affection but strangely, this time he wasn’t affected by it.

“Here.” Dylan said handing the duvet back.

“Thanks.” Piper said wrapping herself in it. Dylan was aware that Piper still felt incredibly cold and that she’d probably have a cold in a few days time. James held her tightly and close. The front door opened again and a Hermione came into the room with Ron, Jenny, Harry Potter and April Marsden. Hermione had already had a very…weepy reunion with Piper.

“Hello Piper.” Jenny said with a smile. Piper managed to tear her eyes away from James and looked at Jenny.

“Hi.” Piper said. Then when she saw all the adults she went serious. Dylan glanced at the adults as well. He had just realised everyone important that needed to be there was there. They were going to ask Piper to recount what had happened.

“Piper.” April said slowly.

“I know what you want me to do.” Piper said, she put her head against James’ shoulder.

“Would you mind telling us what happened?” Harry asked gently, “It would help us so much. We have to stop Lestrange before she does anything else.” Piper looked at Harry and April.

“I thought you two had given yourselves up?” She said. April frowned.

“What makes you think that?” April asked.

“I saw them torturing you.” Piper said. April looked slightly alarmed and turned to Harry.

“We’ll have to get them out of where ever they are. Are your spells still working?”

“Unfortunately the tracking charms were broken soon after they gave themselves up.” Harry said. April nodded and sat down. All the adults sat down and Holly and Kevin quickly slipped into the room before Hermione could shut them out. Holly picked up James’ guitar and shook it.

“James, I don’t think your guitar is supposed to look like this.” She said holding up his guitar. She was obviously holding the fret board so the main bit of the guitar would point in the air but there was a large bulge.

“It’s fine.” James said, “That’s not important right now.” He kept his eyes on Piper. Piper looked at him and kissed his forehead.

“I don’t want to pull you two apart but Piper, please this is very important.” April pressed. Piper looked at April. Everyone was silent and Piper sighed.

“Ok.” Piper said. “Um, where do you want me to start?” She asked.

“From the moment you left Hogwarts.” April said. Piper nodded.

“Ok, some things are still a bit fuzzy and I might not be able to tell you everything but here goes.” Piper said. “Well, the day I left Hogwarts, Colette and I were headed into Hogwarts to meet James. We decided to have a bit of fun, being crazy as we were, so we went through one of those passages on the Marauders map. We didn’t know where we’d end up but we came out by in a small wooded area. Colette and I started bickering because we had no idea where we were. She kept telling me that we’d been stupid and I admit now that we had been stupid. We were about to apparate to Hogsmeade when Colette was nearly hit by a curse. She turned around and we were surrounded by Deatheaters. They had completely surrounded us. There was a small fight and I ended up being stunned before Colette.” Piper said. She closed her eyes as if to remember what happened next. Dylan was listening to every word.

“Um, after that, I’m not sure when I woke up but when I did I was in some small room, it was really dark and shabby, it was the one that Dylan found me in later, but yeah, when I woke up Colette was already awake. She seemed to be sitting and trying to figure out ways of getting free, they’d taken our wands so we were pretty helpless. I listened to her and I we did try a few of them while we were there but while we talked and tried to figure out where we were these deatheaters came in. They all had their masks on and they dragged Colette out. She kicked and screamed, well she put up a fight and I didn’t see her for a while but for hours and hours all I could hear was screaming. That’s all it was like for several days. They just tortured her. Then one day when she brought her back they took me and they dragged me into a room where Bellatrix Lestrange stood by a window. She looked at me and asked me all these questions like who Harry has working for him, the names of the people in the order, all those kind of things. She wanted to know everything about what you guys do” She said to the adults.

“Did you tell her?” Harry asked.

“Of course not! Do you think I’m an idiot! If I told her she’d kill my family!” Piper said. She sounded very offended by Harry’s suggestion.

“Piper, he wasn’t suggesting anything, he just wanted to know.” Hermione said. Piper looked quite offended by everything but decided to continue.

“When I didn’t answer she used the Cruciatus curse on me to try and get it out of me. Oh god, that curse-” Piper shuddered and James held her close, Dylan saw tears coming to Piper’s eyes. “I don’t know how I survived it, I felt like I was going to die every time she put the curse on me and all I could think about was trying to get out to see everyone again. They sometimes brought Colette in and forced her to watch them cursing me-” Piper closed her eyes completely and buried her head in James’ shoulder.

“It’s ok.” James said, “You’re safe with us now.” Dylan frowned and looked at his mum. Hermione was looking at Harry and April then she got up and went to Piper.

“You’re alright though, that’s important.” Hermione said to Piper. Piper was shaking as she thought of the events that happened. Dylan really didn’t like to see Piper like that. She was crying and even Kevin looked sympathetic towards Piper, and they weren’t exactly very close for siblings.

“Well, at least we know what they did.” Jenny said darkly. “We know why Colette is how she is.” Harry held her hand and gave her a reassuring look.

“Piper, do you want to stop?” April asked. Piper nodded and April nodded her head in acknowledgement.

“Could you just answer one question for me?” Dylan said. The last thing he wanted to do was to cause Piper more pain but he had to know.

“What?” Piper asked, looking at Dylan now.

“My prophecy, you dying-”

“Oh, that.” Piper said. “It wasn’t me who died. It was right after Dylan had found me, they revived me just before they took me to see Lestrange and they were cursing Colette. They wanted me to tell them why Dylan was there and all that kind of thing She asked me to tell her about Harry again or whatever she asked me then. She pointed her wand at me but she killed a deatheater to my side. Apparently they found out he was a spy or something.” Piper said. To Dylan it sounded like she was forcing herself to tell him.

“Oh, so Harper was right.” Dylan said quietly. The adults got up and Piper looked at them almost like she was scared, for a few moments she looked a bit like Colette when Colette saw someone hold their wand.

“Ok. Well, thanks Piper. I hope you’re ok” April said, “We did try and get you out sooner but we couldn’t get you out.”

“How did you and Colette escape?” Harry asked.

“I don’t know how Colette managed to escape but I managed to give them the slip. I managed to get past my guards and run away before I collapsed near that farm.” Piper said. Harry nodded and gave Piper a fatherly smile.

“I’ll see how you’re doing in a few days.”

“I’m hoping to return to school soon.” Piper said. Harry nodded.

“You’ll have to meet Colette some time. I think it’ll-”

“No!” Piper said quickly. She looked at them wide eyed. “I can’t see Colette. I can’t, no-” Dylan looked at Piper slightly surprised. “I can’t not after, no!” Piper held James slightly tighter. All the adults looked at each other. Kevin and Holly looked quite confused.

“Why?” James asked in a whisper.

“I just can’t.” Piper said. “Not yet.” James nodded and kissed Piper’s forehead.

* * * * *

A/N:-I can FINALLY update. IT's been soooooo long, so much time has passed and I've finally finished my exams, I've also finished writing this particular story, I'll post the last chapters up as quickly as you guys want me to, I feel that a few of you have probably been quite a bit anxious while the site is down. I'll update again probably on monday morning (I'll be going away for a while on Monday). Also got a few (what i think) cool bits between the Weasley kids because i've been watching Cheaper by the Dozen a lot recently.....I'm an idiot.

I went to a party and drank sooo much and I accidentally put this chapter into The next generation the first year. so if you've read it there, i'm sorry, I have a bit of a hangover and i'm not thinking properly

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